4.23: Bonnie, please stay dead!



@denisadiana originally uplodaded the webclip in the 4.22 thread.

What to expect in the finale. So now I’m thinking the “major character death” is Bonnie.

Something mind-blowingly cool/surprising is also supposed to go down.

There’s a third promo for the episode.


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  1. The webclip: I’m so happy Sheila’s still here. You guys know that it’s very plausible that they would’ve taken her away. Abby was worried about Bonnie practicing Expression and she wanted her to stop…….and they haven’t written her in an episode since.

    The promo: I’m looking at the fact that things “worked out” so that even in death we have witches following a vampire. Aja’s apparent disdain for vampires disappeared in death, or does she only avoid witches who get turned into vampire?

    • Aja’s apparent disdain for vampires disappeared in death

      I didn´t even think of that.

      Do you think Abby and Rudy will be there for the graduation? I just can´t get Rudy´s sentence from 4×12 out of my head “I lost your mother to witchcraft, I don´t want to lose you” and the writers totally dropped that. He is nowhere to be seen. They fail at everything.

      And there is going to be another Bonnie webclip, this time Bonnie/Katherine. We only have the screencaps for that: http://www.ksitetv.com/vampire-diaries/vampire-diaries-screencaps-from-a-graduation-preview-clip/22356

      At first I thought maybe Bonnie wants to kill Katherine so that she will take her place on the other side somehow … but the show probably wouldn´t allow that. If somebody kills Kat then it has to be Elena or the Salva bros.

      Who do you think is going to be the unlikely hero? I hope it´s not Klaus.

      • I totally forgot Rudy said that. These writers make the characters say things that make sense just for the sake of it. Remember when Rudy told Bonnie to think about how many in her senior class have died while she was “protecting” the town? And that went on to mean absolutely nothing to Bonnie?

        Why is Bonnie still entertaining Katherine? I bet that if Bonnie tells Katherine she’s dead, Katherine will be blasé about it.

        Ugh, I can tell by Bonnie’s face in one of the stills that Katherine is insulting her.

        It would be more satisfying for me if Bonnie was the one who killed Katherine. Bonnie never said that she didn’t want Jeremy to come back to life.

        I think the “resolution” Elena got last episode where they say she was being terrible because she missed Jeremy so much was disconnected. I feel like the moment Elena switched her feelings off, they went in the complete opposite direction of her missing Jeremy. Why would she EXPLICTLY say she DOESN’T want Jeremy back because he’ll nag her about feeling (as if Jeremy’s ever nagged Elena about anything). I feel like they made her switch it off because of Jeremy, but once it was off they completely ignored him, and then came at the end and send he was her motivation for everything.

        Bonnie exprienced a disconnect too, and I think it helped in giving Elena the spotlight in 4.22. For the longest, Bonnie’s motivation was explicitly Jeremy. Then in 4.22, her only goal, her priority, is to get rid of Silas, and bringing Jeremy back comes a second.

        The only Bonnie scenes I want to see in this episode are the one(s) with Jeremy and whatever she’s doing with Sheila.

        Lol, I totally think the unlikely hero is Klaus. It’s the perfect, “There is hope after all!” for his redemption arc.

      • I heard recently that Persia White is confirmed for the graduation ep, but I haven’t heard about Rick Worthy, but I imagine he is as well.

        • She is? I know that she was in ATL at the time they shot the episode but this also could have been for the promotion of the movie she filmed with Joseph.

  2. Totally off-topic but I just realized something. Kat invited Brian Young and Caroline Dries (the writers of episode 22) to go to the GLAAD Awards with her, they tweeted about it. Now I think she probably thanked them with this for them killing her character off, lmao.

  3. I think there should be many more people coming after the Salva bros considering how many people they killed. Also all the vampires Elena indirectly killed should be after her.
    Let’s not talk about Klaus. He should really leave town. If this were True Blood, so called immortality would be tested. They would already have tried everything with him from beheading to the meat grinder.

    Okay, out of subject moment…
    Klaus’ so called immortality is mostly in the informed ability territory to me. They never tried to behead him, tear him to pieces, leave him in the sun for a long time, bleed him to death (they do need to feed, which implies that they can starve), rip his heart out and seal it away, burn him, murder by magic.
    My logic 101 says that you don’t need a ridiculous piece of wood to kill one these original idiots. If twilight vampires (which are made of freakin diamonds and marble) can be killed while they do not bleed, so can these idiots. I really think they haven’t really tried.
    As the Winchesters put it, “if it bleeds it means you can kill it”. I say kill it with fire. They’re no fucking dragons.
    It kind of makes me want to write a fic, all the ways to kill an original and go your merry way lol.

    • They’re no fucking dragons. It kind of makes me want to write a fic, all the ways to kill an original and go your merry way lol.

      Lmao! I don’t know why the characters have never held a meeting to talk about their options for killing the Originals. Maybe it’s because JP wants to keep all options open in case she needs to pull anything out of her butt.

    • Klaus’ so called immortality is mostly in the informed ability territory to me. They never tried to behead him, tear him to pieces, leave him in the sun for a long time, bleed him to death (they do need to feed, which implies that they can starve), rip his heart out and seal it away, burn him, murder by magic.

