Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 3: Favorite Non-magical Moment

Let me just say, and this comes as no shock to many people, that one of my pet-peeves wrt the Bonnie Fandom is the underlying disdain I sense for Bonnie’s powers and magic whenever people talk about how they want to see Bonnie the person and not Bonnie the witch. Or, they want someone who’ll appreciate/want Bonnie the person and not Bonnie the witch. Maybe the word I’m looking for isn’t disdain but under-appreciation? There’s a certain casting off of Bonnie’s magic and existence as a witch. Remember when Matt telling Bonnie she doesn’t need magic was all the rage in BB Fandom? As if someone telling Bonnie she doesn’t need her birthright (that’s not how Matt meant it but too many people were happy about that line) is exactly what she needs to hear.

Some of Bonnie’s most heartfelt/heart-wrenching moments have happened as a result of her magic or her magic has otherwise been involved. It’s a part of her life. She doesn’t have identity issues. It’s weird that the same people who will talk about how she’s a hero, she’s the real hero, she’s better than your faves, will also want for Bonnie someone who will….split her into two different people? Bonnie the person and Bonnie the witch? Bonnie doesn’t have identity issues.

But this isn’t a rant post :), though I just gave a giant clue what my topic for tomorrow is. My favorite non-magical moment is:

Oh my God. Is that your…?” A fine mess you’ve made, honey.

I couldn’t take it. Watching Bonnie cry, reunited with her grandmother, I teared up. This is the most perfect, most consistent relationship that Bonnie has with a human being. I feel that it’s the one loss the show has done, and continues to do, justice to. Every other character who has lost someone on the show has gotten the shaft. They don’t bring up their deceased loved ones; their loved ones’ deaths caused no major change in their view (of the world and of themselves). Elena’s case with regards to her parents is a little different, primarily because her parents died before the show started. There’s also the fact that the dredging up of Elena’s parents’ death is done, as of season 3, to bring up guilt. To make her feel guilty, to speak of her guilt, ect.

Bonnie losing Sheila was and is just sad. That’s it. It’s a sad thing that happened, and Bonnie misses her grandmother. It also helps that, unlike everyone else on the show barring Matt, Bonnie’s only lost one important loved one to death. We all know the length of Elena’s list. Tyler’s lost two and hasn’t mentioned both in who knows how long. We all know Jeremy’s list. And Bill was a stranger to us, plus Caroline got over him in two days and hasn’t mentioned him since she forgave Ric.

Bonnie’s only lost one loved one to death, forever. This loss guided her decision-making for half a season (“My grams wouldn’t have done it, so I couldn’t either”). This loss helped her decide where she was going to stand (“If Damon spills one drop of innocent blood, I will take him down”). This loss toughed her up (“I know who I am now”). She was on her own, and she felt unsafe and insecure (thus her desire to get more power).

Losing Sheila was a horrible, amazing thing that happened to Bonnie. When she lost Sheila, she lost protection, she lost a fountain of knowledge, she lost a foundation, she lost a safety net, she lost boundaries. Bonnie has her boundaries for sure, but we know they’ve gotten murkier and murkier. Not only that, but the boundaries that Bonnie has made for herself aren’t as strict as the boundaries Sheila would’ve placed on her, and we know this from the time Sheila warned her to stay out of vampire business in 3×07; we know this from when Abby wondered what Sheila would think about Bonnie being in the middle of vamp business in 3×15 and Bonnie responded that Sheila was probably screaming from the other side, and, most recent, we know this from Sheila literally placing a boundary on Bonnie in 4×01 when she cut her off from Elena and told her that the girl wasn’t her problem to solve.

Bonnie changed as a result of Sheila’s death. Everyone who watches The Vampire Diaries knows this. Whether they’re saying, “Ever since Bonnie lost her grams, she’s become a huge bitch,” or they’re saying, “Just because she lost her grams, doesn’t mean she needs to hate all vampires,” or they’re saying, “Losing her grams doesn’t mean she can’t smile sometimes. The others have lost people too, and they still have a good time.” Love Bonnie or hate Bonnie; find Bonnie the most interesting character on the show or find her the most boring/useless character, it is undeniable that something flipped, clicked, flashed, switched, snapped, however you want to describe it, there’s no denying that something changed in Bonnie after Sheila died.

And that is how the death of a loved one is supposed to affect a character so that the audience can be engaged. Or at least so that I can be engaged.

The above is why Bonnie reuniting with Sheila after a season and a half packs a punch. Because when Sheila appears, you realize how far Bonnie’s come, for better and for worse. You realize what a difference three seasons have made for this character. You think about what could’ve been had Sheila lived and Bonnie had retained that safety net. You’re engaged with Bonnie as she cries and holds tight to her grams’ hand because that heart-wrenching moment in season 1 when she realized Sheila was dead and cried out Elena’s name and grabbed the grimoire, even though she was a newbie, and swore she could fix it, that moment has not been sullied by the show. Bonnie’s never forgotten Sheila’s death. The loss of Sheila is in the way Bonnie talks and walks (both different from how she talked and walked pre-1.14); it’s in how far she goes with her powers nowadays; it’s in how she interacts with people.

Bonnie reuniting with Sheila is my favorite non-magical moment.

But check out how the moment happened….because of magic.


3 thoughts on “Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 3: Favorite Non-magical Moment

  1. Always love when you speak about the Grams/Bonnie relationship and that moment was one of my favs aswell. Can´t wait for the next post because I´m pretty sure I know which rl is your favourite 😉

    I had some problems with choosing this one and I´m not satisfied with my choice but here you go:

    And while I searched through some screencaps for my art today I realized two things (not in regards to Bonnie): 1. We had seriously too much of Alaric in S3, his face is everywhere and 2. Zach aged the most out of the cast I think, because he looked so young in the Pilot in that scene with Kat.

    • Lmao, I love the trait you chose! I would’ve never thought to do that. I love Bonnie’s “Really? Okay” looks too. She’s just like, “That wouldn’t be my first choice, but do you.” Lmao.

      What is the 8th cap from? On first glance, I thought that was Abby. Kat looks a lot like Persia White in that screencap.

      Zach did age the most out of the cast. I mean Ian is just…Ian and he was already older, but Zach’s fave matured the most out of the under 30 group.

      • Thanks! I love her faces, just recently saw a gif of one of those and that also made me thinking about using that trait of hers for this day of the BB week.

        What is the 8th cap from? On first glance, I thought that was Abby. Kat looks a lot like Persia White in that screencap.

        That´s from the scene when she confronted Elena about compelling Jeremy again in “Our Town”.
        Now that you mention it I see it too.

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