Scandal 2.20: A Woman Scorned

Scandal 2.20

In this episode, Fitz tries to call Mellie’s bluff except she’s not playing. She outs his affair to the press. Cyrus is stressed, James gets a new job, and Olivia is doing typical Olivia things like letting herself be “earned” in 22 minutes and calling people who disrespect her her best friend. Jake is an absolute pleasure and B613’s lead guy continues to make a nuisance of himself.

Quotes of the Podcast: “It just looks like she’s living out the wild, high school love that she never had. It’s a rollercoaster. You think because it makes you so emotional, it makes you cry and it hurts that that’s love, that’s how it’s supposed to work, that means it’s serious, that means it’s important and then you grow up and you realize that, no, that was just a phase, it was just a heavy infatuation. Maybe it’s love but it wasn’t a sustainable love.” – Alta

“I would have preferred, instead of 22 minutes sitting in silence, 22 minutes where he kept his mouth zipped and listened to her talk and listened to how he made her feel, listened to what she wants for her life, listened to her hopes and her dreams and insecurities. Anything, really.” – Sabrina

“Disrespecting somebody that I’ve chosen as the love of my life is disloyal to me.” – Sabrina

“This is not the conversation they should be having. “If you want me, earn me.” If they’re so ready to be together, why are they still talking like this? “If you want me, earn me.” “Do you still want me?” I would get it on a less intense ship but these two have no lives. All of their emotions come from each other.” – Alta


7 thoughts on “Scandal 2.20: A Woman Scorned

  1. I don’t trust Shonda Rhimes anymore. She knows what she’s doing, obviously. I’m just not sure I like what she’s doing. I saw a quote somewhere that she had a lot of liberties with Scandal, and if she chooses to do that with the show when she can pretty much do what she wants…sketchy.
    The plot twist for the finale was so obvious it sucker punched me in the face from mid-season. Everyone had figured it out and it’s hella justified. It bothers me when this kind of “coincidence” happens while you have like three POC on the show. That’s not smart, it’s an awful decision.
    Even if I won’t be watching, I hope the consequences will be there and kickin.
    Season 3 will be the Olitz show. Not watching this. I feel like I was robbed and fooled at the same time.Thanks Shonda.
    Liked the podcast. It was insightful and funny as usual.

    • “I saw a quote somewhere that she had a lot of liberties with Scandal, and if she chooses to do that with the show when she can pretty much do what she wants…sketchy.” – I was so annoyed when I saw this line. Like… this is what you want to do with all of that freedom? This is the position you want your lead to be in, especially knowing your lead is a black woman? It’s not okay.

      (spoilers for the finale, Alta)

      The plot twist was surprising to me but I also didn’t care. It happened and I was like… yeah. Okay. I wasn’t gasping. I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t dying to find out what happened next. I was indifferent. Because they haven’t set it up in a way to make me interested in this. Yes, i want Liv’s backstory. Yes, I want to meet her family. But the way it was done just made me roll my eyes. It was so cliche. So cheap.

      I’m assuming it’s not a “coincidence” though. It would make sense in that maybe the way Huck is able to live his life normally is because she went to him to get Huck clear, and this guy has been sending Jake to seduce Liv so he could break Fitz and Liv up. Why? I don’t know. Is this some altruistic trying to save you from yourself i.e. get you away from this man who will only bring you pain and devastation? It should be but it doesn’t feel like it because you’re her FATHER and you’ve set this man to potentially break her heart (not in the way Fitz could break her heart, I know. But in that way that someone you let in and try to trust, someone that you sleep with can break your heart just a little, can make you trust the world and yourself a little less) AND he’s got a sex tape that he’s making Cyrus use on Fitz. Just… this is what her dad wants to do to her? Not cool.

      I’m going to watch next season. I mean. The show gets on my nerves but it is infinitely better than most of the other shows because at least the fact that these two are hot messes is acknowledged.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast 🙂

      • I agree that Scandal still provides quality and entertainment overall, I just think I won’t watch because it’s definitely not what I signed up for. I’ll always be happy it exists and that there are POC on television that are portrayed as flawed, three dimensional characters, not magical negros or potential victims, but I’m not getting what I want with Scandal.
        I’m on a reflective period with tv and I think I’ll drop for a while to spend my free time partly reading (you saw my goodreads :)), partly watching anime/reading comics (I’m behind on Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman…).