      It was established in S2 that fire doesn’t work when they tried to kill Elijah all the way dead. And bleeding/starving would just lead to dessication and mummification. And the sun is merely unpleasant for them, but doesn’t kill them. And I can’t remember which ep it was, but someone (Elijah or Kol?) said that tearing them to pieces would just pissed them off (I can’t remember the exact quote, just that it was addressed), so it sounds like tearing out their heart or beheading also wouldn’t work because it would just grows back.

      Still, it’s one of the biggest mistakes they made with those characters. I’m not sure how the new series is supposed to be remotely suspenseful since no one can really be a danger to them.

      • Ouch, that sucks. I agree with you, a villain that can’t be killed is already a problem, but when it’s a protagonist it’s straight up a dead end.
        I don’t think their head would grow back, since they’re dead. I think it must be like Twilight vampires or the leviathans from Supernatural…the limbs would stitch themselves back together via chemotaxis.
        I do not come back on anything I’ve said. I do not believe what comes out of their mouths – they’re the villains, they can lie – and they’ve never tried, therefore we do not have physical proof of what they can survive.

    • I can’t. I refuse.

      “Did you just threaten my best friend? I can crush your skull without even blinking.”

      Bonnie’s a damn guard dog. Elena doesn’t need to sic her on anyone; she does the job herself, so Elena’s free to just ignore her. She won’t stand up for herself, but let someone threaten Elena. She didn’t kill Katherine for playing a huge hand in Jeremy’s death (someone who mattered to her), but Katherine just threatening Elena has her hackles up.

      “Did you just threaten my best friend?”

      Yeah, and when Damon killed your mother, the best Elena gave was, “You need to stop doing things like that, Damon, otherwise you’ll be left without friends.”

      Bonnie’s so ~~~~~~~loyal~~~~~~. She’s dead and has no idea when/if she’ll be able to come back to life, but here she is showing intense emotion over Elena’s life being threatened.

      I don’t know how Elena’s living a better life than Katherine. Elena just sat through a torture session. But I’m thinking Katherine’s saying this because Jeremy’s alive.

      • I shouldn´t have complained last week about not getting a webclip with Bonnie but two with Caroline … now we are getting two with Bonnie and both are awful.

        I don’t know how Elena’s living a better life than Katherine. Elena just sat through a torture session. But I’m thinking Katherine’s saying this because Jeremy’s alive.

        And Katherine is so desperate, she never sounded like that when the Salvatores tried to kill her.
        She just could skip town like she always does.

        Also I don´t know if you saw it, because I replied to you in the other post I checked the transcript for the last episode and Damon didn´t say anymore in his scene with Alaric!Silas he only said:

        Your mind games don’t work on me, Silas.

        And the one episode where this happened with Silas tricking him was the episode Caroline Dries wrote so she can´t even remember her own episodes.

        • Yep.

          And Katherine is so desperate, she never sounded like that when the Salvatores tried to kill her.
          She just could skip town like she always does.

          I know, right? She sounds pathetic, not like someone who wants what they want. She just sounds pathetic.

          Oh yeah, I saw that post. Smh.

  4. You know, i believe that this whole ‘dead Bonnie’ storyline is actually meant to get reaction out of her. Bonnie is a ghost now and she will be until she closes the veil. She can pop up everywhere at everytime. Last episode Elena said to Damon she doesn’t care about Bonnie. At this point Bonnie still thinks of Elena as her friend and that’s the main reason why the Salva-brothers are still alive. Bonnie said it herself in 1×23 that she saved Damon because of Elena.

    Maybe now that she’s a ghost she will show up at the wrong place,at the wrong time and she will find out. Or it doesn’t matter how she finds out, as long as she does.

    I want to believe that this is the reason of her ghost storyline. I want her to find out that nobody cared about her (among the living; except her dad and Abby?) and after she suffered of a death alone in a cave for her best FRIEND’S happiness (I actually believe there was some beremy involved there too) it was in vain, because she was just used.

    I think that finding out something like that when you just died and lied about it a whole day and having NOBODY to comfort you (again in the living world) it’s much worse than just Elena telling her. Also no-humanity-Elena already kinda told her that in 4×19 (didn’t JP say that NH-Elena is a more honest Elena?), but the reason that didn’t get much of a reaction out of her is because Bonnie chose to believe that real Elena would never think that way about her.

    At the end of 4×22 Stefan said to Elena ‘welcome back’ which means Elena is back to her old self. And Bonnie will know that it was the real Elena that didn’t care about her because it’s the vampire diaries, when did the characters actually talk with each other?

    Maybe the anger, frustration and betrayl will give Bonnie enough expression power to bring herself back. And then maybe she will show anger and frustration at Elena. Maybe she will go down the dark roud and fuck Elena and the Salva-brothers (maybe take trip to New Orleans).

    Now let me talk a little about Jeremy’s death.

    First of all I wanna say that I wasn’t that much of Jeremy fan. I mean it’s not that I disliked him, it’s just I felt he was just there. I started watching TVD when season 3 started and in the break between the first haft of the season and the second haft I watched season 1 and 2 and the first haft of s3. When I watched regullary he wasn’t there. Jeremy was gone the second haft of season (almost all of it). I also hadn’t been watching the show since 3×16, only Bonnie scenes on youtube . But I could catch up with the show because of tumblr.
    But taking all of that, I kinda liked Jeremy more this season.

