Teen Wolf S03E01: Tattoo Review


I don’t know how many podcasts I will do for this season. I’m very busy this summer, so I don’t have time to edit podcasts on a weekly basis in order to keep up with the episodes. I’ll do podcasts when I can, but (for my sake and yours) I’ll mostly do written reviews. This is also because I plan to review ABCFamily’s Twisted, and editing two podcasts weekly? No way.

So on to the episode!

The premier was ephemeral. There were so many commercials! I mean it worked out for me, because the long commercials gave me the chance to read the other liveblogs on Tumblr, but geez.

I did like it. It was pretty entertaining, had a lot of good parts.

Scott’s word of the day in this episode was great. They didn’t do it to poke fun at him (there was a lot of that last season); instead, the word of the day was an example of what he did over the summer: study, read, summer school, and work.

I also think they followed the rule of three with “ephemeral?” Scott said it in his room, to the new english teacher, and then at Derek’s old house.

Anyways, Scott looks different. He stands straighter. He’s less panicked about being a werewolf and stuff like a deer crashing into Lydia’s car. Everything about Scott in the premier said, “I’ve been a werewolf for two years.” I loved it when he remarked that things in their lives happen fast, surprises on top of surprises, so he wanted the tattoo, in part, because it’s permanent.

The main reason he wanted the tattoo was to reward himself for giving Allison the space she wanted even though it was difficult and even though it hurt. Allison spent the summer in France, and Scott had no idea what that entailed. He probably didn’t even know when she left or that she’d planned on leaving. I don’t think he would’ve found out from Stiles who found out from Lydia either. Lydia took a red light to keep Allison from dealing with Scott. No way she’d tell Stiles a thing, no matter how much Stiles fumbled in her presence.

Scott’s monologue about why he wanted the tattoo melted my heart and is my favorite moment in the episode. Let me hug you, Scott! The Scott Appreciation showed up two times a couple of times in the premier:

  • Isaac told Melissa to get Scott, as he is also on his Emergency Werewolf Contacts.
  • Awesome Black Girl said she was looking for an Alpha and his name is Scott McCall.
  • Scott is a potential Alpha. Everyone will deal.

Scott and Allison’s run-in was very well-done. I love that Lydia took a red light for Allison. I think she would’ve stayed at the red light, but the moment Stiles attempted to make conversation (in essence making the situation worse for Allison), Lydia jetted out of there.

Lydia was very focused on getting some in the premier. She had a double date planned, then banged the guy who was her date, then thirsted after the 26-year-old freshmen at school (seriously, who is this show trying to kid?), and, from the season preview, she’s going to go after one of the tragic-looking twins.

Lydia knows the secrets now, but all we got about that was Lydia talking about how well Jackson’s doing. Really? After everything she went through last season, she now knows all, and Jeff Davis couldn’t curb the boy talk for a scene or two so that Lydia could tell us how she first reacted, whether or not she was pissed and disgusted with everyone at first….anything? Nothing? Okay.

The only scene where Lydia and Allison didn’t talk about boys lasted, what, three seconds? They have matching….bruises. More accurately, their bruises complete each other. Okay.

I did love all the Allison/Lydia friendship cuteness. My favorite moment was when Lydia said that she’s cool with Allison pretending to talk about her (Lydia) when Allison really is talking about herself. That was nice.

We got more continuity for Allison with regards to last season than we did Lydia. *Sigh.* But Allison went to France with her dad in order to get away from the crap after Victoria died (RIP). And they’ve made a pact to stay out of the supernatural drama while living in Beacon Hills. They’re both still hurting over Victoria’s passing. All in all, their scenes were nice.

Last but not least in girl-related news, we spent a lot of the episode with Awesome Black Girl. She didn’t get a name. And she might be dead. *Curses.*

She’s too awesome for death, though! Come on! How did she not get a name? She saved Isaac and evaded the ugly twins and is psychic and rejected Derek as Alpha and is Team Scott and is pretty and didn’t let herself get drugged at the hospital and fought off the Alpha pack with a broom handle for a little while, I mean. Come on!!!! Why do shows insist on proving the people who know what’s up right when it comes to Black characters? They either die or they don’t get much development. Hello Boyd and Ms. Morell. Where was Ms. Morell? Ugh.

