4.16: I’m on a mission to quit this show. And that one still with Jeremy’s picture is only helping.



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99 thoughts on “4.16: I’m on a mission to quit this show. And that one still with Jeremy’s picture is only helping.

    • Do you mean Damon? If so, DUUUUH

      I was very pessimistic in the beginning but this season has given Bonnie decent material. If they continue to do so, would you still quit?

      • Oh, I didn’t realize I left out the name. Not Damon. Elena.

        Decent material would include: letting her bring Jeremy back OR let her grieve him appropriately and then quit helping the gang. Those are the only two realistic choices I see for the Bonnie character. Because she isn’t a robot. And SINCE her life is no longer about keeping innocent people from getting hurt, I don’t know why she’d want to keep doing this.

        Oh and also: NOT doing Bamon.

  1. The synopsis for episode 17 is out: http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/02/the-vampire-diaries-episode-417-because.html

    Feel free to discuss it here.

    I can’t believe Lexi is going to be back AGAIN.

    and Bonnie (Kat Graham) struggles to keep her grasp on reality and do the right thing.

    Hmm. I’ll see. I feel like “keep her grasp on reality” is the wrong wording. What’s unrealistic about her killing 12 people to bring down the veil? Isn’t everyone worried because it’s VERY realistic?

    It sounds like the important plots will be Stefan/Caro/Klaus and Bonnie/Silas. Delena’s roadtrip, Rebekah, the flashbacks, and (of course) Lexi, doesn’t sound necessary to anything.

    • What a coincidence that Rebekah finds Delena in New York. Not that this is somekind of a big city or anything.
      This show loves its Delena roadtrips. Wonder what they will retcon this time in their flashbacks.

      I wonder what JPs new OT3 is going to do if they track down Silas … they don´t have anything to kill this guy. If I was more interested in Silas I would be really excited for his first confrontation with Klaus … but with the shows record in two episodes the Salvatores are probably able to overpower this 2000 years old vampire anyways.

      Also if they know that Silas basically needs Bonnie to do everything and he has no power, wouldn´t it be smarter to watch over Bonnie and see if Silas contacts her. If I were Silas I would try to have my eyes on Bonnie so that I can interfere if anything happens and somebody tries to speak with her about this plan with completing the expression triangle.

      • What a coincidence that Rebekah finds Delena in New York. Not that this is somekind of a big city or anything.


        but with the shows record in two episodes the Salvatores are probably able to overpower this 2000 years old vampire anyways.

        Right? Smh.

        If I were Silas I would try to have my eyes on Bonnie so that I can interfere if anything happens and somebody tries to speak with her about this plan with completing the expression triangle.

        You would be smart. You know that, in most cases, TVD villains can only sound smart. And then we meet them and it all goes to crap.

      • Wonder what they will retcon this time in their flashbacks.

        I’ve been expecting them to retcon Damon’s motives for having killed Lexi to something more “justified” for a while now (especially after it was heavily implied that Lexi used to torture Stefan to deprogram him).

        • Have you seen the stills for ep 17? I’ve prepared myself to learn that Damon and Lexi used to sleep together. Smh.

          Considering Lexi was being unnecessarily mean to Damon almost since she met him, I’m surprised he didn’t try to kill her sooner. Smh.

  2. I’m wondering something.

    If you guys remember from the podcast, there was a stretch of episodes (7-9) where I personally became tired of the Bonnie/Shane story. I was losing patience and starting to side-eye because it felt like Shane was getting all of these scenes and being in these episodes that bonnie was missing. And when she was in them, he didn’t interact with her, he interacted with the main mains. I was like, “Shane is supposed to be an apendage to Bonnie, why is she turning into an apendage to him?”

    It got fixed in the second half. Bonnie found out, and she was back at the forefront with Shane being here to affect her and not the other way around.

    Well Shane is gone now.

    Silas is here.

