4.21: And now back to your regularly scheduled program



Extended Promo



32 thoughts on “4.21: And now back to your regularly scheduled program

  1. I don’t think Stefan is the one Elena’s threatening in the extended promo. I think it’s an editing trick, and she’s actually talking to Matt. But we’ll see.

    In case anyone’s wondering about the parties I omitted: Caroline’s credited with throwing prom and stuff like that, but no school has a one-person spirit committee. She’s not the only one organizing, decorating, brain-storming, etc, so I think the students of MF High would be salty if I credited her as being the only person who threw those school parties.

    The Masquerade ball was thrown by Tyler’s mother, not Tyler and a lot of the MF students probably couldn’t attend for that reason. Same for the Mikaelson Ball. That one was invite only, and I doubt Esther was sending invites to the MF High seniors.

    I don’t list Chicago for Rebekah because she hadn’t started high school yet (rme) when she went there.

    I almost didn’t include Nova Scotia because that was a group trip they took for a purpose, but then I looked at all the places Elena’s been and, save for Georgia (where she was kidnapped by Damon) and Eden (where she was kidnapped by Rose and Trevor), she only went to those places to gather info.

    I didn’t include Caroline going to visit her dad in season 1 because she never actually made it out of town.

    Poor Matt has never left MF. Lol.

  2. This is from the finale, but it’s too ridiculous not to share:

    Question: I need some Vampire Diaries scoop on Caroline. —Calleigh

    Ausiello: These 15 words will leave her mouth in the May 16 season finale, per exec producer Julie Plec: “Come hell or high water, hell will freeze over before I let anybody cancel graduation.” As Plec explains, “The instinct to miss graduation is going to be on [everyone’s] minds because there’s greater things afoot. And Caroline, as we know, finds these moments and high school events very precious and gets very angry when anybody tries to mess with them.”


  3. “The Vampire Diaries”: As we previously revealed, Damon and the rest of Elena’s friends aren’t going to have the easiest time torturing her… after all, they still believe that somewhere deep down, she’s the girl they all love. So they have to call in the big guns. You know who won’t have any issues taking Elena to task? The recently-scorned Katherine. Expect another showdown between the Petrova doppelgangers this week.


    Katherine is the surprising ally? Why would she care about Elena turning her switch back on?

    • “Damon and the rest of Elena’s friends aren’t going to have the easiest time torturing her …”

      What kind of sentence! LMAO!

      “Why would she care about Elena turning her switch back on?”
      Why would you care?! That’s the important question! *SCREAMS* ilu ilu!

    • Maybe she’s feeling generous now that she’s no longer after Stefan herself? No idea. I’ve given up expecting any character to be IC on this show anymore.

  4. But you included Beremy for best couple and he’s not even a senior. I’m just sayin’ {trolololololoo} Don’t make me do the high pitched “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!” Mean Girls voice! He’s not a senior!

    • Thanks, Kathrin!

      I don’t know what to say about it, lol. She says Caroline will get to hold a little bit of a grudge. We’ll see. It still won’t be as big of a grudge as it should be.

    • Lol. I know people are going to hate on Matt for his parting comment. The scene was actually nice. So Rebekah’s finally free because her brothers decided to….leave her alone to focus on a baby. How anti-climactic.

  5. The third webclip is out, and why is Stefan telling me about how Elena’s not in a good place because she Jeremy died and she attacked her friend, etc etc. Elena didn’t say that. She hasn’t said anything of the sort, so he needs to stop trying to do damage control and go away.

    How is it not torture? -___-. I don’t know why it’s okay for him and Damon to act like they know better for Elena, better than the people who grew up with her. Caroline has to ask him permission to see her?

  6. So, I liked the Bonnie/Katherine parts and I´m almost certain that Bonnie is playing Katherine. Loved the part where Bonnie looked not amused that Katherine couldn´t pronounce the name of her ancestor. Loved Bonnie´s attitude in general, she is fixated on her plan and she wants to do it alone without any interference of the gang.
    And I was right about her needing the tombstone.

    Silas was really creepy, those scenes with Caroline reminded me of a typical horror movie sequence. I don´t know what to think about the Liz/Caroline scene. They haven´t interacted all season long and then they practically come in with the sledgehammer and try to force feelings. We didn´t see Caroline fearing for Liz´s life after Klaus killed Carol. But now she wants to leave town with Liz?
    I didn´t get the Silas!Klaus/Caroline scene … I dislike it always when the girl says no, but the guy apparently knows it better and thinks she means “not yet” or is convinced that she is denying her real feelings.

    No words on Rebekah/Matt, especially how she talks to Matt about him deserving better friends. It´s like JP´s love letter to Matt/Zach Roerig.
    Also when are these exams he is supposed to learn for taking place? Bonnie said that the fuel moon will be in two days. And she will probably perform the spell earlier so that she can surprise Silas and then the finale is the graduation and i just can´t see a time jump in those two episodes. They wouldn´t walk around and taking exams with the veil being dropped. When graduated I finished my last exam at least three weeks before that.

    I don´t really have much to say about the triangle, it was disgusting and I hate when I see on other boards that they are basically celebrating Damon for killing Matt (with the ring) and torturing Elena to get her humanity back. That scene with them when all the emotions came back to her was awful.
    And then I think the writers went the easy road with Elena only focusing on the hate for Katherine (of course she is responsible for Jeremy´s death but she is making her the reason for everything bad happening to her … and there in front of her are sitting the people who abused her and basically destroyed her life) also in regards to her now not really focusing on making it right with Caroline and Bonnie and Matt. Looks like she will obsess over killing Katherine now and “her” friends are supposed to forgive her or something.
    Reminds me that I liked that Bonnie was not here for going to the Salvatore mansion and I don´t get what Caro´s plan was … she wanted to open a learn group in the Salvatore mansion while the Salvatores are torturing Elena in the next room?