Isaac was all, “Where’s the girl?” :((((. If Lydia or Allison or both (my money’s on Lydia) get her psychic powers, I’ll be completely disappointed. Ugh.

There’s also Kali, in girl-related news, but we don’t know anything about her except that she’s an Alpha and walks into hospitals barefoot like there’s no chance in hell that someone will notice.

As for the rest of the boys, I don’t have much to say about Stiles. A lot of people noticed his hair growth, but I don’t care. He said some funny stuff. His leap in logic from Prada biting Lydia to it being connected with the deer was just that: a leap in logic. There was no reason for him to make a connection. They should’ve waited until after the birds flew at the window to have him make the connection.

Derek’s been keeping the Alpha pack under wraps for the whole summer? Even with Boyd and Erica missing? Has Isaac been gone the whole summer? It’s ridiculous, writing-wise, that Derek kept the whole thing under wraps but when Scott asked how much help he would need, he said, “As much as I can get.” I thought he wanted Scott to stay in school or whatever. He sure didn’t put up much of a fight when Scott offered to, essentially, be distracted from school.

Post Episode Questions:

  1. What happened to Isaac? Why is the pack bent on killing him out of all the betas? Why did the pack take his memory? What important thing (or things) is hiding in his memory? Will it be the answer to the season’s big problem?
  2. Is Awesome Black Girl really dead?
  3. What does the sign on Allison and Lydia (and the floor where Boyd and Erica are being kept) mean?
  4. What does Lydia’s split screen shot in the opening credits mean? (I love the opening credits, by the way, and I love that they’ve changed some of the scenes. It reminds me of tv shows pass, back when opening credits were the norm).
  5. Will Lydia’s story be more satisfying this season than it was last season?
  6. How much am I going to freak out when Scott officially ascends to Alpha status?

Let me know what you thought of the premier and whether or not you are left with questions different from what I listed here!


10 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S03E01: Tattoo Review

    • The TW Fandom really found something to complain about wrt Scott in the premier? Really? They probably missed most of the plot and interactions looking for things that don’t exist wrt Scott.

  1. Great review! I’m soooo Scott obsessed,n seriously. He is literally the only good alpha we have seen. Peter and Derek all fell short somehow. Scott is confident, selfless, strong, smart and perceptive. He’s a great leader. ❤ As for Lydia? Pssssh. I love my girl. I do but she's like a robot. She's been traumatised all last season and now its like nothing happened. She's a redhead Elena.

    • Thank you!

      She’s been traumatised all last season and now its like nothing happened. She’s a redhead Elena.

      Hey now, that’s a serious label. Lydia’s not that bad yet, lmao. *Sigh.* I really hope that Jeff Davis stumbled hard when it came to introducing Lydia to the supernatural stuff but that now that she’s in the know he’ll do better by her.

      I’m so sad that they’re going to have Lydia interested in one of those twins. They look nothing like the guys she usually goes for.

      EDIT: Actually, it’d probably be more apt to compare Lydia to Caroline. Caroline’s the one who gets over trauma like it’s nothing. But I don’t think Lydia’s in Caroline’s league yet.

  2. You know, what if its part of Lydia’s “character flaw”? What if its just how she deals with bad things happening to her? She puts lipstick on and pretends like nothing is happening. Just like with her parents divorce? It would be great if as the season goes on we’ll start to see residual effects of her trauma. Peter Hale put her through hell and none of her friends even know, do they?

    As of the badass black chick? I was distraught when she died! Sooo kickass! Whyy? Whhhhyyyyyy Jeff Davis why? I refuse to believe she is dead! Maybe she’s not. A girl can dream right? A girl can dream about The Girl.

    On a sidenote, I’m a black African and here we have the privilege of not having to worry about not being represented. Cuz 70% of the local characters look like you anyway. And of that 70%, there’s bound to be somebody with a similar background to you. On the downside, the crappy part is that whites, asians and other races don’t get as much exposure. I empathize a lot more with them now.

    • That’s a ridiculous character flaw if they’re going to use it to keep Lydia from talking at all. And also if they’re going to use it to keep people from asking her to talk, which leads to this:

      Peter Hale put her through hell and none of her friends even know, do they?

      Who knows? Lydia now knows all about them, but how much do they know about her? I can’t tell what they know of what Lydia went through.

      A girl can dream right? A girl can dream about The Girl.

