4.09: O Come, Shane/Bonnie/Jeremy




Extended Promo


Elena’s seeking out unconventional methods

57 thoughts on “4.09: O Come, Shane/Bonnie/Jeremy

  1. Where’s the clip? Where’s the clip? It’s usually out on Friday. Now when I NEED to see it, it’s not out. They(Bonnie/Jeremy) need to have sex, I need them to have sex. What am I suppose to do with myself when they don’t have sex.

    Sorry mini breakdown right now from those photos.

    • Sorry mini breakdown right now from those photos.

      I understand, trust me! Goodness, I hope they + Shane have enough substantial scenes for my imagination to run with.

      I hope that by the time I wake up tomorrow, the webclip will be out.

    • What if this “expression” thing is done thought a sex act/scene? What if we’re allowed to see that. (I’ll watch those clips). I’d rather it was Shane but I guess it could be Jeremy if it HAD to be.

  2. What I find unimpressive about the little tidbit I just linked to is, are they saying that Elena is the vampire that Jeremy has the strongest urge to kill? I hope not, because that won’t make any sense.

    • YAYYYY!!!!

      “Do you trust me?” “Yeah, I trust you.” 😀

      At least Delena is smart enough to stay in the car until Bonnie got the ax away from Jeremy.

      “They’re here to help you.” Nope.

      Elena’s inviting Shane places now? Since when did she get a direct line to him?

      “What is professor shady pants doing here?” Have I mentioned I don’t like the way Damon speaks. Grow up!

  3. I’ll be so annoyed if Thursday comes and they tell me that Elena reached over Bonnie’s head and contacted Shane, and he answered.

    Elena needs to stay in her lane. Shane is literally not here for her. First she called him creepy literally as soon as he turned his back, and then she decided she was not going to judge because……I guess wanting to tell Bonnie about her new love was more important.

    Where did she even get his number?
    Why is she talking to him?
    Why is she looking at him as a resource?

    She needs to stop. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s unacceptable. How did she contact him? Did the writers ask themselves this?

    • I’m assume that somewhere between the lecture at the college she attended, the exhibit at the high school and being a judge at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant Shane’s contact information was made known to Elena, that’s not really a big deal. But yeah, I don’t get why. Damon is aware that Jeremy and Bonnie were off the the lakehouse for some alone time, but Elena secretly decided that Shane should be there too? Makes way more sense if Bonnie decided he would be useful on her own. Why did Elena need to be the go-between?

        • Course, on the other hand, I was worried that Bonnie would be blamed by the fans (and Damon) for letting Shane know that Jeremy was their potential at all. But no, as Elena personally gave up her brother out of the blue just like that, no elaborate manipulation needed.

    • That scene looks so awkward. With that “thing” does he mean that Caroline is going to distract him again? Or does he mean they talk about his ugly arts while drinking alcohol?

        • Lol. They really are. I just don´t get why we have to endure these scenes and then Caro´s comment about how his picture shows so much “loneliness” or something. Caro really gets him, Alta. Poor, poor Klaus is alone. Come and give him a hug. Special snowflake he is.

          Also someone on FF tried to interpret those promo pictures we got at the beginning of the season … and in Candice pic you can see a caged bird in that decoratic frame and now the person thinks that is in relation to the bird story Klaus talked about, lol. And I´m still sitting here and waiting for the interpretation of that bug on Tyler´s shoulder.

          And I hope I don´t sound too stupid but I´m not really a Dickens-expert, how is he a “dark man”?

          • These scenes are leading to nowhere. Like, are they really going to put Caroline with Klaus? The answer is no, so why these waste of scenes to justify his presence on the show? These scenes could have gone to Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane.

            When Caroline said “Nice use of the snowflakes” or whatever, I irrationally thought, “YOU’RE a snowflake.” Lol.


            I was supposed to read Dickens once for school, but I totally didn’t. I think Tiny Tim is a reference to one of his books, but I have no idea which one.

