4.19: Who’s prom dress will be best and who will win prom queen?

As always, I will put up a poll about best dressed after the episode airs (instead of after I watch Bonnie’s scenes/the episode).



Extended Promo



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  1. Would you believe that this is the first time I’ve watched the promos? I watched the right before I made this post.

    So Stefan and Damon are going to remember they have a football.

    If Bonnie’s saying what she’s saying because Elena hurt her or was mean to her, then she better have hurt Elena back or was mean to her back. I don’t want her to be like, “If you do this again,” because that will just mean that the producers are going to fix Elena and Bonnie won’t get to do/say anything.

    And what does she mean by Elena’s gone? I see her standing right there, attitude and all.

    Have you guys seen the title for episode 21? It’s called “She’s Come Undone.” It reminds me of PLL’s (season 4 premier?) title: “She’s Better Now.”

    • You’ll have to watch the episode to find out, but suffice it to say it’s not while she’s on a shopping spree with her girlfriends.

      Does Elena….steal Caroline’s dress? That’s the first thing that came to mind when I read this sentence.

      I really do not like Caroline’s hair with that dress. And she has bad posture in that still.

      After years of being excluded from beauty pageants and parties,

      This is irritating because it’s false.

      Rebekah’s dress isn’t actually that bad. Why couldn’t we get a full shot of Bonnie’s? And is that a bow in Rebekah’s hair? Cause that might not work :/. *Looks at the next picture.* I don’t like what’s in her hair.

      *Sigh,* I wish there was a picture of Jeremy. ;___;.

      • Apprarently there is another promo going around and some people have said that Caroline was wearing the prom dress Elena is wearing first so it does look like Elena steals it.
        So she will go to Klaus for a dress? Seriously no words lol.

        Not really a fan of Rebekah’s dress, I agree about the bow/flower, it looks random.

        • Apprarently there is another promo going around and some people have said that Caroline was wearing the prom dress Elena is wearing first so it does look like Elena steals it.


          It really feels odd to me that Elena’s targeting Caroline so much. I know Plec said she’s going to be mean to everyone, but hasn’t she been way easier on the Salvatores than on Caroline (and I guess Katherine?) You’d think she’d target the Salvatore more if you’re looking at people who’ve done her the most wrong?

          • It’s really random, too. I’m guessing it’s just part of the constant hurt/comfort thing Julie has going on with Caroline.

          • This both cracked me up and gave me a full body shudder at the same time.

            At least it matches his atrocious white suit.

            • At least it matches his atrocious white suit.

              Lol it really does.
              I don´t want to speak too soon but it looks weird that he isn´t even here to dance with her at the prom, isn´t that “their thing” just like drinking alcohol?

              • Well, they have to get him to the point where he’s willing to leave her alone so that he’ll leave town, right? My theory is that he sees her with Tyler at the prom and realizes he has to let her get that out of her system before he has a chance with her, or else the unrequited stuff with Tyler would always hang over their heads and he could never be sure of her feelings. Of course, that would make SENSE, so probably not, LOL.

          • I’m trying to read Bonnie’s expression in that scene and she does look concerned and worried about Elena. I guess they’re going to write it as, “Elena’s not herself” or “Elena’s gone” so she won’t be held accountable for what she does while the switch is off?

          • I really hope they’re not at the Salvatore house.

            So Elena does steal Caroline’s dress. And will Bonnie just be decoration in that scene like she was during Girls Night Out? And will the scene start right when Elena walks up? Because that’ll be the second time they’ve done it this season, where we could’ve had a Bonnie/Caroline scene and instead they choose to start recording right when Elena walks up.

            What’s “months ago?” These people don’t have downtime. Well…Caroline has downtime. Elena and Bonnie don’t.

    • “A lot of the really hardcore, emotional stuff is happening to [Bonnie] this season, and a lot of it happens at the prom,” hints Leverett, who dressed the character in a navy blue chiffon gown by Theia. “She does a lot of walking around, with purpose, so we wanted it to be really pretty [as she moved].”

      This sounds interesting. Maybe Silas will appear to her as Jeremy?

      And what they mention about Caro finding her dress at the eleventh hour makes me really think that Elena is going to destroy her first prom dress and then she asks Klaus for help with finding a new one

      Oh good lord.

      • This sounds interesting. Maybe Silas will appear to her as Jeremy?

        Not here for it. If they’re bringing SM back, he better be playing Jeremy, not Silas playing Jeremy. I’ll be upset.

    • srsly tho why should they be allowed to remember a dead family member when everyone else forgets about them and who their murders were.

  2. Everything is just wrong, I don’t particularly like anyone’s dress. But also the styling is just off what is that in Rebeka’s hair? I don’t like Caroline’s dress it does nothing for her, it’s so straight up and down it doesn’t do good things for her body. Elena I don’t know if she is doing to much or not enough. Real high school students with shit budgets do better. You are a tv show they couldn’t do better.

    • I was surprised at the designer names they were throwing out (Armani? Really?). And then I side-eyed when the stylist said they usually dress the characters sexier. Where? When? Do “characters” stand for “Katherine?” Because these people don’t dress sexy. Their clothing are not really memorable. This is due in part to the dark as hell lighting, but also the apparent (to me) lack of full body shots.

