4.12: Kol brings down the house while listening to music ;___;. When will Klaus learn?



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Australian Promo



34 thoughts on “4.12: Kol brings down the house while listening to music ;___;. When will Klaus learn?

  1. Rebekah’s telling Klaus what’s what in the webclip. Good for her.

    The Australian promo: Stefan ‘s “conflicted” because he’s slept with Rebekah? He wanted to kill her literally (as of 4.12) two episodes ago. These people are so shallow.

    Who’s thigh is that? Elena’s? I wonder if April is in this episode.

    • Those promo pics always look so cheap.

      What ugly white thing is Nina wearing under that jacket it doesn´t even match the other parts of her outfit.

      I don´t know about the tag, but I saw some spec that it could be Klaus (I don´t know why but we got a pic of JoMo/Kat/Steven around the time they shot that episode), who is the unexpected guest for Bonnie. I really hope he doesn´t get an invitation to the Bennett/Hopkins house.

    • DG plans on being a lead on two shows that film in two different countries? I hope that means the spinoff will fail.

      Elijah (Gillies), intent on helping his self-destructive brother find redemption, must side with Marcel’s enemies in order to keep Klaus in line.

      WHAT?! So we were right. This is going to be Klaus’ redemption arc. How did it come to this?

      • I don’t see how DG could be a lead on two shows if the spin-off is set to consist of 22 episodes per season. Maybe they plan to have only 12 episodes like Matt Davis’ new show? Idk.

        It’s a strange decision to have the same lead constellation as on TVD – two vampire brothers and one girl.

        Elijah shouldn’t be invested in Klaus finding redemption. That’s not what has been shown on TVD. Invested in keeping him in line, yes. But not in his ‘redemption.’ If I still cared about Elijah, I would be annoyed.

  2. Love the title and I hope we are going to hear what kind of music Kol is listening to.

    So is Elena coming up with that plan to kill Kol for Jeremy or is it only because she is sired to Damon and wants him out of the dungeon?
    Only hours ago she thought the people in the bar are innocents and now she doesn´t care one bit about those (maybe innocents) vampires in the bloodline of Kol.
    Also we saw the problem Jeremy had to kill Damon, why does she think it is going to be so easy to kill Kol, if first of all they don´t even have the weapon to kill him (Kol has that stake, right?) and they always failed to kill the Originals (except for Finn :() all over last season.

    Also lol @ Klaus and that Kol stole all his daggers. He is so lame.

    • Olu and I speculate on the 4.11 podcast. It’ll be hilarious if he’s listening to classical music.

      So is Elena coming up with that plan to kill Kol for Jeremy or is it only because she is sired to Damon and wants him out of the dungeon?

      Who knows? But that is a good question.

      I don’t know why they think it’ll be easy to kill Kol. At least Jeremy is being smart by saying that they need Bonnie’s help.

      I don’t know why Klaus takes himself so serious.

    • Thanks, Kathrin!

      “Well well. Looks like my brother’s taken a page out of my revenge sex book.”

      I can’t think of three people less deserving of talking about Elena and Rebekah.

      One reason the Salvatores are lame is that neither of them can do anything without the other being brought up. That’s not how you sibling, writers. If Damon does something, trust Stefan’s name will come up, either directly in dialogue or there’ll be an allusion. If Stefan does something, trust Damon’s name will come up. Did they have to bring up Damon’s non-existent revenge playbook? Is it impossible to talk about Stefan possibly sleeping with Rebekah out of revenge without bringing Damon up? These writers act like certain actions belong to certain characters.

      Klaus is now babysitting Damon. Why does he continue to live?

      “Why don’t you two enjoy your little villain bonding time.”

      I cannot take Stefan seriously.

      Also, I don’t think PW’s bored tone of voice is a 100% acting choice. I think he’s largely bored as hell.

  3. Hahahaha THIS SHOW just became TERRIBLE. KOL stabs Elena, Elena lives. Um, right. Jeremy then kills him and 10k other vampires….

