Scandal 2.12: The One Where Liv Reaches Her Limit*

“And now we’re the bad guys, and I don’t know how to fix that.”

This episode was very satisfying in terms of the Olivia character. It gave me something I’ve been waiting for but didn’t think I would get. Olivia finally had enough. She’s not wonder woman; she’s not a robot. She has her limit (thought she might not know it), and she reached it here. It was so bad that she retired to her house and didn’t sleep for a whole day. She could barely speak! She was completely out of it, and I think this turn of events was needed. She basically spends all of her time on the alert. She has a stressful job and a stressful non-relationship relationship. She lies all the time; she lives in crisis mode. Her whole life is about putting on a front. Olivia has no reprieve. None. She uses her job to get away but not in the sense that it relaxes her (though she loves what she does) but because it’s a stressful distraction from other stressful situations (the Quinn thing, her affair with Fitz, and the election rigging).

“You’re not yourself. The man you loved almost died. You haven’t had a chance to process that yet.”

And Cyrus was right. Fitz’s near death experience broke Olivia’s back. She could barely worry over him almost dying (like Mellie could) because she’s his mistress. They dress it up on the show sometimes, but she’s his mistress. That means her worry over him does not get recognized. She had one moment in Mellie’s (or was it his and Mellies?) closet where she cried but after that she presented a professional, detached front. She hasn’t even had a serious conversation with Fitz about how she feels with regards to almost losing, which I find a little strange. But that’s kind of Olitz for you. In this same episode, Fitz never quite asked Olivia what was wrong. He just told her to wait for him, no matter what she was feeling.

Huck came to see her, which was nice. I almost side-eyed him because I thought he got on her bed with his shoes on, but I was mistaken. Olivia reminding him that killing people is bad was pretty funny. He gave her the correct answer like he was a child who was trying to remember what letters come after H-I-J-K.

Once Huck revealed that Cyrus has a guy from B-613, it was time for Liv to get herself out of bed. This conversation didn’t continue like I thought it would. I thought Olivia was going to find out about Cyrus’ involvement with Amanda Tanner. After all, Huck tortured Charlie himself in order to find out where Amanda’s body was. I had to remember that Huck has no idea that James was working under Cyrus’ orders. Still. Is it really that hard of a leap to make? It must be.

I did like Huck saying that Cyrus is not in Olivia and Huck’s circle. He’s in Huck’s circle alone.

Once Olivia got on her feet, she made quick work of getting Hollis caught. And she made it clear that she was ready to lose everything if it meant righting a wrong, the wrong being the people who were murdered (and Fitz’s shooting), not the election-rigging, a take that is different from Verna (more on that in the next episode).

“Get your house in order Cyrus and hire a lawyer.”-Olivia

Yes! I was very proud of Olivia. The scene where this line is delivered, her whole attitude, it made me proud of liking her. I liked her conviction and her willingness to pretty much inflict the comeuppance on herself. Her conviction pretty much flatlines in the next episode for a reason that I’m not completely sure makes sense, but that’s for the next review.

Harrison is still on Team Olivia:

“That white hat was starting to feel like it was alive.”

“Hey. That white hat will always belong on your head.”

Awww. Their scenes always delight me.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Associates played a game of Truth in order to help Olivia. They turned Olivia into a client because they received news from Edison that Olivia wasn’t budging from her bed. Everyone found out that it was Huck who created Quinn, and they realized it was Verna who kept Quinn from being hanged. Abby confessed to sleeping with David and knowing that it was Hollis Doyle who framed Quinn, which lead to the Associates realizing that Fitz’s election is a sham and Olivia was part of it. That was pretty sad. Their hero was cut to size in front of them.

Question: Why was Quinn shocked that Abby was sleeping with David? Why does Quinn think they were friends like that? I’d understand if it was Harrison sleeping with David, or Olivia sleeping with David, but it’s Abby? Does she not remember telling Abby to screw herself? Abby never hid the fact that she was not here for Quinn.

The Monologue of the Episode (I should make that a thing) goes to Mellie:

“You’re supposed to hate the woman, isn’t that the standard trope, the seductress, the slut, the tramp who led your man astray? And I do. I loathe Olivia Pope. But it’s a boring sort of hate. Uninteresting, cliché, it’s hard to even get my back into it. But Fitz?

I found him. I cleaned him up after that monster who raised him damaged his spirit. I am the one who told him he was someone. I am the one who cheered him on and listened to him ramble about his hopes and his dreams. I am the one who focused him. I did all the work. I did all the work, and now she gets to reap the benefits? No, no! I made him. He exists because I say he exists!”

I love Mellie to pieces. To pieces! But I do realize that everything’s not completely alright in her cranium. The woman induced her labor to keep Fitz from divorcing her and ruining his and her political career. That is not the move of someone who is completely okay. It’s almost hilarious. I just….she leaves me with my mouth open. It’s part of her charm, I suppose.


  • Becky first saw Huck two years ago when he saved Quinn.
  • Huck still loves Becky. It’s kind of sad. “Because I gave you my name. You’re the only person I can be myself with.” Man, that’s pretty heavy. I wondered if maybe he said all of that in order to trick her, but I think this show is good enough so that Huck bared himself in order to get what he wanted from Becky. I wonder if this is the last time we’ll see her.
  • Hollis isn’t the one who hired Becky!!!! I did not see that coming. I wasn’t ready for it, and I didn’t even bother to guess. I was too thrown.

On to the next review!

*Episode Title: Truth or Consequences


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