Teen Wolf S03E04: Unleashed Review

Can we start at the end? Lets start with the last two Isaac scenes. What in the hell is wrong with Derek? And please don’t respond with some apologia nonsense. This man is about to embark on a “romance” with Jennifer; words should not be failing him, especially when he’s known Isaac longer than he’s known Jennifer at this point. Derek not telling Isaac what’s going on, why he needs to leave, is cheap material for angst when it results in stuff like Derek throwing a glass at Isaac and expecting him to leave ASAP. And let’s also keep in mind the fact that instead of calling Isaac at any point in the late afternoon, he waits until nightfall, when it’s raining, to kick him out. He’s such a bastard.

Remember Chaos Rising when Derek was all, “Do you trust me?” to Isaac? I just…does Jeff Davis know in what direction he wants to lead Derek? I actually have the same question about Lydia, only it’s about her storyline. With Derek, it’s a question of his personality. Last episode, he was concerned Papa Alpha, willing to die for his betas, so much so that Peter was brought in to make fun of him for it. Then he was all soft, scratched up hero when he went to help Jennifer stand up. In the last scene of this episode, he was back to the boorish dumbass from seasons 1 and 2, the one who seemed to be living by his own rules for no reason at all, the one who didn’t know how to work with others or how to listen to others.

So we go from Derek going, “Do you trust me?” to Isaac last episode to throwing a breakable object at the kid like the latter’s a damn dog. Nice. And of course Jeff Davis made sure it hit home because he had Isaac getting triggered earlier in the episode (why doesn’t Lydia get triggered?). Couple that with Isaac’s “Did I do something wrong, Derek?” and I just….See, I already know why Derek is doing it, so I’m not interested at all in him explaining to Isaac. Does anyone think Derek will apologize? How does Derek figure that this will solve his problem? It’s not like Isaac left town. Pretty sure Scott’s going to confront him about his shitty actions next episode, and then Derek will be back to knowing Isaac’s location.

It was just so stupid and unnecessary, and we had Cora simpering against the wall. I guess she was there because she was Derek’s half-assed, not even believable cover for why Isaac needed to leave, but ugh.

So Isaac is chased out, and his mind probably immediately goes to Scott, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he considered not going to Scott’s house because he knows Scott doesn’t live alone. But he goes and is presumably let in by Melissa, and he asks Scott if he can stay over. That scene is so full of promise, you guys. Please link me to all of the (good) Scott/Isaac situation fics that continue from where the scene left off.

I just can’t get over how inconsiderate Derek is. He takes no one’s past into account before he acts out. Oh sure, he didn’t tell Scott about the Alpha pack. Yeah, that also happened to be totally dumb because he probably could’ve helped Erica and Boyd out sooner if he’d told Scott, and Scott ended up having to deal with it anyway.

You see? What is Jeff Davis doing with him? He’s kind of all over the place. Considerate and kind of tender one instance and then a total oaf the next. Derek knows about Isaac’s past, but does he care? Did he care when he broke the boy’s arm?

And does he still care about Boyd? He was punching through walls to save him last episode, but here Boyd is back in school, and Stiles is the one interacting with him. Yeah, Derek spent most of the afternoon getting tortured, but before that he was just lounging around with Cora at his house.

And can we talk about the weirdness that was the Cora/Derek scenes? I just….they both thought the other was dead….are they going to talk about their family? Cora’s over here training, and I’m not sure for what. She wanted to go after Deucalion? She said she came back to Beacon Hills because she heard that an Alpha Hale was corralling people or whatever. Considering we were first introduced to Derek by way of his family being killed, I expected more from him being reunited with one of his siblings.

Deucalion’s some kind of……what is he? He called himself a wolf-demon? What threw me was the “destroyer of worlds” stuff. He be traveling through space? I don’t…..I don’t get it. And he was causing lightening. We’ve never seen an Alpha do that before. He affected the weather. He also called himself the Alpha of Alphas. So…..what does that mean? I can wait to find out, but there was a lot going on, demonic/monster voices, lightning, thunder, and then he says, “I hate it when that happens.” Does that mean there’s a part of himself that he can’t control? Does an Alpha killing his pack lead to him developing magic-type supernatural powers? Has he actually destroyed worlds? Or was his ranting basically an ego trip and that’s why he said he hates it when that happens?

What was up with him folding his cane and then snapping it back into shape? Why is he totally uninterested in Cora (and Boyd) now (or maybe he’s still interested. I saw Boyd on the floor in the promo for next week)? What was up between him and Derek’s mother? How does he know Peter (and that Peter’s a sociopath)?

