Teen Wolf S03E02: Chaos Rising Review

I barely know where to start. This episode was kind of chaotic, and yes I would love to begin every review by either referencing the title or a dialogue from the episode :D.

So let’s start at the beginning.

We met Heather, who died because she wanted to stop being a virgin on her birthday. Actually, she died because she didn’t know how to even attempt to run. “This isn’t funny.” No, it’s not. What kind of life are you living that someone would break a bottle of wine in your cellar for ish and giggles? Smh.

When Stiles was running around searching for that condom, I thought, “He’s probably not good.” Also, I kind of rolled my eyes at Stiles’ answer when Heather asked him if he wanted to (have sex). He said, “Pft, do I want to? Yeah, yeah of course I want to.” It was this attitude (from the show) of, “Of course he wants to have sex. He’s a guy. When does a guy ever say no to sex?” And I wasn’t here for it. There are reasons why Stiles could’ve not wanted to sleep with Heather, starting with the fact that they hadn’t exchanged a word in a while. Scott didn’t even know who she was.

So Heather got snatched and is most likely dead, but bless this show because it had the characters trying to find her nevertheless.

Peter is called in to try and make Isaac remember, and his intro was over the top. Some kind of western music was playing, and the character’s just not that cool to me. By the way, is everyone all caught up an Ian Bohen (Peter’s actor) screwing up and then shooting himself in the foot?

So Peter digs around Isaac’s mind, and Isaac’s screaming and trying to get away (probably doesn’t help that he doesn’t trust the dude digging in his brain), and then Peter gets what he needs, and it’s so powerful that it knocks him into a table. The acting was so shoddy that I wondered if Peter was lying when he was revealing what he saw.

Basically, Peter didn’t get enough for them to go on, so Scott decided that they should go to someone who knows everything about everything: Deaton. Deaton’s method was more dangerous than Peter’s. Not only does his way include Isaac being near dead, but if anyone but him speaks to Isaac while he’s in the trance, it could confuse him and permanently damage his brain (right?).

Naturally, Derek ignores Deaton’s warning because he’s all about ignoring consequences.

Kudos to Daniel for his portrayal of Isaac’s fear both with Peter and with Deaton. My heart kind of broke for Isaac every time he said he didn’t want to go back there. When Deaton said, “It’s just a memory; memories can’t hurt you,” I thought about Isaac’s abusive past :(.

So they find out where Boyd and Erica are, but there’s a bit of sad news: Erica’s dead. Isaac saw her body. RIP, Erica. You could’ve been more, but alas. Aside from getting more scenes than Boyd, Jeff Davis did nothing with her. She had a good start, I liked her attitude after she transformed. “I have nice everything.” But then nothing happened. Lord knows we already have a version of this with Lydia, but I’m getting ahead.

So Boyd and Erica are being held in a bank. I think the issue was finding out which one or it’s location or something? Anyways, Stiles laughs because Derek doesn’t know the internet exists. Obviously, it’ll only take minutes to find the bank.

It took 1o hours, I believe. It took Allison minutes to find it.

Derek, Stiles, Scott, and Peter hold a meeting with maps, because it takes four to screw in a lightbulb, and since Scott was super quiet in that scene and Stiles was doing too much, let me talk about Allison:

Earlier in the episode, Allison was driving around with Lydia and calling Scott, because she knows their bruises mean something. She realizes that Awesome Black Girl was searching for Scott like she had to find him, and Allison realizes the importance of that. She takes her info to Derek who says, “Pish posh.”

Derek is salty because Allison shot arrows into him and his pack, and Lydia brought Peter back to life. Pause.

DEREK! JEFF DAVIS! I just. Lydia had no idea what the hell she was doing. Speaking to Derek for a second, not only did you not tell her what the hell was going on, but you wanted to kill her at one point. I mean you do get that Peter was control Lydia, right? Something about which you’ve yet to ask him the specifics.

That line from Derek was so weird to me. Like, way to shit on Lydia’s LIFE in season 2. Which brings me to Jeff Davis. Is this your way of washing your hands of Lydia’s arc from last season? That’s supposed to have been her LIFE. WHY does it matter to like no one in her world? WHY are you still making her scream if YOU’RE not taking the thing seriously? WHY didn’t Lydia say that she had no control over what she was doing? Why did she settle for defining big words? Are they seriously reducing her smarts to her freaking vocabulary?