    Silas is a vampire. Yeah, he’s interacting with Bonnie now, but he’s a vampire. The big bad (for now. Honestly, are they going to introduce someone else in the episodes that are left?).

    Since Silas is a vampire, might Bonnie’s role in the story get smaller? Because vampire enemies are Salvatore territory, no matter how they get their start. So I wonder if we’ll see Bonnie becoming smaller and smaller as the Salvatores become bigger and bigger in order to interact with Silas.

    Remember when killing Klaus was Bonnie’s mission in the second half of season 2? She had her own stake in that story. Her own pov, everything. But as soon as season 3 came and Klaus became a regular, and he became the main baddie for a long time, Bonnie was written to forget about that mission so that Stefan and Damon (and Elena) could benefit from interacting with Klaus. In season 3, Bonnie took a back seat (which she didn’t have in the second half of season 2) and strictly followed Salvatore orders on how to deal with Klaus. She didn’t have a single original idea (until ep 21); she just put Stefan’s ideas into action.

    Will the same thing happen with Silas? I wonder.

    I wonder if Silas interacting with Bonnie is just a stepping stone until they can fade her out and fade the Salvatores in.

    I bet they’re figuring out how to tie Stefan or Damon or both (or maybe even Elena) to Silas so that the Trio will actually have something to say to Silas. Cause right now they’ve got nothing. Silas has no reason to give anyone who’s not Bonnie the time of day.

    Why would Silas have a conversation with the Salvatores right now?

    Bet JP’s trying to change that.

    Already they have her as the least aware person wrt Silas. It makes sense because she’s grieving. They could take the time to show her slowly realizing that Shane is actually dead and she’s talking to Silas (I say on the podcast that I feel like there’s a part of her that knows, by the time he met her on her porch steps, that it’s Silas and not Shane). They could have her realize it and either: 1) continue to try to bring down the veil because it’s what she wants, or 2) ditch Silas and find another way (I believe there’s another way. There SHOULD be another way) to bring Jeremy and only Jeremy back. I mean she’s going to spend some time at home in episode 17. She’s going to meet Aja, which means she’s going to be away from Silas. They could use that time to have her realize it and still have her be the lead of her own story.

    But this show doesn’t like to take it’s time with anything except the main triangle.

    We’ll see.

    But this show has shown that when most of the group says you’re out of your mind, you’re usually literally out of you mind and need to be fixed/stopped. Elena is a recent example. Caroline thought she was crazy, and it turned out there’s a sire bond in place.

    I really hope this isn’t about the degenerate group “saving” Bonnie. I don’t think that’s what the story’s focus should be.

  3. Why did the witches Kol met fear Silas? Why? He’s just a vampire. This show will tell us that the witches created things like the vampires, but they won’t write the witches to act like their kind created things like the vampires.

    Like, a group of witches fearing Silas is ridiculous to me. No witch is scared of Klaus. Bonnie isn’t; Gloria wasn’t, and Greta made him. Oh and Esther made him, too. Even after he killed her, she wasn’t scared of him.

    Who is Silas?

    They just need to set Silas on fire. Or desiccate him. Or seal him some place.

    There are options.

    As it is, Silas is projecting (?) himself as Shane. Vaughn was saying that he’s still on the island which I think was legit.

    If they tell me Silas can walk in the sun…..*Sigh*

    Can we meet an old vampire who walks the night already?

    • I don´t get it … when Kol talked about this I still thought Silas is an immortal warlock but now with him having no powers I just don´t know why the witches would fear him …. they should fear the Bennett witches then who are able to drop that veil if that´s what they are really afraid of.

  4. Good luck with your mission.

    Now that Jeremy’s gone, the writers can have a clean cut with highschool, since Jeremy would have been the only character not to graduate this season.
    Do you think that the writers are going for a complete change of scenery for S5? By this I mean, have the series not take place in Mystic Falls. I feel like the writers have been burning a lot of bridges in the last couple of eps – got rid of the Gilbert home, killed Carol Lockwood which means they got rid of the Lockwood mansion as a location for the MF town events/festivities. That makes me wonder.

