Scandal 2.19: Seven Fifty-Two

Scandal 2.19

In this episode, we see how Huck became involved with B613 and why being put in a box broke his psyche for a bit. We learn that he had a family he was made to forget – a wife and child – and that Charlie might not be as bad we’d thought. Meanwhile, Fitz is demanding Olivia’s forgiveness and another chance. Cyrus is trying to have Liv killed, and Mellie is contemplating her next desperate move to bring Fitz back into the fold. After four monologues, only one of which was completely focused on what Huck actually needed, he is able to pull out of his breakdown.

Quotes from the podcast: “Fitz, he’s been through too much and lived too much to be doing this. Like, sir, you’re kind of close to retirement, you know, cashing in your social security check. You should not be talking like this. And it reminded me of the rose garden scene when he was like ‘you own me. You control me.’ It was in the same vein.” – Alta

“You’ve been in this marriage for twenty years. You’re continually being disrespected. When is enough going to be enough? It’s not now because if you’d really had enough you wouldn’t have given him the option to come back.” – Sabrina

“’I didn’t save you. You saved me.’ But it’s like no, you saved him, Olivia. Don’t even. Yeah, you looked a whole lot of sad but he was homeless. He was homeless. He’d been tortured. Like how can she say that he saved her? How did he even save her because she’s still sad? And lonely. Like I don’t understand. How did he save her? And if she believes that he saved her, why is she not living her life? She’s like living in one minute increments with this man who is married.” – Alta

“Love is supposed to take care of you and make you feel supported and less alone in the world. It’s supposed to make you want to be alive and instead he’s using love as, kind of, a chain to keep her stuck in this unhealthy relationship.” – Sabrina


7 thoughts on “Scandal 2.19: Seven Fifty-Two

  1. Scandal podcast listeners, hello! I’m going out of town today and won’t be back until Sunday. That means I’ll be watching the episode later, so Sabrina and I will be recording later. We’ll try to get A Woman Scorned up before next Thursday, but because of me going out of town and the resulting tardiness, I don’t know how likely that is. But we’ll try!

  2. I was quote-worthy, apparently…pretty awesome. I think it’s a good thing that we didn’t see David in this episode. Do you imagine if he gave a speech too?? He doesn’t go here people!! Stop putting him in gifsets and shit lol. I’m amazed that there are people that are actually here for David.
    Maybe that means I’m wrong. I’m praying and crossing my fingers that I’m wrong, you know shit is down when an atheist does that lol.
    It’s the first time I’m listening to one of the podcasts and I agree with everything that’s been said lol. Most of the time, I think you guys have very good points overall but there are always things on which I beg to differ.
    However, here’s the pet peeve. I wouldn’t call Fitz “Olivia’s love interest”. To me, he is developped and written as a deuteragonist. Yes, the show would not survive without this toxic as hell relationship unfortunately. I don’t know why people root for this and I think you are right when you talk about how it’s wish-fulfillment for a lot of black women. I think it stems from the fact that we are not used to be perceived as desirable as non-overly sexualized beings, but just sensitive people with bagage and a lot more to offer than being someone’s fetish, let alone be perceived as a better choice than the white all-around american white woman from a good family. Being seen as complex and fragile is a rare for us, but does Fitz sees this fragility, sensitivity and complexity in Olivia? The problem is that Liv is not treated by this powerful white man as “wife material”. He jerks her around emotionally and dismisses her very often. If he saw her like that, he would not try to have Liv and his presidency at the same time, because that’s what Fitz wants…everything. I never saw him choose Olivia over his power, talking about it doesn’t make it a thing.
    I really felt the part when you were talking about how Fitz is immature and the relationship would make more sense if they were really young, in their 20’s or something, because I actually know people in their 40’s that have had this kind of unhealthy relationships and it always ends up really badly for everyone. Here’s the thing, but that’s just a personal opinion, I think that maturity is a personality trait that either you have inherently or gain over time (wisdom, privilege that comes with age), but there’s this category of people that can’t go forward, move on and learn from their mistakes. They don’t want to change and grow and be better. A lot of adults have this problem and generally it won’t get them far in life and they get screwed up a lot. Fitz and Olivia, imo, are like these kind of people. Like Sabrina pointed out, she’s got what she wanted. She’s got the pain, etc. I don’t know what’s up with Liv though and I feel so disconnected to her character rn. Why should you feel empathy for someone that chooses to be in pain? I’m with Sabrina on this.

