4.15: This better be the episode where Jeremy wakes up.

Bonnie’s not in either of the promos. We sure are off to a great start.



Extended Promo


Webclip Thanks for the heads-up, Nikki!

Second Extended Promo Thanks again, Nikki!

56 thoughts on “4.15: This better be the episode where Jeremy wakes up.

    • I was wondering if maybe Silas took her. Because Elena goes to Jeremy’s body. But she doesn’t know where Bonnie is?

      How does Shane’s foot get healed? Who removes the boulder?

  1. webclip is out and a longer promo. How in the heck did Shane manage to find Bonnie beore Elena and Stefan and manage to carry her out without anyone noticing?

    Poor Bonnie so it seems she was so out of it, she didnt know about Jeremy.

  2. Why didn’t Silas heal Bonnie? Did he assume she was dead? Idgi. Or did he not heal her because he knows she’s a witch. Does he know she’s Qetsiyah’s descendant (because of the blood that dripped on him)?

    Oh Bonnie :(. Not only did she see it, but she forgot, and she has to hear it. I hope her reaction punches me in the gut.

    • I can´t believe that Shane could heal that severe wound of Bonnie with some herbs. I just can´t. Also with Bonnie having blood in her mouth she must have suffered some internal injuries (Vaughn maybe even punctured the lungs) and look at how much blood she lost. I think either Shane is lying or Silas did possess him and healed Bonnie in Shane´s body or he just mindcontrols Shane or the writers just forgot how severe Bonnie´s injury was in last episode and Shane speaks the truth. But how could he get to Bonnie before Stelena arrived there after he just had his leg broken and shouldn´t Silas have to go to Shane first to heal him and then Shane could have gone to Bonnie? Why didn´t Elena or Stefan see him then?

      I think Silas knows that she is Qetsiyahs descendant and I have the feeling that he needs her for something.

      • It really was a severe wound. I know he said the island has its own magic, but I doubt he was talking about the herbs. I mean he didn’t make her ingest them. So he just stuck them on her back and they healed her? It’s probably the writing being ridiculous and unbelievable.

        I’d be surprised if Silas didn’t know that Bonnie is Qetsiyah’s descendant. It seems like something he should know. Especially since Bonnie’s blood was dripping on him. I feel like it should be familiar to him.

    • Ya know……I was hoping that they’d use the cure on Silas to kill him since he’s up and walking. And Bonnie would bring Jer back herself.

      Isn’t it going to be sad when this group is running around try to kill Silas, side-eying him because he’s evil, etc……and it’s their fault that he’s even awake? Because they most certainly did not take enough precautions to keep him down. The majority of the time, they acted like he wasn’t important.

  3. I just went on TV by the Numbers. The ratings are down a lot

    The Vampire Diaries 1.0 2.31

    What happened tvd? Viewers not liking the “let’s rape the female lead” season?

  4. It makes me happy to hear Bonnie talking about what’s natural and what’s not in the webclip. I don’t completely know why. It’s just nice. We know Bonnie wants to help people, but it’s been a while since she’s…..I don’t know….stood out from the nonsense? I don’t know how to say it.

    She’s actually talking about the dos and don’ts of her world: magic. And that hasn’t happened in a while. I don’t know if it has ever happened. But she definitely hasn’t been concerned with dos and don’ts [lately?].

    Especially since the 100 spirits have been screwing up/screwing with her.

    We know she’s brought Jeremy back, but he was freshly dead at the time. Lol. It hadn’t been a year since he died.

    Oooooorrrrrr they’re only having her say that now to justify her not even trying to bring Jeremy back, and if that’s how it plays out….ugh.

  5. Bonnie being stabbed in the back by a hunter, who blew apart an Original’s chest, and surviving and RUNNING around afterward… is just about as farfetched as Shane walking around healed by SILAS,……… who it appears we won’t even see next episode? ARG!
    -Deathstares at the writers-

    All I want is to see Silas, see Silas being epic, see Silas killing people, Elena and crew feeling like total dumbasses for killing Kol, suffering because of it, failing to kill Silas, and for Katherine NOT to use the cure on Klaus.


    • The hunter probably didn’t want to kill Bonnie or, at least, wasn’t focused on it. Hunters are not indiscriminate killing machines. They are driven to kill vampires specifically. I think he only wanted to disable her and didn’t particularly care what happened to her next.

      You don’t have to worry about Klaus becoming human. Even if he does become human, he will become a vampire again pretty soon. .

      • And also, Bonnie could just come back for him as a ghost. We’ve seen two witches come back to deal with unfinished business. He was screwed either way. Or he is screwed either way, because I want Bonnie to kill him. Him, Katherine, and Shane (his death will be an exchange for Jeremy’s life).

