Teen Wolf S03E05: Frayed Review

This episode failed completely at what it was trying to do. No one ever believes it when a show does the, “One of our contracted characters is dead!” thing, so when a show does go for something like that, it really needs to bring it. It needs to be tight, not to get people to believe that the contracted character is dead, but to get people emotionally involved in something. There was nothing emotionally engaging about anything in this episode, not even my bb Scott bleeding and psychologically not wanting to heal himself. There were only two scenes that I liked, and that’s it.

So half of the episode happens in flashback, and the half that happens in the present is supposed to be gripping because Scott thinks Derek is dead. Only Scott is the only one who cares about the fact that Derek might be dead. Allison and Stiles are worried about Scott; Lydia’s blasé about the entire situation, and she only checks in to worry about Scott a handful of times. Boyd and Isaac’s anger seems completely unrelated to Derek: pretty sure Boyd’s pissed about Erica and Isaac’s pissed about The Girl.

By the end of the episode, I find myself asking why the heck Scott thought Derek was dead considering the body disappeared. What, he saw Derek on the stairs, went down and saw that he was gone…..and then went home?

Question time!

  1. Why did Derek walk out of the building? He was with a group of people. He couldn’t wait for them to come pick him up? How did he get away so fast? How did he get so far? Because Jeff Davis needed to contrive a Derek/Jennifer scene?
  2. Why does Deucalion live in Allison’s building? Unless he did that to use it against Scott at some point (by letting him know the big bad wolf is Allison’s neighbor like he did here), then this was pointless and just here to shock Scott.
  3. Why did Lydia ask, “What am I, a nun?” when the straight twin had his hands around her waist? That was a bad line. A nun wouldn’t even be kissing a dude like that.
  4. Why is Lydia still interested in the straight twin? She knows he’s an Alpha and the enemy. She ain’t no Danny.
  5. Why do they keep engaging the Alphas in physical fights? Their plan is always, “Let’s kill the Alphas” like Scott pointed out.
  6. Why was Scott on the bus in the first place? As the episode wore on, I found myself asking this. His wound was so bad, it just felt like he should’ve known something was wrong before he got on the bus.

Stiles asks Scott how he knows Boyd is about to do something, and Scott points to Boyd’s obvious werewolf hand. Jeff couldn’t have made the indication less conspicuous?

I feel like Scott blaming himself for Derek’s death didn’t work at all. It should’ve been Isaac, tbh. It’s not that I don’t think Scott cares about Derek. I think he does, in that general way that he cares about everyone. And that’s the thing: Scott’s feelings toward Derek are too run-of-the-mill nice for him to have such a psychological reaction to thinking Derek died. It’s like if Boyd had died. He should just be sad. Stiles, Allison, Isaac, and his mother, even Deaton, are the people for whom I would buy this reaction. Not Derek.

Scott literally said it was his fault that Derek was dead, and I can’t see why he’d think that. At all. Derek is a grown man who constantly acts like he knows more than Scott (and he does, though he doesn’t put it to any good use).

Scott’s eyes glowed red, and I missed it :(. Because it was so easy to look away from this episode! Why did they choose such a lackluster episode in which to show Scott’s first red eyes? :(. Speaking of Scott’s red eyes:

Jeff Davis has decided that the only way to make Isaac act right is for Scott to scream at him. That’s great since Isaac used to live with a man who constantly screamed at him -___-.

The only Scott scene that worked for me in this episode, that engaged me, was his scene with Allison in the flashback. It was so sexy!

Ms. Allison was a delight from beginning to end. How much did she look like the queen of the night in that abandoned building? I don’t know how she knew where they were, but she looked great. Just came in, gave the protag werewolves a chance, watched her baby’s eyes glow red, and then bounced.

My favorite Allison scene, my favorite scene in the episode, is the one between her and hallucination!Victoria. It was moving, and touching, and sad, and triumphant. I loved everything about it. Crystal did an amazing job. We really didn’t need the “it’s called threading a needle” scene after, but I just love that the show took something as mundane as putting a thread through a needle and made it powerful for Allison.

Deaton gave us a glimpse as to who he was. Heck, who he could still be if provoked. He made Kali back down!!! You’ve got to be packing some serious m.o. to accomplish that. And he and Marin are related! I wonder what their history is, because Marin wasn’t impressed by Deaton attempting to play big brother. And although Deaton warned Marin, he doesn’t seem overly worried? I mean it doesn’t seem like he’s going to fight to get her away from the Alphas. Probably because he knows what she’s capable of. I believe Marin was putting on a front by letting Kali threaten her. She didn’t even flinch at the threat.

Does Kali know of the relation between Marin and Deaton? Is that why she threatened Marin? Or did she just believe Deaton wouldn’t want to watch an “innocent” person die on his account? Why do Marin and Alan have different last names?

Peter and Cora were pretty useless in this episode. Cora was here to make Derek “choose,” and Peter….Idk. I’m bored by how Derek (and now Cora) keep bringing up Peter’s crime against their family, only for Peter to be blasé and for Derek (and Cora) to do nothing in response. I just need to know how things were in their family. Is it normal for one member of a born-werewolf family pack to try to kill the others? Scott was more affected by Derek’s possible death than Cora was.

Last but not least, Never Forget that Isaac “loves Mexican.” We all know what he meant. We all know he hears Scott in the shower and imagine what he looks like naked with water coasting down his body in rivulets.


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