Twisted: The Fest and the Furious Review

First of all, what is that title? I kind of get it (there was a fest and some people in town were furious about Danny attending), but typing it out is making me grimace at it.

Second of all,

crying 3 Fainting Will Smith

I’m not even gonna act like I don’t want to talk about the kiss first and foremost.

Did you see it?!

I, for one, loved it. Loved it! Danny caught me off guard when he said, “Maybe you wanted to get me alone.” I was like, “Woah there, boy. You two haven’t even been speaking like that,” and then Lacey walked away, and he said he shouldn’t have said what he said, and she turned around AND KISSED HIM. Then she was appalled at her lack of self-control, but Danny liked her lack of self-control just fine and so pulled her back for a second kiss! I’d love to know what happened after. I’d like to think they smiled at each other, but I don’t think they did because they were feeling too much heat.

Lacey’s mixed feelings about Danny (regarding Regina’s murder, regarding Tara’s murder, regarding his looks) are starting to creep into her subconscious because she dreamed about Regina getting her to talk about it “in her Regina way” like she had said at the eulogy.

I’m very happy that Lacey’s taking steps to find out what happened to Regina. Because literally no one else is. Kyle isn’t. He just wants to lock Danny up. Jo just wants to clear Danny’s name. Danny cares a minuscule bit because of Lacey’s sadness over the death, but he mostly just wants to find out how Regina got that necklace.

So we had Lacey doing a little investigating of her own. She found something in the form of a threat + hush money that was sent to Regina a couple of days before she died. This person must live in town, because they showed up pretty quickly to kill Regina.

Lacey almost took what she had to Kyle, but after a talk with Mrs. Crane where the latter talked about the way people remember Regina, she decided to pass on Kyle and contact Danny. How she got his phone number, I have no idea. But she told Danny what she knew. She also made more sense than Danny, Jo, and Kyle so far in wanting to find out about the money first before waving it around and giving people the wrong thing to latch on to.

I also think Lacey was right not to want to tell Jo. Not because she’s the Chief’s daughter and that’s that. It’s because I’ve seen more of Jo than Lacey has, and I know Jo has a habit of blabbing things to her dad. She thinks she’s helping Danny when she does that, but it just gives the Chief more information and reason to look at Danny suspiciously. She did it at the beginning of this episode. She let her dad know that Danny told her about the necklace, and then when Kyle asked her one simple question (“Did he tell you what it means?”), she had no answer. That’s not good. Kyle is hellbent on framing Danny. You don’t just not have an answer for him.

The thing is that Jo’s fine with Danny lying to her now. I don’t know why. Is it because she wants her life back that badly? I really don’t think it’s because she likes him (though I do believe she likes him). Rico pointed out that Danny’s lied to them, and Jo’s response was, “He didn’t lie. He just didn’t tell us.”

If someone is going to go to Kyle and waive around that they know something that hints at Danny being innocent, they need to be able to answer every single question he fires at them. Jo wasn’t able to do that. She hesitated first, then quietly said that it’s a family heirloom. Which sounds so generic and fake, but I only think that because I know I’m watching Jo on tv. Jo doesn’t know she’s on tv. Plus Danny is (was) rich, so his family could have heirlooms.

Jo’s become super naive about people’s perception of Danny. This episode she was like, “Don’t worry about what people think. Do whatever you want to do and go wherever you want to go.” It sounds like good advice, but it’s not. It’s just not. I know Danny doesn’t care about what people think, but does he want his time in town to be easy or not? Because if he does, then he can’t be going wherever he pleases. Especially when there’s now news reports about his possible involvement in Regina’s death (thanks to Kyle’s fail search warrant). Lacey had a point. I mean Danny wanting to go to the fest isn’t selfish per say, but it is reckless and kind of irresponsible.

Danny promised the mayor that nothing would go wrong, but he can’t control other people’s actions. He sure couldn’t control Tim earlier.

Shoutout to the Black lady who stood up for Danny. I’m confident Danny didn’t kill Regina, but since the show started, the only person who’s believed in Danny has been Jo. But Jo’s one of the main three. They’ve shown the town to be pretty unanimous in their fear and suspicion of Danny, so it was nice to have one extra who saw things differently. It was also nice to see Danny try to get the guy out of the Black lady’s face, because he was towering over her. Then the guy got completely violent with Danny, and Kyle had the nerve to look at Danny  like, “See?”

