Teen Wolf S03E12: Lunar Ellipse Review

Teen Wolf’s mid-season finale.

How do I describe Teen Wolf’s mid-season finale?

It was underwhelming, shallow, disappointing, frustrating, and another example of this season’s failure when it comes to a lot of the first half’s storylines and story ideas.

1st story idea: The Alpha Pack

All season long, MTV has played the clip where Scott and Derek have the following exchange:

“How many of them are there?”

“A pack of them.”

“There can’t be a pack of Alphas.”

The Alpha pack has been dismantled, and we still have no idea WHY they got together. How did Deucalion sell Kali and Enis on joining him, Enis who was so pissed about the death of one of his betas that he swore revenge. I actually think Jeff Davis should’ve picked ONE villain to focus on this season: either the pack or the Darach, because he’s failed to give both of them the attention they deserved, especially the pack.

What HELD the Alphas together once they formed a pack. By now we know that Alphas are….Alphas. They kill to get to that status. They’re violent, emotional….they are not subordinate. But Deucalion was clearly the head Alpha of the Alpha pack. How did that happen? How did he keep the other dominant personalities in line? With violence? Threats? Gratitude? What was his hold on them? We don’t know. It’s over, and we don’t know.

How did the other Alphas feel about Deucalion? Kali was his right-hand woman. Why? Ethan and Aiden turned on his wishes just like that. Why, especially since he got them out of a sucky situation?

Since when did Aiden care so much about Lydia that he’d stand up to Kali for her? I understood Ethan, but the show hasn’t focused on Aiden at all.

What was the Alpha pack’s plan for Lydia? Remember how one of the twins said they got close to Danny and Lydia because they needed to figure out which one Scott cares for the most? Let’s pretend that’s a strategy that makes an ounce of sense. What happened to that plan? What WAS the plan?

What did Deucalion want with Scott? Why was it important to him that Scott kill someone to become an Alpha? Why was he THREATENED by Scott becoming a True Alpha, especially since Scott had no idea he existed. He’s the one who came to Beacon Hills and called attention to himself.

For the love of God, what did Deucalion want with Derek. I still don’t know. He stuck Kali on him, and she was threatening to kill him unless he made a choice, but he already killed Boyd. Why didn’t that qualify? Why didn’t Kali care about the real way Ennis died since she screamed in agony after he did?

And Deucalion just walks away. Question: how come show producers are losing interest in giving their villains a big end? Is it really that satisfying to write a character who is evil, who strikes fear in the heart of your protagonists, and at the end he just….walks away? That’s not a let-down, creatively speaking? Because it sure as hell is a let-down to watch. Deucalion was screaming his head off about being the Demon Wolf. He had big plans (that were never really laid out). He built himself an entourage, moved into the Argent’s building in order to show Scott his reach. Even sent to twins to school. He killed the girl who saved Isaac. And at the end of it all, he just….walks. He gets his sight back and walks away. That is the end of the Demon Wolf. The end of the Demon Wolf is that he walks away to live a good life.

2nd story idea: The Darach

Jennifer’s story was actually going fine until the very end. I do like that she killed Kali, but, like someone made me realize, Kali should have been her last kill. She should have killed Deucalion before Kali (since Davis didn’t want Scott killing anyone. More on that later). I love that she just dove in and started smashing his head on the floor. I love that she was wearing a dress while doing it. This disfigured woman monster wearing a dress. Loved it!

What I didn’t love was how she got taken down. Check it: the episode before, Peter told Derek that healing Cora of the mistletoe was going to take a lot out of them. And because of that, he could lose his Alpha status. Sure enough, when Derek started to heal Cora, he was steeling himself, and he looked tense, and he was breathing hard. And this is after Derek had been in multiple altercations, including one where he almost died. So he depleted his Alpha strength.