    Wait. What?

    WOW. Just wow.

    Done. These two fucking serial killers. Grr! I hope the Elena living in Brazil comes to town to chop off Elena’s serial killing little head.

    Just wow. Are the writers that stupid?

    Am I supposed to be rooting for these mass murdering psychos now?

    If this doesn’t end with Klaus ripping off Jeremy’s head, how does it end? Nothing the writers can conceive will ever convince me that Klaus, of all people, would allow Jeremy to live after this. Nothing they write will convince me.

    So I guess Jeremy is going to die this season…


    • Jeremy better not die.

      But yeah, their ~concern about other people is here one day and gone the next. BUT! This actually lines up with season three because even after Finn died and they realized what that meant, they didn’t stop their quest to kill Klaus. They just wanted to make sure they weren’t descended from him. Not sure why they stopped wanting to kill Rebekah. But they didn’t talk about the morality of it then, either.

      Even if it’s something as simple as, “Vampires like Caroline are the exceptions, not the rule. We’re killing a bunch of younger Kols and klauss” even that would work. Just an acknowledgment. And they could say that Jeremy and Matt had a problem with killing the bar vamps because those people were turned just to get killed again. Their selfishness as vamps hadn’t gotten time to kick in yet.

      It’s not hard. But no. They don’t say anything at all.

      I did enjoy the episode, though. I’ll write my feelings about it tomorrow.

      • Jeremy has to die, though.

        They’ve made it so Klaus won’t die. (New show etc.)

        Klaus said he’ll kill them all now, specifically Jeremy/Elena.

        Elena is the show’s lead, idk why, so she’s safe.

        Klaus isn’t going to forgive Jeremy ever…

        So, by logic and sense, Jeremy has to die.


        I mean, they can’t be witty bantering together in 5 episodes… with Jeremy going back to school all hunky dory and Klaus all smiles and butterflies, visiting Caroline every other day.

        • You mean like what happened to Matt? -____-

          Storytelling-wise, I’m not sure why Jeremy “has to die now” when Matt killed Finn and gave Rebekah a ride to school in like the next episode.

          When did things change? Idgi. If Jeremy’s going to die, then Matt can go first.

          I’m not saying I don’t think they’ll kill Jer (ugh), I’m just asking why killing an Original is now going to have ~consequences when it didn’t before.

          Klaus has made so many threats (after Stefan stole the coffins, after he was desiccated, after Elena tried to help Esther kill him, after he realized Elena was still alive/before he realized he needed her blood). I don’t know why he’s suddenly going to stop being impotent.

          If Jeremy dies but Matt is still walking around, then I won’t know what to say. In terms of characters who have use/potential for use…….they’re not on equal ground. And while I wanted more for Matt, I’m kind of over it.

          I’m rambling and wondering, but yeah. It’s not like Jeremy’s (and Elena) a trailblazer in the Kill An Original Arena. Heck, it’s Elena’s second time around the block.

  4. You guys might remember that I complained about Klaus just strolling from state to state at the beginning of season 3. My complaint was that there is this Hybrid who was throwing nature off balance. Why was no witch trying to kill him, not even Bonnie (she went on vacation)? Why was no vampire trying to join him? Why, basically, did NO ONE care that Klaus existed?

    Klaus was walking around killing werewolves. Why didn’t any pack care? Tyler sure didn’t care. He was just all about Caroline.

    NOW, there’s been a second instance of vampires dying en masse. WHY doesn’t any vampire care?

    Finn’s line died, and not one random vampire said “Boo.” Now Kol’s line is dead and it’ll be more of the same.

    Why is TVD’s world so myopic? Why does no one else exist?

    They throw out the words “vampire line” and “bloodline” and expect us to understand what that means, but damn if TWO vampire lines are now dead yet no vamp is worried about what that might mean for them, then how many vampires can there be in these “lines?”

