Teen Wolf S03E06: Motel California Review

I liked what this episode tried to do better than what the last episode tried to do. I love hallucination shenanigans on supernatural shows.

Warnings: this review talks about suicidal situations/actions since that’s what happened in the episode.

We open with a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A white man with sideburns and a mustache is driving a pickup truck and goes off the road and parks at a motel. He pulls out his key and walks into a room. He empties his pocket, which includes one giant bullet for a shot gun. I’m told that on his driver’s license it says his last name is Argent, but I totally missed this, so Chris’ conversation with the skeleton at the end was a surprise to me. Anyways, the man holds the shotgun under his chin and says French words that I did not understand at first (“We hunt those who hunt us.”) It’s the Argent code, and they’re pretty sucky last words unless he was trying to convince himself that he wanted to die. If he didn’t really want to kill himself but felt compelled to because he was bitten by a werewolf, then that’s reason for him to become some kind of corrupt spirit in the afterlife, one who drives people to kill themselves, since he had to do something he didn’t really want to do.

But that’s not what they went with. Stiles believes it was Darach, and we’re supposed to go with it, I think? Except it fails to take into account all of the human people who killed themselves at the motel, and after how much importance they gave the idea of something being wrong with the motel itself, I can’t just accept that it was Darach. I like my idea better.

But if we’re going with Stiles’ idea, then…..Darach is some cloaked/Grimm Reaper-esque figure? And why was he poisoning the werewolves on the bus? Did he know the meet was going to be delayed? Did he use his supernatural powers to delay it? -___-.

I was surprised that we were still on the road to the track meet. Due to the delay, the Beacon Hills students and their loud as hell coach decide to crash at the motel for the night. He’s paired them up and is handing out the keys when we pan to Lydia, who is staring at the motel with her mouth open. She says she doesn’t like the motel; Allison doesn’t think the owners of the motel like the motel, and they’re only staying there for one night. Lydia feels that a lot can happen in one night.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles are chilling in their rooms, and Stiles has a list of suspects about who is doing the killings, and it’s not a bad list. I found out from a friend that Dylan O’brien wrote that scene. Congrats to him. Scott and Stiles have a cute moment where Stiles can’t deal with the fact that Scott has yet to watch Star Wars. Lol.

In Allison and Lydia’s room, Allison is taking a shower and wants to know if Lydia’s back with the towels. Lydia’s not back yet, but Scott has found his way into the room. He’s all empty-eyed and creepy, and Allison’s not about it. He suggests being friends with benefits, and it is just not the guy who gave her space for three months, so when he grabs her wrist, she asks him what the hell is wrong. Scott snaps out of it and tells her he doesn’t know what he just did, and he backs out of the room.

Scott going to Allison had nothing to do with his later hallucination, but he wasn’t the only one who suffered that bit of randomness. Boyd punching the vending machine and Isaac smiling at the grey blob on the tv had nothing to do with what they later hallucinated about.

Elsewhere, Lydia’s walking deeper into the horror movie. She’s upset about their non-smoking room reeking of smoke, and a woman who walked off the set of one of those PSAs about “the tobacco company” gives her more reason to feel creeped out by the motel. Lydia notices a counter with the number “198.” She expresses her curiosity, and the woman gleefully tells her that her motel has the most suicide rates in California. Alrighty, then. And considering how happy this lady is with the statistic, I feel like she’d be peering out her window because a bunch of people just checked into her motel at once. She’d think that one or more of them was going to die. And when she saw Stiles, Allison, and Lydia running around the grounds, she’d probably be freaked out.

Lydia tells Allison about her creepy feelings, and Allison believes her. Is this the first time Lydia’s ever told Allison point blank what’s happening to her/what she thinks? I know Allison knew what was happening to Lydia last season and never spoke to her about it, but I don’t think she ever denied Lydia’s experience because….I don’t think they let Lydia bring it up to her (thanks, Jeff Davis). But if I’m forgetting a scene, let me know.

As Lydia and Allison are talking (or maybe this happened before), Lydia hears two voices talking in the next room. They’re talking about dying together, and the voices don’t disappear until they do die together. Allison doesn’t hear the voices, but she suggests she and Lydia go over there to….see the dead bodies, I guess. But when they get there, there’s no one.

