Episode 104: The Originals

Episode 104

Spoiler Chat: 28:49.546-39:27.719

JP and Narducci introduced their backdoor pilot and forgot to introduce most of the new characters (and re-introduce characters where appropriate). We meet Sophie and Camille but learn nothing personal about them. We don’t get to know Hayley even a little bit more than we did while she was on TVD, but we find out she’s pregnant thanks to a loophole in Klaus’ sperm. Marcel is king of the quarter, but it’s unclear why he’ll be such a bother for Klaus since he’s so killable.

Quotes of the Podcast: “The show is called The Originals, and I was thinking….way to leave out your female lead. Hayley’s not an Original; she’s a werewolf, and she’s a young werewolf at that, I mean way to leave out your female lead in the show’s title.”

“You’re telling me that she has a specific power, and it’s to sense when somebody’s pregnant? How is that gonna help her in her life?”

“I feel like as soon as the baby is born, Elijah, who is already weirdly intense about the baby, is going to be even more intense. [….] I just feel like Hayley has serious potential to become one of those female characters, the ones who get under the thumb of an influential family or an old money family, and they’re forced to act according to the family’s expectations. And Elijah would be the evil patriarch: Hayley isn’t important to him, the baby is. And as soon as its out of her stomach, he’ll be harsher on Hayley as far as how he expects her to behave. [….] And if she does not behave, he would steal the baby, and he’d run off with Klaus to go raise the baby themselves, because that’s his family. And then Hayley, realizing that she made a huge mistake getting involved with this family [….], would go searching for Rebekah [….], and Rebekah, once she hears the story of what happened to Hayley, would be happy to help. She’ll be happy to rob her brothers of something they feel they deserve for once.”

Episode 23 synopsis

Julie Plec Finale Interview

Klaus didn’t make Marcel: A rant


11 thoughts on “Episode 104: The Originals

  1. I’m too tired from the trip to come up with three Senior Superlatives, so I’ll edit the post with the polls later in the week.

    And for those who didn’t watch, my favorite scene, Marcel’s speech .

  2. Dear Lord, it sounds bad. Thank you for reviewing this. I know there are people that wrote letters to that woman, and frankly I do not see why they bother…She’s too mentally challenged to understand why her storytelling is problematic.

  3. I just don’t understand how Klaus can be a protagonist if there’s no way to kill him. Until the link between Originals and their lineage is broken, this show is pointless.

    • Hi!

      I agree completely. How can you have a protagonist that’s unkillable? Clark Kent got hurt on Smallville, but also, as a teenager who knew he had a long life span, the writers included his fear of outliving his loved ones. Klaus has none of that. He’s already lived 1000 years, a lot of his family is with him but also he doesn’t care about his family. Like….what is the point of him having a show? He’s a villain through and through. He should be an obstacle in someone else’s story, not getting obstacles himself. There’s nothing rootable about Klaus, and I hope JP and MN fail in trying to create something rootable about him.

    • Villain protagonists exist and can be written well (Hannibal, Cesare Borgia, Lex Luthor…) but this is way beyond Ms Plec’s abilities to write this kind of character well. Hell, she can’t write her most straight-forward characters well. Let alone a villain protagonist.
      One of my favourite villain protagonists is Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, but it’s mostly because of Bale’s brilliant performance. At this point, it seems from what you said, that Joseph can’t even act because the material he’s given is weak and he is not as good as to work from nothing and turn it into something.
      Joseph M., Paul W. and Daniel G. do not feel the need to try because they are never challenged as actors with the material they are given. They just expect them to show up here and look creepy and spurt out their lines. The acting is dry and lazy, just like the writing.

    • I just don’t understand how Klaus can be a protagonist if there’s no way to kill him.

      I was thinking this the other day too. There will never be any tension about who wins ever. Unless they just go full out soap and don’t bother with villains who are constantly trying to kill whomever it is they want to protect.

  4. Congrats on graduating! Hope you had a great time celebrating it and your brothers birthday (hope I did understand that right)!

    Was just only listening to the spoiler part and I think the women in the background of the stills for the finale are Aja and her coven from 4×17. I think Aja is kneeling on the floor in one of them.

    I don´t know what to think about the fact that they changed the person who gets the cure.
    Do you think it is possible that they first thought for Klaus to get the cure but then they got the go for the spinoff idea and changed it?
    Or they planned to give it to Elena but then changed it to one of the brothers if it is one of the brothers it will probably go to Damon because they talked about him not wanting to be human in the later half of the season at least twice.
    I do wonder if she will reveal her original plan afterwards in one of the millions of interviews after the finale aired. She did it with Klaus last season.