It’s partly Kyle’s fault that the guy reacted to Danny like that. He did all he could to get that search warrant, and he found nothing, but it’s still being broadcasted on tv. Kyle sucks, and he was over the top in this episode. He was being scolded by the mayor about Tess and Jo. I get that he truly believes that Danny did it. That’s him. But the way his fight with Tess went down got on my nerves, simply because Kyle isn’t open to come around to HER side at all. He believes he’s right, and there is no middle ground, no ROOM for Tess to….have her own opinion? Like, what? Tess isn’t to form her own view about Danny, even though she interacts with him. She’s supposed to be on Kyle’s side. He talked to Tess like she was Jo. “Presenting a united front” means Tess kotowing to Kyle’s wishes and opinions regarding this Danny thing. And that’s a no, because Kyle sucks as a police man. He has NOTHING on Danny except the boy’s past, and the mayor pointed it out, and Tess pointed it out. What should happen next is that Kyle should apologize to Tess. No “Work’s getting to me,” but, “I shouldn’t have yelled like that, and I shouldn’t have pushed you to think like me. You’re going to think what you think. Just….be extremely careful, because I really don’t trust this kid.” Simple!

Jo doesn’t know what cues are, and while that’s okay….isn’t Rico her friend? Shouldn’t she be able to read him? I don’t need her to be able to tell that he likes her, but can she at least tell when he’s upset with her? Or not feeling a situation? She couldn’t tell that he wasn’t into Danny helping them at the booth, and she couldn’t tell that he was being sarcastic about his foot. I found the latter most unbelievable, because Jo’s been shown to be trained in sarcasm and surliness, but she couldn’t tell when she was receiving it?

I understood how Rico felt. Jo kept springing Danny on him in this episode and expecting that to be okay. Rico really doesn’t know Danny like that. But Jo was trying to create an OT3 consisting of her, Danny, and Rico, which I found interesting. Jo’s moved on from the past as far as the Danny/Jo/Lacey OT3 is concerned. But since Danny is going to harp on it next week, maybe she’ll remember her feelings for Lacey, separate from Danny. But right now, she’s okay with her friendship with Lacey simply being a memory.

Jo looked pretty in her dress. She looked really pretty during her dance with Danny. Her face was almost angelic. I have to say, though, that I thought her mom was handing her a tampon when she gave her the lip gloss. I took me a second to realize that I was wrong.

Lacey looked gorgeous throughout the episode, and she has a sister! I want to meet her. I wonder if it’s an older sister or a little sister. I’m thinking……little.

Karen decided to throw the necklace away, but Rico spotted her. That shocked me. What was he doing there? That’s the road to his house? He looked very creepy, and it made me wonder if he was going to become a suspect in Regina’s murder. Next week, he’s telling Kyle about what he saw. It’s most likely because he’s jealous over Danny, which I find kind of lame (his move as a result of his jealousy, not the jealousy itself). If Jo finds out, I wonder how she’ll react. She wants to help Danny, but that necklace makes him look guilty, so would she snap on Rico for not running it by her and Danny first (because she wants her life back and likes Danny), or would she run away from Danny and say, “I can’t help you if you’re not honest with me” for the third time?

We’ll find out next week!


4 thoughts on “Twisted: The Fest and the Furious Review

  1. DAMN, THAT KISS!!!!!!!!!! I like that it was mutual, but also push and pull, that Lacey kissed Danny first, but then she pulled away and Danny pulled her back and then he kissed her. I don’t think it was rushed at all, you could tell there was something between them from the very first episode, sometimes you do just have that connection. What interests me is I don’t know how much they know of who they are now, compared to who they used to be. Their attraction is undeniable, but they are still discovering each other.

    And damn, do I love that Lacey gets shit done! She’s already made a significant break in the case while everyone else is flapping around being useless.

    • What interests me is I don’t know how much they know of who they are now, compared to who they used to be. Their attraction is undeniable, but they are still discovering each other.

      This. Which is why I’m thinking (hoping) that at this stage, it’s just lust on their part. They really don’t know enough about each other for it to be deep like or love. Remember how surprised Danny was at how mad Lacey got at him over the alibi thing? “She used to be the mellow one.” They don’t know who the other is at present, and I’d like to watch them learn.

      She’s already made a significant break in the case while everyone else is flapping around being useless.

      I love it! Lol.

  2. I side eye Kyle’s vigor to come after Danny. I feel like race plays into it too and not just the fact that his daughter is hanging out with a killer. I mean he just won’t let it go. He’s acting like such a damn cop.
    Lacey is stunning I love her sad eyes.

    • Kyle is a great study into how white cops treat poc when they’ve decided that they committed the crime. He literally won’t investigate anyone else.

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