Elsewhere, they’ve decided to give Boyd serious angst (because not wanting to eat alone isn’t serious angst, I guess), so they reveal that a woman in his past died. Or disappeared. At first I thought she’d fallen into the ice. That would explain why Boyd saw her…..under some ice. But apparently she’s just disappeared? Boyd thinks she’s dead, though. Some people are wondering if The Girl is his missing sister, and truthfully? I’d rather she be related to Morell and Deaton than Boyd. At least they’d be building a family there rather than literally making all of the Black people who have been on the show for more than one episode related to each other.

But the real reason I hope she’s not related to Boyd isn’t because “Of course the Black people are related.” It’s because we now have two sets of siblings on the show, and they’re both pretty empty. Nothing has been done with them, so I really can’t contemplate a third set that they’ll do nothing with. Derek/Cora have talked about absolutely nothing related to them or the time they’ve spent apart. We don’t even know what Deaton and Morell are, let alone the condition surrounding their relationship, their past, why Deaton isn’t bothered about Morell hanging out with the super dangerous wolf demon known as Deucalion. This show just can’t handle another set of siblings. The Girl doesn’t need to be related to Boyd to be alive. Just let her be alive.

Anywho Boyd eventually tries to drown himself. Luckily, Lydia’s psychic senses pick this up

(I now think this show has three types of psychics going on, and maybe Jeff Davis hasn’t quite settled on the details yet. Deaton is predicting his own capture next episode, The Girl read people, and Lydia just picks things up. Lydia’s the vaguest one)

because a woman drowned herself and her baby in the past. She and Stiles run to Boyd, light a flare under the water, and burn him out of it.

At the same time, Isaac’s going through his own torment. He hallucinates about the first time his father locked him in the freezer. They were trying to fix the freezer, and the father was giving Isaac the lead, but Isaac was messing up, so the father decided to chain him inside the freezer as punishment. In real time, Isaac ended up hiding under the bed, and now that I’m thinking about it, he wasn’t trying to kill himself. He was just hiding. Unless he was going to suffocate under the bed. But the number on the counter jumped from 198 to 201, so maybe the thing (not calling it Darach -__-) planned on taking Boyd, Ethan, and Scott.

So Ethan is rooming with Danny. Actually they’re making out, about to get their sex on. They have nice physical chemistry. Ethan jokes about Danny’s books (he really brought study material, though. Smh. He’ll be valedictorian at graduation). Ethan’s kissing down Danny’s body when he notices a scar. Danny tells him (and us) about an issue he had when he was a child. He has two scars. Ethan tells Danny he can make them disappear, which I find strange and makes me wonder if Ethan has a problem with imperfection. Danny says he likes his scars, because they make him feel like a survivor. Ethan says he hopes he is, which sounds foreboding. I think he’d try to protect Danny if any of this supernatural stuff came too close to him, though. I think he appreciates that Danny always comes to his side when he gets his ass beat.

He continues kissing down Danny’s body when his own body starts acting weird. Something wants to claw out of it. I’m thinking Ethan doesn’t like that body morphing thing he and his twin do. Is it a necessary thing for them? Because he could just say no. I wonder if he hates being part of Deucalion’s pack, too. Hmmm.

He tries to saw his body in half, but Stiles stops him, and Lydia keeps Stiles’ face from being sawed in half when she unplugs the machine.

Elsewhere, the main teen wolf hallucinates Deucalion killing his mother. The scene that got me was the one that happened outside, where Scott tried to set himself on fire. His longing for when he and Stiles were nobody, when they sucked at lacrosse and he had asthma, was so sad and heartfelt. And Allison, Stiles, and Lydia are standing there, their hearts breaking for him. Allison and Stiles’ especially. Allison lets him know that there’s always hope, but Scott disagrees. He wants to go back to being nobody, but this time he won’t exist at all. Stiles can’t handle this, and he calls Scott his brother, and I drown in my feelings, and he steps into the gasoline, telling Scott that if he’s doing to do this, then he (Stiles) is going with him. My feelings!!!!!