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is that the most dissapointing thing about Jeremy’s death is not (for me) that he died, it’s more that before his death we never got a reaction.
    What I wanted the most out of this show (excluding Bonnie-related stuff) is Jeremy’s reaction to losing his memory because of Elena two times.

    Let me tell you. I wanted to write fan ficton before, so I searched rules or some tips on how to not make your fanfiction be crap. One of the rules sounded like: “If you are writing a fanfic where the main plot is the main character losing it’s memory, by the end of the story it should be regained.” That makes absolute sense because it can cause conflict and sentimental responses.

    This is a TV show, at the least they could have respected that. I know there are movies where they don’t actually remember, such as ‘The Vow’. But in TVD Jeremy didn’t suffer of any car accident or some bizzare disease that would cause him to lose his memory. No, none of that. It was just Elena taking away his memory. In this case it would have been more than perfect to somehow get his memory back (everything is possible in this show TO), but not Damon actually doing it, somebody else (or something else) so it would be unexpected and would come like a surprise/shock to Elena.

    Jeremy’s death was for Elena. It was because the writters didn’t find another creative way to turn off her emotions (they admited they wanted this since the beginning). Jeremy’s death was the easiest way to do it.

    Maybe back then, when they first had this idea they didn’t think beyond no-humanity-Elena. But imagine how awesome would it be if Elena didn’t turn her emotions off because of Jeremy’s death and when she finally turns them back on to have her brother dislike her(?) because he found out that they played wtih his mind?

    Right now all she thinks (in 4×21-4×22) is killing Katherine which is the most unrealistic goal in my opinion. Newborn versus 500-years old; who will win? I bet my money on Kat and I will lose them because this show is all for ‘fuck logic’.

    IDK, I feel like just-turned-emotions-on Elena dealing with Jeremy’s dislike would have been better for 3 reasons: 1. It’s realistic. 2. It would teach Elena that you can’t do whatever you want with people. 3. It would make Elena a stronger (emotionally) person/vampire.

    By the way, we never got to see anyone hate the idea of DE playing with Jer’s mind. The only person who did it was Bonnie, but it was like for 5 seconds or so?
    Even Elena didn’t see that (and still doesn’t because she didn’t get hate for that) as a bad thing.

    What I’m trying to say is that maybe, the writers (minus JP) realised the mistake and don’t want to repeat it with Bonnie. They also hinted a lot of Bonnie going on the dark roud and maybe they will try to make up for the disapoiment of Jer’s death with Bonnie’s reaction.

    Also this second haft of this season kinda confirmed that, because it started with her fighting for herself(?) against her parents, then in 4×19 she fighting against NH-Elena (I don’t believe that counted that much because Bonnie was so convinced that Elena wasn’t herself; though it should count for the viewers because they know from JP’s inverview that NH-Elena is a more honest Elena) and in 4×21 she said ‘no’ (for the first time in long time) to something Caroline(?) asked her for Elena.

    That moment was the best because if you noticed it didn’t come out of the blue, it was built up since the second haft of s4.

    Her saying ‘no’ was just some rebelion, but after she finds out (which I hope she will) the cold truth it will end badly for the people in MF.

    I know that there some people (i don’t remember where i read it) who said that ‘You wanted dark!Bonnie well here she is doing dark spells .’ The least thing I wanna add is that that wasn’t dark!Bonnie, that was selfless childish (still believing in her ‘friends’) Bonnie. Dark!Bonnie would just say fuck it and practice dark magic, forbidden spells and gain more power through that.

    One last thought: Wasn’t there a spoiler about someone dicovering that they have cancer? I don’t remember for sure, but if that’s the case I bet on Matt because his human and Meredith/April are irrelevant.

    • One can hope, but I don’t know how likely it is. When was the last time a character on this show learned A Very Important Lesson? Them learning anything about their lives and relationships would imply personal growth and these characters don’t have personal growth.

      Jeremy’s death was absolutely for Elena. And yes, on any other show, the point of Elena taking messing with Jeremy’s feelings a second time would’ve been for him to find out and for it to cause a big rift in their relationship, but these hack writers don’t approach their story lines with the thinking of (how would the character feel about and react to this?). They don’t know the characters they’re writing.

  5. I have a brand new problem with Sheila/the way she’s written. Okay, so Bonnie says her bullcrap/retconned reason for wanting Jeremy back. Sheila’s response is: Jeremy dying was an act of nature and no magic can reverse that.

    First of all, magic can indeed reverse it: it happened in season 2. It happens continuously with the rings.

    Second of all (and most important), I don’t like this thing that’s rising where Sheila spends the most time talking to Bonnie about her witchly duty. Because it comes off like she doesn’t care about what she NEEDS in her life in order to be happy. It’s a messed up situation (writing-wise) because it’s not like Bonnie told Sheila she needed Jeremy alive so that SHE could be happy, but I just….I’m frustrated by the fact that Sheila’s been watching Bonnie be alone, without a guide, without nothing, her relationship with her father is weird, her friends suck, etc, and yet all of the three times they’ve reunited now Sheila’s basically reinforced Bonnie’s thinking that she needs to be strong and sacrificial.

