Twisted: Sleeping With the Frenemy Review

Late review is late! Je suis désolée!

This episode had a couple of unusual hangouts; characters were paired up, and they either outright don’t like each other, as is the case with Archie/Danny , Sarita/Jo, and Karen/Regina’s mom, are uncomfortable with each other (Jo/Lacey), or they don’t know each other (Danny/Rico and Phoebe/Jo).

Danny and Rico had the easiest time. It started out very awkward between them, and while the awkwardness never quite dissipated, the ice thawed for about three seconds when Danny gave Rico his first fist-bump. Then Rico asked for a second, and the awkwardness returned full-force when he went for a third, and Danny denied him. Rico’s too awkward for my life. He literally gave me second-hand embarrassment when he went up to the soccer team and said, “Soccer.” Lord help him.

Another couple that took a break from the awkwardness between them was Lacey and Jo. Jo unwittingly tried to drive things south when she commented on how Lacey’s mom was doing after the divorce. She talked about how a lot of guys would enjoy Lacey’s mom. *Facepalm.* Lord, help her after you’re done with Rico.

I wonder what it’s like for Lacey to interact with this Jo. I think Jo was a whole lot less awkward when they were kids, just as Lacey was less standoff-ish and uptight when she was younger (Danny insinuated that Lacey was the easy-going one when they were younger). She smiled a little bit at Jo’s stumbling, but I wonder what goes through her head when she sees Jo putting her foot in her mouth.

The girls had a nice moment when they talked about, what else, Danny. They’ve yet to pass the Bechdel Test, right? Anyways, Lacey started things off by saying that it was “sort of nice” to have Jo over. Jo kind of took offense, which I kind of don’t get. I know Jo’s defensive, but….she did a thing in this episode where she was back and forth on her feelings. In my last review, I asked if she actually likes Lacey. In this episode, she didn’t want to go to the slumber party, but later on she tells her mother that Lacey doesn’t want her there (what?), and then later on she tells Lacey that she went because “maybe” she missed hanging out with her (Lacey). We all accept that she was lying to Lacey, right? Like, she told Rico she was going to try and see what Lacey knows, and in the same conversation where she tells Lacey that “maybe” she missed her (which Lacey didn’t completely buy), she lets Lacey know that she’ll do “whatever” she has to in order to clear Danny’s name. So there we go. Right? Does anyone disagree? I’m still not getting that Jo misses Lacey, and it’s not even that I think Lacey misses Jo something awful either. The difference between their mutual not missing each other is that one of them sometimes acts like the victim of the other, and that “one” sure ain’t Lacey.

Lacey asks Jo what it’s like to be around Danny all the time, and I like the excitement in her voice, like she’s been burning to ask Jo the question. Because Lacey knows from experience that being around Danny now isn’t the same as when she was a child. Jo tells her it’s the same, but after Lacey gives her a look, she admits that it’s completely different. Yeah, I doubt she went around calling Danny charming when she was younger :). One thing I liked about their little talk was Jo saying that Danny was “such a baby” because he used to whine about not being invited to their sleepovers.

Later on, Jo explains why she believes in Danny’s innocence: Danny’s presence makes her feel like she’s getting her life back. Her childhood was made up of Danny and Lacey, and she lost that abruptly and in the strangest way. Her life’s been topsy-turvy. Prior to seeing Danny again, there was probably a part of her that didn’t believe that it happened (she still takes care of the fort, remember?). And now Danny’s back and hanging out with her and cracking jokes and making her laugh, and she wants to hold on to that. I feel for her when she says she can’t lose that again. Can you imagine what would happen to her emotions if it turned out that Danny did kill Regina? I don’t believe he did, but let’s imagine. It would crush Jo.

So Jo feels like she’s getting her life back because Danny’s present. This is at the same time that she’s not putting in any effort to get Lacey back into their circle unless it’s to help Danny out. So basically she just needs Danny. If anyone else noticed this, come sit at my table. I have drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), and I’m personal friends with Tyler Posey 😀 (if Tyler Posey means nothing to you, then you are missing out).

Danny is the premier main character of the show. Without him, the show wouldn’t exist. The show gives a lot of shine to his relationships (which, hooray, because boy of color as lead!). What I wonder, though, is if the show is at all interested in the relationship between Jo and Lacey. Or maybe I should say friendship. The show is interested in rebuilding Jo and Danny’s friendship/relationship, and the show is interested in rebuilding Lacey and Danny’s friendship/relationship. But is it interested in rebuilding Lacey and Jo’s friendship or is it content to carve out a new relationship between them? Jo and Danny’s situation thawed in episode one. Danny and Lacey have had nice moments. He’s made Lacey smile. Jo and Lacey? They’re pretty much still on square one, aren’t they? Their last conversation didn’t move them anywhere. Jo voiced her loyalty to Danny, and Lacey looked emotional, and…..that was it.

I don’t feel one way or another about the show rebuilding Lacey and Jo’s friendship/relationship. Jo has two friends, Rico and Danny, and Rico knows her better than Lacey does. Lacey has a best friend in Sarita (and they’ve passed the Bechdel Test, btw!*), and she’s rebuilding her friendship with Phoebe, and both of them know Lacey better than Jo does. So neither of them are lacking in friends or good relationships. They can do without each other as far as the “bestie” label goes and as far as I’m concerned.