In this episode, out of nowhere Derek knows that the rules for Alphas are the same as for Darachs (really?). Jennifer, who had been doing nothing but building her strength, building her strength, and building her strength, heals Deucalion’s eyes literally without breaking a sweat. And it completely depletes ALL of her strength. Deucalion wasn’t dying. Deucalion wasn’t even sick. He was nowhere near Cora’s condition. Deucalion was scarred, as in his eyes were scarred from what happened years ago. That’s it. So literally, this woman, who is stronger than Derek, it takes less for her to lose all of her strength and become vulnerable to the line of men waiting/wanting to do damage to her. Literally, there was a line: Derek wanted a piece of her. Scott wanted a piece of her. Deucalion got a piece of her, and then Peter dealt the final blow.

What are we learning from Teen Wolf, class? Villainous women are irredeemable. After three and a half seasons, it’s clear that this is what Jeff Davis is teaching us. This is what he thinks. After half a season of Jennifer sacrificing people: she dies. After half a season of Kali being gung-ho about killing Derek: she dies. Kate died, and Victoria died (I count Victoria more as being bad than being  a villain). There’s no saving these women. There’s no reasoning with them. They can’t be trusted to get over their issue and continue interacting in society the way Peter, Gerard, Deucalion, and the twins can.

Only the men can come back, but check out this beautiful thing: these men don’t actually ask for a second chance. Deucalion, the twins, Gerard, and Peter didn’t pull Scott aside and tell him that they want to turn a new leaf, and they’d like a chance to do that. Nooo. The narrative just gives it to them. Jeff Davis just gives it to them. The narrative/Jeff Davis just knows that it’s okay for these murderous, violent men to interact with society and walk amongst more innocent people. The women? The narrative/Jeff Davis just knows that they wouldn’t be able to do the same. After all, Jennifer got away from the warehouse, and where did she go? The Nemeton. To regain her strength. And presumably continue what she was doing. Or maybe she just wanted to survive. After all, she got to kill the main person who betrayed and brutalized her: Kali. Maybe she just wanted to survive and once she learned that Deucalion was off being an upstanding member of society, she’d cool her jets and just be a teacher. But no. Because Jeff Davis knows.

What’s downright gorgeous is when you realize that some of these men aren’t being kept around because they want a second chance. They didn’t ask for a second chance because they, Jeff Davis, don’t want one. Jeff still values Peter as an untrustworthy, shady, opportunistic son of a bitch. That’s what his shiftiness about Derek losing his power last episode, and him killing Jennifer in this episode was about. Jennifer, Kali, Victoria, and Kate cannot come back to life because they’re too evil, but the reason Peter is kept is because he’s evil, because he’s shady, because he’s untrustworthy. And last time we saw Gerard, he was one cough away from screaming, “Mountain. Aaaaaaasssssshhhhh!” So he hasn’t changed either.

So let’s do a final recap: villainous women are villains. Evil, mean, killers, ruthless. Basically, they fulfill the villain trope. But they like one key trait: they are not entertaining. You see? Peter is entertaining. There’s entertainment factor in Gerard. It’s entertaining for our protagonists to have to interact with them on a regular basis. The twins are hot. But Victoria, Kate, Jennifer, and Kali were not entertaining. So there was no reason to keep any of them around. Jeff Davis knows.

3rd story idea: Scott as True Alpha

Someone hold my hand so that I can make it through this next part without dissolving into key-smashing. This season started out so well for Scott, and by that I meant the first episode was very good for him. Then all I remember of Scott is his suicidal scene in Motel California, him healing that woman in the hospital, and his rooftop scene in the episode before last. Pay attention to how many of the things I remember dealt with character revelation stuff for Scott. The premier dealt with it (the tattoo/open wound), Motel California did, and that’s about it. So in 12 episodes, we only had two character things of note for Scott.

This season failed Scott as the main protagonist. We were so far outside of his head and inner thoughts, it wasn’t even funny. I haven’t seen a show fail it’s main character this hard since season 7 of Smallville when that show’s producers dumbed Clark Kent down so that his best friend Chloe Sullivan could shine and have a reason to continue existing in his life.