Kali kicked ass. Derek’s ass, to be exact. And we did learn a little bit about the Alpha pack. I wonder if the twins were part of the same pack or if they had separate packs and just killed their betas. And is it killing one of their betas that allows these Alphas to co-exist in a pack, or is that just Deucalion’s initiation rule?

Is anyone with me in thinking that Derek would be the weakest link if he joined Deucalion’s pack? Not because Derek’s a ~good person~ but because….he’s just not menacing or hardcore like that. But we know Deucalion isn’t really interested in Derek joining his pack. He just wants him to kill Scott.

Anywho, back to Isaac’s trigger. I like how it was done in the closet. I like that no amount of Allison calling his name was going to calm him down. He was so off that his teeth came out and his eyes were glowing. Only Scott screaming at him animal to animal (?) calmed him down. My heart.

The Allison/Isaac thing….I’m not opposed. But….Why did she drop her pencil when he turned around? That was weird. And Isaac not wanting to partner up with her didn’t seem like it was because he was mad at her for hurting him last season; it seemed like it was because he likes her, and he knows she’s Scott’s ex, and he doesn’t want to be in the same space as her. I also don’t know why Allison doesn’t want anyone to know she was at the school. Is she worried that it’s going to get back to her dad? And she was awful smiley about piercing him with…whatever her sharp tools are called. There’s just something awfully fast about their interaction? Even though how they got into each other’s orbit feels organic.

Isaac was also quite the hot head in this episode. He wanted those twins real bad. He believes they killed The Girl. Bless his heart. But it was stupid of him to chase them in the middle of track class or whatever. One point for the twins for getting him in trouble with the teacher who ended up dying, though. But those twins really shouldn’t be hitting each other in the face. Yes they heal, but their faces look busted enough already.

One of them (I only know Ethan’s name. Is he the one who’s interested in Lydia?), tried to go to Lydia’s house to help her study. She mentioned her IQ (higher than 147, I think), so he said maybe she should help him study. W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R. Like Derek’s scene with Jennifer earlier in the episode, this was only here to let us know without a doubt that they’re heading there with these two.

Speaking of Lydia, she did more than scream in this episode. There was the usual shocked/wide-eyed/open-mouthed look, but she was also allowed to be aware enough to help Deaton and Stiles with the mystery. She figured out that the music teacher was missing (though she doesn’t know how and neither do we), and she figured out that Harris was a possible target for the killer.

Someone else who was allowed to do more was Deaton. He actually left the pet clinic. But Jeff Davis still has him talking slow so that we don’t actually learn anything about him. He was telling Stiles about the Druids, but what is he? How does he know this stuff? What has he been up to in his life? I’d like to know. And speaking of which,

Marin Morell was in the episode. Speaking French ;____;. She had a good accent, thank  goodness. The above questions apply to her, too. I just want to know their deal. Lucky for them, I’m not as tired of not knowing as I am when it comes to Lydia. We did this crap with Lydia all last season. Scene after scene, the same thing. I’m tired, slightly bored, and I’m ready for answers. Can Lydia just flat-out ask Deaton if he knows what’s going on with her? And can he please give her a straight answer? Some people think she’s a Banshee. I just want the show to say it. I want them to say something.

Stiles spent the episode being told that he’s not the sheriff. I mean that’s basically it. He wants Scott to be on his side about the sacrifices, and Isaac wants Scott to be on his side about the twins being responsible for the deaths. Their little rift kind of came out of nowhere. Scott, being the only one thinking clearly, spoke the truth: they don’t know enough. Because they really don’t.

The killer has moved on from virgins to warriors. He killed a guy from a military family, and he killed Harris, the teacher. That teacher was in the know, but his knowledge died with him. I hope Coach never dies :(.

I don’t know who the serial killer is. Based on what Deaton said, it could be a Druid gone bad. What I mean when I say that I don’t know is that I don’t know which character is doing it. It’s only episode 4, so maybe the character is yet to come into their lives, acting normal (like Matt from last season), but it’s obviously not anyone in the Alpha pack, and none of our regulars is turning into a bad apple, so I got nothin’.

Finally, Danny was in the episode looking cute. Seriously, he’s so attractive. That green shirt was doing him all kinds of favors. And how nice of him to join Scott in joking with Stiles. Beautiful people should support each other.

Until next week!


2 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E04: Unleashed Review

  1. GURL I have so many feelings about Derek Hale. He’s such a hot mess. And the apologism (sp)!!!! The fans are eating it up, and it drives me crazy. Jeff’s need to milk Derek angst is stagnating this character. He learns nothing. NOTHING!!!

    Also I said I was going to come back one time and didn’t oops.

    • It does stagnate him. He’s back and forth, and sometimes I can ignore it, but other times (like this episode) it’s very frustrating.

      I noticed, lol.

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