Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favorite Relationship

Did you find it weird that I said, on day 3, that Bonnie’s relationship with Sheila is the most perfect, most consistent relationship she has with a human being? I said that because I believe Bonnie has a very consistent and ongoing relationship with a non-human. Her magic. And it’s been going strong for 4 seasons because….well, it’s pretty much a relationship between Bonnie and herself, don’t you think?

Is Bonnie happy? Is Bonnie sad? Is Bonnie scared? Is Bonnie desperate for companionship? Is Bonnie pissed? Check out her magic. Whatever she’s feeling, however she’s feeling, it’ll probably manifest itself through her magic. Let’s take the latest case:

Bonnie is traumatized by what happened to Sheila. She’s afraid. She…..can’t do magic. She isn’t confident in her abilities. She feels cornered and trapped. Her magic is blocked.

And then Bonnie gets some words of encouragement. She spends a day sipping tea and being hypnotized. She’s relaxed, and she’s asked to believe in herself, to not feel afraid. She doesn’t let go of the fear at first, but when she does….magic happens.

It’s right there. And it’s why I get annoyed when Bonnie fans complain about how she’s using too much magic. “Let’s scale back on it. Let’s see her be normal.” What? The problem isn’t how much magic Bonnie uses. It’s that the writers usually don’t go further than her casting a particular spell. The answer isn’t thus to have her stop casting spells. It’s for them to do better by her perspective. And maybe that’s what people mean. I sure wish they’d take the time to say it instead of taking the shortcut of “Bonnie the person and Bonnie the witch.” Or maybe some Bonnie fans just aren’t interested in her magic beyond the surface?

Bonnie told Jaime (who?) that sometimes she’d settle for being ordinary instead of extraordinary. But she can only say that because she has magic. And this point is my favorite when it comes to Bonnie’s relationship with magic: its fluctuates. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. She can feel at her highest with, and because of, her magic, and she can feel at her lowest with, and because of, it.



It’s an armor (I forgot how much I love this scene);

It’s rewarding;

It’s fulfilling and gives her purpose;

And sometimes it’s just normal (starting at 2.14).

Weren’t expecting the last one, were you :D? But the fact that Bonnie can kill her ex-boyfriend and bring him back to life is normal. She’s a witch!

When Sheila died, all Bonnie had was her magic. She didn’t have her dad because he didn’t want to hear all facets of her grief (the supernatural part). She couldn’t tell Caroline everything. Elena was in the middle of it in a way that wasn’t beneficial to Bonnie. All she had was her magic! She practiced it and worked on it and got better at it.

It’s the one thing that can’t can’t disappoint her, and I do read Bonnie as realizing this on a subconscious level (Bonnie’s subconscious, not mine). Her mom will abandon her; her dad will ignore her; her best friend will choose others over her; her boyfriend will cheat on her; people will disappoint her and fail her. But her magic is the one thing Bonnie has complete control over. Whether it works or fails is completely dependent on Bonnie herself.

I’m talking about Bonnie’s powers here, her ability to do magic, so stuff like the witch spirits and all of that are secondary. If she works at it, she gets payoff. Good payoff. It’s a perfect give and take relationship, because her magic cannot use her. She uses it, so it’ll never take more from her than she’s willing to give.

Bonnie Bennett is, at this point in her life, constructing her identity through magic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe in a couple of years, once she’s in a better place, she’ll construct her identity through something else, because she’s ever changing, but right now her magic is a very valuable part of her identity.

The fact that she has magic pulled her into dangerous situations. Magic was leading her in a very loose way (I say loose because in the end it was still up to Bonnie whether or not she wanted to participate), but then in season 2 she took control of it and decided to deal with being in the middle.

The fact that Bonnie has magic helped her decide what role she wants to play in her town, in her friends’ lives, and in the supernatural game. It helped her decide who she was in season 1 (From joking about magic to “If Damon spills one drop of innocent blood”), who she was in season 2 (From I don’t want to be in the middle to “I was called to do this”) , who she was in season 3 (she told Elena that she was helping with the coffins because witchcraft was involved. Season 3 was kind of iffy for Bonnie because she scaled down her powers so much and had her taking orders from that asshole Stefan), and it’s going to help her decide who she is in season 4 (Right now we’ve got her learning that there are other ways to practice magic and she has potential that her ancestors and their friends can’t fathom), because she’s still growing. And I hope she’ll continue to grow with regards to what role she wants to play, specifically in Elena’s her friends’ lives.


2 thoughts on “Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favorite Relationship

  1. So I finally finished the Bonnie Bennett Week (I know almost two weeks too late but real life didn´t want me to finish it on time lol) and most of the time I have more focus on the arts … and they end up being ugly anyways and then I´m reading your text posts and it´s just beautiful. I always have so many Bonnie feelings when I see or listen to you talking about her storyline and with the video links it also reminds me how awesome and how difficult her relationship to magic is and that the show only has to give her more focus so that we can see it on screen more often, but it is still there and like you I hate that people can´t see it.

    I´m always cheering for Bonnie to kill Klaus (“You were dead” always lmao) in that video of episode 21. The writers took that away from her and I will never forgive him for that. And here we are two seasons later and this guy is still around and Caroline is drinking champagne with him like nothing happened. This show sucks so much.

    Anyways here is my entry:

    • I love your arts!

      Doing this BB appreciation week really made me fall in love with her all over again, so I’m happy I did/do the same for you. Lol.

      (“You were dead” always lmao)


      Bonnie’s relationship with Sheila is the best adult/child relationship on the show, even in death. 😦

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