Teen Wolf S03E03: Fireflies Review

You would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep.

I kind of don’t get the fireflies thing in this episode. It didn’t lead to them solving the Boyd and Cora problem. Is it part of the birds, and deer, and (now) bugs storyline? That’s probably it. It’s more of the animals acting crazy.

I loved the team work in this episode. The slo-mos were over the top at times (like the one of the boys walking up that little hill), but I liked most of them (the slo-mos).

We open on two kids who are about to lose their innocence. They’re trying to catch fireflies, but then the little boy sees a shadowy figure with glowing eyes and growling throat. He freaks and runs to his sister. They jet out of there and find shelter in a shed (in the middle of the woods? Where are they?). The shadowy figure turns out to be Boyd, and he huffs, and he puffs, and he throws the shed away. He’s about to eat the kids when ten million fireflies attack him. This really distracts him for some reason, and he looks away long enough for the kids to disappear.

Derek calls Scott, and Scott tells him that he kind of had to let Boyd and Cora go, BECAUSE HE’S A FREAKIN’ SUPERHERO! He saved the kids! Seriously, my Scott feelings were at an all-time high in this episode.

The opening credits roll and we cut to Lydia who’s run out of Ibuprofen. She decides to go out to get more, but before she goes she lets us know that the word lunatic has to do with how certain people used to react when the (full?) moon was up.

Lydia’s med run ends at a pool, and she has no idea how she got there. I sometimes don’t know how I get home since I’m so used to the road I take, ya know? I feel Lydia on this. Anyways, she finds a dead body, but it’s not a dead body, it’s a dummy. The real dead body is behind her. What was a lifeguard doing at the pool so late? And in the chair? Who was he watching?

We cut to Allison, and she’s thinking about her life in her car. She learned that Victoria tried to kill Scott, and Scott didn’t tell her this, because he didn’t want to tarnish her memory of her mother. Aww. Poor Allison and Scott. At no point do either of them feel the need to wipe the blood off of Scott’s mouth. At one point in the flashback, Derek appears with Erica’s dead body, because Jeff Davis wants us to know she’s gone for good.

Finished with reminiscing, Allison grabs an arrow out of her glove box.

We cut to a romantic scene in a tent were some boxes were about to be pleasured (I’m sorry). One girl’s talking to another girl we don’t see, and I wondered if they were going to be presented as more than friends, and they were! They were so cute. They had good, natural, playful, romantic chemistry. The one we didn’t see is named Emily, and she’s totally not an outdoor person. When she and her girlfriend heat things up, some bugs crash the party and Emily freaks out. A couple of bugs climb on her body, and she really freaks out and runs out of the tent. Long story short, Emily’s dragged away by a posse of the scarabs from The Mummy. I seriously thought they devoured her.

Back at the tent, Emily’s girlfriend is calling her, but it is Cora who answers the call. She’s ready to kill the girlfriend when Isaac jumps out of the shadows and a slow-mo fight ensues between him, Cora, Derek, and Scott. Isaac is weirdly happy about this fight, and I don’t really know why. I know newly!turned Isaac would’ve been happy, you know, the one who was strutting down the hallway with Erica, but I don’t know why this one is. It’s probably because he thinks Cora is attractive or something, as we later learn from his scene in the car with Derek.

For some reason, Lydia calls Stiles instead of Allison (maybe she called Allison and Ali didn’t pick up? I’d hope she’d send a text in that case, and I can’t see Allison ignoring that). If Lydia had called Allison, I would’ve been spared Mr. Insensitive yelling in Lydia’s face that she should’ve called him before she called the police. Wtf? I mean seriously! He just suddenly screams out of nowhere! And what’s the difference between Lydia calling him after the police and Lydia calling him before? Stiles’ dad is the sheriff or whatever; he would’ve gotten access to that body anyways. We’ve seen him go so far in meddling in his dad’s job that the sheriff was fired last season. They tried going for comedy in this scene, and it bombed, because it hinged on Stiles (and thus the writing) completely ignoring Lydia’s emotions.

Anyways, Stiles notices the dead boy’s ring: it says “purity.”

Over in the woods, Scott believes that Boyd and Cora killed Purity Boy, and he says that it’s his fault. Derek says that it’s his fault, and Scott decides that they need professional help in catching Boyd and Cora. Derek thinks Isaac suffices, but Scott has higher standards than that: he’s thinking Chris Argent, and Isaac doesn’t see why. I mean he thinks Scott hung the moon, why the hell doesn’t Scott think the same about him? It’s okay Isaac. You’ll be alright.

Instead of going to the DILF in question, we head to Caitlin, girlfriend of Emily. She’s being questioned by Sheriff Stilinski and a female deputy. Long story short, they think she was high on LSD (wasn’t it LSD that she had? Whatevs). Sr. Stilinski does believe she saw something, though.

When we go to Chris Argent, his eggs drop :D. He also pulls a gun on Scott. Meanwhile, Isaac’s in the car with Derek, trying to start a completely inappropriate conversation about Cora. Can she readjust to society first, Isaac? Damn.  Isaac was just off for me in this episode, and I’m reminded that outside of flailing over how much he wants to sleep with Scott, I actually have no sense of who he is or how he reacts to things. Basically, he’s still a new character and we didn’t exactly see him LIVE last season. Last season, he was part of Derek’s (and Scott’s) story. This car scene plus his weird excitement over fighting Cora, plus (and most egregious) him suggesting they go back to the plan to kill Boyd and Cora like he never knew Boyd….it was just weird. It felt a lot like I was supposed to be watching Stiles. Jeff Davis gave Isaac Stiles’ lines. Or maybe this is who Isaac is. I don’t know! And that’s my point.

Praise be to Derek’s bitch face in the car though.