I’m so over Lydia screaming. Because I went through it last season, and I was excited then, and it led nowhere. See, this is why I didn’t mind Allison leaving Lydia out and going to the bank by herself. Yeah, it could’ve been a cool friend trip, them kicking ass, but the only ass Lydia can kick is a dictionary’s. There was going to be danger and fighting, and running, and Lydia’s still stuck at screaming. I just. And why was she sleeping against her headboard?

“Thanks for that, by the way.” Shut the hell up, Derek.

So he tells Allison that he needs something real and doesn’t consider her words at all. Derek’s obtuseness was back in full force this episode. He wasn’t considering anything from anyone. He’s such a bad leader; I don’t know how he lives. Look at how quickly he found Boyd and Erica when he decided to include Scott (who’s connected to Isaac).

I love that Scott knows people who are competent (Deaton, his mom, Sheriff Stilinski, Chris Argent) while Derek knows……Peter.

Allison doesn’t take Derek seriously at all, for she knows flop when she sees it. She decides to go off by herself. She finds the bank but doesn’t tell him or anyone else. Nothing more real then hand-delivery Boyd and Erica at his doorstep, right? That’s right.

Allison goes in but is flung to the wall by MS. MORELL! HELLO MS. MORELL! She got a first name. Marin. That’s sad. Marin Morell. How much thought did they put in this? :(. Anyways, she tells Allison to stay hidden until she hears the fighting, because she knows damn well that some violence is about to go down.

Congrats to Allison for using ammonia to hide her scent, but shouldn’t that have still pinged Kali’s interest? Like, the scent in the air suddenly changed to ammonia. That’s suspicious, or am I missing something about werewolves and ammonia?

Derek and Scott arrive at the bank. Scott is using his knowledge from school, but Derek believes knowledge is for losers, so he punches his way into the building.

Meanwhile, Stiles is pacing and doing a lot of talking. I wonder if there’s correlation between the extent of Derek’s obtuseness in an episode and the amount of talking that Stiles does. Anyways, he figures out that something’s up with the Alphas, because why did they wait so long to do so and so? Peter’s not taking this seriously, because thinking is for losers, but then he takes him seriously and asks to see what the walls are made of.

The walls are made of a type of stone (or granite) that keeps the moon out. Werewolves are supposed to be out in the moon, the full moon specifically. It’s their nature. Keep them from it, and it’ll almost be like they’re turning for the first time. Almost, because they’re ALREADY werewolves, so they’re being deprived, and that deprivation makes them vicious and blood-thirsty.

But Stiles calls Scott to tell him, but before Scott can tell Derek, Boyd and Cora show up. Cora is Derek’s little sister. His reaction was so dull that I thought Cora was his ex-girlfriend. But it’s his sister, and he’d been under the impression that she died in the fire. Did some of the bodies burn so much that they turned to ash? How did he not know she was missing?

Cora tells Derek to run, but Boyd’s apparently too violent to speak words. Seriously, what was up with that? Why did Cora warn Derek? Why didn’t Boyd say anything?

So Derek and Scott start fighting. Allison shows up just in time to see Scott get claws to the gut. Before that Ms. Morell barricaded them with some mountain ash. Allison wants to break the ash, but Derek yells NO. Scott is getting hurt, so Allison calls Boyd’s name, and breaks the ash. I’m surprised Boyd didn’t attack her, but he and Cora ran off into the night.

Derek is pissed because, “Do you know what you just did?” Scott is like, “Shut up. She just saved our lives.” Derek is still pissed though, and Allison tells him about himself. “I’m not the one turning teenagers into werewolves.” Whoops. Because Derek seriously sold the three teens a dream.

Derek starts talking about what Victoria did, but for some reason he wants Scott to tell Allison. Derek does have a point when he said that it’s Victoria’s code that killed her. She went after Scott out of hatred, and then she chose death because she didn’t want to turn into something she hated.

Derek is still a flop, though. I don’t hate him, but he does a lot of things wrong. I didn’t mind his scenes with Allison, because they both have points. Allison’s family, her mom specifically, fundamentally hate Derek’s species, so he’s not going to be here for them any time soon. It’s his words to/about Lydia that were bullshit.

Anyways, Scott is having the hardest time spitting the truth out. Meanwhile, Boyd and Cora are out there killing innocent people. Seriously, I didn’t understand Scott, Allison, and Derek’s lives in that moment. They’re standing there having a silent moment, while killers are on the loose.

