Episode 94: TVD’s After School Special


Episode 94

Spoiler Chat: 27:11.672-48:10.250

TVD’s mediocrity is spreading with Klaus at the forefront! In the winter premier of season 4, Damon, Jeremy, Matt, and Klaus had too many scenes. Olu loved Stefan getting hurt in his “emotion place,”; Damon finally heard the three words from Elena; Bonnie’s father was introduced, and it was just a tad sloppy, but there’s promise. Olu and I lose a lot of our enthusiasm for Shane, and Rebekah and Kol stole the episode.

Quotes of the Podcast: “Why don’t they want to kill Klaus? Do they realize that Klaus will be or has been, in some way, a villain for four seasons, and he will never have been defeated, and he will never be a good guy on The Vampire Diaries? But he’s going to suddenly have his own show? At least when Angel happened it was after he got sent to hell for 100 years, after trying to send the whole world to hell!”-Olu

“I try very hard not to dismiss Elena, because that’s what the writing does: it dismisses Elena. But seriously? Her telling Damon she loves him….It’s framed inside of this sire bond business, so what does it really have to do with her character? It was about Damon; it was a moment of completion for Damon. Elena hasn’t been written as having a moment of completion in regards to her feelings for Damon, because this sire bond crap happened. So it was a climax in terms of Damon’s story.”

“When Elena criticizes Damon, he rails back, but he reacts to what she says. ‘I’m a vampire! I’m not Stefan!’ He reacts. He listens and he reacts. Stefan didn’t even react.”

“Where was Kol that he was able to go get Shane as soon as Rebekah called?”

Casting calls for The Originals.

Episode 12 synopsis.

Episode 13 synopsis.


27 thoughts on “Episode 94: TVD’s After School Special

  1. Bonnie/Jeremy fic rec!

    Politics of Worship: http://bibeta.tumblr.com/post/41391302755/fic-politics-of-worship

    It doesn’t have a summary, so I’ll give you the first two paragraphs:

    If anything; he’s sure he’s an atheist—without going into the whole “what god would let all this happen?” shtick, he thinks his reasoning is pretty solid.

    When he watches her though he gets it; divinity, everything yields to her. Fingers aiming to the sky asking for a taste, for recognition, for her attentions–she embodies the things that mythology personifies; she’s the forest’s Artemis and the wars Ares, wisdom’s Athena , Beauty’s Aphrodite and the suns Apollo—a force of nature.

  2. KW’s new show – The Following – had a high rating for its premier so he might have a hit. The pilot was all flash and no bang imo. The reviews I’ve read mentioned something similar. It was amusing to read these reviewers criticize The Following for the same things that I’ve criticized The Vampire Dairies for – weak characterization, too many “twists”, potential for depth but very shallow, etc. One reviewer said that these things were ok on TVD because it is a stylistic choice but I think that it is a matter of expectations. TVD is in the YA ghetto so the expectations are, not only different but also, lower.

      • The pilot is airing again tonight if you are interested.

        I am not going to continue watching it because (a) I’ve had my fill of watching women get murdered and tortured on AHS and TVD (b) The pilot was bland despite the graphic violence. The show seems to be a mashup of every serial killer trope ever. (c) None of the characters seem interesting (d) The premise is kinda goofy – the magical powers of the internet, everything Poe, etc.

    • I only saw a trailer at the time around Comic Con but immediately recognized this “fan” (he is trying to finish the work of the character James Purefoy plays … at least I got the impression in the trailer) of the serial killer because he played a character in one episode of Charmed. It was the one where Phoebe told those three girls in her class a spell to turn animals into men. I think he played the one who was a pig.

      Most of the TVD cast did heavy promoting for the show on twitter.

  3. During the first season, I fanwanked that Bonnie’s family was well off. I figured that, for her to run in the same circles as the children of The Founding Families, she had to have something going for her status-wise. Matt was the local football star. Bonnie didn’t seem all that interested in anything so that left money. Plus, did it seem to anyone else that Bonnie’s room had more “stuff”, from the brief glimpse we got of it, than Caroline’s room, even though Caroline is the one who seems more materialistic?

    • It did, but her room also seemed smaller to me (which of course doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I accept that she’s well off, considering her day’s job). We’ve yet to get a full shot of her room -___-.

  4. Was I the only one who wondered about Stefan and Elena sending Bonnie and April out of the classroom to find the way out of school alone? They thought that Tyler was still out there and they let Bonnie who has to help April because she is still not fully healed out?
    Couldn´t they accompany them to the exit? At least Elena and Stefan have vamp speed if Tyler attacks Bonnie and April could have been attacked and we don´t know how fast Bonnie could have reacted.

    Also I thought Stefan locked the door to the classroom after Bonnie and April left and in the next scene Rebekah is walking in without any problems.

    • And, as far as they know, Bonnie isn’t back to her full powers yet. Once again, the writers wrote based on what the viewers know and not what the characters know.

      I didn’t notice the locked doors bit. Didn’t they block it with something, too?

  5. Everything said about the Originals spin off by you guys was baffling to me. All you do is complain about wanting the Originals to be dead/off TVD.

    But then when the writers decide, hey, let’s kill some of these Originals and the ones we don’t are going to get a spin off! Yay!

    You guys complain about that this and the premise is stupid…


    This is what you want. Watch the pilot. Make it a success. And then the Originals will be off of TVD!

    o.o Did you guys not come to this conclusion?

    • Did we complain about the possibility of Kol dying? Pretty sure we’re hoping he dies and we’re excited about it.

      Wanting the Originals off of TVD and thinking them, out of all the characters, getting a spinoff is stupid isn’t mutually exclusive. The two can coexist. And they do.

      I don’t have a Nielson box, so me watching this or any other show or not watching this or any other show makes no difference in its/their success.

      I’m glad you like the premise and are excited, at least. I hope it’s a success for you.

      I’m not going to watch anything past the Pilot (and neither will Olu, though I don’t know if she’ll even watch the Pilot) for the reasons we said on the podcast. And the only reason I might watch the Pilot is if the listeners/readers want a review/my opinion on it. I’ll take a census closer to the backdoor pilot.

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