4.11: Bonnie is now in possession of something that belonged to Qetsiyah!!!

Still not over that. I’m not even thinking about what the show will or will fail to do with it. I’m just happy that it actually happened on my screen. If only this show believed in magical hijinks. *Sigh.*




Short Australian promo all about Stefan and Rebekah.

Extended Promo



26 thoughts on “4.11: Bonnie is now in possession of something that belonged to Qetsiyah!!!

  1. Who is this “totally unexpected enemy”? It can´t be Kol because it is already mentioned in the synopsis that he is against finding the cure so it wouldn´t be unexpected.

    • I’m pretty sure it’s Kol. I feel like the CW thinks everyone who watches TVD are idiots, so they probably thought, “Just because they saw Kol be fearful of Silas doesn’t mean they think he’ll turn on Rebekah.” Kol is the newest person in town since the season started and he just happens to disagree with what everyone else wants. It’s totally him.

      It’s never unexpected.

    • Thanks!

      I’m amused by the fact that Stefan and Rebekah are talking about how their team is in last place wrt the cure because “Team Klaus has Jeremy the Hunter, and Team Shane has Bonnie the witch.”

      Might the fact that Rebekah is so focused on sticking it to Klaus be her undoing? I just know Stefan is going to throw her under the bus as soon as he decides Damon is of use to him again, and Rebekah won’t see it coming. Or maybe Klaus will make Stefan an offer he can’t resist. Actually, Rebekah should be more leery of Stefan considering Stefan doesn’t even hate Klaus like she does. He’s worked with Klaus many times, including the last time she got daggered.


  2. Elena’s voice is so monotone in the extended promo. Her voice was monotone throughout After School Special. Ugh.

    The person Jeremy pulls the gun at is probably Elena. He’ll think it’s one of the compelled vampires, but it’ll be Elena.

    • Elena’s voice is so monotone in the extended promo. Her voice was monotone throughout After School Special. Ugh.

      Do you think it has something to do with the sirebond and it´s in the script for Nina to act and speak that way or is it just Nina?

      • I saw someone speculate this, but she’s been monotone before. What is the purpose of her sounding monotone because of the sire bond if the bond doesn’t affect her feelings?

  3. More news about the TVD spinoff:


    Daniel Gillies will be co-staring with JoMo, and if the show picks up, he’ll be co-lead with, get this, Jomo and….Phoebe Tonkin. They’d be like Ian/Nina/Paul.


    I don’t know why this is happening. I’m sitting here wondering how this happened. How did Hayley step in MF for two days only to get flung onto her own show where she’s the female lead? We don’t even know this character.

    • I think this has nothing to do with Hayley but everything to do with Phoebe and the showrunners love for her. And they couldn´t give her a new character because they already introduced her in the TVD-verse.

      What do you think about the talk about magic?

      • I don’t even know why they love Phoebe. She wasn’t even the best or strongest part of TSC? It can’t be her accent because they make her hide it!

        Have they gone into more detail about the magic? I read about the two witches, which Olu and I talked about on the 4.10 podcast. Basically, I don’t want any of this to exist. I fell like I can’t get into these witches because of how crappily JP has treated Bonnie. If she treats these witches better than she treats Bonnie, then I will hate it. Heck, I’d rather she carry her treatment of Bonnie to that show.

  4. There is another webclip … this time it´s Damon/Jeremy again http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/23/the-vampire-diaries-damon_n_2535284.html?utm_hp_ref=entertainment&ir=Entertainment

    I think you already talked about it in one of the podcasts, but what is about Emily´s ring … does it still work on Jeremy? Because why are they all so concerned that he could get killed, he would wake up anyways if he dies in a fight with a vampire and nobody cares anymore about that stuff with Samantha Gilbert.

    • As recently as 4.07, the writers brought up the possibility of Jeremy becoming like Alaric, so that’s probably why they’re worried about him dying. I wish they’d ponder whether or not the ring will even work for him now that he has the tattoo though.

      I can’t get over how unnecessary Damon is.

  5. Kat says there’s going to be a “huge” death on TVD: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Vampire-Diaries-Death-1059523.aspx

    “It’ll change the nature of the series; it’ll change the nature of the characters going forward; it’ll change the dynamic; it will completely alter everything.”

    Haven’t they said that about a couple of deaths before? I know at least one of my Fandom friends will say that it’s Bonnie who’s going to die (in part because she wants to be free of this show).

    Do you think by “death,” she means all the vamps (or one of the vamps, the one that will stick) is going to become human again? The only one that would be moving is Caroline, simply because, between her and Elena, she’s been a vamp the longest. The Salvatores becoming human again wouldn’t tug at my heart because they’ve used their vampirism to hurt people and ignore people who are being hurt.

    I notice they didn’t say that it’s someone who’s been on TVD from the beginning, so I’m going to guess that it’s Kol. I don’t know why KG would cry over Kol’s death, but he’s my guess.

    Anyone else have a different guess?