        • I thought only the suits of the Salvatores are from Armani (the stylist said that: explains Leverett, who dressed both Salvatore boys in Armani tuxedos, but gave each of them their own signature cravat. ”Stefan’s a four-in-hand kind of tie guy, Damon’s more of a suave James Bond bow tie guy.”), the dresses are from designers that I never heard off.

  3. ;_______;

    But I’m not in the mood for tricks! It better be Jeremy as Jeremy and he better be alive. Remember I posited that the character who’d be missing for 5 episodes would be Jeremy? ;__;. Thirteenth Doctor and I talked about it a little on the podcast.

    • That doesn’t surprise me. Like some of the commenters said, the lack of post-“departure” interviews with Steven was really noticeable and they always interview people who leave shows or they make some kind of statement. Whether he stays is another matter, though.

    • I think it could go either way, either Silas!Jer or Jeremy as Jeremy. Would you still be opposed to the Silas option even if it gives Bonnie really great emotional material to work with? Because I think I saw some speccing about what could happen if he took Silas’s form and it sounded great.

      • Yes, I’d still be against it. Because Bonnie will realize it’s not Jeremy and then what? I want her to talk to Jeremy. Silas!Jeremy is like hallucination!Katherine telling Elena she’s been a bad friend to Bonnie: easily ignored and forgotten by the text. Silas already made Bonnie see Jeremy, and it worked fine the first time. I don’t want them to do it a second time :(.

        • I didn’t understand why fandom like that Hallucination!Katherine scene so much because it’s a scene that would only have had an impact if it was followed up, and it wasn’t followed up. It just made it easier for people to make excuses for why Elena doesn’t pay attention to Bonnie. I saw comments like, “Oh Elena feels guilty and ashamed and is subconsciously (because the hallucinations came from her subconscious) convinced that Bonnie hates her, that’s why she avoids Bonnie.” But she was fine telling Bonnie to get over her Damon issues at the sleepover, wasn’t she?

          I wonder if maybe they bring Jeremy back as part of the story of Elena turning her switch back on.

          • In my denial of Jeremy staying dead, that’s what I suspected. I said on the 4.16 podcast that, if we’re going with the explanation that Elena is keeping her switch off because of Jeremy’s death, then there’s no reason for her to turn it on for the next 15 years, at least, since she feels so ~strongly.

  4. Question: Do you know if there any big deaths coming up on The Vampire Diaries? —Audrey
    Nope, but I can tell you that next Thursday’s episode features another big return (in addition to this one), as well as a passing glimpse of Silas’ real face — rumor has it he looks a lot like an actor out of Atlanta named Scott Parks. However, don’t get too used to seeing Silas’ authentic self. According to sources, the erstwhile warlock will continue to do most of his dirty work in disguise.

    Question: When will Vampire Diaries start addressing the fact almost all of the core characters will be graduating high school in a few weeks? —Matt
    The G-word will soon become a big topic of conversation in Mystic Falls. “There’s going to be a lot of questions about, ‘Who am I? What am I going to do with my life? What am I meant to be? Where am I meant to go?’” previews exec producer Julie Plec. “All of our characters will be faced with that question as they make decisions about whether to stay or go, go to college, travel the world, break up, stay together. A lot of big, important life decisions as we say goodbye to the high school chapter of the show.”

    Source: http://tvline.com/2013/04/09/ask-ausiello-spoilers-on-glee-nikita-more/

    This show doesn´t even really try with Silas and with the real face of Silas. I couldn´t find a pic of the actor but his name sounds pretty beige. But then it looks like they don´t even care about his real face anyways.

    Those questions should have been asked at least at the beginning of the season and I thought that was what JP promised us but now in the last four episodes where they already waste one for the backdoor pilot, it is just too late. Also the applications for college should have been sent out already, right?

    • Why, why, why, why, why did he call Silas a warlock? That word hasn’t been used since season 2. When they identified Silas as a magical person, they called him a witch, not a warlock. I don’t want a witch/vamp. I hope JP’s not that desperate for “freshness.”

      JP’s been saying this since before season 4 started. Wanna bet “a lot of questions” will amount to one super obvious (and thus badly-written) episode?

      Also the applications for college should have been sent out already, right?

      Right. Instead they went to an island for like three days and then Elena took a trip to New York. Meanwhile Bonnie’s been accepting vampires into her house.

    • This show doesn´t even really try with Silas and with the real face of Silas.

      I’m guessing with all the extra regulars/recurring characters this season, they couldn’t afford to hire someone for Silas for more than an ep or two, and certain not a “known” face, and that’s why they have some guy who can take on other people’s forms.

  5. Got any scoop on The Vampire Diaries spin-off episode? — Jorge
    After Klaus and Haley’s hookup, Phoebe Tonkin’s casting on the spin-off makes a little more sense, but in the backdoor-pilot episode, we’ll discover why they’ll always be connected — and why Elijah is so damn happy about it.

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Glee-Greys-Spoilers-1063830.aspx

    What is even a Elijah? Why would he be happy about a connection to Hayley?

