Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 1: Favorite Magical Moment

This week is Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week on Tumblr, and I’ll be posting my entries on this blog and linking them on various places. If you’re making any entries for the week, feel free to link to them in the appropriate comment section. If there’s an entry you like that is hosted elsewhere, feel free to link to them in the appropriate comment section so that others can see it too! Now for my entry:

How much power does it take to kill an Original?

The answer to your question is, a lot.

I feel that Bonnie’s season 2 arc remains the best she’s had on the series. It’s an arc that started in season 1 when Sheila died and found its legs in season 2 and climaxed in episode 17. Yes, episode 17, not episode 18 when she actually fights Klaus. The arc I’m talking about is Bonnie’s personal journey to feel and be powerful.

Season 2 was peppered with acknowledgment of how alone and, at times, powerless Bonnie felt. She was the odd man out; she saw things differently; she didn’t (want to) operate on knee-jerk reactions. She put up a front about how powerful she was, and she took every small opportunity to demonstrate (like giving Damon aneurysms). And then her facade threatened to crumble because her body started to fail her. Her nose bled in front of three people, but thank goodness they weren’t paying attention and Stefan and Damon are the worst vampires ever. She passed out in front of Jeremy; then she bled in front of Damon and Stefan, but them being the worst saved her from exposure.

Aside: You know how Damon calls Bonnie useless whenever she can’t help? He started doing it in season 2. He first said it to Stefan when the latter was stuck in the tomb and Bonnie couldn’t get him out. But imagine Damon knowing that Bonnie’s body was failing her and that’s why she couldn’t do some things. He’s decided in season 4 that she’s simply in retirement. Imagine the comments he would’ve made in season 2. I probably would’ve jumped ship sooner.

In her quest to feel and be powerful, Bonnie channeled Luka and almost kill her. Remember how confident she’d sounded when she told the Salvatores that she’s found a new source of power (and what she told Jeremy in 4.01 echoed that scene)? Remember her face when she failed, when the power wasn’t enough? When she realized that her body was still failing her?

What I love about Bonnie’s quest for power in season 2 is that it is primarily about her personal security. She didn’t trust the Salvatores! She didn’t trust Damon, and, as of 2.22, she knew that if something went off, Stefan would be backing Damon, not her. So she needed to be prepared for the moment when she might face off against them. She needed to be able to cash the checks her mouth was making. I love her so much!

Secondary in Bonnie’s quest for power was, in my opinion, her desire to be able to do the many things that were asked of her. She failed in saving Caroline. The possibility for her to save Caroline was there, but she couldn’t do it. She didn’t know how. Plain and simple. And then she decided to get in the middle, and she needed to be able to perform this role of being in the middle. She needed to be able to provide. She needed power so that her body could have a good run without failing.

And she found the power. I feel that the moment when Bonnie displays the amount of power she has is the most secure and powerful she’s felt in the series so far. Her future was uncertain: she might die in using these powers, but the point was that she had them. After months of insecurity and of searching, she had found what she was looking for. At that moment, after the painfully ordeal of connecting with her ancestors so that she could understand why it was possible for her to have this power (their cruel deaths made it possible for her to have that power), at that moment there was not a thing that could be asked of Bonnie that she wouldn’t be able to do. Bring down the seal in the tomb? No problem! Save Caroline? No problem! Face off against Damon and Stefan? No problem!

She was empowered. She didn’t need Luka anymore. He was the one who created the wind, and she was an observer as he channeled her. This time, she kicked up the wind, darkened the skies, and rolled the thunder. *Tries hard not to dissolve into a pile of feelings.*

There were no whisperings about how what she was doing was impure, dangerous, or something she can’t handle. There were no threats of consequences. There was no stop sign because this is a road down which she must not go. She had the power that she wanted, the power she wasn’t sure she was ever going to get, and she was going to do what she wanted with it.

She was in her element amidst the elements (leave me alone. That sentence is not lame).

Bonnie working the beginnings of a storm, Bonnie being the most assured element in that scene after a season plus of her feeling unsure, unsafe, and barely holding her head above water, is my favorite magical moment.


3 thoughts on “Bonnie Bennett Appreciation Week, Day 1: Favorite Magical Moment

    • Thank you!

      I love the moment you chose! I love what you had to say about it, and you’re right: no matter how powerful Bonnie gets, no matter how many powerful and dark spells she does, we always come back to her lighting candles, and I love that. Some people thought her lighting the candles in 4.06 was a step backward, but I think it was a shoutout. It was Bonnie returning to her roots, mentally. I love it when she does anything with candles, because of the scene you chose (the scene where she channeled the candles with Jeremy, when she lit the candles in front of Jeremy and Caroline, the recent moment with Shane, etc). The only one I didn’t like much was when she lit the candle for Caroline’s birthday.

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