    Basically, I need them to have Sheila come back and the resulting convo between her and Bonnie consists of her asking Bonnie how the hell she’s doing. Can I get that? No. No, I can’t. I never will. Because they only bring Sheila back for plot reasons (that good ‘ole plot reason) not character reasons, so she and Bonnie will always be talking about how Bonnie’s doing the wrong thing, and Bonnie will act like her listening and comprehension skills are messed up.

    Bonnie must have a couple of Sheila’s belongings but for some reason it’s never occurred to her to have a damn séance so that she can talk to Sheila. Nor has it occurred to Sheila to occur to Bonnie in dreams. Perfect.

    So that’s my brand new issue.

    • While race on Rhimes’s shows is omnipresent, it is not often discussed explicitly. This has led to a second-order critique of her shows: that they are colorblind, diverse in a superficial way, with the characters’ races rarely informing their choices or conversations. Rhimes, obviously, disagrees. “When people who aren’t of color create a show and they have one character of color on their show, that character spends all their time talking about the world as ‘I’m a black man blah, blah, blah,’ ” she says. “That’s not how the world works. I’m a black woman every day, and I’m not confused about that. I’m not worried about that. I don’t need to have a discussion with you about how I feel as a black woman, because I don’t feel disempowered as a black woman.”

      The way Shonda has included race in Scandal is exactly how I want to see it on my tv. First of all, there’s the music that she uses; there’s also some of the dialogue she’s given to Harrison, though none are coming to mind right now, and finally (my favorite) there’s the stuff she’s included to tell us that Olivia isn’t the same as Abby and Quinn and Mellie. There are some things that she does differently and there are parallels that she would see in her life that would never occur to Mellie and the other White women: there was the information about her pressing her hair (from Edison) which let us know that her hair is not naturally straight (on a lot of tv shows, even if the Black actress is wearing a wig, sew-in, or straight weave, we’re supposed to assume that she has straight hair and it grows out of her head just like that). Also, we’ve SEEN Olivia’s hair curly. There’s the Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson thing that Liv brought up; there’s the micro aggression she experienced when that one (White) woman assumed that Abby (a white woman, for those who don’t watch) was the great and influential Olivia Pope while Olivia was standing right there; there’s the stuff Cyrus said about the Republicans not liking Olivia’s hue if her thing with Fitz became public.

      None of those things have ever felt out of place on the show for me. I’ve never felt like I was getting a history lesson (someone on a TVD board told me sometime in season 2 that the CW wasn’t the History Channel, so I couldn’t expect them to show Emily’s pov of 1864).

      Olivia has never said “I’m a Black woman” she’s never said “I’m Black.” We have eyes. She’s not racially ambiguous.

      Yet the way Shonda writes her, I know that I’m not watching a White girl insert, you know? Because some of these writers, because they don’t care, write a lot of these Black female characters like their lives and experiences and thought processes are the exact same as their white peers. Like Bonnie Bennett. Honestly, if you deleted Black Bonnie from TVD and replaced her with a White Bonnie, the only thing that would change would be the racial grossness on the show. Which would be fine because it isn’t canon anyway! And that’s the problem! JP has included scenarios and flashbacks and situations (Black witches serving white vampires) that SHOULD be different from Bonnie’s perspective because she’s Black, yet she doesn’t address it. She DOES approach Bonnie like she’s some White girl insert, like she’s exchangeable with a white Bonnie. She shouldn’t be, but she is.

      Olivia isn’t, and I’m glad for that. She’s one of the very few Black female characters that isn’t exchangeable with the (already over-represented) White female characters.

      I hope Sleepy Hollow won’t treat the Ichabo/Abbie dynamic like he might as well be interacting with a White woman. One line from the trailer says there’s hope, but it’s only the beginning, so we’ll see.

  6. What’s coming up on The Vampire Diaries season finale? — Maria
    It’s no surprise that in The Vampire Diaries finale, many of our heroes will be in mortal peril. Remember this picture [the still of Elena/Damon and she is looking on his chest]? Well, the wound that Elena is tending is similar to the one that once almost killed Damon. Good thing there’s a cure lying around Mystic Falls.


    So either the ghost that returns and attacks Damon is a werewolf (Mason or Jules?) or it´s a hunter and he uses werewolf venom just like I speculated awhile ago. But way to go copy what happened in the 2nd season finale.

      • That´s probably to obvious and look at this spoiler:

        Question: Any hints about who takes the cure in the Vampire Diaries finale? —Kate
        Three, actually. 1) It’s not who I thought it would be. 2) Julie Plec is a genius. 3) Julie Plec is a genius.

        Source: http://tvline.com/2013/05/15/law-order-svu-finale-spoilers-olivia-death-ask-ausiello/

        And it was pretty obvious that it´s going to be Damon so maybe that´s all misleading.

        There is some speculation going around that it may be Katherine who gets the cure and I´m seriously not here for more of this character.

        • It better not be Katherine. And JP’s words about Katherine/Elena in that interview you linked to are bs. Like, I’m sure they always wanted to see a Katherine/Elena fight, but if that was the case, they shouldn’t have made their mythology so that Elena defeating Katherine on her own in hand to hand combat was impossible. You’re allowed to retcon your mythology (for good) early in the second season. They didn’t do that. They actually made the vampires even stronger (and inconsistent) than they were in season 1. When Pearl gouged Damon’s eye out, he had to wear glasses for half the day. Now the only vampire who’s stopped by pain is Stefan. And on the other side of the extreme spectrum, you have Silas able to be choked by chains. Wth?