    Great Huck episode though. Obviously the Olitz episode…Ugh, I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. It’s actually the first time that I barely pay attention while watching Scandal and it was during those scenes. I knew it was going to end with a kiss…otp: one minute, y’know?

    Least favorite line: “You don’t fix me, you don’t handle me. That’s not love.” (Yep, me too. This line is just bs tbh.)
    Favorite line: “I see you looking at the door. That’s a normal reaction.” (I don’t know why. I just liked that Charlie got Huck so much the entire episode. He was already one of my top three favourite characters and I love that they added depth to him)
    Favorite scene: all the bits where they torture Huck and he says “yes” when they ask him if he has a family and then he’s so broken he says “no” and at the end we realise that it’s not even because he’s given up but because he genuinely can’t tell if they were real or not. Huck feels, okay? Do not get me started on my feelings about Huck this episode lol
    It’s a tie between this and the 7:52 scene, because I’m so happy I was right all along lol and the build-up was great even if you figured it out. This kid was a cutiepie.
    Worst scene: How about no? Nope. I will never and I don’t care if it’s endgame, it’s no.

    They need to stop with this Cyrus/Olivia frenemies bs. They’re not friends. I think they’re trying to play it as this complex anti-villain/anti-hero gentle foes thing, but it’s just not that deep to me. He tried to have her killed and they mutually threatened to destroy each other three times on the show. Olivia actually put moves against the white house twice. Then, they are drinking wine and talking on the phone like none of this happened? It’s just ridiculous.

    This “dark side of the moon” thing lol… Yeah, Olivia did it again. Not so much the fact that she feels like her pain is comparable to the pain of everyone on earth and that she’s seen the most horrible parts of humanity (Olivia, girl you need to stop. You wear Ralph Laurent cardigans and rock Gucci bags…So I need you to drop the bs.), she sees parallels between her and Huck that don’t exist. She needs to stop. While I think that depression is a serious thing that should not be taken lightly, Olivia is a brilliant woman (at least supposedly and canonly) which should know better than to bring all this negativity in her life. If you had it that hard (we don’t know that yet though), why are you letting people like Fitz hurt you? He’s the embodimement of white supremacy and you’re letting his ass make you feel worthless. What does that say about you?
    Why do you feel alone? Where are your friends and family?

    At the same time, I know the writers are playing the audience by developping characters like Fitz and Quinn first, but I don’t want to be played with Olivia. I’m being played with Olitz already. I don’t think the writers love Olitz that much, I just think they noticed like we did the peak in the ratings when their affair was revealed. They’re trying to give 70% of the fandom what they want while keeping the political drama aspect of the show.
    I actually liked the cases, even if I think it was too easy to figure out what was going on everytime because the build-up was weak. But at the same time, they were getting better at it, I could feel it. I was rooting for them to keep working on making cases more interesting, then…Olitz happened and they spent more time trying to find something for them to angst about rather than working on making cases more intricate and the plot thicker. When I watched the first three episodes of Scandal, I was all Team Pope and associates and I loved how Olivia got to kick ass with political savvy and sheer shrewdness, and all the while wearing white and looking good.
    I think while I get why most of the things that happen are tied to the white house, there are just too many things tied to Fitz as a person and his private life. He’s never going to die though. I’d be glad if he did and I hate how the fandom apologises him and stands for his crap. This relationship that I shall not name again is just gross to me. The kiss was gross. I freeze when they touch each other. Fitz is gross and he needs to draw himself some eyebrows already seriously. He looks so old yet he’s acting like a teenager and it creeps me the fuck out. (Gosh, why does this sound soo weirdly familiar?? *coughs*). I’m not here for Fitz’s woobie ways.

    Mellie does a lot of lip service but she doesn’t live up to these grand speeches. What about your ambition and “bright, bright political future”? I love Mellie so much but they have her give Fitz way too much credit like she doesn’t know the man when they’ve been married for 20 years. She’s supposed to know his behaviour well by now. She knows he’ll still want Olivia as a side-dish even if he “chooses” her. He’s already chosen both of them. There’s this saying in French when someone wants it all “Il veut le beurre et l’argent du beurre.” That is exactly him rn.

