TVD 4.21: Rebekah and Matt’s Scenes

How asinine is it that Rebekah can hold Caroline hostage in one episode, force her boyfriend to turn and try to kill her in the same episode, and in another they’re teaming up to help Matt study with absolutely no resolution to the previous crap? Caring about Matt brings peace like that?

This show is too shallow for my life. When Caroline spat, “What the hell is she doing here?” I wondered what her problem was. This is a problem with most of the characters, but I tend to be confused when it comes to how Caroline feels about their enemies. One moment she’s “telling Klaus off” and saying he isn’t worth her calories, and the next she’s asking him to dig into his closet for a prom dress so she can blow everyone away.

So when she asked what Rebekah was doing at the boarding house, I tried to remember what Rebekah had done recently. And it’s only when I was writing my notes on this episode that I remembered what Rebekah did in After School Special.

Rebekah pledges to help Matt graduate because he’s a good person who deserves the best. She tells him that, unlike the others, she wouldn’t leave him behind. So Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena are supposed to sabotage their futures because Matt’s grades have been suffering due to him working? Okay, Rebekah. That’s not loyalty; that’s stupidity.

I know we all asked ourselves why Matt is the only one who’s grade is suffering. Most of these people shouldn’t even have made it to senior year, because things happened to them that should’ve affected the amount of attention they devoted to their school work:

  • Bonnie’s grades should have been suffering after Sheila died, and then again when she was worried about getting enough power to protect herself, and then again after Abby was murdered, and then again in season 4 after the season premier.
  • Elena’s grades should have suffered after she should out she was going to be sacrificed in season 2, and then again after John and Jenna died, and then again while Stefan was gone (since she was so worried), and then again when she became a vamp. Although since Elena loves to do normal things when her life is going to crap, maybe she put extra focus on her school work in the wake of the aforementioned events :/.
  • Tyler’s grades should have suffered during his transition arc in season 2, and again when he left in season 2, and again when being a Hybrid turned sour in season 3. Tyler’s going to end up getting a GED, lbr. His school attendance is ridiculous.
  • Caroline’s grades should have taken a dive when she first became a vampire, after her torture by the werewolves, after her torture by her father, after her torture by Alaric, maybe after Kim tortured her, maybe after Tyler was forced to go on the run since it affected her so much. But like Elena (actually even more than Elena), Caroline’s been shown to focus on normal things after scarring emotional and physical trauma, so she probably has a 4.8 GPA -___-.
  • I was going to list how Jeremy’s grades should’ve suffered, but I realize that before this stuff with Matt, Jeremy’ the only one who’s grades were said to be affected by whatever was going on in his life.

But Matt, who has to hold down a job, yes, is the only senior suffering. Sure. Final exams are coming, and Bonnie’s over here planning to drop a veil; Elena’s over here getting tortured and going to New York and Pennsylvania, but they have enough discipline, energy, concentration, and interest that their grades are fine. Probably rocking 3.5 GPAs.

Bitch you lyin'

And while we’re talking about Matt’s grades, Caroline’s reaction to the news of his impending failure is, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Why would he tell her? The thing about Caroline’s reaction is that it has nothing to do with Matt and everything to do with Caroline. Delete Matt and insert Stefan, Bonnie, Elena, and Tyler, and her reaction would’ve been the same. Which is fine. But why would anyone other than maybe Tyler (since he’s her boyfriend) and maybe Elena willingly tell her that they were failing?

I just don’t read most of these kids as being upfront with each other about their failures. They don’t talk about their personal lives, and when Bonnie tried to talk to Caroline about setting her couch on fire, Caroline brushed her off.

Honestly, I didn’t know Matt and Caroline were still so close that she would take the liberty of ordering his commencement regalia for him (which means she paid for it, right?). Matt and Caroline haven’t really spoken since they broke up (and remember when Caroline was worried about Matt getting to close to Elena? What happened to that storyline?).

Why would she think only Matt would forget to order his cap and gown? She honestly thinks graduation is at the forefront of Bonnie and Elena’s minds?


In the finale, Rebekah finally breaks Matt down. He says he’ll spend the summer with her; he’ll let her show him the world. Congrats to Rebekah for being the second female character on TVD to needle a guy until they get what they want. But Rebekah’s situation is worse than Anna’s. Anna’s started out as a ruse. Rebekah was dead serious, and I want to know why it never got through to her that Matt doesn’t like her like that. Her constant seeking him out was annoying and almost stalkerish. She was always the one seeking Matt out. Why? That should’ve told her something right there, the fact that he never tried to start a conversation with her.

Matt wanting nothing to do with Rebekah makes perfect since. She almost caused his death, caused his friend’s death, her brothers are killers (and she condones this), and on and on. I just wish Rebekah wanted nothing to do with Matt. I’d even accept her wanting something with Matt if it was framed as her wanting him to be her toy, something to scratch her itch, maybe she was amused/turned on by his pain and suffering. Something! It wouldn’t be healthy or good for Matt, but at least Rebekah would be written like she’s a thousand and some years, you know, like her brothers.

I don’t know what Rebekah wants with Matt. I don’t know why he hasn’t turned her off yet, considering the amount of times his tone turns douchey in the middle of a barely amicable conversation with her (and that’s when he isn’t making it clear that he doesn’t care for her).