    • The link sent me to eonline’s home page. Here is a direct link: http://www.eonline.com/news/418981/the-vampire-diaries-finale-julie-plec-teases-elena-s-choice-bonnie-s-sacrifice-and-dynasty-style-fight

      I never watched Dynasty, but I know it was a hugely popular show. Why does she keep comparing her crap show to these greats?

      “It’s a bittersweet journey for her and she has to prepare to make that sacrifice knowing that it will be the thing that separates her from her friends forever,” Plec says. “But in the midst of it all there’s graduation. [Laughs.] And there’s her friends together and she’s going to make damn sure she doesn’t miss that!”

      Is this confirmation that Rudy is not in the episode? Pretty much none of the characters would be said to be missing their friends first and foremost if they were faced with death, except maybe Matt and that’s because his sister’s dead and his mother provides him no support whatsoever (but I bet they’d bring Kelly back if Matt was dying, because it’s Matt the good ‘ole human and that’s dramatic). Elena would get Jeremy, the Sals, and then her friends. Caroline would get Liz and then Tyler and then her friends. But Bonnie gets her friends….the ones who are so close to her that they have no idea she died.

      I hate Julie Plec.

      We’ve never wanted to compromise the Klaus-Caroline with the idea that there would be this other show she wouldn’t potentially be on, so we’re making decisions as though we would continue their journey in perpetuity, for better or for worse, whether she ever cared for him or not, and if we need to cross over between the two shows than we will.

      For better or for worse, whether she ever cared for him or not. Because the important part, the rich and fresh part, is that Klaus wants her and cares for her. As long as that’s the case, then nothing else matters. Including Caroline’s feelings.

    • I saw that yesterday. I didn’t think about posting it because it’s just a mashup of scenes that makes the season more exciting and coherent than it actually was.

  7. The CW schedule for next fall is out: http://www.ksitetv.com/vampire-diaries/the-cw-reveals-their-2013-2014-schedule/22511

    But Elena isn’t the only vampire who longs to return to life as a human, and the question of who will take the cure is resolved in the heart-stopping season finale, along with moments of unexpected joy, unspeakable sorrow, and a confession of true love. The series heads into its fifth season with some characters headed off to college, a newly cured vampire trying to survive as a human, and a shocking Salvatore secret.

    What do you think about the shocking Salvatore secret?

    • Thanks for bringing these, Kathrin!

      First of all, she clearly assessed the characters based on their current storylines instead of how they’ve changed and grown over the course of four seasons (and it’s because most of them haven’t, most of them have either regressed, like Bonnie, or stayed stagnant, like Matt).

      Her quote for Elena is fine. I think Elena would choose something like that after all she’s been through, after her parents’ death, etc.

      Her superlative for Elena is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. As headache-inducing as it would have been, she should’ve given “Most Helpful” to Bonnie. Bonnie’s the most helpful. Elena isn’t most helpful to anyone except the Salvatores.

      Her quote for Caroline is wrong, wrong, wrong. As much as she writes Caroline to care about friendship and togetherness and harmony, etc you’d think she’d give Caroline a quote about friendship or those you hold close. But that would require her to recognize the Caroline she’s been writing, and she of course doesn’t. Instead she gave Caroline a quote that would factor her crap storyline with Klaus.

      Her superlative for Caroline is accurate.

      She did the damn least when it came to Bonnie, as expected. What the hell is this quote? “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”— Les Brown. Why would Bonnie choose this? Why? This is more Caroline and not Bonnie at all.

      She gave Bonnie “Most Spiritual.” Where? When? There is absolutely no spirituality wrt how Bonnie approaches/practices her magic. Bonnie being spiritual about her magic would require her to have some type of affection for it, but after season 2 she’s been written to just….practice magic. She loses her powers, but she doesn’t miss them. She’s jumped from power source to power source without caring enough to learn/ask/investigate everything to do with that power source. Bonnie, thanks to JP’s failure in letting this character talk about herself and the stuff she does, sees her powers as a tool, even though she has canonical reasons to be attached to 1)magic in general, 2)her original powers, 3)Emily’s grimoire.

      Julie Plec, in coming up with this, said “Bonnie’s a witch. Spiritual!” And that was it.

      So she got both things wrong about Bonnie. Shocker.

      Why does Stefan have two quotes? Did he compel the yearbook editor?

      Anyways, his quotes are fine. His superlative is wrong. Elena has the best hair in that school; JP needs to quit (preferably her job).

      Matt’s quote is wrong. At most he’d choose a quote about escape, about making it, about dreaming of a better/easier life. He wouldn’t talk about his friends. His friends haven’t helped him. When’s the last time any of them spotted him a 20? Probably Tyler pre-season 2.

      Her superlative for Matt is almost as unimaginative as hers for Bonnie. Matt would be “Most likely to go to the NFL” (like Vicky had alluded to when she was complaining to Damon) or something.

      Rebekah’s quote is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. How does Rebekah not blame people for stuff? Was JP on drugs when she approved all those scenes of Rebekah blaming Elena? And she sure holds Klaus accountable for his shit. Did she choose this quote while thinking about Matt’s pov on Rebekah or something?