    I feel like I’m going to not like this week’s episode. I get the feeling it will end with Fitz giving in to Mellie and basically back to square one (it never changed but whatever). Olivia will probably cry (“she doesn’t believe in crying” lol) because he made promises that he gonna break again. They’ll end up giving a speech on how they’re good or she’s pregnant again on national television. I’m pretty sure I’m wrong anyways but I don’t care this episode will be Olitz-heavy and it’s enough for me to cringe. I just hope we’ll know more about this Albatros thing and Jake and Liv can at least talk. Team Jake.

    • Fitz is the second most important character and that’s the problem. He shouldn’t be. Instead of the show being about Liv and Pope & Assoc., it’s about Fitz and Olivia, in that order.

      Yep, and I’ve watched shows (ex. Grey’s) where adults their age or older have angst in their relationships but it’s okay and makes sense because their problems are age-appropriate and they’re dealt with maturely. They don’t just have pain to have pain; they’re arguing about different world views and maybe neither of them is wrong but someone will have to give for the relationship to work. I love that angst because it’s about love overcoming obstacles. This angst that Liv and FItz have is about being in pain for no good reason. They don’t communicate. They don’t ever get to the heart of the issue. It’s just… they’re too old for this. None of it’s cute and I’m tired.

      We all want more for these characters than they want for themselves. It’s why as much as I love Mellie, I can’t feel bad for her either because she should’ve been mowed Fitz down for all of the crap he’s been doing – infidelity, disrespect – but she hasn’t. She talks and waits on him and lets him set the tone of their marriage.

      I want to know more about the Albatross thing too. I wish we’d gotten more on that and I’m always on Team Jake. I’m sick of them making him out to be this suspicious character. I have faith in him. I won’t lose it just because the writers want me to be happy with this dysfunctional, crap relationship. Nope. Jake is cute. And nice. Genuine. He admires Liv and he’s not married.

  3. I hated this week’s episode so much, I have no words. So done rooting for Olivia btw. Next time she gives one of those grand speeches, I’m just gonna sit there and shrug. Olitz can burn for all I care. Burn together guys, I’m just not here for it.
    Thumbs up for Mellie though. Hope she goes through with it and dishes out everything. I hope Fitz is forced to resign. I’m not here for Sally but at least she has focus and ambition.
    I can never tell when it’s real or not, so I’m wondering if that 3B was all Kerry’s… Idk.
    I really didn’t think I could hate a pairing more than Delena, yet here it is. FML.
    I want to take a minute to point out the fact that Olivia should choose her “best friends” better.
    So apparently they’re doing the “David is going to be an associate now” thing. Okay, I have 99 problems with Scandal and David’s at the bottom of my list anyways. But, yeah, it’s a thing.

    • Yeah, I just watched the episode, and I’m pretty much giving up on Olivia’s love life and happiness. In it for Kerry Washington’s face and her acting from here on out.

      I’m soooo happy Mellie went through with it. And she got James to do it!!!! That’s a great “Fuck you” to Cyrus. If only Cy had died of a heart attack when he heard about it.

      I think it was Kerry’s. It looked just like the last time they showed it. Plus, that’s how her hair looked in Django Unchained.

      Black female characters stay loyal to sucky White friends. Idgi. Olivia, Bonnie, Tara on True Blood, and I’ve heard the same about Mercedes on Glee.

      • I think it’s a little different from Tara and Bonnie in Olivia’s case. It’s not so much loyalty but I guess she thinks Cyrus is one of these people that leave on the dark side of the moon with her, that they’re both messed up which makes them close. She sees herself in him, which is why she views him as a friend. However, she doesn’t know him as well as she wants to think. That’s just how I interpret it. Still don’t see how she lives on the dark side of the moon though…
        From the sneak peek from 2×21, it looks like they’re still trying to make David Rosen happen. He’s still wondering who the Prez banged.

        • I thought she felt she and Huck were the only ones on the moon? Her calling Cyrus her bestie made me wonder about the part where she said she had no friends.

          The comparison I was making was about their loyalty to these White people not being returned, yet it doesn’t bother them at all. Cyrus has insulted the hell out of Olivia on more than one occasion; Cyrus has referred to Olivia as a problem to her face on more than one occasion. And she’s never ever addressed it. Yet as soon as his name is besmirched, she’s ready to cry. -____-.

          He’s still wondering who the Prez banged.

          Really? The more David speaks, the more he sounds like a frat boy nowadays.

          I don’t know why Abby knows Olivia’s the mistress. I get Huck and I get Harrison. I don’t get Abby. Her knowing seems to come out of nowhere.

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