Scandal 2.10: “This is not America. This is the Pentagon.”*

Scary as hell. I don’t doubt that people in the same position as this character over in real D.C. have said this -___-.

Mellie’s Gamble

Mellie took a gamble and forged Fitz’s signature in order to stop Sally in her tracks. Actually, I think she did it to stop Hollis, the man who shot Fitz, in his tracks. Sally called her on her bull, but miracles of miracles, Fitz actually woke up.

A Fandom friend spoke to me about the fact that Mellie’s plan was not thought out. Our conversation started because I was grimacing over Olivia’s freakout at Mellie’s plan. Liv lectured Mellie about the legality of her plan, and that kind of came out of left field for me. Olivia has helped a dictator and spies and she once asked Huck to use torture techniques that she can literally only dream of to get information out of someone about Amanda Tanner’s disappearance. She’s sitting on a council with Hollis, a known (to her) murderer. So to see her going, “This isn’t legal!” is weird because the company she keeps? Oh boy, the company she keeps.

It would be one thing if she lectured Mellie about the boneheadedness of her plan, but she focused on the “This is wrong!” aspect. Mellie made a not so cold and not so calculated decision about a difficult situation. Olivia makes cold and calculated decisions about difficult situations. Olivia takes risks (that she’s convinced will get her the outcome she wants), and Mellie took a risk here that she thought would give her the outcome she wants.

“Do you understand we live in a democracy with laws and rules and civil discourse? This is not Nicaragua.”

Yeah, but Thorngate. Thorngate. I know she was mad about that too and rightly so, but it isn’t the first time she’s seeing something like this. Fitz is actively spying on the American people.

“I’m not some man reacting out of rage and thinking later. I am a woman.”

This monologue was saved by the fact that Mellie….kept speaking. I say that because the beginning of it reminds me of Edison’s “I am a man” line. That line was ridiculous, because….well it was kind of just there. Edison’s a man, so he should be let in Liv’s apartment or something. Mellie’s declaration was saved by Bellamy Young’s always flawless delivery.

However, using the rational that she’s a woman in order to convince Olivia that she did not make the decision lightly is weird on a meta level because…..this show does not contain the men she is describing. A man who reacts out of rage and thinks later? David? Cyrus? Harrison? Hollis? James? Huck? None of them are like that. The biggest example is Fitz. Fitz takes so long to react to things as president that the entire government has a problem with him (that fact will never stop amusing me). Mellie has issues with how slow Fitz can be.

Of course it’s perfectly legit for Mellie to talk about such men, but her line got me thinking about the show overall, and I don’t think the show itself contains such men.

Y’all heard Mellie go, “ACTING President Langston?” Lmao.

Olivia’s (A) Mess

Olivia kept talking to Edison about a Chinese Wall. Apparently it means she can keep as much from Edison as possible, but if she asks him a question, then he needs to come out with an answer.

Olivia kind of bugged me in this episode. I spent most of it grimacing at her. Her attitude with Edison and her attitude with Mellie when Mellie was trying to talk to her about what they would do if Fitz didn’t make it bugged. What was she shutting Mellie down about? Girl, you can’t celebrate Christmas with him on December 25th.

“You’re a visitor.” So calm down, Liv. She was just combative at parts of the ep, and I wasn’t really here for it.

She told Mellie that she only has one job, as if that means Mellie has an easy job.

I need her to let Edison go. Edison thinks he’s got the Olivia who is now ready and wants to be with him, and he’s wrong, and she needs to let him know so that he can stop getting the short end of the stick. And so that the Fandom can leave him alone.

Hey, does anyone else want Shonda to introduce a guy who will flirt with Mellie and make her feel good? I do.

Fitz woke up, and asked to speak with Olivia. I live for Kerry Washington’s face in that scene.


Damn. I mean….damn. They messed him up ;(.

Becky/Kate tried to come at Huck with “What’s your name?” The time has passed, Becky.

Welcome home, baby.

Miscellaneous Observations

  • Harrison is a smart cookie, because going to any authority about what they know is the worst idea. “This is the real deal. We don’t question Liv on this.”
  • “I’m a terrible liar.” It’s good that you know your shortcomings, Hal.
  • James holding the baby!!!! Oh, my heart!!! It was so sweet.

*Episode Title: One for the Dog 


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