TVD 4.21 & 4.23: I’m Over Silas

I think Silas telling Bonnie in the finale that she only thought she’d beaten him because that’s what he wanted her to think is one of the worst things they could’ve done to him as a villain that exists on this show. “You only thought that because that’s what I wanted you to think.” Why? Why did he want her to think she’d beaten him? Because of him doing that, he spent all of 4.21 looking for her. That doesn’t make any sense. Why did he let her see him? Why is it up in the air now whether or not his disfigurement is real?

If Silas was ~secretly and ~really still in Bonnie’s head, then why couldn’t he just hop into her head and find her in She’s Come Undone? What was the point of his ruse? And isn’t that line something the Grinch said to Cindy Loo-Who in Jim Carrey’s version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Silas is sharing lines with the Grinch now?

Silas still being able to get inside Bonnie’s head is ridiculous on top of ridiculous. Let’s start with her thinking she’d gotten him out of her head:

  • Why did she think she’d gotten him out of her head? Based on what? Did she feel different? Does Silas being in her head make her feel one way and on prom night after she screamed at him, she felt a different way? We don’t know. She didn’t talk about it, didn’t explain.
  • She didn’t cast a spell to make him go away, didn’t drink some kind of potion, didn’t do a ritual, nothing. Has she even looked up ways to block a psychic in the many grimoires she has? Bet she hasn’t, and the Bonnie of seasons 1 and 2 would have.
  • Bill and Shane can be presented as being able to resist compulsion, and Damon out of nowhere says Silas’ mind tricks don’t work on him, but the only female character we’ve had say that someone’s mind tricks don’t work on her was shown to be completely wrong.

The other ridiculous part is, why was Bonnie wrong about getting Silas out of her head? What is the goal here? She still dropped the veil; that was always part of her plan. Silas is pretending to be Stefan now, so he’s not going to be letting Bonnie know he’s walking around. And Bonnie is dead. What was the point of the reveal? It also renders Bonnie’s triumph in 4.19 completely empty, and I am beyond sick of empty triumphs on this show.

  • Bonnie screaming at Silas to get out of her head (as well as her “on top of it” attitude in 4.21) doesn’t matter because it’s been taken back. Silas was just messing with her and making her believe one thing when the opposite was still true.
  • Bonnie kicking Elena’s ass in 4.19 (as well as her telling Caroline that she’s not ready to forgive and forget in 4.21) doesn’t matter and is hollow, because it was taken back in 4.22 when she told Elena that she totally understands Elena trying to kill her and it’s no big deal.
  • Bonnie turning Silas into stone and winning doesn’t matter because there’s a new bullshit, I mean canon, that says that if a witch dies then their spell is undone. Then how come Damon and Stefan didn’t burn in the damn sun as soon as Emily died a century ago.

I just can’t stand this whole “Silas is on top of everything and knows he’s gonna get out of every situation.” Not on this show. Especially, in Silas’ case where I don’t even know what he is. What is Silas? He can’t be a vampire, because he hasn’t displayed a single vampire trait except for his offscreen need to feed.

  • We didn’t see him get invited into Caroline’s house.
  • He doesn’t seem to need a ring.
  • He reads minds and also makes people hallucinate.
  • Was it compulsion he used to make Caroline cut herself?
  • He has a doppelganger.

Has anyone actually called Silas a vampire on the show? Bonnie said in 4.22 that Silas couldn’t be killed by anything. How does she know? When she found Silas, he was desiccated. He needs to feed, which means he can starve. How about she think outside the box and instead of always thinking death is the answer, she thinks about putting the enemy on ice now and again?

And there is a way to kill Silas. There’s the cure. I’m actually not sure why Bonnie’s plan didn’t go as follows, especially since she was willing to bring the veil down (even partly) anyway: bring the veil down (all of it like Silas wants), Silas takes the cure, dies, and as soon as he’s dead she puts the veil back up!!!!! Why was this not an option?! It’s not like he would’ve been able to cross back to the side of the living, not without a talisman like Emily and Esther had. No ghost can just cross over unless they’re JP’s fave, Alaric.

I don’t even know how, if he’d gotten his way, Silas planned to ensure that Bonnie kept the veil down since she could do exactly what I said above.

I did enjoy Silas for the most part in 4.21. He couldn’t find Bonnie and was scrambling, and that’s the thing: he was enjoyable to me because he had to play Catch Up. Bonnie had gotten one over on him, so he needed to quickly fix that situation. But the producers are going the route where Silas is always prepared and the protagonists will always lose in the end, and I’m not interested in that.

I liked him chasing Caroline all over the place. It reminded me of season 1, before they went overboard with having Elena chased in season 2 (in her house, the Salvatore house, the lake house). Remember that period on TVD where someone was always chasing Elena? Lord.

I like the way those scenes were shot (though I found it weird that it seemed like Caroline was deep in the woods when in reality she was just outside the Salvatore mansion).

