Teen Wolf S03E07: Currents Review

Boyd is dead. Boyd is dead on the show that did nothing with or for him, that isn’t doing anything with Deaton outside of Magical Negro, and isn’t doing anything with the woman they just revealed is his sister. This show had three recurring Black characters, and they didn’t develop any of them the way they have Isaac, the way they did Peter, Gerard, or even that jerk Matt last season.

I knew Boyd was going to die way back in season 2. After they took the bite, Erica and Isaac got an episode or two where they strutted around, making their presence known. Not only did Boyd not get that, but him wanting to be exactly like Scott was handed over to Isaac.

They gave Boyd the backstory of a dead sister last episode for no other reason than for him to fit into the episode, because obviously nothing will be done with it now.

Boyd’s death is not okay because none of the characters who look like him have a backstory/are developed to the point that even the recurring baddies have been.

Deaton is shrouded in mystery that Davis doesn’t care about explaining. Deaton is more than human. He scared Kali off like two episodes ago. But whatever he is is not enough to help him from getting kidnapped.

Marin was in this episode, because Deaton’s her brother, but she only got one scene. We have no idea what the hell she is either, or if she knew Deaton was going to get kidnapped, or if she was okay with him dying, or if she just really believed that Scott would save him (even though she expressed that she wasn’t into Scott’s potential last season). Why did they make her Deaton’s sister? They’re not doing anything with that, and they had a prime opportunity in this episode.

What’s even more annoying is that no one cares to ASK either Deaton or Morell what they are. Because Jeff Davis doesn’t care. He can barely figure out what the hell Lydia is.

The Girl from the first episode is dead as hell.

Like, if you’re going to have Black characters or characters of color who aren’t mains on your show and you plan on doing nothing with them, at least let them live! Don’t do nothing, with multiple Black characters at that, and then kill them on top of it.

They made this deal about how Derek needed to watch out because Kali was coming for his life, but turns out she still only wants Derek to join the pack. Whatever.

I think the only White character on the show who comes close to receiving the treatment Deaton and Marin are getting is Lydia. Except we’re starting to learn what she is, they have no plans to kill her, she has a strong relationship with Allison, and on and on and on.

So Lydia can sense supernaturals. How Marin knew this, I have no idea. Must be part of her Magical Negro powers. Lydia was completely unconcerned about Deaton being kidnapped and facing death. She was just LaDiDa, cocking her head from side to side while Stiles yelled at her and was exasperated with her because Jeff Davis thinks that kind of behavior from Stiles is cute.

Lydia was shown to be completely unconcerned with figuring out/learning what she is, and I’m realizing that that’s how she’s been all along. Perhaps she was too traumatized last season to try to figure it out, but she knows that other people know this season, and she hasn’t asked Allison anything, hasn’t asked Chris, Scott, Stiles, anyone.

How did Cora know Lydia was a genius? How long do we have to put up with Cora? I mean it’s nice to see that she’s a Hale through and through with the way she got in Lydia’s face and threatened her, but why is she here? She’s not doing anything for Derek’s character (she’s his appendix since he’s the main), and she’s not doing anything for herself.

She was more broken up over Boyd’s death than Isaac was yet they managed to spend zero time together since they got out of the volt. You’d think being trapped like that for that long would make you form a type of bond, but I guess not. But she still tried to shed some tears for Boyd, unlike Isaac. But we know they’ll all be over it in two episodes, because seriously? No one seemed to have a connection with Boyd like that except for Erica, and even that crap came out of nowhere in the finale, so I’m not sure having Erica cry over him would’ve done anything for me either.

Jeff Davis tried to act like Boyd’s death was very sad with that flashback and his last words to Derek, but I wasn’t sad. I was expectant. I knew he was going to die, and I almost rolled my eyes when he told Derek that it was okay that he was dying. Of course he’s okay with dying. Not only did Davis not give him a life, he doesn’t bother to act like the character had hopes, dreams, expectations for himself. Deaton seemed totally prepared to die too. What reason do characters who aren’t fleshed out have to live?

So I asked how Cora knew Lydia was a genius. I’d also like to know how The Pack knew about Derek and Jennifer (I originally wrote Derek and Morell. Bless). They met like 3 or 4 episodes ago and had sex last episode. I don’t think anyone from the pack has seen them together, yet they knew Jennifer was a device to motivate Derek. And Jennifer was yelling in concern for Derek when what she should be doing is swearing up and down that she has nothing to do with this dude, has only spoken to him three times, and this has nothing to do with her. WHERE DID THEIR CONNECTION COME FROM?! Somebody tell me!

I also don’t know why Cora decided to hang with Lydia and Stiles when she found out Deaton was missing. Just….why?

How did the Pack decide that Lydia is the one Scott cares about over Danny when we’ve been shown, and were shown again in this episode, that Scott doesn’t choose between people like that? And why did that line from Ethan end up having nothing to do with what happened in the episode? Why, out of everyone, did those twins decide that Lydia and Danny, of all people (Danny? Really?), were the people to target to make Scott angry? Wtf?

The fabulous people in the episode were Melissa and Scott McCall. I think every Scott fan has talked about the great example that Melissa is to Scott, about how she was his first and primary example when it comes to helping people, when it comes to wanting to save as many people as possible. Scott got his idealism from watching Melissa, and we got to see that in the first scene in this episode! It was so beautiful. Melissa is amazing and perfect, and after she saved Danny, she said it was no big deal. Reminds me of Scott not realizing what Isaac was talking about when he was trying to tell Scott that he was perfect last season!

Scott worried that Melissa was on the Darach’s list since she’s a healer, so he and Isaac took turns guarding her. Until they both fell asleep, that is. That scene was the cutest!

The other cute/hot scene was Scott and Allison’s closet scene. I felt their tension, and they were smiling, and they almost kissed! I really believe that Scott’s favorite position is missionary, followed by Allison on top, and he gets really excited when they do it doggy style, but they don’t do that position often.

But yes, those are my thoughts on Scott and Allison’s sex life :D.

Scott was told about his eyes glowing read. Deaton was just hanging by his hands, and he almost died, but the first thing he wanted to talk about upon being saved was Scott’s glowing eyes and how he’s believed Scott would become an Alpha since he learned about the bite. Okay, sure.

So once every 100 years, a Beta can become an Alpha without having to kill one. They can become an Alpha by sheer virtue and strength of character, and I love it. I love that there’s an exception, and that it’s not common. The werewolves are violent, and, as we saw with Peter and Derek, they only bite people in order to create underlings for themselves. In order to create a power base. It makes sense that not many Betas become Alphas just like that, that they have to kill their Alphas to make it happen. I wonder if that’s how an Omega becomes a Beta, by killing one. Or are they stuck in that position? Or maybe they can become betas by joining a pack.

See you next week!



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