    Not to mention, Stefan and Damon and them didn’t even know what bloodline they came from. They weren’t even thinking about bloodlines until it became an issue, so really, all of these vampires should just see vampires randomly dying.

    They should be wondering if a group of witches is doing something. They should be wondering if they should fix up their attitudes and behaviors. Maybe they’ve messed around too much and now the dead witches are trying to wipe them out. Are the werewolves making a comeback? Is it just an act of nature? What is going on?

    But no. THAT would require JP to expand her show’s world and make actual communities, and that’s just to much work.

    This show’s world is so empty when you think about it for too long.

    • Why can’t interviewers ask Julie Plec these obvious questions, which a writer should answer before sending out a script? Did none of the actors ask? or care?

      • I don’t know. I don’t know why they act like their jobs isn’t to ask questions. As if JP presents her show with stunning clarity.

        Yet when some of them write their reviews, they’ve got questions all over the place.

    • Why is TVD’s world so myopic? Why does no one else exist?

      They throw out the words “vampire line” and “bloodline” and expect us to understand what that means, but damn if TWO vampire lines are now dead yet no vamp is worried about what that might mean for them, then how many vampires can there be in these “lines?”

      But at the same time we have vampires like Sage who find out that they woke up Finn. So there must be some vampire community out there because where did she get her information from?
      And then we had this bar (Elijah threw in the window with the coins) in season 2 where vampires met that didn´t have a daylight ring, so there must be some organization and stuff.
      But apparently this stuff is only relevant if it is important for the plot.

      It´s even three vampire lines. Or do you think Mikael never turned even one vampire in the 1000 years of search for his son? And even if he hated what he was and only drank from other vampires we don´t know how a person that he turned would think about that. Just like with Sage who turned many people and Finn on the other hand hated what they were.

      • They first introduced the idea of a vampire community when we met Slater. And then….nothing.

        I forgot about Mikael. It’s hard to believe that any of the Originals refrained from turning people. So I’m sure Mikael had a line.

  5. I don´t have many coherent thoughts on the episode, but I loved the stuff we got with Bonnie and her parents. I´m enjoying it so much and I´m here waiting for the show to fail again in one of the next episodes. Wonder if Abby is going to stick around for some time now?

    I lol-ed at the scene where Kol can´t decide which arm he has to chop off, but then I thought about what Kol said “I´m going to heal you right after that” … so that means if he gave him blood after that we would only have seen skin growing over the wound but no new arm, right? So what happens if somebody chops of the arm or leg of a vampire? Is the vampire blood in a vampire body more potent and therefore it can grow back? A head can´t grow back, that´s what we have seen with Trevor but what about the other body parts?.

    And when Elena asked Kol (in that scene where he left the house) about Silas again and if he believes he is really that bad, I was reminded of that scene between Rebekah and Elena last season where they spoke about Mikael and why it is a mistake to wake him up. Now I wonder, because JP said that she regretted killing off Mikael so soon (they had to do it because of the mid season final-shocker/cliffhanger) if they are now going to try better this time with Silas (if they are going to wake him up).

    Also the furniture in the Gilbert house seriously must be fire-resistant Kol was a walking torch and nothing was even slightly burnt.

    Klaus and Damon seriously weren´t needed in that episode. Their talk in the cellar was so disgusting and so full of crap. I wanted somebody to come in and kill them on the spot.

    Loved what Bonnie did with Kol and especially later with Klaus. That was really smart. But now that I think about it … she used the new moon to trap him, so the last time they did a big spell in 3×15 Esther also wanted to channel the full moon. So I would think that waking up an immortal being to get to the cure would require a large amount of power aswell and I would think they need the full moon for that, but for that they have to wait another month. Maybe I´m thinking too much about this stuff.

    • Your thoughts are pretty much my thoughts. I told Olu on the 4.11 podcast that I feel like we’re going to have a 6-episode streak of goodness. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. She laughed at me -__-. But it’s pretty much playing out!