    Concerning Bamon… I feel like it says a lot about these writers that they seem to become interested in this ship once the characters’ snark is no longer mutual and it’s just Damon bullying Bonnie. Idk. What would be their incentive for doing that ship anyway? I don’t get it.

    • Thank you!

      You’re right. He would’ve been the only link to high school. Now that he’s dead, the writers can make everyone……stay right where they are in Mystic Falls because this isn’t Buffy or Smallville and these kids are not going to move into dorms. *Sigh.*

      Hmm. I don’t know. If they do a change of scenery, they’re going to change a lot about the show. By change of scenery, do you mean moving to a new town? Because then they wouldn’t have the crutch of “town events.” I also feel like they’d have to cut down on the flashbacks. They’ve made the show so myopic that it’s hard to imagine the writers being able to mine stories in a different town. What will they fall back on? We’ve asked, “Are there any towns outside of MF” for a reason.

      What would be their incentive for doing that ship anyway? I don’t get it.

      “Why not?” That’s probably their incentive. “Why not?” It’ll be bullshit because the (correct) logic JP used for not doing Kennett totally applies to Bamon.

      • By change of scenery, do you mean moving to a new town?

        Yes, that’s what I meant. I wondered if the writers might have realized that they’ve done the most with MF. That there’s not much left after they’ve made it the hometown of the Originals. And that they might want to start fresh with a new town – new mysteries, a new town history they could tell in flashbacks (although they seem quite content with Salvatore-focused flashbacks, rme), new connections (because there would be connections) and new town events (because there would be). But then I realized they would never let go of the Salvatore boarding-house, lol. And you’re right, this show is so myopic that it’s hard to imagine that the writers would go for telling stories that wouldn’t be as much about their protagonists (esp. the Salvatores) as the stories in Mystic Falls.

        “Why not?” That’s probably their incentive.


        And probably “It’s a fresh idea.”

  5. Question: Any scoop on the upcoming Klaus sex scene on The Vampire Diaries? —Holly
    There will be blood ink. Teases exec producer Julie Plec of the anticipated coitus session in Episode 16 (airing March 14): “I will say that Joseph Morgan has some tattoos that I didn’t know he had until shooting this scene.” (BTW, Plec wouldn’t say if his partner in fornication was someone we’ve met before).

    Question: Can you give us any Vampire Diaries scoop on Silas? —Holly
    Plec will eventually put a face to the name, telling TVLine, “We do plan at some point to meet the real Silas.”

    Source: http://tvline.com/2013/02/26/greys-anatomy-season-9-glee-quinntana-spoilers-ask-ausiello/?utm_source=sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=spoilerscastingsscoopsalert

    There is also a spoiler for Elijah but I was just too lazy to copy and paste that one aswell, lol.

    • Wait, Klaus is having sex in episode 16? I thought it was either episode 18 or 19.

      Silas is going to be a hot mess. I feel it.

      Question: Any scoop on Elijah’s Vampire Diaries return? —Jessica
      Ausiello: Plec confirms that viewers will get “a little Elijah flavor” before the planted Originals spin-off airs in April. “It’ll be fun to have him back in our Mystic Falls universe,” she adds. “We finally get a sense of what he’s been doing during his whole absence from our world.”


      • Wait, Klaus is having sex in episode 16? I thought it was either episode 18 or 19.

        I thought so too … and then the heavy promoting of Klaroline on twitter (I don´t know if you saw his tweets were he teased Klaus/Caroline scenes) and in his interviews by Joseph. I thought it is going to be Caroline for a second.
        But now if it is really ep. 16 it can only be Hayley, right? But why? Why her … we haven´t seen that girl since episode 9 and now she comes back for a sex scene? And no confrontation with Tyler after what she did to him and the pack. This show is ridiculous.