This is what Derek’s story was missing last week! Scott’s words + Stiles’ words rang so true to me that I didn’t once think about the fact that Scott wasn’t really going to die. I was into his feelings about everything that’s been going on, missing his old life, and Stiles’ feelings for Scott. The show’s fakeout about Derek last week had none of that. They went in hard with Scott not healing himself, but it failed for me. Didn’t connect. Scott’s situation in this episode had the emotion that I said Derek’s lacked last week.

Stiles’ life being in danger (as well as his care for Scott) made Scott drop the flare, but it rolled back onto the gasoline. Lydia saw this, her mouth open, and she body slammed them out of danger’s way. As the parking lot lit up, Lydia looked back, her mouth open, and saw the Grimm Reaper appear in the fire. Was that Darach, or……?

So the four end up sleeping on the bus (how were they sure that the threat was over for Isaac and Boyd?).

The other people in the episode were Derek and Jennifer. Should’ve been Derek and Marin. Need I say more? Do I have to? They slept together, and while the kissing was good, their dialogue sucked; their buildup sucked; I’m not sure why Jennifer is already dreaming of a first date (I’d get her dreaming about a first sex, because Derek is definitely not ugly), or why she said it could be a good thing that Derek’s people think he’s dead. That was so weird. She knows nothing about his life, and she’s suggesting that he ditch said life?

Derek got his angst on, talking about how Jennifer shouldn’t be around him because he’s dangerous and bad things happen to the people around him. He omitted the part where he sometimes causes bad things to happen to the people around him. Jennifer tells him that she’s had bad things in her life, so Derek’s warning is no big deal. 0____0. Okay.

I don’t get Derek with Jennifer. I don’t get his demure attitude, his quietness, or his tendency to talk like he’s got the world on his shoulders. It makes me feel like I’m watching a different person.

Lastly, Chris was sniffing around the abandoned building where the fight happened last episode. I have no idea how he knew to go there, but he eventually ends up at a….hospice? Gerard is there, and apparently he can’t stop snotting or drooling mountain ash. He has no shame about his situation, though, because instead of being decrepit and depressed, maybe regretful that his plan went wrong, maybe angry, he sounds manic as ever when he lets Chris know that the person who bit ’70s era Argent, Chris’ uncle (Gerard’s brother), was Deucalion. I.have.no.idea. why this is being introduced. To give Chris a reason to go after Deucalion? We really don’t need that. I do like that more than one Argent has been bitten by a werewolf now. Makes sense, considering their line of work, but still. I don’t need Chris to have a ~reason to go after Deucalion. Especially if it’ll be played as more justified than Allison wanting revenge for Victoria last season.

And that’s it! I want to write Derek/Morell fic of the sexual variety. Send me creative energy!


5 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E06: Motel California Review

  1. Isaac and Boyd had also slept on the bus. They were at the very back.

    The Jennifer/Derek stuff is coming across like those paranormal werewolf romances with an instant connection and love at first sight (where the girl turns out to be the werewolf’s mate), right down to the healing sex.

  2. The scene when Stiles told Scott that he’ll go with him almost made me double over in tear ;-;
    I don’t think jennifer/Derek is a good idea. They made no sense. Like you said, Derek’s demeanor completely change. He’s supposed to be surly, glowering type of guy, and doesn’t he have trust issue? After Kate and everything?

    • Hi! It was such a sweet and heartbreaking moment.

      He’s supposed to be surly, glowering type of guy, and doesn’t he have trust issue?

      Exactly! Like, I can understand his trust issues abating a little bit since he faced the boogeyman that was Kate (it’s no longer an unknown, you know?), but what happened to his rough around the edges-ness? I feel like Derek would be attracted to someone who would take him by surprise, who would throw his surliness back in his office. Someone like Kate, but less homicidal, lol. Jennifer has nothing in common with Kate, other than being white and female. Thinking about it, imagine how surprised Jennifer would be if she saw how Derek interacts with Isaac, Stiles, Peter, and Scott at times. That’s how different he is around Jennifer.

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