I don’t know why Scott and Derek think it’ll be a big deal for Allison to learn what Victoria was up to. I don’t think it’s a case of them not wanting to sully her last memory of Victoria, like, “The last thing your mom did before she died was torture your boyfriend with the intent to kill him.” I mean that’s rough, but will Victoria wanting to kill Scott be that surprising to Allison?

This is when we go to Lydia screaming.

We learned that Ms. Morell is working with Deucalion. I don’t think that means she’s evil, because I’m thinking Marin doesn’t have allegiances like that. Remember when Chris Argent, Gerard, and Deaton had a scene together? Chris or Gerard talked about being surprised at Deaton’s line of work. They didn’t trust him, and it implied that Deaton used to be up to some shady stuff. And then when Marin came on the scene, she was skeptical about Deaton seriously helping some kids. So I think the way Deaton (before he repented) and Marin roll is that they hook up with anyone, but they’re always in control of their situation. I mean Marin helped Allison (and thus Scott and Derek), and she tried to keep Boyd and Cora contained. Unless she always meant for the two to be let out by Allison. I don’t know. I’m waiting to see. I’m not invested in Morell being “good,” because the protags haven’t done anything for her life so far. As long as the writers do right by her either way, I just want her to get stuff.

Awesome Black Girl was brought up. Isaac said she’s definitely not a werewolf.

I LOVED Isaac grabbing Scott’s arm while he was flailing in the water. It was so great!

I DID NOT love Coach’s surprise at Scott wanting to answer a question. Coach thinks both Stiles and Scott are losers, but that always seemed more about lacrosse. The number one reason I don’t like his surprise is because it feeds into this, “New Scott” crap. I don’t like it.

Post Episode Questions:

  1. When did Marin hook up with Deucalion and how long have they been working together?
  2. What is Deucalion’s master plan with regards to Boyd and Cora?
  3. Will it be “necessary” for Boyd to be killed (I feel it will be. Ugh)?
  4. Is Kali so used to running with werewolves that she’s all in her animal state and so doesn’t like  to wear shoes? I did like her little toe nail tap.



9 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E02: Chaos Rising Review

  1. This is so funny and you’re really quick. I didn’t catch that part with Stiles. I think I block him out, but you’re right about Derek. Lydia didn’t even know what she was doing then, was being manipulated and was terrified. She had no answers about her situation (and still doesn’t). How she can be blamed for all of that, I have no idea. And for someone who’s upset that he’s alive, Derek sure calls on Peter for help whenever he pleases.

    You don’t like the New Scott stuff? I like it. I like that he’s focusing on school and not letting werewolf business interfere with his future like that. It was really rude of the coach to laugh like that though.

    • This is so funny and you’re really quick.

      Thank you, and I hope I keep it up! Lol. I think I’ll be fine as long as I stick around for the second showing of the episode on MTV.

      And for someone who’s upset that he’s alive, Derek sure calls on Peter for help whenever he pleases.

      And sure isn’t thinking of ways to kill him.

      Lydia has no answers about what was happening to her, but she’s been caught up on what was happening to Jackson. Stellar.

      I like that Scott’s doing it. But I don’t like the layer of “NOW he’s trying to be smart, and he’s never been like that before. Uncharted territory.” He’s still the same person; it’s just that he had the whole summer to focus on his schooling and stuff. I know Jeff Davis has seen the crap on Twitter about Scott needing to be a “better friend” to Stiles and be “more appreciative” of Derek, so whenever it comes up on the show, I keep wondering if THAT’S why he’s doing this “New Scott” storyline. The Coach’s reaction, while in character, didn’t help, because either in season 1 or season 2, Scott got a bad grade in chemistry, and the teacher wrote, “Not like you.”

      • Oh, I see. That makes sense then. I like that he’s back to focusing on his grades. He wasn’t doing horribly before the werewolf stuff but it seems like he’s doing better than he was then. Stiles always talked to him like he was an idiot so I don’t know. I haven’t rewatched either S1 or S2 to know for sure how he was doing in school. I just remember him flaking on tests last season.

    • Oh yeah, we’re going to see the Scandal podcasts to the end, so the finale will be up in a couple of days. But it would be up to me to edit both Teen Wolf and Twisted, and I don’t have time to keep one up to date, let alone two :(.