As this season of Teen Wolf unfolded, we were told of some big things coming up for Scott (Deucalion wanting him, Scott being a candidate to become a True Alpha). At no point did we get a quiet scene for Scott where he vented or talked to Stiles or Deaton about it. As such, when Scott finally becomes a True Alpha it’s a complete let-down for me. There was nothing special about it! The scene in Motel California is more memorable to me than this scene that Jeff Davis crapped out. Becoming a True Alpha was supposed to be as memorable or even more memorable than when Scott became a beta. Remember? The moment that changed his whole life and everything he knew? I feel that ascending to the next level of werewolf should’ve matched that. Yet it didn’t come close. There was nothing traumatic about it, nothing mind-blowing, nothing challenging. He literally just grunted a little and then walked into it.

And if the moment itself couldn’t have been good, then the moments leading up to it should’ve been great. But they weren’t. Because, again, we were out of Scott’s head. And that reason is exactly why Scott didn’t kill anyone in this episode. Had Davis done right by Scott in the previous episode, the one where he was forced to be with Deucalion because he’d been broken down so much that he felt he had no other choice; had Davis used that episode to show us the horror that awaited Scott should he stay with Deucalion, IF JEFF DAVIS HAD DONE ANYTHING WITH SCOTT IN THE DEVIL’S CLUTCHES, there’s no way Scott wouldn’t have killed Deucalion in this episode. There’s no way he would’ve been able to just let him walk off with a warning of constant surveillance. Had Jeff Davis followed through with Scott’s personal emotional nightmare, then Scott would’ve killed Deucalion in this episode.

There’s something I’ve grown to find quite annoying in recent years, and it’s this thing where producers thing being a good person who champions what’s right and fair equals being ineffective, a doormat, etc. Just because a character is loyal (shout-out to Bonnie Bennett stans) and/or wants to do what’s right doesn’t mean they’ll put up with just anybody. How is Scott okay with letting a killer walk? Deucalion isn’t even incarcerated. He’s free! This is out of character for Scott, sorry. I’m not down with good characters in a way condoning evil actions. That’s not what it means to be good. But that’s how some people write good characters, so fans end up thinking these characters are boring, don’t take risks, and aren’t worth telling stories about, including the people who write said characters. Hello, Jeff Davis! He’s not interested in writing for Scott! He’s only interested in writing Scott being good and nice. It’s exactly why I found something annoying in Scott praising Allison for setting off the tear gas in this episode. Why the hell wasn’t he thinking of a way for them to get out of there? They were in a hurry! Yet, Allison does it and Scott just praises her. Because he’s so good and nice. Which is why Jeff Davis has turned his attention toward Stiles to find emotional fulfillment and this give the audience emotional fulfillment. Jeff Davis has actually written himself out of writing for his main character. Jesus.

I give this season a C-. Jeff still has no idea what the hell to do with Lydia. Three times now he’s written Lydia taking charge and being needed, but what do we get? When she decided to stop running, she actually got kidnapped by Jennifer and had to scream for help. Next, Stiles needed her, but he’s the one who figured out the tree thing. Now they needed her again, and she was supposed to help, but she stood to the side while the werewolves fought and then she had to scream for help again. Unlike with the men (unless they’re Black or Scott), Jeff has no freaking clue what to do with Lydia.

I’ll tune in for part B (and review it), but I’m expecting more of the same. There are so many more things to talk about in regards to this episode, but…there are so many things to talk about! I can’t do it all here. If people comment, I’ll elaborate, but I’m ending the review here, because I talked about the most important things. But one of those things I’m not talking about is Lydia/Aiden. What the hell was/is that ship? Lydia never cared about Aiden being a violent killer, and apparently that’s fine because Jeff knew that one day he was just going to magically stop. This first half was a damn mess.


18 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E12: Lunar Ellipse Review

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you. I don’t understand all the fans that don’t see the problems of this half season. They’re on the defensive when we criticize 3A and JD’s questionable narrative decisions. It’s like we’re not watching the same show. Is it asking too much to have good characterization and very few plot holes? This half season was too stupid, it hurt permanently the show for me. I don’t think I’ll be watching 3B.

      • I love Stiles, he’s my favorite character. But even I can say that he’s stealing the show from everyone. If JD relates more to Stiles and finds it’s easier to write such a character why did he make Scott the main protagonist? The more we move forward in the series the less we see Scott. Last time I was this disappointed by a TV show it was because of TVD, and I stopped watching after 10 episodes of season 4.