        Shows that disappointed me this year and I know I’ll never come back to: The Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Scandal, Lost girl, Doctor who, Once upon a time, Supernatural.
        TVD: Bs. Bonnie can die for all I care too. Major Fail. Racist. LOL and ugh to this show. LOL to this show though. Also Bonnie fans are a bunch of masochists for still watching and writing metas about the major joke that is this show when it’s obvious that it won’t get any better… like, what are you waiting for? Just quit. It’s racist, mysogynistic…It’s been established. Ugh, whatever. If they like their suffering…
        GoT: I’ve read the books and umh…nope. Thanks for ruining it. I miss Xena…
        Scandal: I don’t care about Olitz. They can fuck if they want. Whatever…
        LG: Where to begin? XD
        DW: Problematic as hell. Forever done. Also, lol to logic with this show.
        Ouat: Problematic as hell. Also sucks at subversions, which was the point of the show. Hate too many characters. Ruined potential. Also, who needs diversity? lol
        Supernatural: white dudes doing white dude stuff. Also same plot again and again. Like, who still cares except for the super-fangirls? Also, I HATE Castiel and they keep bringing him back because (lol) fangirls because he’s so hot or whatever. Can Jensen stop trying to sound super deep with his voice because he just sounds like he smokes too much?

        Ain’t nobody got time for that. Not me at least. This year reminded me of why I’ve been an otaku ever since tv hasn’t given me any decent female role model, which goes back to 2005 or so.

        Show that were surprisingly good though: Elementary, Spartacus.
        I was surprised by how good Elementary was, even if the cases could be much better imo. I’m happy it exists.

          • Hey Alta 🙂
            Lost Girl is a good show. I got over the fact that it’s not diverse and it doesn’t bother me. I like how it portrays bisexuality. The characters are all likable. The plot is generic but I like how it uses the lore and myths of plenty of different cultures.
            The problem is that the main character , Bo, is pretty ineffective as a heroine way too often for my taste. They keep telling you she’s powerful but when it’s time to step up and show it, she gets tons of help. Her sidekick is a more interesting, effective character…and it’s justified.
            I also don’t like how her relationship with her female lover never quite lives up to its potential and is not portrayed as seriously as her relationship with her male lover.
            The show is representative, but there are shades of inequality in this representation.
            I think the show has a lot of “boring” episodes that just don’t do it as fillers for me.
            It’s a lot less of a feminist/female-empowerment fantasy than I hoped. And there was an episode that portrayed transgenders horribly and had men-hating feminists…awful.
            Lost girl had an awful 3rd season and to me it was overall better in season 1-2. It was a nice experience to watch a bisexual supernatural heroine struggle to find out more about herself and her heritage, but I’m not excited to see more of this story and I can’t deal with such problematic stuff anymore, and I’m trying to avoid them from now on.
            This article sums up some of my mixed feelings about the show pretty well.

            I think you should give it a shot Alta, there are some great stuff in this show. Tbh, as Sabrina put very well, there is no such thing as a perfect show. (except for Elementary maybe? lol) It might surprise you 🙂

            • And there was an episode that portrayed transgenders horribly and had men-hating feminists…awful.

              I heard about that episode. The one with the Amazons, right?

              Okay cool; I’ll keept it in mind then, lol.

              • Yep, that would be the infamous episode I was referring to. It’s the kind of ep you just skip on a rewatch and it’s fine, because it’s that offensive. But it’s just one bad episode…What show doesn’t have those, you know?
                Yeah, watch it and make up your own opinion really. Everyone feels differently about stuff and that’s fine. I’m hypersensitive about portrayal of feminist characters in media and I get upset when supposedly strong heroines are treated as damsel in distress or patronized by their male counterparts.
                I’m also aware that feminists are too often portrayed as these man-hating harpies that want to just castrate men, condition them and take over the world. I do get offended because I see myself as a feminist because I believe in equal rights between men and women. Yet for the media that means I have a grudge against all men and thay makes me the villain. Wanting to have the same rights as them makes me evil.
                This season of Lost Girl featured a lot – more than usual – feminist characters, I mean women that made good points about double standards and inequalities and why we should fight for our rights and we still need feminism…unfortunately all these characters turned out to be evil. We had witches, amazons, valkyries, etc…All men-hating, all powerful females, all evil.
                I can deal with Lost Girl not being diverse because it gives me three dimensional, queer, female characters. But the show has unfortunate implications about women.
                I’m trying not to get too metacritical about this…It’s how I felt while watching.

                I just hope I’ll get to read your thoughts on your LJ when you’ll have watched it. Like I said, I focused on the flaws in this mini-meta, but you can definitely have fun and gush over the awesome with this show. I can fangirl and criticize, both are not mutually exclusive (Hey Supernatural! lol).

                Whatever you do, do not watch Supernatural. You may see it popping on your dash a lot and see people super stan about it, but there is really nothing progressive or slightly ground-breaking in my opinion. Women are portrayed horribly, 95% of the time stuffed in the fridge (because angst for our handsome white heroes), killed off gruesomely when they’re strong, damsel in distress/one-night stand/eye candy for one episode. There are no POC. They totally use queer-baiting and play up the homoeroticism for the fangirls, but when the staff is asked about it, they totally dodge the questions. The fandom suffers of a Sherlock-level genre blind “my fave can do wrong” syndrome. No wonder Superwholock is a thing…I can see which school these people learnt their fuckery from.

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