Sleepy Hollow 1.02: “Belief IS sanity, Leftenant.”

In Sleepy Hollow’s second episode, there’s no rest for the wicked Andy when the horned demon asks him to revive a dead witch during the blood moon. Ichabod continues to discover the 21st century while stanning his partnership with Abbie, and Abbie struggles to deal with witches on top of headless  horsemen in the middle of grieving for Corbin. We meet Luke, Abbie’s next who just needs to…do better. And Jenny!

Episode 2: Blood Moon

Quotes from the podcast:

“We see Andy, and he’s rocking some neck flap unbefitting of John Cho.”

“While [Abbie] goes off to find out where [the files] have been moved to, Luke Morales shows up for this very unnecessary scene between two men who are supposed to be grown. They both needed to have a seat and think about their ages.”

“And also what’s really weird about Ichabod’s line is that: Ichabod, you were a professor of history. You were literally teaching a subject wherein for basically all the stuff you talked about, you weren’t there. And yet I’m pretty sure you were passionate about it, and you wanted to pass that passion, that enthusiasm onto your students. But here he’s like, ‘We? I didn’t realize you were there.’ Really, Ichabod? I’m gonna need both of them to do better. Ichabod had better comebacks for Abbie.”

Episode 3 synopsis

Episode 3 trailer


10 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow 1.02: “Belief IS sanity, Leftenant.”

  1. Another really great discussion, Alta! I especially appreciated you bringing your viewpoint as a Hatian to bear on the story. I also love your speculation on why Katrina didn’t take to Ichabod at first – seems plausible to me! I wondered if maybe she “didn’t like him” because she didn’t want to involve him in the whole good/evil conflict, like maybe she was trying to spare him a burdensome fate; maybe she was trying to dissuade him from attaching himself to her (although now that I say that, I find myself thinking, “How like a man to think that!” I guess I can only overcome my blind spots for so long!)

    I liked how you framed Abbie’s central dilemma, at this point, as a fear of advocating for herself. That helps me make a little more sense of her backsliding — subtle, but it’s there — from trusting herself in the first episode. I hope they won’t turn into her a character like Scully from the early X-Files, shot through and through with skepticism.

    I do think several commentators online aren’t giving Ichabod enough credit for being a quick study in the modern world (which, if he has an eidetic memory, would make sense). I’m glad there is some “fish out of water” humor, but I’m also glad they’re not belaboring the point. He’s an 18th century man in the 21st, and adapting fairly quickly.

    “Why do they always give these witches last words!?!” – Ha! Excellent point.

    I thought they should’ve named Luke “Brom,” as a nod to the original story. Maybe Brom is yet to come! Listening to you talk about that scene, I wonder if Ichabod will get a job teaching history in the present day. As he told Abbie, he’s short on currency – and he’s got to earn a living eventually, doesn’t he?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on episode three. (Oh, and thanks for the shout-out to my Sci-Fi Christian review of the pilot – and, yes, you pronounced my last name correctly!)

    • Thank you!

      I think that’s very plausible, too. I mean Katrina was involved in a coven and combatting evil witches and preparing for the apocalypse. If my theory wasn’t the case, it’s possible she pretended not to like him in order to keep him at bay, especially since she was attracted to him too. Now I’m thinking “Wouldn’t she admit to faking her dislike once they got together?” but that would invite him to ask her WHY, and she might not have wanted to tell a bigger lie. Or maybe it was a mixture of both theories! Lol.

      Yeah, it did seem like Abbie was completely on board by the end of the first episode. She didn’t look skeptical at all when Ichabod said they are the First and Second witnesses.

      Yeah, some people ignore the fact that Ichabod is pretty quick, not just in adapting but in how he speaks to people. He’s pretty sarcastic and can exude entitlement and rudeness with the best of them, but some people talk about him as if….as if he’s lost his memory or something and knows absolutely NOTHING and is brand new to every wrt being social.

      I haven’t thought about Ichabod’s employment situation, but you might be right.

      I think they’re saving Brom for later on. Now whether it’s later in the season or later in the show, I don’t know. Actually, I’m currently watching the recent episode and with Luke playing that prank on Irving, I’m wondering if he’s going to be the show’s version of Brom.

      No problem!


  2. You did the upset podcast when those cray white ppl lost their poo over in TVD. you know MD and JP. I’m just saying. And that was one of your post popular episode.

    Uh’m Death is supposed to be the last horsemen, but okay show.

    Against the laws of physics. that was gross. Maybe a crazy person can do it?

    He believes it because believing is sanity.

    Ew I can’t with that scene. gross.