            Sent from my iPod

            • These scenes could have gone to Bonnie, Jeremy, and Shane.

              This. Especially because it gives us no insight into Caroline´s character … it´s just Klaus talking bs about birds and about Caroline even though he doesn´t know her.

              Same here.

              I asked the question on FF and somebody gave me a link to an article about him .. it´s pretty long and I´m still skipping through it, just ignore the title because no … just no. But some of the stuff is really disturbing and I wouldn´t think and hope that Caroline would like him

              Here is the link: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/3860664/Charles-Dickens-dark-secrets-revealed.html

              for example:
              In 1836, at the age of 24, he married 20-year-old Catherine Hogarth who, over the next 15 years, gave birth to ten children.

              In return, Dickens complained she was fat and that he found her unattractive. He was developing a violent temper which he increasingly took out on his wife and children.


              And she says he had more than one personality — capable of extraordinary kindness towards strangers but shocking cruelty to those closest to him.

              • it´s pretty long

                Sorry that was a lie, lol. Thought it would be longer because I only scrolled down but after posting I realized it is because of the comments.

              • Yeah, the Sun is a tabloid.

                I assumed Klaus was talking about his works, but then why would he say Caroline WOULD’VE liked them? She can still buy them. And he did say “him.” Ugh.

    • Thanks, Kathrin!

      They’re doing the same thing with Klaus/Caroline/Tyler that they did with Stefan/Damon/Elena in season 3. Mainly, they’re giving one half of the triangle all the scenes and all the interactions, and I’m left wondering why the other side even matters. And in both cases, it was the “better” side that got ignored.

      Last year, when they brought in Rebekah and the family, I was very pleased because it gave us a chance to see a new side of Klaus, to see the way he is with people he cares about, people he’s close to.

      Uh…..Klaus is horrible with the people he cares about, the people he’s close to. He’s worse to them than he is to the people he’s supposedly trying to kill. So I don’t know what that means for Caroline.

      This season, we saw all of our “heroes” band together to murder an innocent hybrid — who had just risked his life to help them free Elena.

      No, we didn’t. And out of all the people she named, Jeremy’s situation was the most complex. He didn’t know Chris like Caroline and Stefan did.

      They need to kill Klaus.

      • I don´t know whenever I read those interviews with Joseph about Klaroline and stuff I just can´t believe that he thinks what they are doing with it is a good job. I know he has to promote this storyline but this stuff makes him look so dumb.

        And there is another interview with him, don´t ask me why we get all those interviews with the people who have no interesting storyline (Candice, Joseph) but no interviews with Steven, Kat or Michael who actually have one:

        TVLINE | Everyone, from Caroline to Tyler, is playing Klaus this season. He can’t possibly be that clueless to what’s going on, can he?
        [Laughs] I don’t think so, no. It seems like that, doesn’t it? Like everything’s going on right under his nose and he’s oblivious to it all. And there is a certain amount of distraction that’s come from wooing Caroline and having that somewhere near the forefront of his mind. But all of this deception is going to come out in the open very soon. It’s likely to all come to a head.

        TVLINE | He’s a smart guy, so do you think maybe he’s known all along that something’s been going on and he’s playing along with it?
        There’s certainly room for that. That’s an interesting idea. Even if he didn’t know everything, there’s absolutely room for the idea that he could have had an inkling of it. He’s been around the block a few times. He’s seen a lot of people trying to one up him. So yeah, I think you’re right. It would be crazy to think that he had no idea any of this was happening right on his doorstep.

        Source and more: http://tvline.com/2012/12/12/vampire-diaries-season-4-spoilers-joseph-morgan-klaus-caroline/

        Mainly, they’re giving one half of the triangle all the scenes and all the interactions, and I’m left wondering why the other side even matters. And in both cases, it was the “better” side that got ignored.