    • Thank you! And yeah, you understood right. It was a great weekend. Now back to the routine of every day life -__-.

      Oooh, you might be right! I didn’t consider Aja and her coven. I don’t want them back though, ugh. That was a horrible plotline and I don’t want a repeat of witches going each other for an uninteresting reason. And if that is Aja, why is Caroline smiling? Yikes, maybe they’ll be the ones coming after her since she killed them. And if that’s the case then she should be toast unless Bonnie closes the veil in time.

      Now I’m thinking Elena is holding her head in one of those stills because she’s getting an aneurysm.

      I don’t think Klaus was an option unless JP wants to reveal that she was lying about knowing about the spinoff since season 3. I wonder if she’ll reveal who it was supposed to be after the season ends. I’m just glad that it hasn’t been obvious on the show that they changed their minds about who it’s supposed to be.

      Yeah, a lot of people think it’ll be Damon. They probably changed his stance on being human just so they can have him reverting back to human be a surprise to him. I also wonder now if Damon being in danger from the ghosts tie into him being a human? Either he’ll already be human or (more likely) the only way to save him will be to turn him human? Because there’s no way someone can take that cure by accident.

      • Awesome, that´s great. What are your plans for the next months?

        And if that is Aja, why is Caroline smiling?

        I thought that this pic is maybe a behind the scenes shot. Because in those other pics all three of them look so alarmed I just don´t see why she would have any reason to smile … unless some people speculated that maybe her dad shows up again and she is looking at him. But I thought he shouldn´t end up on the other side because he didn´t complete the transition.
        Also it looks like Bonnie is at the graduation but then leaves or at least goes somewhere else to close the veil because I can´t see her with Caro, Elena and Stefan in those other stills.

        They probably changed his stance on being human just so they can have him reverting back to human be a surprise to him

        Yeah that´s what I see discussed on fanforum aswell.
        Also there is some discussion of somebody losing his/her memory (don´t know how it started) and there is speculation that the person who takes the cure would lose the memory of his/her vampire life and back to the point when they were human or that somebody else not even connected to the cure loses his/her memory maybe because of Silas.

        I also wonder now if Damon being in danger from the ghosts tie into him being a human? Either he’ll already be human or (more likely) the only way to save him will be to turn him human?

        I don´t think he is human already, because in those stills, if he really is already human Elena wouldn´t look at those wounds (or whatever it is) on his chest but give him her vampire blood immediately. I think him being hurt will happen in the first half of the episode for all the drama of him possibly dying and still walking around. And I guess the cure won´t be taken until the last minutes of the finale.
        Also with you speculating who could hurt Damon, I think that maybe Connor goes after him.

        • I’ll be interning at a non-profit organization for the next 5 months. I started last month.

          Yeah, it’ll be a continuity error if her dad shows up.

          I think the same thing about Bonnie. She’s only in one still. Maybe the moment when she’s looking behind her is when she gets up and leaves. That’s fine with me. I was rme at everyone listening to Caroline and sitting at graduation. Bonnie has something big to contend with. JP hasn’t cared about showing Bonnie (or any of them) in class for a while now, so I don’t know why she now wants to honor the tradition of shows set in high school. The best thing about that tradition is that you saw the kids walking the hallways and talking about tests and papers many many times (even if you never saw them take tests). JP, KW, Dries, whoever, they all stopped caring about that after season 1.

          there is speculation that the person who takes the cure would lose the memory of his/her vampire life and back to the point when they were human

          That would be super-duper annoying.

          Bonnie’s already loss her memory and that’s annoying enough. I don’t need them to make it into a “thing.” You know, when a character lost their memory on Smallville and Charmed (Clark and Piper respectively), it only lasted for one episode -__-. As of now, we don’t know if Bon will get her memory of what happened post Jeremy trying to pry the cure from Silas.

          I thought about him taking the cure in the last few minutes but would they really choose that as the thing for people to speculate over during the summer hiatus? In season 1 it was Katherine coming to town, season 2 was Jeremy seeing Vicky and Anna’s ghosts, season 3 was Elena waking up as a vampire. Damon becoming human pales in comparison with all of those.

          I don’t know why Connor would go after Damon and not Elena, the person who actually killed him.

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