Scott’s asking Chris for help, and Chris can’t see why he should help anyone associated with Derek. Jeff Davis decides this is the perfect time to tell us Boyd’s first name. Chris isn’t interested in helping anyone associated with Derek stop murdering people, but he’s super interested in their first names. I guess. Chris explains that the supernatural stuff tore his family apart, so he doesn’t want to be involved in it. Scott totally understands that, but people are dying, so he asks Chris for a ride and totally plays him into helping. Good going, Scott! Ugh, he’s so cute.

We get a very long scene of Chris teaching the werewolves about being a werewolf. My sister was in front of the tv at this point, and she said, “Aren’t they werewolves? Why is he telling them about how to be a werewolf?” The scene was fun to watch, but it isn’t as fun to describe in this review. But y’all watched the episode; you know what Chris said. What made the scene fun for me were the cuts to Allison preparing as Chris narrated. He said that a trained hunter knows to track a werewolf by using their sense of smell against them, and what do we see Allison doing? Exactly that! The Argent family business.

I also liked Derek saying he’d use his eyes for infrared. Also, Chris warned the boys against thinking that they were hunting animals or monsters which tells me that he, Gerard, and Kate, and even Victoria don’t/didn’t view the werewolves as savage animals. They know they’re human. They take that into account. I guess they just feel that they’re defunct humans? Or something? Dangerous humans? Anyways, we get an unnecessary slo-mo of the four men walking up a very short hill. Smh.

Chris decides that they should focus on containing Boyd and Cora, and the school is the perfect place, because surely it’s empty. Right? Wrong! There’s a White woman there, ready to fall victim to something. It’s the English teacher. What’s her name again? I should learn it since she might be Derek’s love interest.

Chris shows the boys some high tech gear that he’s very proud of. The gear sends out high-pitched frequencies, and so commences another fun montage. I loved the music. The boys are planting the thingies and Scott’s all about the flips in this episode. He flipped off a school bus.

We cut to Stiles and Lydia, and the point is Lydia doesn’t know how she knew where the dead body was or that there was a dead body. Next! Their dynamic kind of bores me now. I don’t know why Lydia would ever go for Stiles. He’s not her type.

Over in the woods, Peter’s being unnecessary. Why was he in this episode? Seriously. He gets into Derek’s ear and is telling him to kill. He’s totally callous about Derek’s plight, and it makes me wonder if Peter is an anomaly in the Hale family or if he’s the norm or if his attitude was accepted. Basically, it made me wonder what Derek’s family was like. I mean they were a pack onto themselves. I wonder how that worked, what were the politics and such? We still have no details about people who are born werewolves.

Derek tells Peter that Cora’s alive because he knows how heartbroken Peter was when it was believed that the entire Hale family died in the house fire. I can’t think of a single other reason why Derek would tell Peter that Cora’s alive. The dude killed your other sister, Derek. Wtf?

Over at the hospital, Melissa’s risking her job by showing a teenager a dead body. Purity Boy wasn’t killed by a werewolf. He was strangled, and his head was bashed in, and his throat was slashed. That’s also how Heather was killed. Remember Heater? From last episode? Stiles gets completely emotional, and there’s a lot of sensitivity in the scene, a marked difference from the lack of sensitivity in Lydia’s scene earlier. Thanks, Jeff Davis.

Stiles has an epiphany. We know this because the camera spins around Stiles as flashbacks take up the screen. Stiles asks if Caitlin is at the hospital, because he thinks he knows what’s happening. Basically, the people being killed are virgins. I wondered if maybe Jeff was doing a reverse “people who have sex die in horror movies” thing, but no.

We go to the school where Chris is mesmerized by fireflies.

To ten million fireflies, I’m weird cause I hate goodbyes. I got misty-eyed as they said farewell.

Chris says the fireflies in Cali aren’t supposed to glow. Scott wonders if that means something. It does, Scott. It does. I just can’t tell you what, yet.

Boyd and Erica show up, and they’re not up for being trapped, so they scale the school. Chris wants to zap them (I think), but Isaac remembers the fact that Scott thinks Chris is better than him, and he’s not gonna have that, so he one-ups Chris by pointing out that he’s faster than him. Isaac is thwarted from his attempt to show off, however, BECAUSE ALLISON IS BAMF!  She’s shooting arrows that flash, and she gets Boyd and Cora into the building. She didn’t even need a slo-mo! She looks rejuvenated by what she just did; it’s the kind of look you see on someone when they just finished doing something they’re really good at. Her smile slips, though, when she notices Isaac. She runs, and Isaac watches her retreating back. Hmm. I still don’t believe the Jeff will go there, but I’m open to it. We’ll see.

Inside the school, Boyd and Cora chase Scott and Derek into the boiler room. Longer story short, Scott and Derek manage to lock them in, BUT WAIT! Scott hears three heartbeats! It’s the English teacher. She’s decided to take a page out of the deceased Heather’s book and stand still while scary noises are happening.

Derek decides that he must save the third heartbeat, so he goes into the boiler room and slo-mo fights Boyd and Cora. Then he just lets them tear into him, and it’s quite touching because I get the sense that he can’t bring himself to kill them when it comes down to it. Thankfully, the sun rises, so………Boyd and Cora pass out? I don’t really know how/why they were on the floor when we came back to the scene. Anyways, Derek tells Scott and Isaac to take the werewolves away while he goes to check on the teacher. It’s a little bit weird that he just offers to do it, but he’s gotta meet her somehow, and Jeff Davis isn’t about that Ms. Morell/Derek life :(.

To end the episode, Scott’s relieved that Boyd and Cora didn’t kill anyone. Stiles tells him he’s going to wish they had because something called a Triple Dipper Threefold Death just happened (Emily’s the third), and the three dead virgins? Totally sacrifices. PURITY!!!!!!




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