      Rebekah isn’t the best dressed. Stop. That honor would probably go to Caroline.

      • There are some goodbyes definitely, but more in the context of “See you later.” Whether that means we might see them again from the other side or whether that means they die, there is no curl up in your room, cry your head off grief that could top Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) dying in the middle of the season. We certainly wouldn’t want to put the audience through that again but not everybody remains in where you think they might remain.

        Jeremy’s definitely coming back to life.

        I hate the fact that she thinks she’s had her cake and she’s about to eat it too. She hasn’t cared about showing these kids in school or talking about taking tests, nothing. But she thinks seeing them graduate is going to make the audience all warm and gooey inside. She can’t even write a single character other than Caroline to care about graduating.

  8. I won’t be watching this episode until tomorrow (going to watch Star Trek in theaters instead!), so good luck to everyone who’s watching it at 8 EST, lol. We can count all the ways JP and her crew failed.

    • Her stories are always in the works, “For about a year.”

      I stopped after the part about Bonnie. The only thing I want is for Jeremy to remain the ONLY one who can see her. The end. I don’t need them to suddenly change the rules so that all the assholes can see her too and have free access to her again.

  9. A sucky season ended with a shallow episode. When I heard TVD was getting 23 episodes for season 4, I remember saying on the podcast, “Watch them do nothing with the extra episode.”

    They did nothing with the extra episode. This show doesn’t need more episodes; it needs less. It needs to be restricted to 6 or 7 episodes.

    I literally cannot talk about anything other than the brief Beremy moment. Nothing angered me, it was just boring, tiresome, and shallow. Bonnie left no word for Rudy. Her Mammy-ness was on level 22 in this episode.

    Why did they write Bonnie to say that she wants her parents to see her off to college? What parents? What parents? Did she mean Rudy? Bonnie’s taken every chance to be rude to Abby; they haven’t developed their relationship at all, and now Bonnie’s saying parents plural? Why? It’s only Rudy. I’ll bet she doesn’t even know where Abby is nor has she wondered where she is. Why ISN’T Abby here since she was worried about Bonnie using expression? She has nothing to say about her former friend trying to kill Bonnie?

    These writers don’t pay attention to anything.

    They made sure to take their sweet time introducing anyone to Bonnie’s one parent that she lives with, and they chose to introduce her mother first and then did jack squat with her, they’ve done jack squat with Rudy, and they’ve done jack squat with Bonnie, Rudy, and Abby as an angsty family unit. I remember JP flapping her gums in an interview once, probably after the season 2 finale, going, “What is going on in the Bennett household?” and she listed questions that needed answers like, “Why did [Bonnie’s dad] hate her grams?” Has Rudy said a word about Sheila in the meager episodes they’ve written him in? No!

    Why did they write Bonnie to say parents plural? Rudy said he was interested in protecting Bonnie, but they’ve given him nothing. Bonnie hasn’t questioned why he suddenly changed his mind about denying her situation.

    They did NOTHING.

    And now they wrote Bonnie to say that she wants her parents, plural, to see her off to college.

    Also, kudos to Steven McQueen for keeping any and every emotion out of his voice and face until he got to the scene with Kat Graham. Lol.

    Why did being immortal lead to Silas having a doppelganger? This makes zero sense. Isn’t he a vampire? This isn’t the case for any other vampire, so why does he need a doppel?

    And if every spell has a loophole, THEN HIS IMMORTALITY SPELL SHOULD HAVE ONE TOO! It should have multiple. The cure is one; there should be others.

    Every spell doesn’t have a loophole. And there should be some spells that CAN’T be undone. What he should have said, if JP knew anything about anything, was that MOST spells have a reversal. What was that crap?

    Watch Stefan being a doppel get more shine than Elena being a doppel. Remember when they never did anything with the doppel mythology when Elena was human? It’s frustrating, the things JP thinks are creative.

    • And Katherine’s the one who was given the cure. What a lame end to the cure story, not that it had much chance of being salvaged at the end.

  10. I don´t understand why Silas is free. When Emily died and she put that spell on the tomb vampires before she died, the spell was still working even though she was dead. The same goes for the rings she made for Stefan and Damon. So if this talk about the spell casted by a living witch is broken when she dies should mean that Caro, Elena and Abby need new rings because their rings shouldn´t work anymore.

    • I get the tomb spell because Emily tied it to the comet.

      Never mind the rings, per Silas’ stupid rule he should’ve been free from the tomb AND he should’ve turned back into a human/witch as soon as Qetsiyah died. He wrote the immortality spell, but Qetsiyah’s strength is what made it work.

  11. Also it doesn´t make any sense that Qetsiyah wouldn´t warn her descendent Bonnie that Silas has a doppelgänger who just looks like one person of the group. Why is she sending out all those fail hunters but is not talking to Bonnie about the really important stuff like how Silas looks like and that he is searching for his Doppelgänger/shadow self. Why is there no communication? JP is only here to create drama (and then she blatantly copies stuff from other shows) but no sense behind anything that is going on in her show. I don´t even know why she gets paid for this awful writing and then she is proud of this stuff.