          • I wouldn’t mind Elena killing Katherine either (or attempting, considering her strength), but Elena already left the island to go back to MF. And unless Katherine stole the cure for Klaus, I don’t know why she’d go to MF. I was thinking that Bonnie would seal off the island before Katherine could leave.

            • I think that Katherine is already off the island by the time Bonnie is conscious. But I am wondering how they will deal with herbecause she probably will pop up again.

  6. Also I saw some discussions about Silas being a vampire/witch hybrid … and I just don´t know. First of all, he couldn´t even bite Jeremy because I thought he had some kind of iron mask on his face and second, this guy is lying there for 2000 years, he needs water and nutrients and it would probably be difficult to give him water (that could be easy, just like with blood) and some meal from the local restaurant, so I could see blood as the alternative for that, it consists of water and there are many nutrients in it to regenerate his body.
    But who knows what the show is going to tell us.

  7. So Bonnie is still on the island … are Stelena going to leave with Jeremy´s body before they even find out what happened to Bonnie? Are Rebekah and Damon going to stay on the island to find Bonnie? If so? Why? They don´t care about her.
    Is Bonnie going to leave the island with Shane? The synopsis doesn´t sound like Shane comes back to Mystic Falls … not really a surprise, because what about him going back to jail, lol.

    So it doesn´t even look like somebody will even ask about Tyler, with them all being so concerned for Elena. This show sucks.
    I really hope that Trevino will find a better job, he doesn´t deserve this.

    • It doesn’t seem like Shane gets off the island to me either. Which I hope means Bonnie kills him -__-.

      The writers don’t have time for anyone to acknowledge Tyler’s departure. This show sucks so much. And who will care that much that Tyler’s gone? Matt. And then????

      • This show sucks so much. And who will care that much that Tyler’s gone? Matt. And then????

        Such a disservice to Michael and the character he plays/played.
        Does Matt even remember Tyler? I think that breakdown in the promo will be all about Jeremy.
        Maybe they won´t even talk about it, In the webclip Caroline didn´t know that they would come back and she for sure not called them to inform them about Tyler. And then when they are going to talk it will be all about Jeremy.
        I think the only time Tyler will be mentioned is in the upcoming Klaroline scenes and I´m so not here for this crapfest.

        • I think it’ll mostly be about Jeremy since he’s the one who’s lost his life.

          Caroline doesn’t sound like the boy she loves is on the run for his life in that webclip. Smh.

    • I don´t get this stuff about Elijah/Katherine … when was their last interaction? In season 2 when he compelled her to stay in the tomb, right? It just looks like the writers saw the stuff on the internet and then thought they could bring them back together because some fans already like it.

      I think we still have to get one flashback because usually we have three flashbacks per season.

      • When he told her to stay in the tomb so that Klaus could come kill her, yep. -__-

        It just looks like the writers saw the stuff on the internet and then thought they could bring them back together because some fans already like it.

        This pretty much explains Elena and Elijah’s interactions in season 3.

        • This pretty much explains Elena and Elijah’s interactions in season 3.

          And probably Daniel with his hardcore shipping for that pairing influenced JP. I remember that Emily told me about a scene/dialog (I think it was 2×21) for Elijah and Daniel didn´t think it would be in character for Elijah and called her or the writer of the episode and then they changed it because of him. If I remember right it was even Paul who talked about it … I think he said it because he did the same for another scene (or a different scene, but for sure for this Matt saving scene in 3×22) and JP didn´t change anything for him.

  8. What do you think of those two new spoilers for Elena:

    Is Jeremy really dead on The Vampire Diaries? How will Elena ever get over that? — Jessie
    You’ll find out if he’s truly a goner before the next episode ends. But regardless of whether he lives, Elena is going to be in a bit of a state for a while. At times she will seem complete completely numb, while at others she will display a fiery recklessness that leads her to do something she might ultimately regret.

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Parks-SVU-Greys-Spoilers-1061195.aspx

    Question: Anything you can share about this week’s Vampire Diaries? Based on the promo, Elena doesn’t appear to be taking Jeremy’s death well — assuming he is actually dead. —Andy
    Let’s just say Elena invents a new stage of grief to cope with her brother’s apparent passing, and it’s hot.

    Source: http://tvline.com/2013/02/19/ask-ausiello-spoilers-on-once-glee-shameless-scandal-smash-glee-revenge-and-more/

    And also I think episode 19 is probably going to be the Prom episode.