    • When it comes to the deaths on the show I can never guess also they always tend to hype it up. If it was someone in the group I would be surprised but saying that with the whole Silas possibly making an appearence they will probably end up coming back somehow. I guess we will see.

      I hope it is not Kol honestly I am so fed up with the gang, that I am actually rooting for him to keep messing up their plans. The group is so dumb.

  6. KG previews tonight’s episode: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/01/24/vampire-diaries-bonnie-shane/

    Her boss isn’t cool enough to give her the mentor/student relationship she wanted :(.

    Relevant to my interest:

    “People have asked me about things resurfacing and coming back, but what’s so funny is that when I watch episodes and read scripts, it doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily gone anywhere for the both of them. It’s maybe been put to the side for a second, but I think Bonnie will always have this deep love for Jeremy and he’ll always have this deep love for her,” Graham says. “They might not be making out or having these intimate physical scenes, but I think that it’s just this heavy love that infiltrates all their decision-making. It’s that kind of love where you know you’re probably supposed to be going this way, but because you love this person, you wind up taking that quick turn. You’re gonna see a lot of things coming up that will show that — that because of Jeremy’s relationship with Bonnie and Bonnie’s relationship with Jeremy, because of the love that they have, decisions that should have easy answers won’t anymore.”

    Yeah, it hasn’t gone anywhere for them because JP sucks. But the rest of what she says falls so cleanly in line with my head!canon for Bonnie and Jeremy. ;____;.

    Bonnie and Shane’s relationship will start to “unravel”: http://hollywoodlife.com/2013/01/24/vampire-diaries-spoiler-bonnie-jeremy-season-4/

    KG is Team Bonnie/Shane: http://www.tvfanatic.com/2013/01/the-vampire-diaries-exclusive-kat-graham-teases-rebellion-suppor/#ixzz2Ivc1FBmW

    “Bonnie has already saved the town,” Graham explained. “She’ll be in for a rebellion with her father, challenging him with: ‘I’m a hero! You’re the Mayor? So what?!?'”

    Yes! I hope this happens.

    If Shane really tries to tell Rudy who Bonnie SHOULD be, then he’ll be severely out of line. Dude, you’ve known her for like three months.


    We’re actually shooting episode 4.17 already and I can honestly say that this is the most mind-blowing season since the second one! Season 2 was a crazy one for her and this one is even more riveting — so it’s a really good year for Bonnie. [Pauses] Or a bad one.

    The fact that she compares it to season 2 instead of season 3 makes me want to believe her.

    The thing about the island scenes is that we were there in the same outfit for days, so they all sort of blended into one. Julie Plec wrote 4.15 and I haven’t yet seen the final cut — but between that and the first episode coming back, I’m beyond happy about the work and the writing. Fifteen is my favorite, hands down, so far.

    Now I want info about episode 15.

    On Bonnie going to the dark side:

    Well, if Bonnie thought she was going bad, she’d do her best to avoid it. And I think that’s important for people to remember as we progress into the season. If Bonnie has to tap into darker or more evil sides to her, she’s most likely doing so because her convictions are telling her that this is the right thing to do it, that this is going to help everyone. She is not a character who’s evil. She’s not a villain. She is someone who has positive standards and goals to keep her friends alive. So, unless something major happens that’s going to warp her, doing the right thing is going to be Bonnie’s steadfast mission.

    Thank you.

  7. BONNIE WAS SO PERFECT!!!! SHE WAS SO PERFECT!!!! Look at this: http://indeathonly.tumblr.com/post/41427568772

    And this! http://indeathonly.tumblr.com/post/41427493165/im-in-complete-control

    Best scene/favorite scene!!!!

    I love that she was at least willing to hear Shane out because he said Sheila’s name. He’s manipulating her so decently! I wasn’t into her killing him back when I thought he was Silas, but she can sure kill him now!!!! He isn’t Silas, just a devotee or whatever. But I will enjoy this ride while it’s happening!

    One of my wishes has been for Bonnie’s angry words to manifest themselves into power, so her screaming, “I said! Don’t!” was a dream come true!!!

    Bonnie probably doesn’t need help. Shane really is trying to get under Rudy’s skin, and he did a good job, because Rudy is throwing Bonnie right back at Shane. Shane not only told Rudy that he couldn’t reason with Bonnie, but then he went ahead and demonstrated how he could control her. Bonnie is now “free” of the witch spirits (which I still think is stupid) and now she’s under Shane’s thumb.

    This was such a great episode for Bonnie! And no wonder, because Narducci wrote it! Also, I loved her first scene with her dad.

    While this was a great episode for Bonnie, it was a terrible episode for Elena. Her situation is so tragic. I’m talking about the writing for her.

    “Stefan, what are you doing with Rebekah? She tried to kill me.”

    Rebekah makes him happy, Elena! She’s always been there for him when he needed her! Do you think it makes him happy that you hate her?! No sure, go ahead! Rip away and keep bringing up that Rebekah killed you. I mean it’s only Rebekah! You can get out of the house!