  6. They’ve casted Silas , and it’s a crying shame.

    This is the reason Qetsiyah was OTT angry? He looks like this? They should’ve let David Alpay continue to play him. David has curly hair and brown eyes. He’s White but at least they said Silas was just appearing at him. And if he was Silas at least he’s cute! Qetsiyah is Black and her native language is Aramaic (thanks to a friend I’ve decided that she’s from Ethiopia), and the dude she was crazy about, her best friend, etc, is white as snow, has blue eyes, and thin hair.

    It’s like I said wrt the oppression story on the Originals. JP isn’t interested in writing a storyline unless it’s about a white face.

    • Yeah, not impressed by this casting. Also somebody on fanforum said he is a bad actor.

      I had this horrible thought that they would bring back Matt Davis make Silas change his face and only appear as Alaric from now one, because it looks like we won´t see Silas real face for long (only some seconds/minutes next episode) … I still remember JPs interview where she said they would break any rule on this show to somehow bring Matt Davis or Alaric back.

    • Thanks, Kathrin! I wonder how many sentences Bonnie will get to share with Caroline before the other two show up. I really wish Bonnie wasn’t dress-shopping. This isn’t where she should be. But let me guess: they’ll say that Caroline dragged her there?

    • There was a small cute moment with Bonnie/Caroline but the scene was odd to me, Bonnie was barely present, the moment Elena/Rebekah walked in she was non existent and the whole ”Bonnie” and her following quickly bugged.

      I get Caroline wanting to have a night of fun/no worries but it is quite sad Bonnie has no one to talk about her magic it was brushed off as her grieving this is exactly why she turned to Shane/Silas.
      So could Jeremy be possibly trying to send a message? Really hope it has nothing to do with Silas getting into her head.

      The Elena mean girl act is annoying and why is Rebekah hanging out with her?

    • Thanks Kathrin!

      I’m pleasantly surprised that Bonnie is talking about Jeremy. And she’s been dreaming about him! ;__;. It really was a nice scene between her and Caro, and I’m glad that Bonnie, Matt, and Caroline are having a three-way date instead of Bonnie/Matt being dates. That said, Bonnie looked way too happy at certain points of this clip, but at least she’s saying things that has Caroline saying “You never got to say goodbye” and “You’re grieving” instead of it being summed up for me while Bonnie’s not there.

      Elena’s comment….whatever. Rebekah’s presence….whatever.

      Actually, on Elena “Hey, Bonnie, heard you got your mind wiped. That sucks.” Considering she’s had her brother’s mind wiped twice…..

      I won’t say anything about Bonnie literally “hopping to it” to follow Caroline when she called her name.

      • “No, it’s because you need a night off from mourning.”

        Caroline doesn’t know the first thing about magic (has never spent enough time with Bonnie so that maybe some knowledge would rub off), let alone Expression so why is she so positive that that’s why Bonnie’s setting couches on fire? Why didn’t Bonnie say, “Nah, I don’t think that’s it.”

        Caroline: “The three of us are gonna have the night of our lives.”

        Bonnie: :DDDDDDDDDDDD

        -_____________-. This is what I meant about her being too emotionally engaged. Why is she concerned about having the night of her life?

      • Do you think they are going to show those dreams or will they leave us with her just talking about it. Apparently Jeremy shows up again this episode, wondered how that could worked and feared Silas would show up with his face. Now it would make sense that he is in her dreams.

        Caroline doesn’t know the first thing about magic (has never spent enough time with Bonnie so that maybe some knowledge would rub off)

        And that´s so weird because I thought Caroline would be interested in it and they always try to show us how smart Caroline is and that she knows so many stuff (I get the feeling they especially do it when Klaus is around nowadays, see episode 14 and then episode 17 – they use it for bantering between them), Shouldn´t she be interested in Bonnie and what she is doing? She wanted to become a journalist, right?

        I like that the three of them are going together. But when I first saw the caps I thought that Caroline is talking to Bonnie to convince her to go to prom with her but it looks like she wanted to go there anyways. This is so ooc, not even after what we saw after Grams died but also in 4×02 where Bonnie was in her house for some days without even searching contact to the others (or them contacting her), but now she is eager to go to the prom. Meh.

        Also thought about Elena´s comment in regards to Jeremy. I don´t get why Rebekah is still hanging out with Elena.
        And like I speculated Bonnie and Rebekah were just decoration in that Elena/Caroline scene. All of them deserve so much better.

        And the editing of that clip is horrible. The different shots look so messy and then Bonnie looks like she is changing her position at least three times even though we know that she doesn´t move.
        Also before Caroline commands “Bonnie” (this show SMH) at the end Candice lips are moving but I can´t understand what she is saying.

        Another thing that came to my mind. Do you think they are going to let Tyler comment on Caroline´s dress? Because if Klaus really gives her the dress and then Tyler asks about it (do you think she would tell him what kind of dress she is wearing, because I could see her being like, my dress and your tie has to match) … how horrible is this going to be for him? His gf hangs out with the guy, he is running away from, and accepts his gifts. Still remember how he reacted when he saw the drawing.