        • Teen Wolf hasn’t yet topped my disappointment with TVD. It’s in his own category. I still think it’s possible for Jeff to turn things around. I hear he’s introducing more female characters in 3B (a group of female hunters, plus the Kitsune character will be a woman of color). But it’s not going to MEAN anything if he 1) fails to develop them and/or 2) kills them. The thing for me is that him killing Jennifer and Kali (and Kate before them. Victoria should’ve lived) wouldn’t be a big deal IF he’d also killed the male villains when their time was up. But he hasn’t done at except in ONE case (Matt). Ugh.

  2. Actually I disagree with 3B probably being the same I think they all have a actual motive now. Stiles for one might be human forever but he might even become a Emissary for Scott’s Pack, I think J.D should make something out of that. He’s been human for too long, he’s seen everyone change for the better and the worst. Lydia will have more meaning in the show now that she’s a Banshee, she might get more power, and what did Jennifer mean when she said “I can’t believe it, your just like me” either Lydia will soon have immense power or is a emissary, show us why your a main character. Plus I do think the Aiden/Lydia thing made no sense. What if Jackson came back? Would they have a problem?? Allison on hand was good and bad this season. She redeems herself from her bad rep. in season 2, and is now a guardian of Beacon Hills. But she has her flaws, her and Isaac made no sense whatsoever, the last 3 episode they just fall in love, she makes Isaac look like her sloppy second, even though I love this couple, it just needs so more reasoning to why there together. Scott was just perfect this season, there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s a better everything now. Him being a True Alpha is great, who’s he gonna bite? His pack member’s? So many questions for him and I just love the seeing him and his fathers relationship, his gotten smarter from the past seasons and has learned to deal with his werewolf powers as more of a gift instead of a curse. He doesn’t even Stiles help anymore and he is by far way stronger then Duecalion, no one else could break through the mountain ash barrier. He let Duecalion go, but threatened him meaning he can kill him anytime. Derek made no sense this season, he’s just horrible, he takes all of Season 2 to assemble a pack and now in Season 3A its gotten disseminated. Jackson left, Kali killed two of them, Cora got really sick, Isaac joined Scott’s pack, when Isaac was screaming at Derek it was the highlight of my day, he shut him down, DEREK IS NO LONGER A ALPHA. Like wtf?? I really wished Boyd never died but there was no use for him, I wish he had like a younger brother with him that got into everybody’s business and eventually become a werewolf. DEREK GOT FUCKED THIS SEASON, I hope that time off gives him time to get stronger, become a better fighter and eventually learn from his mistakes. Btw I think we should talk some more about this later.

    • I think they all have a actual motive now

      They all had motive in 3A, and it sucked. The thing is that no matter what’s going on in their lives, it’s not going to matter if Jeff Davis only focuses on Stiles. And seeing as he already has no problems focusing on Stiles as a human, I REALLY don’t need the dude to become anything supernatural. Stiles suggests theories for the weird things happening. That’s good enough for me.

      I completely disagree on Scott. This was his worst season. Jeff gave him no focus and shoved him in the background as the season went on.

      Lydia made no attempts to figure out what she was this season (or last) and now that she has, she’s still a passive character. I really don’t think Jeff knows how to write the banshee creature. Maybe he should’ve made her something else. Maybe he really should’ve made her an emissary for Scott.

      I just love the seeing him and his fathers relationship

      We didn’t get to see anything about their relationship, other than Scott closing the door in his face.