    White Jesus. … what you can speak to the devil …?
    Andy sold it for Abby, but that didn’t turn out. I heard that the words the demon spoke to Andy were that he was now a slave. Wait what kind of zombies like undead rotting corpses or like drugged up brain damaged zombies?

    Ichabod is pompous. Of course he could keep his accent. I mean this makes more sense than the originals keeping there’s after being immersed in the world for a thousand years (well you know, most of them). Ickie just woke up. it was like a nap for him. 🙂

    Neck flap lol.

    Nicole’s face. I cannot with it.

    John’s acting is haunting I love it. That was a rude question, how can you ask about someone’s injury.
    Well, Ichabod is all up in Abbie’s business so of course he’s seeing things. He has latched onto her like really fast. He’s already endeared to her … if I’m saying that right.

    LOL nice white man. lol oh god. I like that actor. He can be creepy though, but I love his voice.

    Union Soldiers. I was wondering if the white people hadn’t showed up in the now Americas, would it still have kicked off the apocalypse? Because it was wasn’t not thang when the indigenous people were just living here. Or were they doing a thing where they were also keeping it a bay, but doing a better job of it until hello massacre.

    Ichabod was there contemplating the light. lol oooh god “they want to say something crazy.”

    keep it cute. lol

    Ichabod was thirsty. he really was. lol I love Abbie’s face right before she offered to pay him to stop talking. She should have offered $2 and he would have been happy/impressed for a moment before he remembered inflation.

    Yeah the gun powder. Why didn’t they clear all that stuff out before they sealed it off. LOL bet it’s part of the underground railroad. Connar’s still down there. -_-

    “sisterhood of the traveling pants” STOP lol
    LAST WORDS! lol SAME! just cut the head off. lol

    aww man those toe heads I swore they were dead. I wanted it, cause ‘beautiful blond children’ never get it and when they do it’s are supposed to be extra horrific. ugh I wanted the kid sacrificed. it was a bit of a cop out.

    Ichabod made it about him. 😉 Don’t imitate me! waaa. white man complex. 😉

    Ichabod totes ships it. smh early.

    There’s meta in how the Mills both reacting to that truama.

    My mom said she would have checked for that bill. I would have put it in my lip. Jenny working out in the room reminded me of Sarah Conner in Terminator 2. My mom was wondering why they put Jenny in a supply closet and why she got to have bars in her room and work out on her furniture. That’s kinda dangerous, no? That place is a hack.

    Favorite scenes: Abbie and Ichabod staring at each other during the funeral. Their banter in the hallway. Corban/Abbie. Ichabod staring at Abbie after she saw Corban. He is so sprung.

    I’m not amazing! I love you. ❤

    Ichabod was lacking in some ways. His old english gentlemen self failed a couple of times. I feel like he should have held a door opened or something for her once or twice. I feel like he should have more social slips other wise he is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay progressive and adaptable (but really, in those clothes?).

    I also wanted to point out Abbie and Ichky are rocking the same hair style. Just putting that out there. 😀

    • That episode is still the most popular podcast on the blog, lol. But I forgot to say that it’s one thing if I’m upset because of the show, but another if I’m upset about something irl.

      Yeah, Death is supposed to be last. I don’t know why the show brought him on first. How bad must the other ones be?! Lol.

      Yeah, you can speak to the devil and/or manifestations of it (which is a person).

      Undead rotting corpses.

      Pompous is a good word to describe him!

      Lmao @ him being impressed with 2 dollars.

      LOL! No you did not bring Connor into this! Lmao!

      I asked myself if they were really going to kill a child.

      That place really is a hack, because that bar is dangerous. Maybe most of the occupants are Black, so they don’t care. /messy.

      • it’s one thing if I’m upset because of the show, but another if I’m upset about something irl.
        *nods* I’m glad you’re feeling better now. *pokes*
        Yeah, Death is supposed to be last.
        They did that story on Supernatural.
        I thought you mean like Christians have a people version of God and that’s Jesus but there isn’t really a figure for the devil if that’s what you mean … Like in the bible dude is illusive.
        JP brought Connar into this, her ratched ass.
        I asked myself if they were really going to kill a child.
        They do it on SPN. For the most part it’s off screen, but children die on that show. I guess it’s too early for this show tho. I mean in the first episode of SPN they had a nursery set on fire with the baby still in the room so …
        Maybe most of the occupants are Black, so they don’t care.
        oop *sips tea*

        • Thanks!

          On Charmed, all 4 worked together, lol. Prue then got stuck in the Astral plane with Death due to a spell gone wrong.

          Yeah, that’s what I was saying wrt Americans. And it doesn’t have to be one official person but just something where you can say, “So and so met with the devil” and be totally serious about two people literally meeting.


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