What I didn’t like with regards to the Silas chase scenes was the scene against the tree. I feel that in that moment the writers decided to abandon the method Silas uses to threaten and instead go with how Caroline gets threatened. Think about it: what does that scene have in common with the way Silas has threatened everybody else (including Bonnie whom he desperately wants in his pocket)? Now what does that scene have in common with how Caroline’s been threatened before? Exactly. Silas has never gotten that close to Bonnie, not even in 4.22 when he confronted her about trying to kill him! But because the writers were displaying Caroline in danger, Silas did stuff that we haven’t seen him do before. He was super touchy with Caroline. He was squeezing her against that tree with his body. He was yelling in her face.

In the same episode, he threatens Bonnie too, but he does it by showing her his influence. He didn’t lay a finger on her. He did stab Damon in 4.19 but before that he’d simply spoken to Damon as Stefan. Same as when he stabbed Klaus. But with Caroline, he did all of this extra stuff, and it was very sexual, and she was squirming and whining under him, and then he stabbed her (which knocked her out for half the day. What the hell?).

I feel that the writers’ motivation while writing that scene wasn’t “Silas threatens Caroline,” but “Caroline is threatened.” That particular scene had nothing to do with Silas and everything to do with the writers’ love affair with how danger manifests when it comes to Caroline.

When Silas screamed at Caroline, I asked myself, “Since when did he scream?” And even the way he distracted Caroline in The Walking Dead. He made her cut herself. Why? Why not just take her out in a way that kept her still like he did Damon in 4.19? I don’t even remember why he did this with Caroline specifically and not with Matt and Rebekah, too. And then of course the way to make Caroline stop hurting herself turned out to be by hurting her just one last time: a good slap to the face from Rebekah. Awesome. And Caroline’s response after cutting herself and being slapped by Rebekah is, “Bitch” to Rebekah. I’m so tired, you guys.

Finally, we learn that Silas has a doppelganger because Nature needed to fix the fact that Silas couldn’t die. I’d like to know why the hell Nature is so damn fragile. The fact that this ONE dude couldn’t die affected all of Nature to the point where it farted a doppelganger in the form of Stefan Salvatore? Why did it wait a thousand (or more) years to make this doppelganger? Have there been other doppelgangers before Stefan? Do I care?

The answer is I don’t. I don’t care. I don’t care that another member of the triangle has a doppelganger. Why are we repeating this doppelganger storyline? Why are we repeating the schtick of a TVD cast member playing two characters? Why is Julie Plec allergic to libraries and so can’t pick up a book about supernatural creatures, so she has to re-use the doppelganger stuff? Why are we going to get more out of Stefan having a doppelganger than we ever got out of Elena having a doppelganger? You know we will.

And Silas explained why Stefan exists as a doppelganger. Did we ever learn why Esther killing Tatia (because she did kill her, hello continuity error because since Esther killed Tatia to make her kids vamps, I don’t know where she found her to bind Klaus’ powers like Katherine said in season 2) to make vampires created Elena’s line of doppels? Someone tell me the episode and the scene where we got that explanation, if we did.

Silas being revealed to have a doppelganger (because this story is more about him, needing to give him a place in the story and a tie to the trio, than it is about giving Stefan a story. Stefan’s at the bottom of a damn lake) does not intrigue me. It doesn’t shock me. It doesn’t make me want to speculate. Because I’ve seen the idea of this storyline before. With Elena.

Why is Silas keen on staying in Mystic Falls? Considering every single witch that is introduced on this show is labeled as “powerful,” why can’t he go out into the world and find one who is not Bonnie?

And that’s all I have to say on Silas. I’m over him. I don’t know why he couldn’t have been beaten in 4.22. I don’t know why “nothing can kill him” when this same show said in season 2 that MAGIC is the only method that can kill ANY supernatural creature.

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2 thoughts on “TVD 4.21 & 4.23: I’m Over Silas

  1. I didn´t even think about his angst and chasing in episode 21 when they revealed that he still could get into Bonnie´s head. This show has no consistency. And I should have known that they wouldn´t let Bonnie win.
    This whole situation with Silas reminded me of what happened last year. They bring down Klaus in episode 21 (accidently even though they first wanted to take down Alaric) after this whole season of trying to kill him and then one episode later he is free again. This year it was episode 22 and then one episode later in the final Silas is free again.
    And it also reminded me of season 2 where they worked on stopping Klaus from breaking the curse and in the end all was for nothing. The only time they really succeeded was in season 1 with the tomb vampires.
    It´s so frustrating to watch the same happening every season.

    He was super touchy with Caroline. He was squeezing her against that tree with his body. He was yelling in her face.

    I have a feeling that one of the reasons why this played out like this was because Joseph played Silas and he is always so in your face and touchy in all his scenes and he screams a lot. And maybe they wanted to bring in more Klaroline closeness and stuff.

    • It’s so frustrating and takes away my investment in them beating the villains.

      Yep, season 1 is the only time they succeeded.

      The director should’ve kept him from doing that if it really was Joseph’s decision. The director should have it in the script how Silas should be acting.

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