Scandal 2.22: White Hat’s Back On

Scandal 2.22

First, I want to apologize for how late this podcast is. It was my fault as there were some real life things taking up my time and energy so I couldn’t edit. I’m sorry for the wait! – Sabrina.

Season finale time and, unfortunately, nothing much has changed. Fitz and Olivia, bless their unrepentant, naïve souls, have a plan to be together and believe that they can sway the public against Mellie if she doesn’t toe the line. It won’t work. It doesn’t matter because they break up in a way that shows that Olivia has lost her agency entirely. Fitz crawls back to Mellie. Quinn randomly, as she does most things, enjoys torturing now. And the main thing that was supposed to be shocking in this finale, that Olivia’s father is the creepy B613 guy who is doling out her sex tape, is anti-climactic and disappointing. Enjoy our upset!

Quotes from the Podcast: “It’s so clear that the writers don’t care to handle this in a mature, fully conceptualized way. They don’t care to do that so I can’t be asking all these questions about Jake. I just have to take it how it is.” – Sabrina

“There were five people in that room who made the decision to rig the election. It was not just Olivia. And she’s not the only person who has done something wrong in order to keep that secret. Hollis Doyle killed seven people and was on his way to kill the eighth. But it’s all Olivia’s fault because Mellie, Cyrus, Hollis and Fitz, no, and Verna, had nothing to do with it?” – Sabrina

“I got so bothered by the idealism in [Olivia’s plan] because they were so positive and are so positive that the public really would rally behind, basically, Olivia like this as Fitz’s woman that he loves. The Republican Party and the American public would rally behind Olivia… really? In what world do people readily condemn someone for being racist?” – Alta

“Olivia has not one positive relationship in her life. These people – these writers, these producers – with them, drama is all the rage. Angst. The sadder you can make your female protagonist look, the better it’ll be, the more the audience will love it, the more the audience will talk about it, the more media people will talk about it, to the point where they give the protagonist no positive relationship whatsoever, I’m just really not into that kind of storytelling.” – Alta


2 thoughts on “Scandal 2.22: White Hat’s Back On

  1. That was brilliant and funny.
    Olivia’s speech may work in a post-racial, equalitarian society, but that is not the world we live in.
    Also…done with Fitz in general lol. Just sick of him. I thought I could not hate somebody more than those wankers from tvd, but here it is. All roads do lead to Fitz and I literally cannot.

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