        Silas is going to be a hot mess. I feel it.

        And if they are just planning to show his real face then they haven´t even casted him. So how long is this guy going to stay? Does this mean, that the group graduates in episode 23 and Silas is still walking around?



        • I didn’t see the teases on Twitter.

          Hayley isn’t mentioned in the synopsis for this ep, but I guess it doesn’t mean she won’t make an appearance. I get casual sex, but the last interaction Hayley had with Klaus before she ratted Tyler out was when he was killing Chris in front of her. There are so many loose ends wrt Hayley. She sold Tyler out and then the writers threw offscreen. We still don’t know if she REALLY cared about the Hybrids she was shown crying over.

          Yep, they haven’t even casted him yet.

      • Silas is going to be a hot mess. I feel it.


        An indication for this is that they’re the doing the same things with him they did with Klaus in late S2.

        • It really is similar to what they did to Klaus. Let’s see: Klaus found a way to interact with the group without showing his face; Silas has found a way to interact with someone from the group without showing his face. Klaus’ method led to a big reveal for his face; Silas’ method led to a big reveal for his face. Even Katherine being involved is similar, though it’s in a shallow way.

          • One difference is that Klaus’ woobie backstory was revealed in S3 when the writers wanted to humanize him. When it comes to Silas, I feel like the ingredients are already there. The writers only need to cook the woobie soup, so to speak, lol.

    • Lol I saw the pics and first thought it is either Katherine or candids from Nina.
      Only switching off her emotions was needed to make her change her hairstyle. Smh.

      How are they going to do those doppelgänger-shenanigans they love to do now? Is Katherine going to dye her hair aswell?

      • I thought it was a candid of Nina at first, too. Lol.

        What if Elena only has the streaks in her hair for this episode alone? -___-. This show is so heavy handed. “She’s reckless now, so we’ll put red steaks in her hair!”

        • I think the streaks will go the way of Rebekah’s viking feather.

          Is that really a picture of Elena’s outfit? The boots don’t fit to the rest of her outfit. It looks awkward. Which… I would like it, I think, if there was an element of awkwardness to switched off!Elena because regular!Elena often comes across as awkward too and so it would be something character specific (as opposed to ‘all switched off vampires are so cool and bad-ass’ which the show seems to be going for).

          • Lol.

            TvGuide (I think) says it’s Elena. Some people said she doesn’t look like she knows where she’s going: the boots and her hair vs. the jeans and her jacket make it look like she’s dressed for separate events. Lol.

            Oh my God, what if Elena is as (unintentionally) awkward in this outfit as she was at the bonfire in season 3? I’ve said before that Nina seems to have trouble playing an Elena who is having fun.

            • I guess it would have to be unintentional since JP already said that Elena would be like Katherine.

              I just thought of all the hate Elena would be getting if she’s unintentionally awkward. “Even switched off!Elena is lame”, “Katherine is so much more bad-ass” blah blah blah :/

  6. What can you say about Vampire Diaries’ return next week? — Harlan
    The new and maybe not so improved Elena is going to be one feisty vampire. Not only will she taunt both Salvatores with her nakedness (sounds a little Katherine-esque, right?), but she’ll get in a major fight with her BFF Caroline. And we’re not talking a war of the words, but an all-out physical brawl. Who do you think wins?

    SOURCE: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Revolution-Bones-Spoilers-1062244.aspx

    So instead of beating up the Salvatores because they deserve it … we are going to see her fighting with Caro. Smh.

    • I’m guessing the writers will actually let Caroline kick her butt? You really never know with these writers. Will it be more important for them to show Elena as a badass? Although really, Caroline is only like 5 months older than Elena. How much could that possibly mean in the strength department?

      Thanks for bringing this over, Kathrin.