        • Do you think they are going to show those dreams or will they leave us with her just talking about it.

          I don’t think they’re going to show it, but I’d rather they show him appearing in her dream than Silas wearing his face. I mean maybe Jeremy’s trying to communicate to Bon through her dream. I hate how they’ve executed it, but Bonnie’s talked about the spirits “sending” her dreams.

          Yep, she did want to become a journalist. And if nothing else, back in season 1 Caroline seemed to be more interested in Bonnie’s feelings and what she was doing than she was in Elena’s, so that right there is reason enough for her to have stuck close to Bonnie, hing out with her, and she’d end up knowing as much about Bonnie’s magic as Jeremy does. Right now, Jer still beats everyone in knowing the most.

          but now she is eager to go to the prom.


          Why did Elena even come to the dress shop?

          I think they’re going to let him comment on it. For dramuh.

  7. From a textual standpoint, it’s foul that Caroline’s like, “Prom should be about friends!” to Bonnie of all people and Bonnie’s nodding like “right on!” when, were it not for Tyler being run out of town, Caroline would be going to prom with Tyler. There would be no “what prom should be about.”

    It reminds me of the fans who are like, “Why should relationships matter?” when people complain about Bonnie’s love life (I’m not talking about the Bonnie fans who are all about relationships because I side-eye those people, too). I always think, “Quiet, because your fave is being presented in a romantic light, being presented as desirable, having romantic drama, etc.”

    They’ll say, “I wish the girls were less about boys,” and I’m like, “I hope Bonnie isn’t included in this because she already isn’t. Thanks.” Bonnie’s the one who’s most available for friendship stuff, but because Elena and Caroline are so desirable, it doesn’t happen.

    So Caroline’s going, “Friends is what prom should be about, not dates and romance and boys!” and Bonnie’s nodding like, “Totally” as if her behind has a choice in the matter. No, Bon. You’re predisposed to not having a date, romance, romantic angst, romantic drama, etc.

      • Thanks!

        I have to question if Bonnie is included in this, because I know these people love to forget that Bonnie exists when they do these write-ups. Why is Rebekah bothering to convince Elijah about anything? The guy disappeared from her life and has never tried to help her against Klaus.

  8. It’s interesting to me (it’s not) that the screwed up and all over the place Original family is loved in this Fandom while Bonnie’s parents are demonized, bashed, and said to not matter to her or her story in any way, because Abby left when she was little and Rudy stopped paying full attention to her for one year.

    But Klaus can’t stop stabbing Rebekah in the chest, he screams at her and makes her feel low; Elijah has never defended her ever or tried to help her out ever, I think the last time Elijah and Klaus had a full conversation where it was just the two of them was season 2 right before Klaus stabbed Elijah?

    But there’s all this love and expectations and disappointments for how the Originals are written.

    Meanwhile, it’s okay that Bonnie’s response to Abby getting killed was barely there and it’s okay that she hurt Abby to get out of the house because who is Abby to her anyway and why is Rudy trying to be in her life all of a sudden?

    But there’s such a thing as the writers doing Elijah/Rebekah, Rebekah/Klaus, and Klaus/Elijah, and even Klaus/Kol “wrong.”


    The Originals were barely built up as this tight-knit family. They had that one scene in the flashback where three of them promised to be together no matter what, but yo….there’s a reason why Elijah believed with all his heart that Klaus had killed them.

    Rebekah was ready to leave Klaus in the 20s, Mikael was trying to kill him, Esther wanted to kill them, Klaus killed Esther, they all wanted to stab Klaus, Kol almost daggered (or was it killed?) Rebekah, Klaus didn’t care that Finn died, Klaus stabs them whenever they disagree with him too much, Finn didn’t give a crap that Esther was going to kill the others because he felt they deserved it, didn’t Elijah threaten to hurt Rebekah if she hurt Elena? And now he’s going to have her scrounging to prove her ~worth to him because of this cure he just got his hands on.

    Tight knit? Because of that one scene where they were getting ready for the ball together?

    • I think there are always going to be people in every fandom who adore the villains and somehow identify with them and think that they are completely justified in everything they do (don’t get me started on the Slytherfen/DE fans in Harry Potter fandom ;-)), so Caroline becomes “judgmental” for not wanting her best friend to date her abuser or considered to be a hypocrite for judging Klaus, who has killed and torture thousands in his lifetime for fun, after she kills 12 to save her friend. A lot of people also have problems just admitting that they like something in spite of or because it’s problematic (or that they simply have a rape fantasy kink) so they try to come up with excuses why it’s OK for the characters to do what they do and how the victims are the ones in the wrong.

      A lot of it is just fans being gross, but the writing is so sloppy and lazy that it tends to support the “oh, these poor sad mens, forced to take out their manpain on the womens” interpretation. At this point, I don’t really give a shit about canon anymore, I’m just going to write the characters the way I think they should be. 😉

  9. Some spoiler from Carina about the prom: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/04/the-vampire-diaries-prom-spoilers-your-pictures-of-you-questions-answered.html

    Also some tweets from her aswell:


    In the mentions you also see that Caroline seeks him out, so that must be about the dress. As if she couldn´t speed into another town, compel somebody there to get a dress.

