Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 6: Free For All

I’ve been using Bonnie Bennett Appreciation week to wave my “I love Bonnie’s magic” flag. Today is a free for all, and I can’t very well disappoint you, can I? On this day where we can talk about anything regarding Bonnie, I’m going to talk about the favorites that I didn’t get a chance to spotlight in the first five days.

I’m going to talk about my favorite Bonnie power, favorite use of a power, my favorite dream prophecy, top three favorite spells she’s cast, and a power that I’d like to see.

My favorite Bonnie power is her fire power. Lighting candles, setting the car on fire in season 1, using the water to set Ben in fire, setting the water on fire to burn Damon in season 2. Bonnie uses her spell casting ability more than she uses her physical powers, but when she does use her physical powers, her pyrokinesis gets the most play.

The physical power that gets the most play after her pyrokinesis is her aneurysm power. She’s used it in season 1 (on Stefan), in season 2 (on Damon and Mason), and in season 3 (on Damon, Tyler, and Abby). I wonder if she’ll use it in season 4. I hope she does. Which leads me to my favorite use of a power,

My favorite use of Bonnie’s aneurysm power is when she used it on Damon in the season 2 premier.

Bonnie doesn’t use enough telekinesis :(. She first used it to make the feathers float. She used it to throw Damon across the room in season 2. She used it in a blink and you miss it way in season 3 when she threw the burning grimoire out of Jeremy’s hand in the 4th episode. My favorite use of her telekinesis is when Katherine was choking her and she used it to open the doors in the Lockwood mansion. That was so smart! You want to get her off of you, then expose her! I loved it. I think that has been the smartest use of her powers.

Shout out to her scrying ability. She used it to find the wooden spoon in season 1, to pick out Damon’s favorite book in season 1, and to find the grimoire she needed in Jonas’ apartment in season 2. That was the last time we saw that power :(.

The next category, I decided to include because of Kathrin’s choice of favorite outfit on day 2.

Bonnie has had three dream prophecies in the last three seasons. There was the time she dreamt about Emily and received the message from her in season 1. She dreamt about the coffins in season 3, and that was how she learned of their location. And she dreamt about Abby, which is how she knew she needed her to open the sealed coffin.

My favorite of these dreams is the second one, where she’s strolling to through the woods, and the shots are beautiful, and we follow her inside the witch house. I hope she dreams in season 4. It isn’t a given, because she didn’t dream in season 2.

My top three favorite spells! I’m listing them from least favorite (take that with a grain of salt because I don’t dislike any of her spells. The only thing I ever wish is that we see them onscreen like when she put Tyler in Klaus’ Bonnie) to favorite:

3. The spell she casted (with Sheila) to hide veiled matter and send the ghosts back. I can’t find a video of it on youtube -____-.  Bonnie hasn’t casted a spell with another witch since season 1. I know she casted a spell to “destroy” the moonstone with Luka in season 2, but that’s just it: she didn’t do what she thought she was doing. Luka tricked her.

I love that Bonnie and Sheila’s powers, their voices, reached out to the ghosts, because all of the ghosts knew their time was up. They all knew they were being sent back.

Bonnie was heartbroken, but she had to carry out her duty :(. She snatched the necklace from Jeremy’s hand, threw it in the fire, and started the spell, her voice strong. Sheila appeared and held her hand, and both of their voices rang out.

2. The desiccation spell. I already talked about why I love this spell/hero moment.

1. The spell she casted to reveal veiled matter. I mean……Bonnie casted a spell to drop the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead. How cool is that? How cool is that? She dropped the curtain that separates the spirits from the living. And then a season later she stops her own heart so she can walk in the world of the spirits. But the context of the latter was less interesting than the context of the former.

The one power I’d like to see Bonnie display is her power over earth. Not the earth, but earth. I think we all realize that her powers are elemental. She’s worked with fire, air, and water, but she hasn’t done anything with earth. She can make fire happen without a spell, she can work with the air without a spell. She worked water without a spell (when she made the water splash on Tikki), so I’d like to see her do something with earth without a spell. I’d also like to see her do something with water that doesn’t involve setting it on fire.

One more day to go!


2 thoughts on “Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 6: Free For All

  1. Love the choices you made (as always).

    That scene with the wooden spoons and the birthday candles in “Friday Night Bites” is still one of my fav Bonnie scenes. Loved her first contact with her powers and that she didn´t want to accept it somehow that what her Grams told her was true.

    She also used telekinesis when she fake!deactivated the device … I think it was floating in that scene. But you are right and I want to see her using more telekinesis.

    Glad that you included those dreams scenes because of my outfit choice 😉 And it was my favourite dream aswell. Also Kat´s eyebrows acting were on point when she looked at Klaus in his coffin, lol.

    3. The spell she casted (with Sheila) to hide veiled matter and send the ghosts back. I can’t find a video of it on youtube -____-.

    It´s the whole end sequence but Grams and Bonnie are spell casting at the beginning:

    Here is my entry:

    • You’re right, she did use it when she made the device float. I forgot about that.

      Also Kat´s eyebrows acting were on point when she looked at Klaus in his coffin, lol.


      Oh man, I love your free for all. I wanted so much more out of that storyline. One of the things I wanted, which you mention, was Bonnie asking Abby what it felt like to walk away from it all. I also wanted her to ask what it felt like to be without powers. The writers took absolutely ZERO interest in Abby’s life and why she did what she did. Yet they made sure we knew and understood Esther’s motivation. They even gave her a chance to fix her mistake. Ugh.

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