4.22: We’re nearing the end!


This episode has no stills? I didn’t realize that. Anyways, I’m out of town at the moment, but I’ll be back on Sunday night. Feel free to speculate about this episode and to post the short and extended promos in the comment section. And the webclip, too, if it comes out before Sunday night.

See you then! I hope the Bonnie scenes in 4.21 weren’t a total let down after episode 19!


49 thoughts on “4.22: We’re nearing the end!

  1. Extended Promo:

    Look who is back.

    I wonder if the people in the hospital who Silas drains of their blood are going to turn into vampires. In general I wonder if Silas ever turned somebody and if we also would have had this sire-line problem or if all of those vampires would be sired to him or if this is only the case for special snowflake Klaus,

    • Thanks, Kathrin! Man, I hope Kol dies again. I don’t want him to come back to life because he died so well as a villain. Ugh.

      I hope not. Silas can’t have turned anyone. When he wanted to turn someone, his lover, he went to Qetsiyah. He wasn’t thinking about vampires being able to make other vamps. Which is good. So they better not throw this out of nowhere.

      If Silas is preparing for something big like the Sals say (and they’re probably right because JP wants them to be relevant), then is he lying about wanting to die?

  2. Michael Narducci tweeted about two new writers (two women) joining TVD for season 5:

    I don´t know them.
    Holly Brix seems to be more into movies until now and Melinda Hsu Taylor is a more experienced writer, wrote for Lost, Falling Skies etc.

    It also made me think of the writers room for TVD being in LA and that they probably will share the same room with the spinoff writers so that could mean that Michael Narducci will be able to write some episodes for TVD even though he is writing for TO aswell. At least I hope so.

    • I remember we were excited about Jose Molina being a good thing for TVD, and he hasn’t done anything special. This show is far too gone for anyone to make a difference.

      Narducci and Sonnenshine didn’t do too bad in ep 21. The torture scenes were ridiculous, Rebekah was ridiculous, etc, but there were good parts, and they belonged to Bonnie, Silas, and that one scene with Elena burning herself.

  3. I’m back, everyone! 😀

    Tidbit about this episode. It doesn’t tell us much: just that ghosts are going to come back. I honestly wonder how many of the writers are unaware that this is a retread of Ghost World.

  4. Screnncaps for the webclip are out: Elena/Caroline at the Mystic Grille, probably that scene where Elena mentions she doesn´t have anybody to invite for graduation.


    I didn´t write invitations for the graduation but I for sure told my relatives about it four weeks beforehand and this looks like they are sending out their invitations the day before the graduation because I just can´t see Bonnie opening the veil and then waiting two or three weeks to close it again.

    And I really hope that invitation Caroline writes isn´t for Klaus or something because Elena has a weird facial expression in one of those caps when she is holding up the letter.

    • Thanks, Kathrin!

      They’re having lunch already? Smh.

      I wouldn’t be surprised after her reaction last ep if she was inviting Klaus. Smh.

      You needed to buy those invitations at my school. I just told people by word of mouth. Simple -___-.

  5. Webclip but not from the caps we got but a Stefan/Caro scene:

    And I´m annoyed. Like in the prom episode Caroline is all, no problem you just need a night of from mourning when Bonnie speaks about setting her couch on fire in sleep and doesn´t even ask about her magic, but here she is all convinced that she figured out where the spell has to take place. They are so slobby.

    • They’re super sloppy. And I really hope they don’t say that Caroline figured out by herself where the center of the triangle is. And why is the center of it inside the school?

    • Thanks for bringing this!

      Why is the school the center of the triangle? That’s random, since the last sacrifice happened in the woods. The witch house would make more sense than the school.

      And is Caroline wishing she hadn’t downplayed Bonnie setting her couch on fire yet? I’m not over her “advice” either.

    • Caroline is that “friend” who doesn’t care what other people’s problems are as long as they aren’t harshing her squee.

      • She hasn’t been doing that to Stefan this season. Sure she spazzed when he said he wasn’t going to show up to the pageant, but she’s, on multiple occasions, listened to what he said (about the break up with Elena, about his old feelings coming back) and validated how he felt and gave advice accordingly. With Bonnie in the dress shop and now Elena at lunch, she downplays what they say and gives them her version of what their problem actually is.

  6. Candice talks about the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus triangle, dropping the veil and that we will see an explanation why not everybody comes back and about the end of the school: click

    I don´t get her talk again about Klaus showing her the world, I thought they dropped that again and now it´s only about him ruffling her feathers stuff. And I don´t think that much time has passed since Tyler left. It can´t be a month since Jeremy died. And with him being all around every season, he could probably show her the world better than soon to be daddy Klaus.
    And please we haven´t seen these kids in the class room for so long. I wouldn´t have been able to stop laughing in the background as a journalist.