    And I see many people being so proud of Klaus because he “saved” his “wife” Caroline and I just hate everything this show does with him and Caroline.
    First of all the scene of him beheading Aja (I should have known that she would die another brutal death) was disgusting with Caro smiling. I just can´t. Then the scene on the football field, I have no words.
    Also Caroline was like “we are all together” when they hugged at the graduation, totally forgetting that Tyler is on the run because of the guy she invited to her graduation.
    Funny that Caro didn´t even say much in those scenes with Klaus, it was all about him again, she was just standing there muted. I don´t know what they want to do with her character.

    • Why is there no communication?

      There never has been. I’m so irritated by how JP writes the witch spirits. They send Bonnie dream prophecies about immediate stuff (like the coffins), but they don’t warn her about anything else in her life. Likewise, Bonnie doesn’t turn to them when trouble’s afoot. Also, what the heck happened to Bonnie’s ability to have visions?

      And I see many people being so proud of Klaus because he “saved” his “wife”


      The scene of him beheading Aja was nonsensical. He beheaded her with a cap? Really? And 11 witches backed down from Klaus? Okay. What was the point of including Kol’s plan in this episode? Absolutely nothing happened.

      Caroline being so damn happy about graduation made absolutely no sense. How long ago was prom? When did she get over Tyler being forced to run? Remember in 4.09 when Tyler wanted to bury himself in concrete and she freaked about him missing prom or graduation? What happened to that? I didn’t buy the Caroline they presented for half this episode. It was ridiculous.

      I don´t know what they want to do with her character.

      They don’t know what they want to do with her character either -__-.

    • Thank you for sharing this!

      I think we’ll be seeing a bit more of Katherine.


      Will we see her in Mystic Falls or New Orleans?

      I think we’ll definitely see her knockin’ on somebody’s door when she’s in a bind. As we know the Salvatore Brothers are pretty good at protecting the ladies, so you never know.

      *Laughing at this lie.* Bonnie’s better at protecting the ladies than those two are.

      When we were talking about who the next big bad villain should be, we had kind of a double burden because we’d just come off two of the greatest villains of all-time


      Are we going to see a new witch?

      [Laughs] Put it this way: It will be awfully nice to write the show without any witch spells for a little while, but I’m sure there’ll be another witch in Mystic Falls before time is up.

      She makes it so clear that she dislikes the witches on TVD. Yet she’s going to write TO. I’m damn sick and tired of her motivation wrt what happens to Bonnie every end of season being: we need to make it so the witch can’t solve everything in the first half of the season. We’ll save it for the second half. She’s such an idiot. She (and KW’s dumbass before her) act like it’s so hard to write witches into serial television. Charmed was all about witches and shit wasn’t getting solved as easily as their dumbasses think. It’s because they suck at writers.

      the witch storytelling burden — which is that when you have a witch, they should be able to fix all the problems

      Says who? Were did KW learn this? It sounds like it can be applied to any main protagonist: when you have cops, they should be able to solve all the cases. When you have an investigator, they should be able to solve all the problems. When you have Clark Kent, he should be able to save everyone.

      Someone lied to KW.

      And it gives us a great way to develop more stories for her outside of just her being the witch that comes in and tries to save the day.

      She’s been saying this about Bonnie since the season 2 finale.

      And Tyler can come back to town now. Klaus’ line to Caroline — “He’s your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes” — was perfect.

      That scene is so special and so beautiful. And the crazy thing about Klaus and Caroline is here’s a guy who’s done hideous, horrific, unforgivable things, and yet, here we all are swooning as he takes her arm and escorts her off the football field.


    • Thanks for bringing these!

      Seriously, every other show should just give up after seeing The Vampire Diaries’ season-four finale, which may have just redefined the word epic.


      Yes, Paul loves to play the bad buy and unfortunately for him, Stefan, more often than not, is a true-blue hero.

      She doesn’t realize what she’s writing.

      but one of the things we’re talking about is definitely learning more about the history of the Salvatore family. I would say that at this point the things we don’t know yet are fair game.

      “At this point the things we don’t know yet are fair game.” Well duh.

      She just now has the mother of all obstacles preventing her and Jeremy from being able to have the physical relationship that we’ve danced around for so long.

      I wonder if she’s talking about the sex. She hasn’t danced around it; she’s flat out ignored it because of her race issues.

      So Stefan is a doppelganger of Silas. Could there be more out there?

      Julie Plec: I suppose it does mean that, but as far as if we plan to introduce that or not? The answer is probably no for now.


      Can you confirm that Elena was herself and not Silas when she said she was in love with Damon?

      Plec: Well put it this way, if it wasn’t Elena, then that means Stefan/Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder made out. I think a lot of fans would’ve been happy.

      What? No, Julie, it would mean Ian and Nina made out.

      Will Katherine try to have people turn her back into a vampire?

      Plec: Well, given the rules of how one becomes a vampire on our show — which is if you inject vampire blood and then you die with it in your system —that’s a pretty big risk to take. If it doesn’t work then she’s just dead and I think the one thing she’s constantly going to weigh is, “How much do I hate being human? Am I willing to risk actually dying forever in order to get my vampirism back?”

      What? How is it a big risk to take? It’s pretty straightforward. No one ever fails at transitioning into a vampire. Like everything else on her show, becoming a vampire is very simple. There are no anomalies.

      Will Elena still struggle with vampire urges in college?