      • But the episode was written by Michael Narducci and wasn´t he the one, who wanted Elena to get stuff done … maybe he will let her beat Caroline. Also I don´t think he is the biggest fan of Caroline. The episodes he wrote, her purpose was mostly non-existent or Caroline wasn´t even in the episode. Except maybe for 3×15.

        How much could that possibly mean in the strength department?

        Not much especially because we saw Caroline being able to beat up vampires that were many years older than her. It´s probably the question who of the two girls is more “angrier”

        • I also think Caroline would possibly hold back since she cares about Elena and wouldn’t want to hurt her, whereas Elena has flipped the switch and just wouldn’t care.

          • I wonder if Caroline still has some frustration to let out about Elena leaving her baby Stefan out in the cold. If they’d fought around episodes 7 and 8, I would have said that Caroline would try to get some licks in.

        • But the episode was written by Michael Narducci and wasn´t he the one, who wanted Elena to get stuff done … maybe he will let her beat Caroline.

          Ooooh you’re right.

          Narducci’s lack of caring about Caroline amuses me, especially considering how JP views her as the second female lead. Keep doing your thing, Narducci.

          It´s probably the question who of the two girls is more “angrier”


    • I just read that and was coming to post it here.

      Is she really that excited about all of this? If she wanted Elena to have a new wardrobe, she could’ve done it, oh I don’t know, after Jenna died and Elena became an orphan? Whatevs.

      • That´s what I thought aswell.

        Here is the webclip:

        On a none-dialogue related point, am I the only one who thinks that the blue hairbow doesn´t match the cheerleader uniform?

        Also how is she able to drink the blood bags, because if the people who are from MF donate blood the vervain would also be in the blood, right?

        • Lol. It doesn’t match.

          She says she’s not drinking from the blood bags. I imagine, though, that the blood supply the hospital currently has is vervain free. How many people could have donated blood since Rudy started putting vervain in the water?

              • But somebody stole the blood bags, so do you think it was Silas?

                I wonder if he is affected by vervain. I remember Rebekah said that the Originals were affected by vervain because the plant grew at the base of the white oak which Esther used for the spell to turn them immortal, but we don´t know much about the spell Qetsiyah performed to turn Silas immortal. If it is just the same, why did she need expression, when Esther could use the “traditional” magic.

  7. The webclip is out. The link is in the post!

    Isn’t that an adult standing behind Elena and Stefan while she’s got her leg around his neck on school property?

    “Look Elena, I know what you’re going through. I was having the time of my life when I first turned, too.” Is Stefan confused? Does he thing he’s in episode 4 or 5 or something? Elena is like this because her brother is dead and you and your brother turned her feelings off. She didn’t just decide to have the time of her life. He actually has NO idea what she’s going through.

  8. Elena’s “Maybe this is the better version of me,” is achingly pointless. It’s just like when she said, “This is who I am now” in episode 7. It isn’t her. She’s under the influence. Worse than that, it’s only temporary. She said “this is who I am now” back in episode 7 yet in episode 15, she was like, “Everybody’s doing this cause I can’t handle being a vampire.” Now she’s saying this is the better version of her, but she didn’t choose this version of herself, one. Two, the point of this whole thing is to give us a “new” Elena for a couple of episodes before the writers turn her switch back on.

    I don’t think she’s had a true moment of introspection since she turned, not when it comes to who she is (it’s clearer wrt her feelings for Damon because those existed pre her becoming a vamp), because since she’s turned she’s been “like this” because of someone else (Damon).

    • Was Klaus ever really looking for Katherine? I mean he did nothing.

      Look at Damon mentioning Hayley’s betrayal. Remember when that was Tyler’s story?

      • Look at Damon mentioning Hayley’s betrayal. Remember when that was Tyler’s story?

        And because of her telling Klaus about the hybrids, he started his revenge on Tyler with killing his mom, but no we don´t get any confrontation but a comment by the guy who didn´t even talk to Hayley once, or did I forget one Damon/Hayley scene?