    I would prefer an interview with Kat where she talks about the veil dropping, I don´t get why we get so many interviews with Candice.

  7. JP talking about the sire bond: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/05/the-vampire-diaries-julie-plec-talks-sire-bond—-did-it-tear-damon-and-elena-apart-or-push-them-tog.html

    Plec says that despite the dissent in the fandom, the sire bond “absolutely” accomplished what the writers intended for it to accomplish. “The bottom line is that Elena as a human made a very, very, very clear choice that she would love Stefan always and forever,” she says. “But then her entire life turned upside down, and any feelings she originally had for Damon were still there, and of course magnified. There was always going to be a little bit of a confusion there for her — but not enough confusion for her to be over Stefan. It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan. It would take years and seasons. We’d be eighty, if we followed the natural progression of that relationship.”

    Thus, as much as the sire bond was an obstacle for Damon and Elena, in some ways, it’s the thing that pushed Damon and Elena together. “The sire bond let us have a supernatural reason — and yes, albeit a controversial one — but a very bold way for Elena to finally feel comfortable acting on these feelings that she’s been struggling with now for a couple years. Without it she’d just have that confusion,” Plec explains.

    -____- I mean, no surprises there. That’s typical JP.

    And since Elena has turned her feelings on again, shouldn’t the sire bond still be an issue?

    • What I get out of that is that the writers couldn’t figure out how to have Elena fall in love with Damon naturally despite having all the prerequisites and so they felt like they had to resort to a deus ex machina to get them together.

      • Pretty much. And because they need to keep the triangle alive because Delena is not going to be the end of it.

        I side-eye her so hard when she is talking about “the natural progession” of Stelena. So Stefan traumatizing Elena by almost driving her over Wickery bridge is not going to change anything? Elena would love Stefan foreeever? Right. -.-

        And I’m suprised how she flat out says the the sire bond was there just to make Delena happen. Like, we all know that’s what it was but you’d think she would try to sell that SL as something .~deeper. But nope, it’s just: “Yup, we accomplished what we wanted. DE happened. The end.”

    • And since Elena has turned her feelings on again, shouldn’t the sire bond still be an issue?

      Apparently we have to wait and it will be explained in the next two episodes. That´s what Carina said in one of her chats.
      I think, their original plan to break the sirebond could have been them turning Elena or Damon back into a human, but then in the middle of the season they changed their minds for reasons unknown who they want to give the cure and therefore had to come up with another possible explanation to break the sirebond and they thought they could also explain it with her turning her emotions off (not that they planned to turn her emotions off only to break the sirebond but they thought they could use it as an explanation to get the sirebond disappear)

      • Oh, yes, it would be so like this show to explain why the sire bond went away in one half sentence in the next episode.

        That could be it.
        Btw, it’s also so like TVD to change the person who’s going to get the cure in the middle of the season.

    • Thanks, Emily.

      I can’t deal with this.

      It would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan? Like what? Doing a little ripping of his own? Conspiring to kill her “best friend’s” mother? Traumatizing her on the bridge where her parents died? Showing himself to be a suffocating, controlling ass after she became a vampire and needed to learn to feed? Him showing many of the traits that kept her from admitting her feelings for Damon for so long?

      She says it would take a lot to rip Elena away from loving Stefan, but she can’t begin to tell you what those are, because she doesn’t allow her characters to have standards or limits, and she doesn’t respect their integrity. That’s why Caroline keeps getting tortured and hurt after she said, “What happened tonight will never happen again,” after she was kidnapped by Jules and tortured by Oliver Queen. It’s why Bonnie is still being pushed around by the Salvatores and Elena’s best interests whenever the plot calls for it (and the plot calls for it often) after she said, “I’m done being pushed around by all of you.”

      There ingredients were there for Elena to fall out of love with Stefan or at least take a long break from him. It’s just that she wasn’t interested in acknowledging them. This is what happens when you don’t give your characters time to breathe and acknowledge the crap that the people in their lives are doing. Elena learned so many things about Stefan in the back half of season 2. Remember how every other episode, it was, “There’s something I have to tell you, Elena, and I wanted you to learn it from me.” Yet the last time Elena was disgusted with a secret that Stefan kept, the last time she said, “How could you keep this from me?” was when she learned what, or should I say who, Katherine looked like.

      And yeah, there were incentives for Elena’s feelings to develop for Damon over the course of season 3 while Stefan was gone. No, not enough for her to make a declaration about needing to choose by 3.21. I knew that damn line came out of nowhere, and it’s because Elena’s feelings for Damon matching Stefan’s came out of damn nowhere.

      You wouldn’t have this problem if you’d planned your crap from the beginning, JP. You talk about knowing this or that was going to happen “at the beginning of the season,” but you dropped the ball on your main storyline?

