Episode 98: TVD’s Down the Rabbit Hole

Episode 98

Co-host: Olu

This episode hurt my feelings. After getting many cute and mutually supportive moments, Bonnie watches Jeremy die, because Julie’s Plec isn’t happy unless somebody’s suffering. Tyler has to leave town on the run for his life because Klaroline pushes the suspension of disbelief to its limits. The writers still don’t realize that Katherine’s glory days are over, Shane’s idol finally wakes up, and I explain how Bonnie could use all three sources of magic (Expression, Dark, and Natural) to kill Katherine, kill Shane, and bring Jeremy back to life.

Quotes of the Podcast: “I just hate the thought that it’s okay that Jeremy died, as far as the writing goes and as far as the time that they’re going to spend on this if he stays dead, it’s okay if he dies because what this show is actually about, and we know this, is Elena choosing one Salvatore brother over the other. So as long as that story is fine, then she can lose everyone. And that’s upsetting. That makes no sense to me.”

“Even if he comes back to life, I feel like this should change their lives. Just the fact that he stayed dead this long, you know? And just the way that it happened and Bonnie witnessing it happen, I feel like it should change them. Because this is not an adult who died. It’s one of them. [….] They’ve never lost one of them, you know what I mean? This will be the first person who’s been fighting and surviving, and like we’ve said: they’ve all died and they’ve all come back, and for Jeremy to not come back? For him to be the first one to not come back. That.should.change.things.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m really proud of Elena and Jeremy for killing Kol, I really am, but Elena needs to kill.that.doppelganger.”-Olu

“[This] is why I don’t trust the show. If Matt ever got a storyline, that would be all the proof I needed that he was going to die. This is why I was so worried that Tyler was going to die. It’s why I’m not surprised they’re shipping him off with no definite date for returning. The only ones who can get storylines without dying are the male vampires and the girls, if they’re main. But basically if they’re not main [girls]? April’s probably gonna die [….] I get nervous, and the thing is I didn’t realize I should’ve been getting nervous until I thought about Jenna’s storyline: how she found out, how she became a part of it, and how she died. Within 3 episodes.”-Olu


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