Movie Adventures: Oz, the Great and Powerful

A departure from JAJP’s regular schedule. I went to see Oz: the Great and Powerful with my sister, Janine. Here are our thoughts.

Spoilers abound so that you don’t have to spend your money!

Movie 1


5 thoughts on “Movie Adventures: Oz, the Great and Powerful

  1. JANINE!
    OMG that’s my aunts laugh.
    Why would you see Mama …:\
    I don’t care about this white man
    huh … like that. what’s like that?
    China Girl? A monkey? WTF is this movie?
    You two. I miss this on the podcast.
    I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.
    The movie needs to be about him because he’s a white man. duh
    You need to watch Wicked if you wanna know about the witches (I haven’t seen it either)

    “I feel like stuff got serious when she became that green thing.” Best.
    I don’t understand … bitch. *dance*
    Janine likes witches too.
    Does her hat count? Did mila have a hat? :\
    Alternate universes where the tornado was the doorway.
    J “You didn’t get?” A: No gurl!
    There has to be a movie before this. NO!
    What? the maker of this movie is basic as hell.
    bootleg lol yes.
    just listen to this review.
    “Nobody’s going to remember this movie in two years”
    “Not even next week girl …”
    Gosh I miss your laugh, Alta.
    Janine, come back!

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