        This. Especially since episode 6 Caroline and Tyler have a big conflict considering what happened with Chris, but did we get any relevant scene between that showed us their different positions after episode 6? Nope.
        Or now that Tyler has a pack … we know that this show never thinks about the future, but shouldn´t Caroline think about what is going to happen if Tyler and her stay together. He basically has another family who is immortal (if Klaus doesn´t kill them all). Caroline on the other hand will have no one because her mother will die. Is she going to stay with his pack and will accept it as part of her family? Are they going to accept her? There are so many questions she could ask herself, but she isnt.

        Uh…..Klaus is horrible with the people he cares about, the people he’s close to.

        I just don´t know what he is talking about, doesn´t he remember what he did to Rebekah or how he treated her since she showed up on the show.

        No, we didn’t. And out of all the people she named, Jeremy’s situation was the most complex. He didn’t know Chris like Caroline and Stefan did.

        Right. And I don´t get what Carina is trying to do … for all the stuff she writes about Chris death and that what the “heroes” of our show did, it just looks like she is talking to herself so she feels better about usually fangirling for TVD. Is she going to ask any of the people she interviews about what happened to Chris or that we already saw this happening with Abby or that those people didn´t care who would be sacrificed in season 2? Nope she won´t.

        They need to kill Klaus.

        They really do. But if he makes it to the final I still think there is a possibility for him to be turned back into a human (of course if the “cure” exists) and then we are going to see human!Klaus angsting in S5 and the group thinking about killing him, but Caroline will be here to stop them somehow, because it is the new Delena or something.
        And of course they would mess up mythology and only Klaus would be turned into a human but his bloodline would stay unaffected.

    • forever looking over his shoulder in fear of assassination

      By whom? Nobody’s checking for Klaus.

      “The fact that she’s making it so difficult absolutely makes it more intriguing for him.”

      Let’s be serious: how difficult is she making it? I don’t see difficulty. I see that they just talk.

      On a lighter note, Morgan promised Elijah and Rebekah will both return soon


      Thanks for bringing this over, Kathrin!

      • Maybe he has forgotten that his dad is already dead. He should know that now the group wouldn´t kill him because of that bloodline reveal.

        And what I don´t get is that he isn´t interested in what Shane does … this guy knows more about the “cure” than you do. So why are you not interested in him and what he is plotting? Especially because he wants to sacrifice your awesome hybrid family.

        Yup, pretty much. If that is difficult for him then Klaus hasn´t met that many women in his 1000 years on earth.

        “When we filmed that scene, the director told me there’s an element of cat-and-mouse,”

        So now we know that the director (Chris Grismer I think) along with Candice and the writing is also responsible for this mess that is Klaroline in that webclip.

        • The thing is, no one’s talking to Klaus about Shane. Stefan doesn’t care about Shane so information about him isn’t going to get back to Klaus. See, that’s the thing. For as much have they have Damon, Elena, and Caroline call him creepy, they haven’t written anything for them to go on. Heck, Damon is accepting that he can get him the cure, and Elena has called him to exploit him.

  4. There is an interview with Candice: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/13/the-vampire-diaries-candice-accola-on-the-shows-first-holiday-episode-and-carolines-feelings-on-klaus-damon-and-more?page=1

    I hate that it is implied human!Caroline was this weak character and only because she turned into a vampire she is now so strong. And nope Candice it hasn´t been “a couple years later” … it has been only one year since the last MMF.

    I like that she knows why Caroline is justified to hate Damon, it´s just that it doesn´t show up on screen. It´s only about Stefan and that he is so much better.

    And also: She does not feel guilty about it, and I love that. She shouldn’t have to. She’s going to love Elena, but it doesn’t change the way that Damon treated Caroline. I think she can support Elena knowing that even if Damon’s changed and he’s really loving her, it doesn’t change what he did to Caroline. I love that she owns that, and she’s fully okay with saying, “Screw you.”

    That´s clearly not the case because she apologized last episode for judging Elena.

    • I saw what she had to say about Caroline hating Damon and my reaction was the same as yours: if only that’s how they were playing it on the show.

      These poor actors. All they want is for the work they’ve done on this show to matter by the writers giving their characters continuity.