      She (and KW) had it easy with Damon (hell with Stefan, too) because all they had to do was have Damon (and Stefan) fall for Elena from the very beginning (Stefan before even having a conversation with her) and work from there. But when it came to Elena, they’re so unwilling to change him, and they don’t want to change Elena (because they have no idea how she’s coming off to some of the audience), so they sped things up and the intensity and seriousness of it looks like it’s coming out of nowhere.

      Why is Elena saying it would always be Stefan a binding thing? It’s not. All they have to do is write Elena as an actual character who sees what’s going on and has feelings about it and dislikes it. They just had to make Elena dynamic and fluid, instead they make her static wrt her crap with Stefan, so we got the out-of-nowhere line in 3.21 about “I know I need to choose between the two of you,” and a sire bond to make her sleep with Damon + say she loves Damon, etc. We got her becoming a vampire plus a sire bond to “magnify” her feelings so that Delena would happen. And now that it’s happened, it’ll be easier to write as if it came about organically.

      JP’s such a bad writer and so impatient that she couldn’t make Elena’s confusion between the two happen naturally because, even though she accidentally laid out many reasons why Elena should fall out of love with Stefan or why she should want a change from dealing with him or why her feelings should reduce, she doesn’t pause to examine and mine her own ideas, so she gave us Delena through a gimmick.

      File this under: Klaroline (there are literally no words for the attraction/fondness Caroline sometimes displays towards Klaus, because she never talks about it. Other people will say something, and then they go, “I was right, wasn’t I?”).

      Also file this under: Bamon’s future, if it happens.

      Because JP doesn’t have time to make people organically fall for her bad boys. She just said she’d be if she followed natural progression. Bamon should be out of the question because of all the crap Bonnie’s seen him pull, including the crap towards her, but Julie Plec.

  8. There is another interview with JP for TV Fanatic

    TV Fanatic: Bonnie has vowed to keep her promise to Silas and has also partnered with Katherine. Is the girl digging her own grave or what?

    Julie Plec: [laughs] The beauty of Bonnie is that in spite of being led down some very dark paths over the course of the year her moral compass is stronger than ever and she’s definitely up to something. And if you’re up to something and you’re up to no good, you may as well partner with the one girl in town who’s better at being up to no good than you are.


    TVF: Whether the Veil is going to drop or not, is that what Silas really wants or is there more that has yet to be revealed?

    JP: There is definitely more to the Silas story than has been told. His motives…he’s pretty honest. It’s just some details that he’s left out.

    Source and more burning questions for JP

    She is making more out of this deal with Katherine than there is on the show. Bonnie needed the tombstone to perform the spell whenever she wants, no other reason. And of course JP laughs.

    Also … why is there again more to Silas story, it´s enough already. Remember how it started in episode 5.

    • Yeah, Katherine isn’t better than anyone at being up to no good. Katherine’s been up to NOTHING the past two seasons.

      We really don’t need more to Silas’ story.

  9. And there’s asnother interview with JP: http://www.etonline.com/tv/133796_Julie_Plec_Vampire_Diaries_Season_Four_Finale_Interview/index.html

    Her thoughts on S4:

    ETonline: Now that you have some distance, what’s your opinion of season four?
    Plec: That’s the million dollar question. I’ll be honest, as you know, I get a lot of grief through the social media universe. Big and bold opinions, so it can be hard to sift through those to get a sense of what’s working and what’s not, but if I separate myself completely from that universe and look at this season, I’m really happy with it. We knew that everything we were doing felt really fresh — Elena with an entirely new life as a vampire, we had almost a reboot to the love triangle, we had a really rich and interesting storyline for Bonnie, we had strange villains we hadn’t pursued before that let us slow-play the mythology over the season and we had great things happening that built up to graduation. I feel really proud of this season.

    Her thoughts on Klaroline:

    ETonline: With The Originals, many fans are wondering how you bring Matt & Rebekah and Klaus & Caroline’s stories to a close. What can you say?
    Plec: They are very, very simple and, I think, satisfying. I’m sure there are lots of people who would like to see more, but it’s satisfying and very enjoyable. The thing is, I watched Buffy and Angel. I used to love on Angel when we’d get visits from friends from the other show. Plus, Angel didn’t stop loving Buffy just because he was on a new show. It took him a long-ass time to get over her, so this is by no means the end of Klaus’ feelings for Caroline. If anything, it’s a new beginning.

    Such a weird comparison.
    Looks like there will be some TVD/To cross-overs. But JP also says that they haven’t broken the first season of TO yet.

  10. choosing between Klaus and Damon was really effing hard, but I think I made the right choice.
    your bad weave comments are giving me so much life.
    I’m gonna have to say Rebekah takes the cake for shade throwing and such.
    She played the hell out of Elena and then smeared blood on her face. Come on now, why’d you have to break up a happy home?

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