    • Elijah has decided to give her the cure, but only if she can go an entire night without using any of her vampire powers to prove that being human is what she really wants.

      What? How often does Rebekah use her powers anyway? The difference, especially for one night, won’t be that noticeable.

      I wonder what “way” Bonnie finds to enjoy prom. I wonder how many of the pictures will include Bonnie.

      Is Elena going to compel people to vote for Rebekah? Carina calls Rebekah Elena’s new roommate. Elena’s living with her now?

      Damn, so Silas is definitely going to appear as Jeremy.

      Yes! Bonnie gets a dance. In fact, Bonnie is pretty freaking spectacular in this episode. Kat Graham gives a standout performance as Bonnie rides a roller coaster of grief, anger, and power.

      God, I hope she’s not dancing with Damon. Carina and I have never been on the same wavelength about what constitutes Bonnie being ‘spectacular’ so this tells me nothing. It actually makes me a little afraid.

      If the prom episode is “basically Matt porn,” how good of an episode can it be, content-wise?

      I saw that Klaroline jab on Tumblr. I mean other than their first scene, every Klaroline scene plays out like it was lifted from bad fanfiction.

      Thanks for bringing these, Kathrin!

      • The difference, especially for one night, won’t be that noticeable.

        Yup and I can´t deal with Elijah who wasn´t even involved in getting the cure and didn´t have to work for it, just becomes it because of luck and then starts making demands. Rebekah should just steal it from him.

        Is Elena going to compel people to vote for Rebekah? Carina calls Rebekah Elena’s new roommate. Elena’s living with her now?

        If their is still vervain in the water then she shouldn´t be able to do that. And also speaking of vervain if Elena lives with Rebekah because that´s the impression I got aswell, what about the problem with the vervain in the water? I thought only the Salvatore bros have this fancy vervain filter.

        I think she is going to dance with Matt, therefore also the Matt porn comment, he is probably walking around everywhere also Zach mentions in that interview I linked to in the other comment that he has a hand in saving the day.

        I saw that Klaroline jab on Tumblr. I mean other than their first scene, every Klaroline scene plays out like it was lifted from bad fanfiction.

        Lol so true and it was written by Caroline Dries so we shouldn´t expect it any other, she was the one who introduced us to hummingbird and pony lover Klaus.

    • Look for some moments of pure Bonnie awesome that the show has been lacking for a while.

      God I reeaaaaly hope this doesn’t involve Bonnie being a doormat for the group.

      The Originals pilot is kind of set up at the end. This bit took me out of it a little bit, because it was clearly what sends Klaus off for whatever he does next week. It did feel a little tacked on, though.

      No surprise.

      Your character has had to deal with really tough scenes in Season 4.

      Like what? Lol.

      Alloy Entertainment: At the end of the day, Matt’s usually the hero.


      At this point, everyone’s done a bunch of messed up things so everyone’s conscience is clouded.

      Only because they refuse to freaking kill each other. This show is so boring.

      Aside from Caroline Forbes who has her mom, no one has any relatives left and we are essentially each other’s family.

      How about no? Bonnie has her dad.

    • So April’s a senior? Why was Elena babysitting someone who’s the same age as her? Is she gonna die in this ep?

      So Klaus doesn’t show up to prom? I thought he was in one of the stills?

      This person says Elena deserves to be called a bitch because she hit Damon where it hurt: his fee-fees.

    • Spoiler 4… I wonder if Matt is the regular whose life will be in danger. And in order to save him, Rebekah will have to use her vampire powers which will be a dilemma for her because she wants to ‘earn’ (rme) the cure. Of course, she’ll save him and this will change their relationship and make up for the fact that she almost got him killed in 3.22.

      • I wonder if Matt is the regular whose life will be in danger.

        I don´t think it is Matt but April who will be in danger and Matt saves her. I could see Elena attacking her and then comes in Elena´s humanity (according to Zach that´s what Matt is ;)) and saves her. Zach also mentions in his interview that he is part of “saving the day” in this weeks episode.

        • But didn’t the spoiler say that April’s life and the life of one regular will be in danger?
          I agree that Matt could be saving the day by essentially being Elena’s humanity, that is,talking her down or sth like that…

          • Did Zach not get the memo?

            Lmao. His interviews are always so awful to read, it just seems like JP is feeding him that he is of great importance and then the interviewers also come in with those questions and then he cooks up an answer.

            Also I don´t get why Matt should be more important than Bonnie and Caroline, not that we have seen much of their friendship on the show but the writers still want to sell it like they are best friends so why is Matt her “humanity”? Because he is the only human left?

            • Because he is the only human left?

              Yeah. They keep singing that song, but the show itself doesn’t even care. The writers keep putting “the only human left” in the cupboard. Matt almost had a storyline this season but it died off.

  10. “@julieplec @sexleyhalder the show is full of hook ups, we don’t need any more of them.”


    That’s my actual life, why would I write that? RT @sexleyhalder let 2 people be able to be friends without developing feelings & w/out sex.”

    Another JP gem on her twitter. So precious this woman.