  9. Looks like the show is going to follow through, which means Abby is going to follow through. Bonnie’s getting a new mentor :http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/02/the-vampire-diaries-season-4-casting.html

    If she knows Abby, then she definitely isn’t practicing Expression, so will she be helping Bonnie get her regular magic back?

    Here’s hoping Shane is dead because Bonnie either sacrificed him in an attempt to bring Jeremy back, or she just killed him because that’s what she said she’d do.

    But watch Bonnie be more suspicious of her than she ever was of (that White man) Shane when she met him, though.

    Here’s hoping Aja doesn’t die. This also means that Bonnie’s definitely missing episode 16.

    • Really? They’re asking how Caroline is going to handle both Tyler’s departure and being there for Elena? It’s nice to see that Jeremy possibly dying means nothing to Bonnie. Where are the speculative articles about her?

      In fact, the scenes between that duo are among the most soul-baring discussions on the show.

      Not really. Not at all. Klaus will suggest Caroline leave MF, and Caroline will stay quiet. Like last ep: Klaus says Caroline doesn’t want the cure, and Caroline stays quiet.

      Caroline thinks she can run away to Paris and be alone and independent thanks to Klaus? I can buy her not having thought about doing that as a vampire before Klaus, but um, the way Klaus always talks about it: it doesn’t sound like he would be leaving Caroline alone.

      This is so stupid. Thinking about running away with Tyler and thinking about going to Paris alone isn’t such a big difference that someone else had to make Caroline think of the latter.

  10. I just want to ask how Bonnie’s going to go on with her life if Jeremy stays dead.

    I don’t mean go on with her life as in keep living.

    I’m asking how she’s going to go on to keep helping.

    Elena has bounced back from Jenna, UJ, Alaric, etc, but at the same time she’s not giving anything to anyone. She’s not suffering for anyone. She’s not being called on to perform miracles, to stretch herself and open doors for others and give others a second, third, fourth, fifth chance. Elena’s not called on to make sure anyone’s world keeps spinning as close to the same way it was spinning before.

    And Bonnie is being called on to do this again here. Yeah, she doesn’t want to lose Jeremy either, but Elena going ‘Where’s Bonnie?! Find me Bonnie!’ is exactly what I’m talking about. That’s the type of stuff Bonnie would have to keep doing post Jeremy’s death.

    I want Bonnie to try and bring Jeremy back for herself and him first and foremost, but if she can’t?

    What in the world will make her want to keep performing miracles for people when the universe just told her “No. None for you”?

    Because this is different from Sheila. Sheila was the beginning. Sheila was her first loss, and she had no idea that her life would suck ass in the future.

    This is also different from Abby. As much as I wish she would’ve tried to reverse what happened to Abby like she tried for Elena, she didn’t. She’s let Abby try to work this out. But Abby’s still conscious.

    Jeremy dying will be the first huge permanent loss she’s suffered since Sheila. And if it works out that she can’t bring him back, why won’t she let Nature work it’s way with everyone else? Just a, “If it’s your time to die, you gotta die. Just like Jeremy did. I couldn’t bring him back, so why is it going to be different for you?” “Oh Silas is here? If only you had magic. There are monsters in the world, and if people don’t have the means to protect themselves, isn’t that just natural selection? Why should I do any of this? For what?”

    It would be one thing if she was like Elena, and she didn’t have to/wasn’t expected to extend herself, but she’s not. She IS expected to help and save and make everything better.

    And I’m asking why she’ll still want to. Why will she still want to make a way for others when she has nothing to hold on to, nothing to call her own?

    And it would be another thing if this was a first, you know? The first tragedy in Bonnie Bennett’s life. If her life had just been run of the mill hard up until now. But it isn’t the first tragedy and it hasn’t been run of the mill hard. She’s suffered; she’s been scared; she’s bled; she’s died; she’s been hurt by some people for the very person who’s going to call on her to wake Jeremy up for her; she’s had to teach magic to herself; she’s been lied to and tricked because of what she can do; and she’s also been punished for trying to hold on to the one person who made her happy in this craziness, the one person who was able to see her through all the monsters and power and bullshit.

    If Jeremy stays dead, I don’t know how this isn’t going to change her point of view wrt what her role is.

    If her pov doesn’t change and she just keeps helping like a freaking robot, then I’m going to have a serious problem with the implication that Bonnie doesn’t really have anything or anyone to lose.

    No, while others like Elena have people who’s loss will break them and propel them to extreme emotions and actions and dark places, Bonnie Bennett finds fulfillment in just providing for those around her. She has nothing to lose. Nah, she’s just going to keep making sure everyone around her is okay until she croaks herself.

    That is some Mammy crap, and I’m not here for it.

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