    Does anyone remember a version of that little spiel?

    Everything about her was wrong tonight. She needed Stefan’s help to find Damon in the tunnels because the tunnels are too big? She didn’t need help when she wanted to find Connor and kill him. Why wasn’t she using her hearing? Why couldn’t she smell Jeremy’s blood? WHY WASN’T SHE SPEEDING?!

    Why didn’t she snap Damon’s neck in the forest? Because Stefan showed up and guess what he did? He snapped Damon’s neck! The Salvatores have not been this passive with her when they’ve wanted something from her. Nope. Showing blood down her throat, threatening to break her arm, almost driving her off bridges. Yeah.

    “He was going to kill me.”

    I don’t…..get…..why Rebekah doesn’t….know her family. What it is that she sees in them….we haven’t been shown. I mean we saw it in that one flashback, but we’ve yet to see it in the present.

    Damon’s line about Kol doing it like a man was dumb as hell.

  8. I really liked this episode. Bonnie was absolutely fantastic. I loved that her power spiked when she got angry. That whole scene between her and Shane was perfect.
    Shane is definately starting to show his crazy a lot more now. It’s great that mostly everyone knows that he has ulterior motives now and yet he still is able to manipulate everyone into doing what he wants them to do. This is how I wanted Klaus to be when he first showed up, but that obviously didn’t happen.
    I loved Kol in this episode. He doesn’t want Silas raised so he is going to make sure it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately i have the feeling he is going to get killed, which i don’t really want. He and Rebecca are the only two originals i enjoy watching at the moment, and hopefully they won’t have Rebecca fall back in line with Klaus and that whole messed up situation.
    The only things i didn’t really get were Elena and Damon. What was the point of Elena in this episode, she didn’t really do anything? She was so passive. I don’t know whether it was the acting or not but Damon just seemed off to me in this episode. And his monologue in the tunnels about how ‘Jeremy needed to run because he was going to find him and kill him, and how stupid he was for shooting him in the head’ etc, that whole thing just started to grate on me.
    I’m a little confused as to how Elena thinks Jeremy is going to kill Kol when he has the white oak stake and that is the only weapon left that can kill the originals; because using the dagger is not the same thing as actually killing them.

    • I think a part of it is that everyone is so desperate for this cure that they’re only going to use on one person. They’re not going to turn their backs on Shane any time soon.

      How ignorant did Damon sound when he said that he didn’t know anything about Silas and he didn’t WANT to know anything about Silas because he isn’t his problem? That’s what’s going to get them killed one day.

      Those scenes of Damon talking in the tunnels were stilted. The dialogues were stilted and badly delivered. I had it with him criticizing Jeremy. I guess Jeremy not shooting him in the heart means he’s not a man. That’s probably why he called him stupid.

      I still want Kol to die. I like him, but liking Klaus because he possessed Ric and NOT wanting him to die is how we ended up with this mess. Same with Katherine. If Kol dies, it means he actually was a threat.

      What has been Elena’s point since the sire bond was revealed. Everyone’s doing more work to find this cure than she is. Her own brother is risking his life and she’s perfectly content to leave him in Damon’s hands. Someone on Tumblr mentioned that people, like Matt and Caroline, are criticizing Elena now, but she was doing stuff like this way before the sire bond. But they’re criticizing her now that there’s a “thing” that they can blame her shittiness on.

  9. Bonnie was amazing this episode, seriously the Bonnie fans dont ask for much. I really hope that when Rudy said she needs help it will not be Shane. Hopefully another witch because after what he saw letting Shane anywhere near Bonnie is not wise.

    I was so on Kol’s side, I cannot believe how dumb the gang is. Kol tells them about Silas and…. they dont care? Shoulnt they at least think he could be right. Considering they are trying to make him out like he is crazy including Rebekah and Klaus it will be nice if he turned out to be right.

    So Elena’s plan is to kill Kol? Because then his line wil die and Jeremy’s tattoo will be complete. It’s nice to see her just thinking about herslef after all no one in the gang is in Kol’s line so who care’s if all those other vampire’s die.

    And Klaus and Rebekah will just let the gang kill him? I just dont buy this.

    • Also wanted to add, why was Matt even there? I just didnt get why they would bring him along, it is not like he can do anything and he would just slow them down.

    • I hoped he was talking about Lucy. Rudy might feel desperate and that he’s out of his league to help Bonnie, but Shane still killed 12 people.

      Damon was so stupid in that scene. Jeremy also didn’t believe Kol and that was stupid of him, but I don’t blame him much just because if he rebelled, Damon and Klaus would probably lock him in a cellar and throw vampires at him for him to kill.

      Damon didn’t believe Kol because Kol said he heard stories about Silas. Uh, the last story someone heard, Rose with Klaus, turned out to be very real, didn’t it? It is entirely too late in the series for any of them to be acting like this.

      Stefan didn’t care about killing Rebekah last ep. They’re cut from the same cloth.

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