Episode 92: TVD’s We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

Episode 92

In this episode, we fact check what was said about the sire bond in 3.06 vs what they “revealed” in 4.08. We wonder why sire bonds happen in some cases (twice in Damon’s case with Charlotte and Elena) and not others (Katherine with Damon and Stefan). We cover Elena’s dismissive words to Caroline and Bonnie. And we talk about how Expression and Dark Magic could have been okay on this show.

Quotes of the Podcast: “What story are they trying to tell with Damon and Elena that needed to take four seasons? It didn’t need to take four seasons. This whole siring complication is just to try to get around the fact that, honestly? They probably should’ve started dating in season 2.”-Olu

“There’s a part of me, actually all of me, that feels like it wasn’t worth it. We get three seasons of buildup, and the time comes, and they add in this thing. They add an outside force to make it happen.”

“Stefan’s been nice. He’s done good deeds. But selfless?”-Olu

“From a character standpoint, from a writing standpoint, what were those flickering lights supposed to do? ‘Cause it looked like she was just going to make them flicker for eternity.”


7 thoughts on “Episode 92: TVD’s We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

  1. phew STEFAN! urf. you know he likes to act and he wants to be the most perfect character for you. Sign me up for Stefan please. yes. god yes. 😀 \o/

  2. who’s charlotte?

    Charlotte … She’s counting the bricks. lol I only remember her from Heroes and I think she was on californication.

    Did she have an accent? southern?

    But these are werewolves. Where did hear this from. You break the bones and they mend back stronger.

    Olu is losing it.

    He lost his freedom when he ran into the cafe for Jeremy. :\

    I like Olu’s idea of the pack killing him in wolf form.

    why think about it … lol

    “this fucking fandom …” indeed.

    LOL @ Olu eating!

    omg Stefan’s rape? O_O


    Alla wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom! \o/

    Shouldn’t the vampires skin be translucent?

    I’m not here for Elena having sex because she’s like a doll to me. But in general I’d rather fuck or get fucked by Stefan. It’s always gonna be Stefan.
    Also Elena wasn’t rushing to have sex with Stefan after she turned.

    Elena was gross.

    Lets not bring Stefan lack of sex life into this conversation, caroline. smh

    Elena in those scenes was more par for the coarse.

    “do you think it makes ME happy that you hate him.”

    No elena does not love her friends. She just used to them. they are hers and she wants them around when she wants them around. She just wants to have excess to them because she’s always been able to in the past and she likes that routine. For Elena, losing people is more about losing what they can do and be for her, not about losing a loved one. Just my opinion. 😉

    Matt doesn’t dance does … there ya go

    Bonnie dancing like a white girl. I have it in my mind that Bonnie was teasing the other two. She could have been booty popping and the other two coulda been making it rain on her with Monopoly money.
    “Just because Damon and Elena can’t dance …” *SCREAMS*

    Hey guys now you know it’s bad then the judgy character tells your fav to stop being judgmental. rme

    uh-oh Alta is not here for Caroline side-eyeing her boo Shane. uh-uh.

    I was wondering why Bonnie was doing that … she could have given them an headache.

    “but is is magic …” LOL

    uh-oh! “different planes of existence” STOP that’s too deep for this show.

    Swallowing like Acathla in BtVS season 2. 😉

    Olu I think you are describing gods.

    Maybe practicing that {expression} creates the doppelganger. Maybe that’s the nasty thing that happens when you practicing expression.

    omg olu! that noise

    SHANE. lol

    omg shane is not that good looking. staaawp.

    omg I think that’s just what he means, he’s gonna kill her. It would be great if she took tyler’s stop because Shane promised her. *shrugs*

    guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl stawp

    • Did she have an accent? southern?

      None that I remember. Nandi and Val had accents, though.

      uh-oh Alta is not here for Caroline side-eyeing her boo Shane. uh-uh.


      omg shane is not that good looking. staaawp.

      Witcho hatin’ self.

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