    • Yep, I thought of you when she asked for the headstone, lol. I loved her attitude, too. She looked like she barely had time for Katherine. Katherine came off very lame in that meeting. “That’s not Bonnie Bennett-y.” What the hell? Bonnie’s lied and schemed before. Shows what Katherine knows. Idiots. The writers did her wrong. Why would Katherine assume that Bonnie doesn’t lie and scheme? Hell, Emily lied and schemed. So did Lucy. What’s wrong with her memory? That’s exactly how she’s gonna get played by Bonnie. She’s almost making it easy.

      I loved him chasing her outside the house. The Caroline/Liz scene was completely pointless. It was also stupid when Elena tried to hurt her feelings by talking about Liz viewing Caroline as a monster. We haven’t seen that. This hasn’t been relevant since season 2, and even then it was only for one episode (as in Caroline was only aware of it for one episode).

      They deserve better friends. I’m wondering why Rebekah was in this episode. Seriously. She didn’t need all of the scenes that she got. She seriously only needed the first one. They’ll give Bonnie only two scenes for an episode, but they insist on having Rebekah for an entire episode even though she’s doing nothing. Okay.

      When graduated I finished my last exam at least three weeks before that.

      Same here. Three or two weeks. JP doesn’t know what she’s writing/approving.

      That scene with them when all the emotions came back to her was awful.

      It was. I wasn’t feeling it at all.

      Elena being angry at Katherine is such a cop-out, and I wasn’t feeling Nina’s “angry” face. It looked ridiculous. It seems like Elena made a huge logic leap.

      I love that Elena felt horrible about what she did to Caroline and Bonnie yet she chose to sit in the boarding house and talk about the very important lesson she learned about feelings instead of going to see Caroline and Bonnie. When she talked about all the things she needed to do, I thought she was going to say she needs to come up with plans on how to make things up to Caroline and Bonnie, but no she’s focusing on her feelings: her anger for Katherine.

      Also, I’m thinking about it now and Elena’s lesson that she learned….about feelings….about not shutting it off….about dealing with feelings. Yes, it would have been great if she’d listened to Jeremy after the FIRST time she had him compelled when he told her that that shit was still there even though he couldn’t remember it. But no, she ignored him and had him compelled him a second time.

      But now that it’s happened to her and she’s come out of her bender, suddenly “I get it now.” Okay.

      I loved Bonnie not wanting to go there, too. I was so relieved.

      I don´t get what Caro´s plan was … she wanted to open a learn group in the Salvatore mansion while the Salvatores are torturing Elena in the next room?

      I know, right?! Lol. I thought she couldn’t stand to hear Elena in pain? So she was going to move herself inside the house to help Matt study? Sure.

  7. And we still don´t know if Silas has any weaknesses … can he walk into every house without being invited or did Liz invite him in last episode so that he could hurt her?

  8. I just watched the episode, and it was a mixed bag. Damon talked way too much. Like, at one point in the episode I was actively aware of how grating his voice was because he was talking SO much. It’s not surprising that they had Stefan on mute for most of this, but geez.

    So if only Elena had succeeded in killing either Caroline or Bonnie, then her humanity would’ve come back? What?

    The torture was ridiculous, but we know JP hates women. The only part that I’m intrigued by is Elena throwing the curtains open and letting herself get burned.

    Elena’s threatened to hurt herself before to prove a point, and it’s always weird to me. The first one that comes to mind is when she threatened to slit her throat in order to kill ultimate!Ric. It just never seems like the most effective or smartest thing to me. But this was great. This was Elena putting the Sals’ devotion to her on blast in a way she never has before. She’s done the “be a better man” thing with Damon and she’s used her influence on them to get one or both of them on board with her ideas (like teaming with Stefan to break Damon’s back), and of course she’s been throwing their devotion to her in their faces with her switch off, but with their willingness to hurt the people in her life in order to keep her alive, with her being alive (aka the bare minimum) being such an important thing to them, it’s the first time she’s acknowledged it like this. Like, “Yes, you’re not going to let me die. I know this, and I can do what I want with it.” Including making them look like fools.

    I want more of this because usually when Damon (it’s always Damon voicing it to Elena even though Stefan feels the same freaking way) talks about how Elena being alive is worth everyone she knows dying, Elena stares at him with a blank look as if it (and Bonnie being willing to do anything for her as well. And Matt too since this whole saved his life thing) has no effect on her and does nothing to/for her ego.

    So a big yes to Elena acknowledging through word and deed how many pillars she’s got in her corner when it comes to surviving, especially wrt the Salvatores.

    It’s so weird and also interesting that Elena, canonically-speaking, is cool as a cucumber with the Salvatores trying to make her fear them because she knows.they.won’t.let.her.die. Because they never have, and they’ve been making that clear to her over and over and over for the past year and some change. She knows where their priorities lie when it comes to her life (if not her well-being in the conventional sense), and those priorities don’t lie on letting her life end.

    I liked Silas chasing Bonnie all over the place, though I have things to say on how the writers portrayed him with Caroline, things that I will save for the podcast.

    I enjoyed Bonnie’s scenes. I hope like hell she’s playing Katherine. Katherine showed her whiteness when she was unwilling to pronounce Qetsiyah’s name correctly. “Qetsiyah? What a weird and strange name.” Yeah, I bet you can pronounce “Tatia.” -___-.

    Katherine should’ve asked Bonnie why Qetsiyah would listen to her (Bonnie), but that’d be asking relevant questions, and this show prefers the characters to be idiots so that their plots can work.

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