      Has JP really not told the actors that’s only been a year in the show’s universe? Man, she sucks as a show runner.

  5. I liked this episode. But can’t say it did much to “confront Jeremy’s personal demons” though. We got one short kinda scary scene out of it, that’s about it. As was feared, hardly any Bonnie/Shane interaction at all. Would have liked to have Beremy address their past difficulties before parting ways.

    • Same wrt Bonnie/Shane and Bonnie/Jeremy.

      And he had a wife and son? I hope he’s lying, but hey, they never said he was supposed to be her love interest. Although if they’d brought him in to mentor Caroline, they’d be quick to assure everyone that he was going to be her love interest.

  6. Well……That sure was an episode of TVD, huh?

    Tyler came out on top. I mean, I loved him throughout. LOVED! He needs to breakup with Caroline.

    Caroline can GTFO. Her and Stefan. I couldn’t believe what he said. “This is bigger than you, Tyler.” Yeah, but when YOU wanted revenge, everyone had to fall in line. Asswipe.

    So….did Shane not really need the Hybrids? Because Hayley just got them ALL killed.

    Shane stumped me in this episode. I couldn’t read him in a single scene. The only one I’m sure of is the one where he called Damon intuitive. That was totally insincere.

    Shane is Bonnie’s mentor, but I’m being assured that Elena trusts him. Only on TVD.

    I hope Hayley stays away from MF because of Tyler. Thing is, though, I can’t see him harming her.

    Caroline better stay the HELL away from Tyler. She didn’t care about those Hybrids, so she better not try to comfort him.

    What crock of shit were Stefan and Caroline spewing when they said they felt sorry for Klaus and Stefan said they were all alike. “Who’s all?” Not Tyler. There’s a case to be made for him, Jeremy, Bonnie, and even Caroline’s dumbass. And Klaus just killed Carol. Like, really writers? You couldn’t think of a better way for Caroline to open her trap.

    I couldn’t believe how many scenes Caroline got in this episode. And for what? Thumbs down. Just put her with Klaus and call it a day. And she called Hayley a slut because her vocabulary’s limited.

    April found Rebekah. Is she going to pull the dagger out? I might be here for a Tyler and Rebekah team-up. She’s the only one besides him who hates Klaus. Bonnie doesn’t like him, but she’s being kept away from him, being kept from talking about him. So Tyler and Rebekah, it is.

    Why was Matt in this episode? April in the cave would’ve been a better reveal if he hadn’t been there to say anything.

    “You. I feel that way about you.” Somebody hold me.

    They need to address that Anna crap if they’re even thinking of going there again with these two. I have no idea what they plan to do with Shane and Bonnie. Ugh.

    I didn’t get a single scene or sentence to validate my threesome feelings. They also robbed me of Bonnie working with Jeremy so he could use her as an anchor.

    Why would Jeremy invite Damon to the house? Why does him not wanting to kill Elena suddenly means he won’t want to kill Damon.

    So am I to understand that most of Shane’s scenes are going to be with Damon now?

    They killed Carol. Why, I don’t know.

  7. Didn´t like the episode.

    I don´t understand Jeremy and Damon teaming up, I´m so over that sirebond!angst for Delena, I hated that Shane basically had most of the scenes with Delena and told them the story about Silas (and I really hope he lied about that because I liked the episode 6-version of that story so much more) and Beremy were offscreen and not getting any info of something that they are a vital part of. And they cut the Beremy scene from the promo, fail.
    I loved what Jeremy subconsious thinks of Elena and I wanted to not just be forgotten by the end of the episode. Too much Delena with too loud indie music in the background, like always.
    Stefan is the worst, I can´t even deal with it anymore. And they are taking Caroline right there with him. There were some points of the episode where I wished the hybrids would just kill them and get it over with.
    Tyler is the best. Everything he said to Stefan was so on point. My love for him knows no bounds. I want a Jeremy/Bonnie/Tyler team up at this point. I knew that his plan wouldn´t work out in the end, because the show wants to keep Klaus around for no reason, but I loved how in charge he was and that scene in the end were he went to the pack was so sad 😦

