Episode 91: TVD’s My Brother’s Keeper

Episode 91

Mystic Falls crowns its Miss, and we name the best and worst dressed ladies and gents.  After exploring Founders’ family and MMF politics (it is not sustainable to have a pageant every.single.year, especially since it was restricted to Founding families until last year), we discuss the Delena sire bond and the lines that stood out to us with regards to every character.

Quotes of the Podcast: “Worst dressed of the guys is a complete tragedy, in my opinion. I don’t even know how he even accepts himself as a person. His name is Klaus. He needs a tailor, and he needs an actual tux or a nice black suit, because he looked like he was crashing someone’s retirement party.”-Olu

“The whole sire thing calls into question why it didn’t work when he gave her his blood or when he gave her blood bags. He was genuinely trying to help her.”-Olu

“I feel like the fact that they’re doing this with Damon and Elena and saying ‘Oh no no, it’s all real. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a sire bond,’ at the same time that we have Tyler trying to break the sire bond because it’s so horrible….I feel like that’s a contradiction.”

“Jeremy didn’t move out after she stabbed him in the neck.”

6 thoughts on “Episode 91: TVD’s My Brother’s Keeper

  1. I need help understanding how Damon doesn’t know more about witches or the sire bond.

    If you would humor me, but from the start of this show we learned that Damon made a deal with Emily to protect her family (because just getting them out of town isn’t good enough) in exchange for keeping Katherine in the tomb for resurrection. So if you think about it then Damon was supposed to have protected and/or watched over the Bennett family. Which according to this show is the most magical family line. Not to mention the fact that Damon has been know to date witches and stay in contact with them for years. So (in context) shouldn’t Damon know more about magic, the Bennetts, and helping Bonnie then Shane. Not saying that I don’t love Shane because I do, but theoretically when Shane said that line about helping Bonnie get her magic back, there should’ve been bases for Damon to counter. You would think with the way the JP keeps Bonnie close to the trio that this would be the case.

    Also, Damon was the first person (the only person) to point out that Tyler was sired to Klaus. So because he was so quick to the draw before, why wasn’t it him that recognized Elena as being sired. Because Stefan was just as shocked as everyone else when Damon made that little revelation and Caroline doesn’t know a damn thing about a sire bond except how a hybrid breaks one. So logically shouldn’t Elena and Damon had had sex and then the next morning something might’ve happened and the Damon should’ve been like “Oh shit.”

    Maybe I’m thinking to hard, but it just seems like the writers don’t know how to interpret what they wrote. If a person is educated enough to notice something on sight the first time they should be educated enough to notice it again.

    Also do you think Shane is going to just use Bonnie and leave her or is he recruiting her to be on his team?

    • No, imo. Damon saved Emily’s children. There was nothing about him looking over the line. Don’t forget that Emily had a brother. It’s never been canon that Damon looked over the line. That was just a nice Bamon dream. The line Stefan said was, “You saved her children” and Damon responded “That’s the only reason I’m not ripping into Bonnie’s neck.” Everything since that line, every flashback, has pointed in the opposite of Damon protecting the entire Bennett line.

      Look at Damon now: how much of an effort is he making to learn about Bonnie’s magic? As much as he’s benefited from it, how much does he know about it? In episode 6 he told her to wave her magic wand. We’ve seen that when Damon knows a witch, he doesn’t go further than what he needs. That was the case with Bree. With Gloria, he didn’t seem to know anything about her besides she was a witch who sang, and he only went to Val because he needed something and didn’t step foot back in that shop until…..he needed something. Damon’s met two witches now who have slowed down their aging, but does he have any idea how? No. Because he’s not interested. He doesn’t build trust with these witches, he just interacts with them.

      So there is no base for Damon to counter, because in all these years, he doesn’t seem to have made an effort to learn half the stuff about witches that Shane did. Heck, I’m pretty sure Jeremy, from actually talking to Bonnie, knows more than Damon does.

      Damon should’ve been the one to recognize it just like Stefan should’ve been the one to tell Elena about the cure. But having someone tell Damon is more effective in breaking his heart. That seems to be JP’s thinking -____-.

      Damon should’ve had more questions about Elena’s willingness to be with him.

      Man, the jury’s still out on Shane. It’s been too long since he really interacted with Bonnie, so I can’t answer with too much confidence anymore. I will say, though, that I think chances are higher that he’s just using her and then will leave her. I say that because Shane is so in awe of witches and magic (I don’t think he’s putting on an act wrt that) that I don’t think he’s under the impression that he can serve as a leader to a witch, you know? Because if he’s trying to recruit Bonnie for his team, then he’d pretty much be her leader, right? And I don’t think he would do that.

      Now if he is Silas…..maybe. Though I think if he is smart, and he seems to be so far, he’d try to make Bonnie his partner and not just a member of his team.

  2. There was no brown ladies and I guess you can run more than once.

    I can with this. Olu stawp! lol

    Alta what is you with this Jeremy Stanning?

    Omg Olu why are you throwing so much shade?
    Alta: (April) little boobs showing.

    Shane doe? -_-

    Alta you’re giggling is killing me. Alta … stop Jeremy and Shane.
    “Speaking off wood” -ded-

    Delena was probably part where I peaced out
    Olu: SEX!

    Alta: I don’t understand!

    Consent issues for both men and women. We only have Stefan in the male case but it all needs to be addressed especially on the woman/girls side, since it happens so much.
    I miss the old TVD opener …

    Alta: This show sucks! ~indeed 😉

    What the hell do werewolves know about sirebonds? HAYLEE
    You guess keep saying vampires when you mean werewolves. Lol

    Alta: I love how you have no time for people questioning Shane or Jeremy. Lol
    Jeremy would come back from the dead tho (if elena killed him).

    Did Olu scream? Lol
    Alta: I don’t … understand.
    Stefan likes Twister, not Pictionary!

    Alta: They let go of (stefan’s) character
    Sometimes I get confused if I’m talking or Olu is. But her speech patterns are different than mine.

    I want Kelly.
    Which 90210 Olu!?
    Noooo it’s not Shane or Jeremy. They not the baby daddy.
    Yoooooooooooooooooo! did you cut out the part where you and Olu GANGED UP ON ME! O_O
    Yo! If anyone wonders why I am so quit after Alta shuts me down about Matt being the father of Bonnie’s kid … it’s because OLU and ALTA GANGED UP ON ME AND TORE INTO MY TONNIE SHIP THAT I’VE BEEN SHIPPING SINCE SEASON 2.

    BTS yo BTS! (Alta I hope you put it in an outtake.;)
    Alta: Klaus … looked … UGLY! -screaming-
    There is no best in this show.
    Oh shit oh shit here it is OLU! This is where OLU RIPS OUT MY HEART AND SLICES IT TO PIECES AFTER POUNDING IT WITH A MEAT TENDERIZER! *openly weeps*
    Alta’s like: UHHHM!
    And then Olu comes right in with that: Nah bitch yo ship sailed! It never even floated! *hair flips*
    Oh my heart my heart! What have I ever done to hurt you Olu! What!?
    Olu’s eating! Lol
    Maybe the shock of (elena’s) brother stabbing her made her lame?
    Flies are gross.

    • Alta what is you with this Jeremy Stanning?

      Girl, it started in season 2 and it hasn’t left. The character assassination in season 3 helps a lot.

      Noooo it’s not Shane or Jeremy. They not the baby daddy.


      And then Olu comes right in with that: Nah bitch yo ship sailed! It never even floated! *hair flips*
      Oh my heart my heart! What have I ever done to hurt you Olu! What!?


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