    • The problem is not finding ideas to move forward the story, the problem is that JD doesn’t know what to do with these ideas. Either he brushes it off or he fucks it up. The fact they’re introducing news character makes me laugh because after 2.5 seasons we still have underdeveloped characters in the regular cast: Lydia was better this season but she’s still doing nothing except scream, Isaac hasn’t had a proper story and a personality. I’m more interested in seeing him dealing with the fact he’s an orphan and a werewolf than him being Allison future love interest! Why introduce new characters when you can’t deal with the ones you have? Boyd, Erica, Danny, the twins (why their characters weren’t given a bit more substance if JD knew he would keep them?).
      Scott as the main protagonist got the shaft. He’s supposed to be this amazing character that everyone can relate to, a True Alpha by virtue. Except this season we didn’t see him dealing with anything. In 12 episodes he had only one scene in Motel California where he’s overwhelmed by his new life and its danger. Plus, I don’t really like how he became this great and intellectual guy over the summer. I’d have liked to see him evolves during the season and not hearing each episode how amazing he is. Another thing that irks me is the constant comparison between him and Derek. I feel they have Derek make poor choices over and over so that Scott, helped with his friends, can save the day and be perceived as the better alpha (and now the True Alpha). As for Scott letting go Deucalion, it was the worst mistake ever. The guy is an unrepentant murderer that wanted Scott to kill his own pack! Who will be responsible when he kills again? But of course Jeff Davis will not go there; Deucalion is an angel now that he recovers his sight.

      • The problem is not finding ideas to move forward the story, the problem is that JD doesn’t know what to do with these ideas. Either he brushes it off or he fucks it up.

        Yep yep.

        What happened to Lydia in season 2 was prime opportunity for character development and growth. What did Jeff do instead? Well she was all about finding a boyfriend this season; she screamed a lot; and she was confused a lot. The end. And did you hear that Jeff actually FORGOT about what transpired between Peter and Lydia in season 2? I think it was Holland Rhoden who said that Jeff originally wrote the Peter/Lydia scene where she’s like “You” and he says “Me” as COMPLETE comedy. Holland and Ian didn’t want to play it as complete comedy, so that’s why we got Lydia being shocked and kind of silent.

        why their characters weren’t given a bit more substance if JD knew he would keep them?

        Seriously. Based on what Jeff did with them, there’s NO reason for them to be around. They’re just extra weight on an already bloated (and super white) cast.

        It kills me that he had Scott let Deucalion go. There’s no way Scott would do that. He’d think Deucalion was too dangerous to roam free out there. It’s not even like Deucalion ASKED for a second chance. Nope, Scott and Derek just gave him the chance.

  3. I just realized boyd died for nothing… maybe he can join Braeden in Black Narnia. And then we get Allison/Issac outta NOWHERE.
    And what was the point of the mark she left on Lydia and Allison … fail.
    I swear, if tyler posey wasn’t on this show …
    why do you keep saying jeff davis knows? lol

  4. Hi, I just read your review (probs a bit belatedly, saw it after someone reblogged it on Tumblr) and I figured I might as well comment on it.

    Firstly, I agree with you on several points – namely most of the issues you bring up with the plot with Season 3A. The problem is it comes down to the fundamental problem that we are never given an explanation as to what the point of a pack is in the first place. Yes, it makes you stronger, but against what? Are marauding werewolf packs common? Are supernatural threats absolutely everywhere? What does being in a pack really entail when you aren’t fighting supernatural monsters? Hence, we don’t really know why having a pack full of special alphas is such a big deal, or why Derek factors into Deucalion’s schemes. Also, I feel the final three episodes were TOO fast-paced. What made Season 2 so good in that regard was the relative lull in Episode 11 (I think it was?) when Stiles recapped how all the characters were holding up. In comparison, from the moment Sheriff Stilinkski is kidnapped we are dragged along rapidly right to the final scene. That is nowhere near as elegant a storyline.