    I don´t understand what Candice said in regards to the Klaroline scenes … there was only the one we already saw in the webclip and nothing more. Something groundbreaking must have happened between them offscreen, because I don´t get how she would agree with Stefan in the last scene? That was awful.
    Didn´t they know that Klaus basically killed all the hybrids while they were sitting here around the fire and feel guilty for what they did to Klaus? Why was Caroline not on the search for Tyler? Didn´t she think that Klaus would go against him first because he was the leader? Doesn´t she even care about her boyfriend anymore? Why is she always there with Stefan and their scenes together are so awful. No Caroline fan can be happy about this stuff.

    I was more than confused about the plan to take down Klaus … so they thought that Hayley found a witch but didn´t even ask to meet her to talk about the plan? Or did they think that Bonnie would do it? Because why did Caroline call Bonnie about the stuff with putting Klaus soul into Rebekah´s body? And why did she hang up on her so quickly? Why did Caroline have so many scenes, which were all useless? She is also talking too loud these days.

    That stuff about the letters Klaus keeps from his victims was a bit random for me. But I guess Klefan can bond over this.

    And Klaus basically did the sacrifice for Hayley/Shane? He killed the 12 hybrids. How does this sacrifice even work … the witch doesn´t have to be part of it or doesn´t even have to know about the sacrifice (in Bonnie´s case)? The power of the sacrifice can be “stored” somewhere for later use? And also btw apparently what Pastor Young did in the premiere, with killing all the council members was the first sacrifice. Because they were 12 people aswell.

    At the end of the episode we saw that they are basically writing Klaus totally ooc most of the time so that the main is still alive. He killed those hybrids because they betrayed him … this one time. What did he do the other times when the group tricked and betrayed him? Nothing. We can all talk about how he has feelings for Stefan and Caroline and wouldn´t kill them … but this doesn´t stop him from staking Rebekah every single time she “betrays” him or doesn´t agree with his plan, so why are they still alive? And why is Klaus still alive.
    And I still think he is the dumbest of them all. His masterrace is a dying breed like he said six episodes ago … and here he is killing probably all the hybrids he has left. He could have compelled them … and let them torture themselves like he did with Katherine, wouldn´t that be more satisfying for him? And he would still have his hybrids. Compelled to obey him. Just like what he did with Stefan. Now he has nothing. And his sword his useless because apparently it isn´t needed and I don´t think he even knows about it. Why is he still alive, I want to ask again.

    That scene with Carol was predictable but it was sad nevertheless, the moment she had that heartfelt scenes with Tyler in the episode it was clear that she is going to die. She didn´t deserve this and Tyler didn´t deserve this. I hope that Susan Walters will get better stuff to work with on Teen Wolf.
    Do you think they will make it look like a suicide and so the group doesn´t even know that Klaus killed her, so that they still can give us those awful Klaroline scenes where Caroline will feel guilty for what she did and will look even dumber in the process or do you think Klaus will go to Tyler and tell him what he did? Or they will just figure it out themselves.

    I´m glad that April now knows about the supernatural stuff … I guess. But I don´t understand how she got to the Lockwood dungeons, did Caroline mention it when she called Stefan? (also what about the slut-shaming of Hayley again?). So she is going to un-“dagger” Rebekah?

    • And they cut the Beremy scene from the promo, fail.

      They didn’t cut that scene. They slowed it down in the promo. It played out as a one-second thing in the actual episode.

      The Delena angst in this episode was annoying. Like, you made a decision. Live with it.

      “You know, Jefferson freed the slaves.” Really, Stefan? I hate him so much. So white people are slaves, but Black people who were actually slaves are “handmaidens.”

      Tyler was my favorite part of the episode.

      I want a Jeremy/Bonnie/Tyler team up at this point.

      Have you checked this fic out? http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8720188/1/Stake-the-Salvatores

      I don’t think Caroline and Stefan knew what Klaus did yet.

