Episode 87: TVD’s The Rager

Episode 87

Co-hosts: Cana and Olu

Spoiler Chat: 05:41.750-28:42.031

In this episode, we’re told that it is possible to paralyze a Hybrid (?), a curfew is called after the mayor’s son gets shot yet no curfew has been called when other citizens of Mystic Falls have died (?), and Tyler is in Damon’s list of contacts (?). Rebekah succumbing to werewolf venom leaves us pondering werewolf/vampire power dynamics and questioning the purpose of werewolf venom pre vampires (as well as the witches’ purpose pre vampires).

Quotes from the Podcast: “I think the real question is, why does it make them sick? Why does it make any vampire sick? Why would the werewolves have venom that made a creature that didn’t exist yet sick? You can’t be a natural enemy to something that doesn’t exist yet, unless we’re saying that vampires existed before and that they existed long before. Not before werewolves or magic, but before the Originals.”-Olu

“Why do these plants still affect the Hybrids, but like the sun doesn’t affect the Hybrids?”-Cana

“This compulsion shit: I hate it so much. I hate how it’s used. I hate how it’s basically a do over; it’s like a reset button. You wanna talk about bailout? You wanna talk about magic? You wanna talk about deus ex machina? Compulsion is worse than magic on this show in terms of how often and the degree to which it bails people out and fixes things. It fixes people.”

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Episode 6 synopsis

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9 thoughts on “Episode 87: TVD’s The Rager

  1. Ok, I think i might have an explanation with regards to Bonnie’s father and the whole Bennett-Wilson-Hopkins issue.
    The Bennett’s obviously follow a line of matrilineal descent, passing their surname down from mother to daughter and so on. So I think the Wilson name could come from Abby’s father, which would the lead to Abby Wilson-Bennett, with Bennett taking precedence due to Abby and Sheila’s family heritage. If Bonnie’s father does then turn out to be called Rudy Hopkins, (depending on whether Abby chose to follow suit with naming her) then her full name could technically turn out to be Bonnie Hopkins-Bennett.

    • I don’t even want Bonnie’s name to be Hopkins-Bennett. It’s too late for that. But I want to know why this man’s last name is Hopkins when Abby had a Wilson hyphenate. Even Sheila’s last name was just Bennett. I already figured the women pass the last name down, because it only makes sense and it’s how witch stories usually work. But they never said Abby remarried, so I don’t know why her hyphenate is different from Rudy’s last name. I just figured she never dropped Bonnie’s father’s last name even after she left.

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