Scandal 2.07 & 2.08 Podcast

Scandal-2.07 and 2.08

Guest Co-host: Ayaan

I’m joined by a guest to review Defiance and Happy Birthday Mr. President. We discuss how Fitz is made interesting by the people around him, consider the validity of the Sally Hemmings/Thomas Jefferson comment, hash out our thoughts on Olitz in the past and in the present, wonder at the possibility of Mellie/Fitz becoming a two dimensional hate-filled caricature, and we try to figure out who Olivia Pope is (could her wardrobe be a clue?).

*Just realized that this is my last Fandom content on JAJP for 2012!!!! WOOOO!!!!


6 thoughts on “Scandal 2.07 & 2.08 Podcast

      • Alright, I wasn’t slurring but I was stumbling over my words. I have to watch that.

        It occurred to me while I was listening to myself (lol) that Huck shares Olivia’s coping strategy – the living in a fantasy thing. This guy has convinced himself that his life is not real and that the closest he can get to reality is stalking people or watching reality shows. It seems like it is a way of distancing himself from the horror of his own choices. It is kinda obvious but I didn’t tie it to Olivia before.

        • I think Huck does long for a fantasy life (Normal), but I don’t think that automatically means that he doesn’t think his life is real. Otherwise his struggle with wanting to kill, going to AA, fighting off his desire to kill, makes no sense. If he doesn’t think his life is real, if he’s distancing himself from it that much (not that distancing himself from his assassin days is a bad thing since he doesn’t prefer that life anymore), then he would have had a harder time choosing to run away with Becky.

    • I didn’t have a problem with Fitz until Treegate.

      Mostly I react to how much people raise him up as almost untouchable/not able to be criticized because of the Olivia/Fitz relationship. And I hate how they talk about Mellie and Edison just because they want Olivia with this dude.

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