    • It would’ve been nice if they’d said Caroline goes to the prom with two dates instead of putting it from the dude’s pov. I say Caroline and not Caroline or Bonnie because I know they’d never write something about Bonnie period.

      Jeremy’s a lock by now. I’m actually stumped on who the other three could be. Oh! Shane, of course. Two to go. I don’t want to name Alaric cause I’d hate to have to put up with him for two episodes.

      No, it’s not too spoilery. I’ve been reading and responding to the comments from my e-mail on my iPad lately and I don’t like approving comments from there. I’ll approve it when I get on the computer later tonight. I also still need to watch those two music vids you linked a while ago!

    • Jeremy, Alaric, Kol, and that Alexander dude (Rebekah’s hunter bf) have all been confirmed to be returning, no idea whether they return as Silas. So the Originals get to be taunted by two characters from their past, and then two for the whole rest of the cast (probably just Elena and/or Damon). I can’t remember if Arielle has been confirmed or if I dreamt that.

      • But Alexander is probably only going to be in the finale (because the actor was seen on set while shooting for the finale) also Connor will make an appearance. Lexi will be in the finale aswell, we are going to get a Lexi/Stefan scene.

        I think that at the prom he will probably use the faces of living people. I could see Jeremy being the only one that is dead but Alta just reminded me that also Shane could be another one. But tbh shouldn´t Silas be only interested in Bonnie and maybe one of the Originals who can get him the cure, so he should show up in scenes with Bonnie or Elijah/Rebekah? I don´t think it would be very helpful for him if he poses as somebody from the triangle.

        I could see him taking Matt´s face because I´m almost sure that Bonnie and Matt are going to dance and while they dance he will try to manipulate her again or something.

        • I still think that they’ll end the season with all the dead people coming back and dragging Silas off to supernatural hell. Then Damon will somehow end up taking the cure and next season they’ll give Bonnie’s plot to Elena and Elena and Damon will make that trip to supernatural hell and Bonnie and Damon make in the books.

        • Lexi will be in the finale aswell

          Nooooo! But hooray Connor! Remember when things were nicer at the beginning of the season? I miss his hotness.

          I still don’t know why Silas went after Klaus. What does he care?

      • I hope you dreamt about Arielle, omg. Enough.

        Why is Alexander returning? To taunt Rebekah? Ugh.

        I hear Klaus is going to be in the finale. I didn’t save the interview, but he’s going to be there -__-.

    • I love that these people can be counted on to mention Bonnie dead last. Everything everyone else is doing is always a lot more important.

      Thanks for bringing all of these, Kathrin!

      • Everything everyone else is doing is always a lot more important.

        This reminds me of something.
        Did you see the synopsis for episode 22? Because I just don´t understand why the most important part of the episode (Bonnie and Kat and whatever Bonnie´s plan is to take Silas out) is practically at the end and we are starting with Caroline/Elena/graduation stuff. I still remember when they introduced Klaus how everybody was on alarm about him showing up but here it seems like nobody cares about him. This is ridiculous.

  11. The Vampire Diaries’ prom is finally here! What can you tell us? —Cam
    If you thought you’d seen the worst from Elena, you were wrong. By the end of the episode, she’ll betray two people extremely close to her, one of them in the worst way imaginable.

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Castle-New-Girl-NCIS-Spoilers-1064131.aspx

    If this person means her playing the Salvatore brothers, then I can only rme. But I wouldn´t put it past them, they would think that Elena hurting Damons or Stefans feelings would be the worst.

    Also I saw another tweet of JP where she mentioned that we shouldn´t believe anything that comes out of Elena´s mouth this week, but wasn´t she the one that told us when this nohumanity!Elena stuff started that she will be brutally honest to everybody (and that would be the difference between her and Katherine) and now that she will probably hurt Damons and Stefans feelings for her, she is lying?

    • She’s already killed someone. What’s worse than that?

      but wasn´t she the one that told us when this nohumanity!Elena stuff started that she will be brutally honest to everybody (and that would be the difference between her and Katherine) and now that she will probably hurt Damons and Stefans feelings for her, she is lying?

      Yup, she was!

  12. “The prom is the quintessential high school dance. This is senior prom, the one everyone looks forward to, and our main character is the biggest bitch in the world right now – is this how we want Elena’s prom to be? But yeah, it wouldn’t be Vampire Diaries if it felt like a normal dance. We need to make it feel like a different version of the prom – the anti-prom, almost. There is a kind of Carrie-esque feel that we wanted to explore, with the Bonnie part.

    “There will be some interesting pairings, with regard to who dances with who – which might be teeing up some potential romances in the future. We get to meet Silas, the real Silas – or who we want you to believe at this moment is the real Silas. We have a special appearance by one of our favorite characters, who returns. Bonnie is exploring the next level of her magic. Poor Bonnie, when last we saw her, had forgotten a huge chunk of her past. Off-camera, Stefan had to tell her about Jeremy, so in this episode, Bonnie is really grieving Jeremy’s death. She goes to prom in an attempt to let go of some of the darkness and enjoy high school but of course, that’s not going to be possible. Then Caroline just wants to have a good prom. She puts on her game face, but of course, everything goes to ****. But at the end of the day, she ends up having the best prom of her life.”