        I still remember the time when I thought she was Tyler´s half-sister, do you think they even planned that or do you think they dropped it along the way?

        Also how is it possible that Damon walks in the door and basically humilates Klaus in his own house and Klaus doesn´t even react? That´s unbelievable, why is Damon always able to go against people who are so much stronger than him but never gets his ass kicked.
        Why isn´t Klaus attacking him or trying to kill him? I would maybe get it if its Stefan because of their past friendship I guess, but why doesn´t he just kill Damon? He doesn´t need this fool, in the end he could get his cure, take Stefan and Elena and leave the town, no need for Damon.

        • Nope, he never spoke to her. He just saw her talking to Shane and asked Tyler if they knew each other (and he was mostly asking because he was suspicious of Shane).

          I don’t think they planned anything with Hayley and Tyler. I do believe they planned early to phase Tyler out, because they don’t care about him.

          This show is so frustrating. Damon should be dead like 5 times over by now. I can’t take it.

  9. Katie: So excited that The Vampire Diaries is coming back this week. Got any scoop on what we can expect from Elena now that she’s flipped the switch?
    Well, we can tell you that Ian Somerhalder is definitely enjoying the new Elena. “Now she’s a badass and she can crack jokes,” he says of Elena with her humanity turned off. “Every time she walks out of the house we’re not biting our nails thinking someone is going to come kill her. She can fight for herself.”

    Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/396576/spoiler-chat-scoop-on-vampire-diaries-grey-s-anatomy-new-girl-the-following-and-more

    I don´t know if I remember wrong, but that comment by Ian is similar to one he said at the beginning of the season. Without the “crack jokes”-part

    • Why does this episode have three sneak peaks?

      Also, you’d never know that Caroline and Matt were talking about Jeremy’s death. They both look so unaffected. Are they skipping some weeks in this episode?

      Why did Caroline have to say that she thinks it would make Damon happy? Couldn’t she have just said she thinks it’s a good idea?

      Since when did Elena HATE cheerleading?

      • The acting in that webclip is so weird.

        Why does this episode have three sneak peaks?

        Maybe it´s because of the hiatus? They need to promote the comeback of the show.

        It looks like it´s just business as usual for them. Wouldn´t know that Jeremy died last episode and that Matt had a breakdown.
        I thought it was the next day, don´t think their is a time jump but you definitely get the impression that they skipped some weeks.

        I would have loved to see Matt going to Bonnie´s house in the morning, ringing the bell and then Rudy comes out and Matt asks if Bonnie already went to school because he wanted to pick her up (some follow up to what happened last episode) abd Rudy would say something like “Bonnie didn´t come home last night, I haven´t seen her” and then everybody would be concerned, but in the focus it would be Rudy and Matt who search for Bonnie. And Bonnie would come back in the afternoon or at night and would be as if everything is fine (she searched for the people for the sacrifice) but Rudy and Matt would be suspicious and they would contact Abby and then Aja could come in.

        Why did Caroline have to say that she thinks it would make Damon happy? Couldn’t she have just said she thinks it’s a good idea?

        I think it has something to do with the sire bond, didn´t they say that the person who is sired wants to please/make his/her sire happy? And there was also the talk that the sire bond would still be there but changed, who knows what plan Caro/Stefan/Damon figured out in the morning.

  10. So Liz was Mirandas best friend aswell? Does that mean Liz/Miranda/Abby had the same friendship that Caroline/Elena/Bonnie have now?

    • The flashback ep I’ve been dying to see since they introduced Abby is how the three of them went up against Mikael.

      • Lol. You know we won´t get that.

        But wasn´t it Abby who went against Mikael all on her own? Did Miranda and Mikael even met once?