    However, there are some points I disagree with, and I’ll try to explain why as succinctly as possible. I believe your issue with the female villains is relatively unfounded. Firstly, there have only been three seasons so far. I wouldn’t say that is long enough in a show’s life-cycle to say that all female villains are irredeemable. If EVERY female villain has died by, say, Season 6, due to them being completely evil, then I’d say you’d have enough basis to make that claim. Currently, I’d say we’ve had ten major villains: Kate, Peter, Matt, Gerard, Deucalion, Kali, Ennis, Aiden and Ethan and Jeniffer. Of those ten, five are dead: Kate, Matt, Ennis, Kali and Jeniffer. That’s two men and three women, four if you count Victoria Argent (which I don’t really, because she suddenly came in from nowhere with her own agenda in Season 2…). I agree, those figures are not brilliant but it doesn’t make Jeff Davis a misogynistic writer, particularly when:
    a) Alive they may be, but Deucalion and Gerard are easily the most hated figures in the show. Teen Wolf certainly isn’t glorifying these male villains. Jeniffer in comparison, whilst certainly evil, is shown to have a clear *Hot Fuzz Reference Voice* “FOR THE GREATER GOOD!” motivation which at least makes her actions understandable. She is trying to save lives, even if she is going about it in a horrible way.
    b) This is made up for by extremely strong female leads. Sure, Lydia spends a lot of time shrieking and having to be saved but similarly Stiles, another non-supernaturally gifted character (ignoring the whole weird ‘banshee’ thing for a mo) also spends a lot of time in danger / having to be saved by the supernaturals. Allison is also meant to be Lydia’s counterpart. She does NOT need to be saved most of the time and is the brawn to Lydia’s brain. Both are strong female roles which I admire a lot – especially when Lydia clearly doesn’t take shit from guys and sleeps around without being slut-shamed or presented as a worse-off character for it.

    Concerning Scott, I agree to an extent. Should they shown more conflict in him about being a True Alpha? Yes. Do I like him having that self-improvement plan? Yes, because it’s refreshing to see a hero who actually gets better and turns shit around with their lives. Do I like his nice guy attitude? YES. So much yes. It’s nice to have an idealistic, happy, positive hero for once rather than all the boring, bland, angsty heroes we have thrown around so much in drama lately – Katniss, I’m looking straight at you as the worst offender. As for letting Deucalion go – what did we really expect him to do? How would you ever convict him for supernatural crimes? Like it or not Jeff Davis needs to keep the TV producers on the Teen Wolf ball – to convince them that funding the next season is worth it. He needs to be able to point to characters like Deuc and say “Look! A big bad that got away! That means more conflict and viewers in a later season!” Killing ALL the big bads removes this potential and hence increases the chances that Teen Wolf gets cancelled.

    Is Teen Wolf boring, despite all the problems? (some of yours I haven’t touched upon because this is getting super lengthy) No. Freaking. Way. You have to accept it as light entertainment and keep it at that. It has and never will be the pinnacle of television but the dialogue is great and all the protagonists are likable in someway or another, and that combined with the haphazard but brisk plot that is just watertight enough to suspend disbelief means that it makes excellent television and something to look forward to on Tuesday nights. Also, the potential of Sterek keeps me going (the more LGBT, the merrier! 😛 )

    • Hi!

      You’re so right: we still don’t know the point of the packs. A pack seems to only make ONE person strong, and that’s the Alphas. We were told in season 2 that a lone wolf is an Omega and they tend to be picked off, yet Scott spent a whole season by himself, and no one came for his life. I mean Peter tried to recruit him, but yeah.

      Firstly, there have only been three seasons so far. I wouldn’t say that is long enough in a show’s life-cycle to say that all female villains are irredeemable.

      I don’t know if you ever watched The Vampire Diaries, but on that show, I complained about the treatment of the Bonnie Bennett character in season 2. People told me that season 2 was too soon to complain. Bonnie’s character continued to be treated badly going into season 3, and I complained then. People told me it was too soon. Then her treatment worsened even more in season 4 to the point where the writers actually killed her off and turned her into a ghost, and the producer had the audacity to ask her fans, “Why do you need her to be alive?” “Too soon” is only an excuse to me, and it only ever seems to come from people who are just not bothered by whatever problem a person is bringing up on whatever show. So if that’s it, if it just doesn’t bother you (I’m talking general you, not you specifically), then just say it doesn’t bother you or that you don’t see it. But don’t say it’s too soon. Because this show had 22 episodes per season for the first two seasons. That’s actually A LOT of episodes. And now it was 24 episodes for season 3. So it’s not too soon. Especially since a lot of shows need 5 seasons to go on syndication. This is season 3, which means this show is more than almost there, everyone’s contracts are mostly fulfilled (if they signed up for the typical 5 seasons). So totally not too soon. And when you look at the numbers, it’s even MORE not too soon:

      We’ve had three female villains. Four, if you want to count Victoria. So let’s just say 4 female antagonists. They.are.all.dead. One the other hand, we’ve had 4 male antagonists (Peter, Matt, Gerard, Deucalion). Only ONE of them is dead. It’s totally not too soon to notice that the female and male villains get treated differently and to have a huge problem with it. I don’t care about the female villains being redeemed if the males aren’t going to get redeemed. But if they ARE going to get redeemed, like Deucalion, if they ARE going to stick around for NO damn reason, like Gerard and Peter, then of course I’m going to look at Kate, Victoria, Kali, and Jennifer and wonder why the hell the rules are different for them. Because the rules are DEFINITELY different for them. It’s right there on the screen.

      If EVERY female villain has died by, say, Season 6, due to them being completely evil, then I’d say you’d have enough basis to make that claim.

      What if the show happens to get cancelled before then? See that’s the thing. You have a high threshold for unfair treatment between female characters and male characters on this show, particularly villains. I don’t. It already bothers me; it’s been bothering me since Victoria died in season 2 only for Gerard to get away at the end.

      Ennis, Ethan, and Aiden were not major villains. They were minions. They weren’t the leaders. And like I said, they’re more than overrepresented when it comes to villains who get to live. And if we widen the scope and just look at MEN who are alive, then they’re even MORE overrepresented, because then we’ve got Scott, Stiles, Derek, Sheriff Stilinski. And now Scott’s dad just showed up to add more testosterone.

      How would you ever convict him for supernatural crimes?

      By killing him. Kate committed supernatural crimes, and she died. So did Victoria, Jennifer, and Kali. See what I mean? Jeff Davis killed these women, so it’s no question in your mind that they paid for their crimes. But for Deucalion, you’re actually stopping to ask how they’d convict him of supernatural crimes, as if there aren’t many (female) precedents.

      “He needs to be able to point to characters like Deuc and say “Look! A big bad that got away! That means more conflict and viewers in a later season!”

      Well now he’s got three: Deucalion, Gerard, and Peter. Neither Gerard nor Peter (who’s been here longer than the other two) have done anything that lets me know it was worth it for them to stay alive/come back to life. He’s building a team of male villains who survived….so he can do what exactly? Deucalion didn’t get away, he was let go. Jeff already said in an interview that the man was given a second chance, which means he’s not gonna come back to give anyone any trouble.

