Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 2: Favorite Outfit

While looking for these, it dawned on me anew that this show’s lighting sucks.

I’m staying away from the dressier outfits Bonnie has worn and focusing instead on her everyday wear.

My favorite Bonnie outfit is the little diddy she wore in season 2’s Katerina.

Pose! and Pose! and plunging neckline!

I remember when the stills with this outfit first came out. A lot of Bonnie fans, including me, were excited about Bonnie’s outfit because I think we’d had a string of episodes where she was dressed in dark-colored things and jackets and just nothing remarkable at all.

It was a great outfit for an unofficial date. Loved her hair, and look at those guns in the third picture! And she and Jeremy matched :D.

I wish Bonnie wore more plunging necklines. Or showed off her arms more. Or wore skirts. Or shorts. Or wore her hair up. I just wish they’d stop covering her up so much!

This show has a fashion crisis. I don’t think we get enough full shots or half-shots of people’s outfits. And all the guys dress the same. They do. The girls practically dress the same too.

I have second, third, and fourth favorite outfits. /cheating. My second favorite outfit comes from Ghost WorldPose! and Pose! While I love that she and Caroline are matching, this picture shows what I mean about the girls  dressing the same. We can’t get one who loves to accessorize? Or one who loves headbands? Or one who loves a certain color and wears it all the time? Nothing really distinguishes them wrt how they dress.

Where is the growth in how the kids dress? There hasn’t been growth. Smh.

My third favorite outfit is from Disturbing Behavior. Bam!  Pose! She looked refreshed from her vacation.

And finally, I love this number from The Reckoning. Yes, that was the best image I could find, with the best lighting, that showed the best view of the outfit. You see what I mean?


8 thoughts on “Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 2: Favorite Outfit

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    • Lol.

      I remember those boots. She looked really hot. Day 2 made me realize that Bonnie wears a lot of cute tops, but I never pay attention to the because the lighting is dark as hell and she’s always wearing some kind of sweater over them.

      I think the dream prophecy in The New Deal is my favorite Bonnie dream prophecy (beating out the one with Emily in season 1 and the one with the tombstones in season 3), just because of the stroll she took. It was beautifully shot. I hope we get another one!

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