    Caroline Dries speaks about the episode: http://www.fearnet.com/news/interview/exclusive-vampire-diaries-producer-caroline-dries-previews-tomorrows-episode

    That Silas part makes me believe that they still don´t really know what to do with him but they wanted to cast an actor for the last episodes to play him, but maybe over the summer if they decide they want to keep him on the show they will cast another person.

    • That Silas part makes me believe that they still don´t really know what to do with him but they wanted to cast an actor for the last episodes to play him, but maybe over the summer if they decide they want to keep him on the show they will cast another person.

      Pretty much.

      I think this is the most a producer on this show has talked about Bonnie in recent seasons. I hope the Carrie moment is good and not stupid. It’d be great if it was Bonnie responding to Elena’s shit.

      There will be some interesting pairings, with regard to who dances with who – which might be teeing up some potential romances in the future.

      God, I hope this has nothing to do with Bamon. That ship scares me to death. Bonnie’s characters is already in the dumps, writing-wise.

    • The CW’s teases about Bonnie sound awfully dire. What can you tease about her big discovery and her arc for the rest of the season?

      JP: Well, Bonnie’s arc is ramping up at this point towards the finale. She started the season gaining control over herself — or so she thought — by getting a lesson taught to her by the spirits about black magic. And in trying to get her basic sense of magic back, she got sucked into an even worse predicament. All those threats that Shane made before he was Silas-Shane were real: expression magic can consume you; you can lose control over it; it is not good or evil, the magic itself, it’s what you make of it and where you are . And with Silas in her head and wanting her to do that terrible thing by dropping the veil, she’s not in a good place and she doesn’t trust herself. And that lack of control starts to manifest itself in her magic as well.

      I’m never going to let go of the fact that the bold is how Bonnie’s magic originally started out before they put those unnecessary caveats on it at the end of season 3. I also still don’t know how Bonnie is practicing Expression since, now that the original 12 deaths were about dropping the veil, what they told is in 4.08 is no longer the case and Bonnie isn’t channeling 12 deaths to tap into this magic. Yeah, it’s internal. So was her other magic. So was dark magic. Expression is outside of Nature. How?

      That doesn’t sound pleasant. Now that the curse is in the hands of the Original family, how will it be impacting the sibling dynamic?

      JP: Oh, 100%. The prom episode is each sibling making their case to Elijah. Rebekah wants it for the reasons we know: she wants to be human. Klaus, of course, has been threatened horribly by Silas, and just wants to get this gnat, evil person off his back. They both make a strong case to Elijah, and the decision is ultimately in his hands. And so we’ll see how that plays out.

      But where did Elijah come from? So Klaus is going to make his case, too, but will Elijah put him through any tests?

      We’re going to have to have a “Donna Martin graduates” moment for these guys!

      JP: It’s funny, because we learn in episode 21 that Matt has been secretly struggling to get to the end of the year because all of these distractions have actually distracted him from school. So we made jokes in the writers’ room, “Donna Martin graduates! Let Matt Donovan graduate!” [Laughs]

      It’s basically paving the way for a tumblr and Twitter campaign to make sure he does graduate on time.

      JP: [Laughs] I would be disappointed if there wasn’t.

      They’re going to include a “someone is struggling in school” detail (it’s a detail not a storyline or arc), and they’re giving it to Matt? Matt? The student with the least supernatural burdens? Not Bonnie, or Tyler when he was here, or Elena? I don’t think Caroline would be struggling in school. She mostly opines on other people’s drama. Maybe she’d struggle after being tortured, but unfortunately she always bounces back from those in a way no one else does from anything else.

      Graduation is always a big deal for any show that starts in high school, for sure.

      JP: It means change. The more things change, the more they stay the same. We’ll see who comes, who goes, who never comes back. There’s all sorts of questions!

      She’s actually proud of this show.

  13. TEARS IN MY EYES!!!! BONNIE SMACKED ELENA DEAD TO THE GROUND! YEEESSSSS!!!! Elena thought she could try it, but how wrong she was.

    This was an enjoyable episode. Bonnie rocked!

    Bonnie has scored a Triangle of Doom hat trick! Got Stefan’s ass way back in season 1. Got Damon in seasons 2 and 3. Got Elena’s ass in season 4. Pow, pow, pow! Just went around that triangle and knocked them to the ground. Bee, double u, oh. BOW!

    I always wanted her to verbally tell Elena off for not being there for her and letting the Salvatores be her representatives. But since Elena has decided to stop using her words, there was no need for Bonnie to use hers either.

    • Everything you said Alta lol just want to add Bonnie also looked amazing while doing her thing lol.

      I dont know what Elena was thinking, so she has tried to kill Bonnie and Caroline and has not even done anything physical to the Salvatores ok.

    • I skimmed it, just read all the Bonnie parts. Don’t know what she means about Bonnie failing for seasons now, but she’s Carina.

      Caroline having no prom date is just too depressing to bear.

      Is it?