I did say in my first review that I was looking forward to the three of them rebuilding their friendship, but I’ve gotten to know the characters since then, and….they’re kind of fine when it comes to what they’re doing. I’m not as into the three of them rebuilding as I was in the premier. Lacey and Danny obviously aren’t rebuilding what they had in the past, not exactly. And if the promo was sincere about Jo’s reaction after they showed a clip of the kiss, then she isn’t rebuilding the same kind of friendship with Danny either.

The three of them were one thing in the past, and it’s a thing that we’ve seen in flashbacks, and it’s a thing that the show makes sure always includes Danny (so far). And in the present, it seems to only be interested (as far as the Trio goes) in the relationships that include Danny. *Shrugs.*

So Jo found a DVD in Regina’s box of stuff, and why she felt that it was imperative to watch it in a room where three people might catch her, I’ll never know, but she watched it and discovered that Regina was feeling something extra about Archie.

I was right about the it not being the first suspect. When Lacey confronted Jo about what she took, Jo hemmed and hawwed and postulated that mayhaps Archie was cheating on Lacey with Regina and then decided to kill Regina for….whatever reason. Jo had less motive for why Archie would do this than Chief Masterson does for why Danny killed Regina (and Chief Masterson sucks ass as a cop), but she aired it to Lacey who didn’t take kindly to her month being ruined yet again. When Lacey later confronted Archie about the possible cheating, he told her that the dvd was something Regina made to help him, because her uncle is a recruiter at some college. Or is he a recruiter at another high school? Whichever. The point is that Regina only knew one way to sell a person. Bet she never even let Archie see the tape. When Archie asked for it, she was like, “I already sent it!” And Archie went, “What? I don’t even know what it looks like!” And Regina said, “Don’t worry. I totally sold you, highlighted all your good qualities; my uncle would be crazy not to accept you. Relax.” And she patted his chest and sashayed over to Lacey and Sarita.

And they cleared up the thing about Archie borrowing Scott’s car. He was secretly trying to ditch his team for one who actually gets somewhere. Welp. Danny forced him to air it all out, and he asked Danny if he was happy, and, after he left, Danny put on a creepy smile like, “Why yes. Yes I am happy, captain.”

Aside from Sarita and Jo, Karen and Regina’s mom are the only ones who ended the episode on a freeze-off. Mrs. Crane is convinced that Danny killed her little girl. I really don’t know why Karen went up to talk to her. She couldn’t tell that Mrs. Crane was being fake as hell when she greeted at her the benefit/charity drive/luncheon? It was a move that was way too naive for Karen. But up she went to Mrs. Crane, and Mrs. Crane scraped the smile off of Karen’s face with a damn chisel. It was so sad and so unnecessary, because Karen shouldn’t have gone up to her! Mrs. Crane practically presented her with a Prezi presentation of just what in the hell she plans to do to avenge Regina.

Elsewhere, Chief Masterson was being the worst police chief I’ve ever watched on tv, and I should start pretending that this is commentary on how White police officers act when they decide that a brown person committed a crime. Jo presented him with a potential suspect, but he literally said, “Archie’s not a suspect.” Sir, you don’t get to decide who the suspect is. You find out who it is by investigating every clue, every lie, every thing. But no, Archie’s not a suspect because Chief Masterson has a grudge against Danny and wants him to be the suspect. He’s such a joke.

Lastly, Karen found Regina’s necklace in a chair that Vikram loved to occupy while he was ~still~ (don’t believe he’s dead) alive. I don’t know what made her look inside the arms when she’s never done that before, but whatever. The story’s moving along. I wonder what fresh lie Danny will spout when she confronts him with it, ’cause you know he won’t tell the truth.

If Lacey and Danny really do kiss on Tuesday, I might just upload the review the same night, because that part of the promo has me mesmerized. I haven’t really been here for them, other than recognizing that they’re two beautiful people who look nice together, but that kiss made me excited. I love that she’s the one going for it! Also, the commercial played up Danny possibly being a sociopath (part of the reason I haven’t really been here for Dacey. Jo/Danny is out of the question, as far as my interest goes. While I don’t think the producers are giving us the story of a sociopath, I’m not 100% sure, and Danny sure is weird at times), and he really did look creepy when he made that sweeping bow in front of Jo, smh. We’ll see!

Lines that made me laugh out loud:

“Is that a demon?”

“You alright, Rico?”


It’s all in the delivery. And Phoebe looked like she was ready to congratulate Jo if  the thing on her shirt really was a demon. She was so friendly toward her. I feel like that’s how Regina would have treated Jo if she had been alive to attend the slumber party ;(.

* Sometimes I’m iffy about the requirements of the Bechdel Test. I’ve seen some people be staunch where the female characters aren’t allowed to bring up a male character at all. If they do, they fail the test. The wikipedia page said that they should talk to each other about something other than a man. Well, Jo and Lacey’s last scene was about Jo stealing the dvd (which included Archie, so they mentioned him), and then it turned into Jo explaining her motivation (regarding Danny, so they mentioned them). Sooooo, their conversation was about two guys but at the same time it wasn’t?

When it comes to two or more women not mentioning a guy at all, I immediately think of the scene between Lacey, Sarita, and Phoebe where they talked about the grief gathering and Regina, and after Phoebe left, Lacey and Sarita talked about Regina. In this episode, a Lacey/Jo scene that didn’t involve any talk about Danny was the scene where Judy invited Jo to the sleepover, and you see that that wasn’t a strictly Lacey/Jo scene: Judy was there.


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  1. I think maybe Lacey telling Jo she had nothing to do with the video might pass the Bechdel Test, but in general your point that their interactions are about Danny holds true.

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