  5. Hi! I’m here from Tumblr too, because someone posted a quote from your review and I wanted to read the whole post. Now, I agree with you about practically everything, and I think it’s even worse (in term of plot, I mean) if you read some of Jeff Davis’s interviews where he says that the initial idea was to kill the twins and Deucalion too, but they decided to keep them around because they liked the actors so much. (I mean, I would have like it better if they had died too, but if they are alive we can still *hope* we’ll see some resolution for those plot holes. Maybe.)
    And I’m totally with you as far the misogynistic treatment of Kali and Jennifer is concerned, which is particularly sad because I think that, had they lived, they would have provided a much more complex dynamic to 3B, because their background is so much more powerful and interesting than Deacalion’s (or the twins’).
    What I’m wondering, however, is… Do you really think this is a problem Teen Wolf had in Season 1-2, too? Because I think Kate and Victoria’s deaths were very different from Kali and Jennifer’s. Kate and Peter both died in the season 1 final, and it was good. Cathartic, I think. Kate had a powerful death (if this is possible) because she chose to sacrifice her pride and her entire belief system to save someone she loved – her niece. I loved her character because she was a terrific villain, and I was satisfied with her exit. Peter died too, and I can understand why/how he came back while she didn’t. He’s a magical creature, she was human; he has a bigger part to play in the plot, and I am ok with it. Victoria is different because her death was a plot device to shape Allison’s arc, and I think there could have been different options for this, but… I can be ok with it. And I can be ok with her death because, once again, it’s not totally disempowering. She chose to die for something she believed in. I can respect that. And Gerard lives, yes, but I don’t consider that a victory. He is worse than dead.
    Season 3 final is completely different, at least for me. Deucalion is not “worse than dead”, he is cured of his blindness and the show seems to suggest that this means he’s no longer a monster. Which is… Terrible, really. The twins are saved by one of their victims (Cora) who tried to fight them just two days before because she considered them responsible for Boyd’s death (and Cora spent the following two days agonizing or unconscious, so I don’t think she had the *time* to change her mind about this) and if this is not a sign of forgiveness in itself, they are included in the final sequence of Scott’s friends, together with their significant others. These are very different fates from Peter and Gerard’s.
    And Kali and Jennifer had a very different death. Kali’s was a mirror of Kate’s, maybe, but she was no more guilty of her crimes than her male counterparts, so it’s bullshit that they live and she’s dead. And Jennifer… Jennifer’s story is a mess. I’m not even comfortable in calling her “Jennifer” because I feel like Julia is a much deeper and important part of her identity. Jennifer is unredeemable, in my opinion: she killed 12 innocent people (among whom two young, virgin girls, just to… have the power to seduce Derek?), she tried to kill at least 4 of our main characters (Scott, Body, Isaac and Lydia), she tried to kill their parents, she tried to kill (I think? This season is such a mess that I’m not even sure those incidents were her fault) Danny and Cora, and she seduced an already damaged character in a strange relationship which is so confusing it could be seen as something as “innocent” as lying by omission (which is still a betrayal, IMO) or something as unforgivable as rape. So, I think she deserved to die, at least in the Teen Wolf universe were killing a villain is the only way to ensure their harmless. But SURELY she didn’t deserve to die by the hand of the very same villain who ordered her execution ten years before. And SURELY she didn’t deserve to die for real by the hand of a character she has no known affiliation with (because really, why did Peter kill her? How did they know each other? We don’t know). For me, this is what made Jennifer’s death terrible. And I think this is a season 3 pattern which was absent from the previous seasons.

    I’d also like to point out that 2.5 seasons of Teen Wolf corresponds to 1.5 seasons of a normal show, as season 1 and 2 were just 12-episode long. But… I’m not really sure this is an excuse for the VERY BIG problems of season 3.

    • Hi!

      he says that the initial idea was to kill the twins and Deucalion too, but they decided to keep them around because they liked the actors so much.

      I don’t know how he can like the twins as actors considering he didn’t give them much opportunity or material to act with.

      What I’m wondering, however, is… Do you really think this is a problem Teen Wolf had in Season 1-2, too?

      Season 1, no. Because in season 1, both Kate and Peter died. Kate died first because she wasn’t the big bad, but Peter died in the finale. I didn’t even mind Peter working to rise again in season 2 because, silly me, I thought it was providing a powerful story for Lydia. But it turns out that it was just a story about Peter, so much so that Jeff actually FORGOT the interaction Peter and Lydia had had in season 2, and Holland and Ian had to fix it when it came time to shoot.

      I did take notice in season 2. That’s when I side-eyed, not because Peter was coming back, but because Victoria died while Gerard got away at the end. What was the difference between them? There were none, but if I get into specifics, we saw Gerard slice a werewolf in half, he drowned Matt, controlled Jackson, and threatened Melissa. I think all Victoria did was torture Scott with the intent of killing him? Gerard had more fresh blood on his hands than Victoria, yet she’s the one who died. It was especially annoying because that season featured the writing telling us that the Argent line was matrilineal (and it came up again in season 2), yet we barely got Victoria and Allison interacting, and then…..Victoria dies. Kate is dead. How is the line matrilineal when it’s the male Argents who are apparently tough enough to survive?

      And Gerard lives, yes, but I don’t consider that a victory. He is worse than dead.

      Not if Scott continues to heal him. I’d rather he be dead than “worse than dead,” because dead means I don’t have to deal with the possibility that Jeff Davis will come up with a storyline for him.

      I forgot that the first two seasons had 12 episodes. My feelings still hold though, because unless Jeff ends a season saying he doesn’t feel like he told a complete story, then there was indeed time to take care of this stuff. If a complete story can be told in 12 episodes or 6 episodes (like with some British shows, and even they include some filler), then these things can be taken cared of.

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