      Abby and Rudy don’t seem to be in the next two episodes, based on the synopsises for those episodes, it I hope Abby sticks around. The Bennett family story isn’t over.

      Jeremy was so rude in the scene with the Bennetts. “My sister is in danger.” So?! A lack of conversations/confrontations like this is exactly why Bonnie’s always ready to jump/run whenever your sister’s in danger. I understood his worry, of course, since Bonnie said she was coming and they were waiting on her, but the Bennett family scenes were more important than whatever Bonnie could do with Elena.

      Love that Abby shut him down when he raised his hand at her. Love that Bonnie then stepped in to protect Abby and made Jeremy stop.

      I love Abby’s anger. A friend of mine made me realize/remember that Abby was once judged to be worthless when Elena’s life was in danger. So of course she doesn’t want Bonnie running off to help her with a darker than dark magic. And Abby once depleted herself and her powers, in part, to help Miranda (and Elena) Gilbert, and she never got anything back. So yeah.

      It was so good! I love that Bonnie said she could save Abby with the cure. Thank goodness. I’d still like to know where she stands in the Silas front. This is the first time she’s talked about what she’ll be doing wrt the cure. Before that, it was Shane speaking for her.

      I think it’s hilarious that Shane is in jail.

      We got a smokescreen line wrt Bonnie when she said she doesn’t belong to the spirits anymore, she belongs to herself. Honey, you still belong to the Salvatores and Elena. I’m not impressed with Bonnie defying her parents and hurting her mother. The writers have always been comfortable writing her defying her family members. Including Sheila.

      I guess Bonnie forgot that the last time Abby told her not to do something (not to open the coffin), she turned out to be right.

      The kitchen scene with Kol was hilarious.

      Please, JP regrets killing Sheila off soon, but she botched Abby’s introduction last season.

      Klaus and Damon were so freaking unnecessary.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduced this new moon thing because they’ll need the full moon later. It was a great spell that Bonnie did, though.

    • A head can´t grow back, that´s what we have seen with Trevor but what about the other body parts?

      Damon’s eyes grew back after Pearl gouged them out. Maybe a head being chopped off is too much damage to be repaired *shrug*

  6. I just realized that Elena´s plan stood and fell with the fact that Kol brought the stake with him. What was her plan if he didn´t have it on his body? There is only so much time that Bonnie could have trapped him or kept him in check. They needed the stake and what would have happened if he didn´t have it on his body but hide it somewhere. Nobody knew where this guy was living at the moment and where he went everytime he disappeared. But she risked this and invited him in and therefore gave up the only safe place for Jeremy at the moment because she hoped he had that stake with him?

  7. I was going to leave this for a Fact Check segment on the podcast, but I’m too irritated by the show’s retcon, so I’ll post it here.

    Here is Klaus saying he doesn’t give a crap about Finn (or Rebekah) because he’s got Elena and her blood, and he’s going to create a new family of Hybrids.

    “The Salvatores may fight like dogs, but in the end they would die for each other. At least they know what family means.”-Rebekah

    But now they’re telling us that the Original siblings are just like the Salvatores.

    “I wanted a family. They just didn’t want me. And now we’re unlinked; we’re no longer responsible for each other.”-Klaus

    “I’m going to take Elena and use her blood to create a new family. Of Hybrids.”

    I hate this show and its revisionist history bullcrap. I don’t watch 42 minutes of this drivel every week (and I watch it twice because of the podcast) just to be treated like I can’t remember crap every two episodes. I remember.

    What’s Klaus gonna do now that Elena and Jeremy have killed Kol? Well, if the writers cared to keep him in character? He’d do nothing. Same as he did for Finn. Same as he did for Rebekah when she got kidnapped.

    Klaus shouldn’t be out for blood. He should have his eyes on HIS prize, same as he did after Finn died.

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