      *Nods sadly.* I really hope she’s not dead. I also hope she’s not turning into a werewolf. She’s psychic, and I want that to be a league that’s different from werewolves, just like the hunters. Maybe she’s the same thing as Deaton and Morell. We still don’t know what their deal is.

      On the downside, the crappy part is that whites, asians and other races don’t get as much exposure.

      How much of them live there, I wonder? I think it’d be like Blacks and Whites, etc not getting much exposure in South Korea or Japan. In contrast, there are a lot of people of color in the U.S. and given this country’s history and investment in not anyone who’s not White, Hollywood should be doing better. I think a country that might comparable to the U.S. (has a lot of poc, but their representation is woefully lacking) is France.

      I’m Haitian, so I’m from a country where I’m well-represented on tv, too. But Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the only show I got to watch while I lived there, lol. That and music videos. I left when I was 8, and I haven’t had a chance to go back yet. So basically all of my tv-watching was done in the U.S. Still, I think there is a difference knowing I come from a place where I’m the majority. It’s a different perspective, even though the U.S.’ crap still affects me.

  3. Okay, so like I’m not sure how often I can respond before it gets weird and stalkery. So let me know if I’m responding too much or you’re over the episode now and done talking about it.

    Can I get a hurray for the friendship between Alison and Lydia this season? Glad they finally remembered those two are friends. Even if it is a very shallow friendship.

    Stiles and Scott are delightful. This friendship really is sweet. Stiles is just always always ALWAYS there for his buddy and to be honest I’d like a scene where Scott is there for Stiles.

    I’m dreading seeing Grandpa Argent. I dont like him and his lame ambitions.

    Peter Hale is pretty much a mystery to me. What does he want? I’m still curious about what Ian Bohen said about Peter and Lydia on Lydia After Dark “Romance, stay tuned”. Apparently Klaroline is trancending to Teen Wolf.

    South African statistics – According to Census 2011, the country’s population stands at 51.77-million, up from the census 2001 count of 44.8-million.

    Blacks are in the majority, making up 79.2% of the population; coloured (this means bi or multi-racial) and white people each make up 8.9% of the total; and the Indian/Asian population 2.5%. “Other” population group makes up 0.5% of the total

    The most common face on SA tv is black. Then whites, then more sporadically coloureds, Indians/Asians. Luckily they dont do that weird thing that they do so much on American soapies where they pair couples off by race. (0_0) What is UP with that though? At least Teen Wolf doesnt do that. Erica and Boyd right? Jeremy and Bonnie?

    I’m Sam by the way. Sam from South Africa. Howzit.

    • Lol, you can respond as many times as you want! This is what the post is for. It’s just that I might take some time to respond if I have days where I’m busy.

      I really love the Allison/Lydia friendship! I don’t think the friendship itself is shallow (as in, the girls aren’t shallow in the friendship); it’s that freaking Jeff Davis hasn’t let them have a serious discussion since they became friends. Nothing is coming to mind.

      and to be honest I’d like a scene where Scott is there for Stiles.

      Like how? Despite Stiles’ popularity in Fandom, he really hasn’t had much drama on the show, so I haven’t seen things where he’s had angst and drama and Scott has dropped the ball. Nothing like Allison’s situation last season or Lydia’s. I mean Scott listened to Stiles’ angst about Lydia in season 1. He listens to his bad feelings about Derek. I don’t think Scott is in the dark about any of Stiles’ feelings, actually.

      Grandpa Argent was so cool to me at the beginning. Then they made him a villain who wanted to be immortal, and I checked out.

      Apparently Klaroline is trancending to Teen Wolf.

      Ew, no. I feel like Peter being back is going to end up being a flop. It doesn’t work for JP on TVD, and I don’t think it’s going to work for Jeff Davis, just because, in his case, Peter’s face demise was so good. I don’t think it’ll be as good the second time.

      At least Teen Wolf doesnt do that. Erica and Boyd right? Jeremy and Bonnie?

      Eh. Look at the development for those ships compared to their white ship counterparts. Especially in Boyd and Erica’s case. Well, Scott/Allison isn’t a white ship, so much as the main ship.

      Hi! I’m Alta :).

  4. I’m catchin up on TW. Why did home girl only last one eps (so far). In the first bits of the show I wanted the show to be about this girl and Issac. I hope she comes back. She was like a slayer. Love.

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