        • Well, she performed the spell. But he was in town after Elena, so it’s always been my head canon that they had some sort of convoluted, action-packed plan where all three toddlers were endangered at some point that ended with Abby luring him to Charlotte and doing the deed. (Yes, I might have plotted this as a fic already, but probably won’t write it. ;-))

    • I’m so not interested in this. I find it so boring. Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline are best friends, so their parents were best friends, too. The show sucks so much that I just find this lazy.

      Besides, despite Jenna saying she went to high school with Mason, I always figured the Sommers moved to MF while Liz was an adult.

      But apparently no one’s moved to Mystic Falls since it was founded.

  11. And of course Damon knows random vampire No. 103.

    But if Katherine is so eager on cutting off loose ends with sending vampires after Hayley, why didn´t she fed Vaughn to Silas? He knew about her aswell and her involvement and he even told the group about that.

    I can´t deal with the basicness of these people. Let us sum up the facts: Bonnie comes into town tells them that Shane revealed Silas masterplan, they know that he needs a Bennett witch to perform the spell and they saw that she is willing to do it, they know that Silas fed on Jeremy, therefore they know that he is a vampire – one who was desiccated for 2000 years, they see that more bloodbags are stolen from other hospitals, they know from Kol that he wants to wreck havoc on this world, then Rebekah even comes in and tells Damon that Shane is dead and we have no reaction from him to that reveal, nobody is checking on Bonnie even though she is the key to everything and you would assume that Silas who wants to keep her close (maybe even wants to kidnap her so that nobody can convince her that it would be wrong to do the sacrifice) would be around, but only at the end they realize that Silas could have followed them into town.

    • “But if Katherine is so eager on cutting off loose ends with sending vampires after Hayley, why didn´t she fed Vaughn to Silas?”

      Such a good question!

      They don’t deserve to be alive.

  12. I was talking to Ayaan, formerly known as Susan, last night. She watched the last 30 minutes of this episode, I think. She said this episode is exactly why Bonnie should be the lead. She said that the writers always tie the major plots to her, so then when she disappears in the middle, guess what? The plot stalls.

    And she’s so right. Bonnie’s absence perfectly worked in making this episode feel like it was taking place in the twilight zone. Along with Elena, she was the one who had the biggest reaction to Jeremy’s death. Unlike Elena, she’s the one who can lead the story into the next stage. Silas is up and he’s talking to her.

    Elena’s emotions are turned off, but what the hell does that have to do with the plot? Nothing. Elena has no bearing on the major plot of the show right now. She can’t move it forward, she can’t do anything. Her switch being off has nothing to do with Silas.

    That isn’t the case for Bonnie.

    So she misses this episode.

    And the season’s plot stalls and isn’t acknowledged until the end. Right in time for Bonnie to come back in the next episode.

  13. What does the first answer in the poll mean? 10 – it was awesome? Because I would take that answer because I´m still trying to figure out why they had sex but I thought it looked awkward. And I was irritated by JoMos tattoo on his arm at the end.

    Did you see this?

    She is the worst.

    • I didn´t mean that it was awesome … but the 10 would imply that you mean it is awesome and I thought it was not, lol.

    • No, that choice means it sucked. The thing is that I was going to make the poll differently: on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst. But I changed my mind, but I forgot to erase that 10. I can’t edit the poll without creating a whole new link for it, which would erase the votes that are already on there.

      Why am I not surprised? Thanks for sharing!

      • Okay, got it and voted 🙂

        I wasn´t surprised either but it´s just so ….
        She also seemed to be a big fan of that fight scene between Caroline/Elena. She liveblogged for that episode.

  14. Not related to the episode but Zach and Steven were at the Eyecon this weekend and they had a Q&A session today and somebody who was there tweeted this:

    Steven is the biggest Beremy shipper ever.

    • Aw. I just read the info about Zach on tumblr. I didn’t know Steven was there, too!!!! Thanks, Kathrin!

      I don’t want Matt anywhere near Bonnie. He’s already gone out with her two friends.

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