  2. What I love about Teen Wolf is that they don’t lure you in to the story. They throw you right in there and and you’re left totally surprised and gasping for breath. Its only the second episode and I’m on the edge of my seat constantly. Or laughing hysterically. I also love how normal and relatable everyone is. They go to school and have embarrassing moments and get horny and I love it. Despite its flaws, this is a damn good show.

    Now for the parts that make me wanna skin Bambi. Lydia is my favourite character. Can she please please please DO something? Something that matters other than show me her throat? She knows about the things that are going on but I wanna see her asking questions, giving answers and being the high heeled badass that I know she is. I’m already going through so much pain on TVD over Katherine (I will love her forever) I don’t want another character of mine to lose its potential. But then again, its only he second episode. Plenty of time for improvement. 🙂

    Gosh the Allison hate. I hate the Allison hate. This girl is beautiful, smart and has a spine of steel. She’s a fighter and a talented one at that. Unfortunately she made some mistakes but at least she had an actual reason other than being power hungry and self-centered. Why are people worshiping Derek and feeling sorry for him but hating Allison?

    I didn’t consider it out of character at all for Coach to think Scott wouldn’t know the answer. In Season 1 and 2 there are scenes where he points to Scott’s poor academic performance in class. Brutally. So his dismissal of Scott was definitely no surprise.

    We saw a very cute side to Stiles and Scott at the beginning of the episode. That adorable hand slap thing is what my shipper dreams are made of. I really love this friendship and I wanna see more of it not being about fighting the supernatural.

    Why on Earth did Stiles bring the condom to school?

    Oh Danny, sweet Danny, you’re just The Gay Character. Seriously. I wish he had a better storyline. I really like him and shame on Jeff Davis for writing A Gay Character instead of a character who happens to be gay.

    I love to watch stories of innocence lost. Derek’s was lost before even the show began. Apparently he used to be happy though, other than the surly Derek we know today. Allison’s innocence is completely gone as well. Very very painfully. She’s changed so much and I love it. She’s not the same at all and its beautiful to watch. Number one transformation I’m eager for: Scott. He’s gonna be an alpha and like Harry Potter, he has to go through certain obstacles to get there. Especially when he is one. Leadership will be thrust upon him and it’ll fit him well. Like it did Harry 🙂 God, I miss those books. 😦

    As for Isaac, where does he live? With Derek? That cant be fun. We never see him at school either. Does he still attend? Who pays for it? Who buried his father? I wonder.

    • I also love how normal and relatable everyone is. They go to school and have embarrassing moments and get horny and I love it. Despite its flaws, this is a damn good show.

      I agree!!!

      Ugh, I really hope Lydia’s fortune improves.

      Why are people worshiping Derek and feeling sorry for him but hating Allison?

      Some people can’t stand actual storytelling. They just want to see the brooding White guy and that’s it.

      It wasn’t a surprise. I think it was in-character too (he’s also done it to Stiles), but it felt so over the top in that scene.

      I really love this friendship and I wanna see more of it not being about fighting the supernatural.

      I like it the way it is. Considering they’re surrounded by the supernatural, their friendship is very grounded in the normal side of things. Like Scott looking at Stiles in wonder as Heather dragged him away, and then looking super happy when he saw the condom, thinking that Stiles had gotten some, lol. And then there was the, “Smell my breath” thing.

      Why on Earth did Stiles bring the condom to school?

      Who knows? Lol. Maybe he was wearing the same pants from the night before?

      I don’t think Danny is A Gay Character. He plays sports and is good at tech stuff. He’s popular and one of the better lacrosse players, and everyone who knows him seems to like him. and this season he’s being given a love interest. He doesn’t know about the supernatural and probably never will (I kind of hope he never does, unless it starts affecting him on a continuous basis). But now that you mention it, I do wonder what’s going to happen to him. Jackson was the line to us seeing Danny and having Danny speak. Jackson’s gone. None of the current mains are friends with Danny the way Jackson was, so after this love storyline is over, I wonder how much we’ll be seeing him.

      I really hope Jeff Davis does the Scott thing well. I hope he doesn’t go overboard with it or butcher it.

      I wonder where Isaac is living, too. And does he not care about not being in school? Has he dropped out?

      The kids are juniors now, right? They started season 1 as freshmen, right?

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