      Plec: Well I think the bigger issue for her will be protecting her secret. In Mystic Falls we’ve seen it’s hard enough to keep your secret of who you are and what you are and now she’s going out into a whole new location and a new life and living a double life as a human student and a secret vampire.

      No, actually, we haven’t seen that since season 1.

      What will her role be next season?

      Plec: The predicament for Bonnie is that she’s on the other side so she can pop in and see what’s up and who’s doing what. With her relationship with Jeremy she’ll have information that nobody could access, but she doesn’t have the actual ability to do magic or interact with another human so there’s an impotence attached to that that I think will be frustrating for her not to mention the emotional distance of not being able to be right there with your friends even though she’s there they don’t know that she is. So she’s going to struggle a bit in the beginning and that’ll either strengthen or hurt her budding relationship with Jeremy which already has so many obstacles attached to it.

      Pause. The ghosts aren’t supposed to be able to “pop in and see what’s up and who’s doing what,” otherwise Sheila has been royally screwing up if she could’ve popped in to Bonnie all this time. But I just know she’s going to break her (unspoken) rule now that it’ll be beneficial to her.

      Second, why won’t Bonnie be able to do magic? We’ve gotten no indication that witches who die lose their magic. If anything, we’ve gotten the opposite. The 100 witch spirits? Emily and Sheila?

      Will Tyler be back in the fold full time next season?

      Plec: We’ll definitely see Tyler (Michael Trevino) again and I think the biggest question is where’s he been what’s he been doing how has it changed his life and can he step right back into the Mystic Falls world or to college easily and what will that mean for his relationship with Caroline.

      Tyler’s been gone the same amount of time he was gone to the mountains last season: about a month. He can’t have done that much.

      • Can you confirm that Elena was herself and not Silas when she said she was in love with Damon?

        Plec: Well put it this way, if it wasn’t Elena, then that means Stefan/Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder made out. I think a lot of fans would’ve been happy.

        What? No, Julie, it would mean Ian and Nina made out.

        Lmao!! This is too much.

  12. So….what happened to Jeremy’s body? The one that burned and was buried. What happened to it? When Jeremy came back to life, instead of his spirit being smashed back into his body, it just…..became a body. Like his was corporeal and his heart just started to beat.

    What happened to his first body?

    JP’s answer would be: “Well it probably disappeared into the cosmos or nature took care of it. [Laughs].”

    • Is the second one about Bonnie? How is her storyline as a ghost “just as powerful if nor more so?” Powerful how?

      I just sent her a series a tweets about this. I can’t deal with her.

      • Yeah that second one is about Bonnie.
        Because what can they do with her storyline, she can only interact with Jeremy and nobody can see her. Who is she talking to? People from the other side? What is she doing? What is JPs plan? Strike that last question.

        I hope she answers you, I never have the luck. You probably have to wait for her doing one of thos Q&A-sessions on twitter to be lucky and get an answer.

        • I don’t know how interacting with less people (like her father) is going to be better for Bonnie’s development than what she had before. I mean I’m sick of people saying that Bonnie “needs character development” (where have you been the past 4 seasons), but I’m trying to follow JP’s logic.

          I’m positive she won’t answer me. My tweets most likely got lost in the hoard of tweets coming at her.

  13. And here she is not even answering the question:

    • This part makes me so angry, because it proves that JP doesn´t plan anything:

      “It’s something that we talked about a lot,” Julie says. “Our intention, originally, was to say goodbye [to Jeremy] permanently. But then a lot of questions came up about the power of this girl losing her only living relative. It was so important to her journey at that moment. The global, eternally reaching tragedy attached to that is really sad, and really depressing.”

      Though Jeremy had to die in order to push Elena into the next phase of her life as a vampire, the writers quickly realized that it’d be impossible to bring her back from that dark, desperately tragic point in her life unless they revived Jeremy. Without him, Elena was looking down a long, black tunnel of depression — and that wouldn’t make for a particularly lively Season 5.

      “We argued a lot, in the writer’s room — could we successfully bring this character back in a way that wouldn’t feel cheap? Ultimately, I think that the way that it plays out, it does feel like the natural gift at the end of the season for this character that has been through so much,” she explains.

      • I read that interview a couple of days ago. She’s basically confirming what I guessed in one of the podcasts: Jeremy dying had nothing to do with his journey and everything to do with Elena. Like a Jeremy stan said on Tumblr, he might be Elena’s biggest plot device. He gets jerked around willy-nilly depending on what side of Elena JP wants to show. Ugh.

  14. For anybody who is interested in watching TO:

    That´s why she is stepping down from reviewing TVD and working for zap2it. Lmao.

    • But…..She’s really going to be a writer on TO? Like, a real writer? I didn’t know she was stepping down from reviewing TVD and working for zap2it.

      • She is only becoming a writing assistant apparently but who knows how fast she will become a writer.
        She already wrote a book, lol.

        Yeah she talked about that for some weeks (but the stuff with the reviews she already said after season 3 and then she reviewed again for season 4 that´s why I didn´t believe her at first) and the CW Upfronts were her last event she worked for zap2it.

        Did you also see that the actress who plays Liz Forbes (who is friends with JP) is going to work for the Originals aswell? I think she is getting a position as a writer. But I´m not sure.
        Now you know how to get a job in JPs shows … become a friend of hers.

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