So after Caroline spazzes out of the Salvatore mansion on the hunt for notecards and markers, Rebekah says to Matt, “You dated that?

  1. How does she know they dated?
  2. Rebekah’s comment is petty, and, worse, it’s unnecessary. She thinks it’s important that Matt is failing, so is she being snide about Caroline thinking it’s….important that Matt is failing?
  3. Freaking Matt. His response is, “She likes projects.” Really Matt? You might as well have held your hands out and shrugged. That’s not how you should’ve responded, Matt! Rebekah’s comment is an insult to Caroline. This is the perfect time to turn on your rude delivery of lines.

Speaking of which, whenever Zach Roerig gets too many lines (thus whenever Matt talks too long), this rude, rough, douche comes out. Tell me why he needed to sound so rough when he told Rebekah he needed to go meet Caroline while they were at the Grille? Does this happen because ZR is trying so hard to sound like a teenager? Rebekah said, “Wait, stay.” Matt went, “I CAN’T. I have to go meet CAROLINE.” Smh.

And when Rebekah said she liked Elena with her switch off, Matt walked up to her and said, “Elena was my FRIEND long before she was your mean girl sidekick.”

  • I do like the line, because Rebekah doesn’t actually care about Elena. Elena was never her friend, so Elena’s present behavior isn’t shocking or heart-breaking  for her. Elena tried to kill Caroline and Bonnie, so I liked Matt basically saying, “No, something needs to be addressed because this isn’t the Elena I knew even a month ago.”
  • Also, Narducci and Sonnenshine (who wrote this episode) need to sit somewhere with calling Elena Rebekah’s sidekick. Elena was leading Rebekah by her nose. Stop. And I don’t think the line came from Matt’s pov either. If these writers wrote more from the characters’ pov instead of theirs, the characters would make more sense. For example, Rebekah says in She’s Come Undone that everyone roots for Matt. What led Rebekah to say this? What has she seen? Exactly. That’s not Rebekah’s pov. She has no reason to say that everyone roots for Matt. Who’s “everyone” in Rebekah’s pov? She says in the same damn episode that Matt needs better friends.Stefan going whut?

In She’s Come Undone, Matt asks Rebekah why she’s still in Mystic Falls. She didn’t really give him an answer. Because there’s no logical reason why she should still be in Mystic Falls! She has money! Why, unlike all of her siblings, does Rebekah have no resources and no contacts?

So she’s off to Europe with Matt for the summer. What does she plan to do after that? She’s not living for herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s going on this trip hoping that Matt will come around and want to be with her. I just think it’s a disservice to Rebekah that she’s written this way. She’s 1000 years old. What does she have to show for it? She’s infantalized. I’m not opposed to Matt/Rebekah, but as always when it comes to these homicidal vampires, I only like it from basically one point of view: I really wish it wasn’t being written as a good, hopefuly thing. I really wish Matt/Rebekah consisted of Matt spiraling after he was forced to return Vicky to the other side (since this thing with them started in season 3) while Rebekah enjoyed him coming apart, and poked at his emotional wounds and only truly cared about him just a little. I wish it was written like Rebekah was fascinated by this particular human having trouble handling the supernatural world instead of this crap where she looks up to and admires Matt (in my version, the admiration could come later).


2 thoughts on “TVD 4.21: Rebekah and Matt’s Scenes

  1. I’m glad that you decided to write one of your episode reviews about Rebekah/Matt, since I actually ended up watching the finale (thanks to Kathrin) and was interested in reading your thoughts on the R/M scenes. (Well, your post is about 4.21 but a lot of it also applies to the finale.) So, yay. 🙂

    We’ve talked about how the writers have the simplest/most boring views on all of the relationships. I think the Matt/Rebekah dynamic might actually be the simplest one of them all. It’s all about Rebekah being taken in by Matt’s “goodness” and trying to win him over by proving herself worthy to him. And that’s it. It is terrible material for Rebekah and it puts Matt on a false pedestal. The show has this view of Matt as kind and nice – and that’s just not how he’s coming across to me. Yes, he can be kind – but also the complete opposite. There is, for instance, his treatment of Caroline when they were in a relationship. And like you said, Zach very, very often delivers his lines in a way that makes him sound rude and assholish. A prime example is his line in the finale about Rebekah owing him one (or something like that – it’s right after Rebekah offers to take him to Europe for real). His voice is so rude and he sounds so entitled that it’s aggravating. Even more aggravating is that we all know that Rebekah will never be allowed to recognize his rudeness (something which she is allowed when it comes to Klaus, Damon, and, unless I’m forgetting something, even Stefan) and react to it (by stopping to seek him out).

    • A prime example is his line in the finale about Rebekah owing him one (or something like that – it’s right after Rebekah offers to take him to Europe for real). His voice is so rude and he sounds so entitled that it’s aggravating.

      It’s like: what he says to Rebekah are the right words. She did try to kill him, and if she’s going to do stuff like buy him a truck and offer to take him around the world, then he might as well take advantage of it. But thanks to ZR’s delivery and facial expression problems, it just comes across rough and unnecessary. Especially since Rebekah, like Caroline before her, is always looking at him like she’s a wilting flower while he’s talking like that. Ugh.

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