      Why did Caroline have so many scenes, which were all useless? She is also talking too loud these days.


      Why did Tyler leave finding a witch to Hayley when he knows a witch? Was it because he knows Bonnie’s not at full power yet? What exactly was Hayley thinking? Because she didn’t rat Tyler out to Klaus until she got desperate, so what was her plan? Tyler was going to be in the cellar…..and then what? What was she going to say?

      I thought the letters were from a lover at first. Why would he victims write him letters? Or did he steal their letters?

      Did what Pastor did constitue as a sacrifice? Hasn’t it been too long since that happened for anyone to channel those deaths?

      Val wasn’t around when Damon killed those 12 people. Like, she wasn’t standing there watching it.

      I saw a ring of fire in the promo, so….I don’t know.

      I agree with everything you said about Klaus. How is someone that violent still alive? It’s frustrating. And yeah, apparently the sword is now useless. We should’ve known when Shane didn’t seem interested in finding it. And Klaus just killed Carol. And he’s not needed to find the cure. So why aren’t they going to kill him? Because he only killed Carol and Carol doesn’t matter because Tyler doesn’t matter?

      Hayley’s sadness over Chris and whatever those other Hybrids were called was pretty much bullshit because she was going to hand them over to Shane and she had no problem handing them over to Klaus. Although, maybe she was going to keep Chris and ‘em out of it since, if they’d lived, there would have been more than 12 Hybrids.

      How will they not know that Klaus did it? Tyler, Caroline, and Stefan know that Tyler was doing something that could piss Klaus off. Tyler found out from Hayley herself that Klaus knew.

      But I think the rest of the town will think Carol committed suicide. Ugh.

      Yeah, Caroline mentioned it in the phone call.

      Her taking the dagger out of Rebekah could be a smart move, cause then Rebekah would kind of owe her, but it’ll only be smart if April actually has a plan.

      I caught Caroline’s slut-shaming.

  8. I kind of think Bonnie should’ve said “No” when Caroline asked if putting Klaus in Rebekah would work. The undead possessing the undead?

    This makes me think back to Klaus possessing Tyler. I don’t know. I can maybe fanwank the fact that Tyler’s a werewolf/vampire hybrid, but he’s not half living? So how is he even half werewolf?

    You know what, I’m getting off track.

    Possessing the undead? Especially one undead possessing another? I’m not sure that should be legit. I think only the living should be able to be possessed.

    But obviously they didn’t care about any mythology like that or rules, they just wanted to get to the part of the ep where everything goes wrong.

    But let’s build this part of the show/witch mythology ourselves.

    Possessing the undead, and the undead possessing the undead. Opinion?

    If Klaus can “jump” into Tyler’s body and Klaus can “jump” into Rebekah’s body, then that means that a ghost can just jump into their bodies, too. And I don’t think that should be the case.

  9. I just realized that Klaus left the dungeon where he killed Kim without even looking at the coffin or in the coffin … but he must have known that it is Rebekah in that coffin, right? Wouldn´t he have taken the coffin with him?

  10. About the cure:

    Silas became immortal. But…he’s still human. He’s still alive.

    Esther didn’t do an immortality spell. She didn’t do a spell so that her kids would live forever. She did a spell so that her kids would be impervious to harm. And that included killing them. She said herself that they weren’t supposed to live forever or procreate. So her spell didn’t include immortality. It pretty much included invincibility. They can’t get sick.

    So how come a spell that can turn an immortal, living, human into a regular living human can turn undead immortal creatures….into living humans?

    They’re not….in the same boat. That spell takes away the vampires’ immortality, they should just drop dead. Because they’re dead. There aren’t undead humans walking around. That spell shouldn’t make them come back to life. That’s not the spell Silas wrote.

    Silas ain’t turning himself back into a human. He’s….already human.

    Yeah, Shane could be lying to Damon/Elena. But we know for sure that the writes are idiots, so they could do this bull.

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