    • I can´t really agree with this:

      If there’s anything that this episode drove home, though, it’s that Elena really was the center of their little group. With her “gone,” everyone’s falling apart. Bonnie and Matt are hanging out by default. Stefan and Caroline are dreaming of life without Elena. Damon is reevaluating everything that’s happened to him in the last six months. It’s just kind of broken and sad.

      We never saw this group being so close and especially not Elena keeping this group together. Of course she is the female protagonist and therefore connected to everyone but most of those characters have relationships with each other without Elena being involved with it. And I for sure not think that Elena kept them sane or something. Maybe the Salvatores and even that´s debatable but Bonnie, Matt, Tyler and Caroline can live on even without Elena.

      • Agreed. Bonnie and Matt aren’t hanging out by default. With her switch on, Elena would’ve gone with either Stefan or Damon. Bonnie and Matt would’ve still ended up going together. Not to mention, Bonnie and Matt spoke before Elena turned her switch off. No one keeps this group together, that’s one of the frustrating things. Carina is making stuff up.

  14. All these dances show every single time that Caroline isn´t even needed or the writers just don´t want to make her relevant for the plot. She was only there to have scenes with all the males except for her date Matt. She left just before Bonnie came in with the talk about Silas.

  15. The first time Bonnie reacts (reacts) to Jeremy’s death, someone is plopped into the narrative to tell us that she’s losing control. Her emotions are manifesting in magic, Nature, and Silas tells her she’s losing control and tells her to calm down. Don’t be too emotional, basically.

    And Silas keeps telling her this (wearing Shane’s face).

    Actually, it started way back when Bonnie found out about Shane’s lie and she got pissed. And he said that she was losing control (considering Bonnie was willing to kill Shane later, though….).

    Silas keeps over-inflating his importance.

    So in this episode, he’s using the same schtick, but I believe he makes a mistake. He tries to go for the double whammy: not just telling Bonnie she needs him by appearing to Bonnie as Shane (control) but he uses her emotional drive, the one that started all of this, the one that gave Silas an in, so to speak: (Jeremy). He appears as Jeremy while spouting stuff about control and bringing Jeremy back.

    And I’ll insert something about how ridiculous it is that they’re still not acknowledging that Silas is the one who killed Jeremy.

    Anyways, he’s wearing Jeremy’s face but spouting stuff that Shane (who lied to her and used her) and Silas would say. The last time Bonnie saw Jeremy, one of their exchanges included Jeremy telling Bonnie that she’s in control.

    But here, his face and voice is telling her that she’s not, that she’s running the risk of losing it, of hurting herself and others, etc. And that was not clicking for Bonnie.

    Silas made a mistake by appearing as Jeremy and spouting things that Jeremy would not say: basically doubting Bonnie’s ability to handle her own magic. Like, he wasn’t worried about her hurting herself like Jeremy has been, he was trying to drive it into her skull that she will hurt herself and her only hope is to let him in her head, listen to him, do what he wants, etc. That’s never been Jeremy.

    And so Bonnie gets emotional, but, unlike before, Silas pointing this out to her doesn’t scare her. She isn’t scared of hurting those around her or herself (actually, there wasn’t anyone around her at the time, but it was the same in the woods). She gets more emotional, the more Silas keeps talking to her with Jeremy’s face. Because she’s pissed that her memory’s gone, that Jeremy’s dead but she can’t remember how it happened, how she felt (or the danger that SHE was in, because Stefan didn’t know that part), and at the same time she’s dreaming of the last thing she said to Jeremy even though she doesn’t remember saying it. And Elena just tried to kill her at prom.

    She gets more emotional until she’s screaming, and Silas (with Jeremy’s face) goes away.

    It happens again after Elena attacks her: she’s emotional, but she’s being told not to own her emotions, that she’s out of control, that she’s only hurting Elena because she’s out of control, not because she’s defending herself (do they think “in control” Bonnie would’ve just let Elena kill her?), and she doesn’t listen. Doesn’t calm down, doesn’t let their fears or misreading of her powers/emotions get to her. She speaks and tells them that she knows what she’s doing.

    Aside: The Salvatores. Especially Stefan. He’s just going around telling Elena and Bonnie that they’re not themselves. He’s told Caroline that Elena’s not herself, told Elena that she’s not herself, and told Bonnie that she’s not herself. Had Bonnie stuck around, he was going to tell Bonnie that Elena isn’t herself and that’s why she attacked her. Bonnie called Elena a shell of herself, but Bonnie was saying that after her own personal experience with Elena. It’s one thing for her to say it (however erasing of Elena’s culpability it might become), but it’s another for Stefan to be telling her (and Caroline) how to read their own experiences.

    Anyways, I like that difference between 4.15 and 4.17, and 4.19. I’m erring on the side of calling it growth, because, you know, this show. They could do something later to knock the pins down. But yes.

    And I can’t get over the last scene between Bonnie and Silas. In episodes 15 and 17, he was talking down to Bonnie. He was all, “You will do it” and getting impatient in ep 17 and going, “We’ve been over this” and “why am I here?”

    Bonnie screams at him to get out of her head and sends him away and finds him, and when she tells him to show himself….he comes out. No bullshit. Not anymore.

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