Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 5: Favorite Hero Moment

I stared at this theme for a little bit. I don’t know; I don’t think about Bonnie’s hero moments in terms of favorites and least favorites.

My first instinct wasn’t to choose a moment when she did a spell and averted a crisis. My first instinct was to go with a moment where she showed consideration for others in times of a crisis. So moments like when she invaded Luka’s mind and then looked affected when she discovered that he had a stake in this too. Moments like when the Salvatores asked her to help out with Mason to save Elena, and she had a moment of hesitation because she wanted to ask questions before she shot. Moments like how contemplative she looked after she performed the spell that banished Vicky to the other side, leaving Matt alone again.

Those are the moments that separate Bonnie from the other characters that Julie Plec labels “heros.”

The reason I’m going with this specific moment is because of what went in to it.

I think Bonnie performing the desiccation spell is a one of a kind situation (it just occurred to me that Bonnie performed that spell thinking she was desiccating Alaric, not Klaus). We’ve had moments of Bonnie coming up with a plan by herself. For one, she decided not to deactive the device all on her own. For another, she came up with the plan to kidnap Luka and invade his mind. For yet another, she came up with the plan to save Klaus all on her own. Let’s give a shoutout to the fact that Bonnie’s plans always work, sometimes with consequences, but she always achieves what she sets out to do, if she’s at the head of the plan.

But two out of three  of these examples, she’s carried out on her own (Bonnie’s a Team onto herself, bless. Perks of being a witch).

This particular plan stands out to me because it involved most of the group. Stefan, Damon, Jeremy. Klaus was involved. And Bonnie was at the helm.

There wasn’t a group meeting where Damon (and Stefan) assigned people their roles. Bonnie wasn’t lending a hand to a plan thought up by the Salvatores like in Masquerade. Bonnie alone understood what Esther/the spirits had done to her body. When she showed up to Elena’s house, she said she’d been trying to figure out a way to stop Alaric. From the moment Damon fed her his blood to the moment when they got to the Gilbert house, Bonnie had been trying to figure out how to fix what the spirits did. That is so Bonnie!

And then she did come up with something. While the vampires were standing outside being vampires, Bonnie walked out and said she’d come up with something. First step was getting in touch with Abby so she could get the spell she needed. Next step was, presumably, cutting herself so that she could give her blood to the vampires so that they’d be connected to her so she could do what she needed to do. Next step was performing the spell.

I love it!

Bonnie’s hubris was on display (I love her hubris. It’s a head-shaker but also great) with regards to this plan,  because she shrugged off Abby’s warnings. I think it was primarily because she was chaffed at the fact that Abby left her once and then left her again. “You have no idea what I’m capable of.” Because Bonnie would not accept that the woman who won’t give her a chance is right about anything. She didn’t listen to Abby when she said they shouldn’t open the coffin.

Bonnie doesn’t have identity issues, like I said before. The girl has a hearing problem. Lol. I love her.


2 thoughts on “Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 5: Favorite Hero Moment

  1. Love the moment you picked. It was one of my favourites aswell. I was so glad when Bonnie came out of the Gilberts house and stood in front of those fools and told them what they should do. And I don´t know why Klaus was acting like she isn´t capable of this. This guy witnessed how she broke the bond between the Original siblings just three episodes ago and here he is doubting her competence. That´s why this guy is fail.

    (it just occurred to me that Bonnie performed that spell thinking she was desiccating Alaric, not Klaus)

    Did she? I thought that she called Damon when he was knocked out in the highschool halls and that he probably informed her after that about what happened and that they are now going after Klaus.

    I picked her scene with Jeremy in 2×17:

    • One of the things I absolutely cannot STAND on TVD is how these freaking vampires always act like it’s Bonnie’s first time on the block. Like they’ve never seen her work miracles before. They doubt her abilities and her competence, and it’s a problem in the writing too. It has nasty undertones when you add the fact that it’s all these White men doubting this Black woman no matter how many times she’s proved herself.

      Oh, I forgot about the phone call.

      I love the moment you chose! Yes, that was really the point where her storyline came together. I love it. I don’t think we’ve had a moment to match or surpass it, a moment where we go, “Aha! So that’s what everything Bonnie has been doing/that has happened to Bonnie has been leading to.” *Sigh*

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