Scandal 2.04: White Hats at the Round Table?*

Most likely not. Cyrus has killed a woman, Mellie is an opportunist, the oil guy looks and sounds sketchy, the only thing working for Verna right now is that she apparently trained Olivia, and Olivia is the only person in that group we’ve seen take on other people’s problems to try and fix them.

In this episode, the problem was a missing girl who turned out to be dead. Her story went national because she was White. A senator promised her parents help, which allowed their loss to make it to the White House. They even got the First Lady on their side! They’re so lucky they’re White, am I right? They even had her picture all over the country, a picture that, according to Olivia, was “The definition of innocence.” White! Now on to the good stuff.

“I hear we have a David Rosen issue.”

The ending! What is up? What is down? What was David in that shower scene? We don’t know.

So I’m just going to throw out the obvious, plus some questions: This council of five is tied together by the Quinn thing. Did the council form after the explosion? Immediately after the explosion? Some time after? Why? Is their purpose simply to keep the truth about the explosion quiet? Is that the only thing holding them together? Who brought them together? Why did the explosion happen? Who delivered the bomb? How is this tied to the government?

Quinn’s ex-boyfriend called the Oil Man’s head of security eleven times. And we know he’s the Grant government’s biggest contributor. The thing is though, the explosion happened two years ago, which means Fitz had just become president. How the heck could his government had already gotten in trouble?

What does Quinn know? Is it like the kind of knowledge that one thinks is inconsequential but is actually a big deal? She didn’t set off the bomb, so it’s very hard for me to figure out why/how she can bring down the government. Her father didn’t seem to know anything. He was a regular man who was heartbroken and eventually moved on.

I’ve seen people hope that Olivia is doing “this” (whatever “this” is) for Fitz. Let me see if I can articulate my opinion of this hope: when I read that hope, all I see is the thought that whatever Olivia does is important and legit and okay as long as she’s doing it for Fitz. As long as Olivia is looking out for Fitzgerald and has his best interest in mind, then everything’s okay, and only then can we understand her, because Olivia is validated through the act of looking out for Fitz.

That is super frustrating. The idea that Olivia doing for Fitz is her gateway to being understood. So needless to say I hope Olivia isn’t doing this for Fitz (but not doing it against Fitz either, which at this point in the show it’s impossible that she’d be working against Fitz). But I don’t think I’ll get my hope. Quinn has the ability to bring down the government, and the government is Fitz. So we have the Oil Man there who is probably looking after his money, Mellie who is probably looking after the government and that second term, Cyrus who is probably looking out for the government and Fitz but mostly the government, Verna is probably looking out for the country and not just its current government, so that leaves one person who is probably looking out for Fitz and the government but mostly Fitz. And that would be Olivia.

Fitz has no idea about any of this, and I can’t be bothered. Why should I when I’ve got Mellie, Cyrus, and Olivia in the same room?! The three most interesting people on the show doing interesting things in secret! I swear Fitz being the leader of the free world/most powerful man in the world is starting to become a joke (a joke that I don’t mind because I’ve never seen Fitz’s position with regards to the plots of the show as anything more than a decoration. The interesting thing about him is how stuck he is).We’re not watching a show about leaders of the free world. We’re watching a show about sketchy people doing sketchy things! Olivia, Cyrus, and Mellie are doing the grunt work, working (sometimes despite what Fitz would want, like with Cyrus killing Amanda) to keep the wheels of his government spinning. Not only did Olivia do it in the past with getting him elected, but she’s been used by both Cyrus and Mellie to keep the government going what with them calling her in or telling her to stay away in order to fix Fitz’s mood.

Mellie went behind his back again and did something that is going to keep him “Man of the people.” She really is the one who’s going to get him that second term. Because despite what she’s like behind closed doors, she humanizes Fitz once those cameras come on. Amazing.

“I’ve seen you two together. You breathe in sync.”

I’m starting to hate the look that comes on Olivia’s face, that wanna cry thing, when she sees Fitz. I’m also going to say that Fitz suddenly understood diplomatic lines because he’s still pissed that Oliva was ignoring his calls and that she spoke to her ex. See how he just dropped the charges against Edison at the end? Yeah.

The breakup went better than I expected. It was a good scene, and it needed to happen. I’m happy Olivia asked how they could have a future and where the thing between them could possibly go. It needed to be asked. I’m also happy Fitz said he has to be responsible, because he really hasn’t been. He’s got Cyrus running around, almost having a heart attack, because he’s trying to make sure Fitz doesn’t tick tick tick and explode and take the government down with him.

Was that a proud look on Fitz’s face when he saw how Olivia was trying to get past him by camping out on the White House lawn?

I once again loved a speech Fitz gave. He gives great speeches. I love the double speak on this show!

“Let the slut-shaming begin.” Was that a shout-out or was Abby calling the kettle black?

So Abby broke up with Olivia

More power to her for feeling like she deserves to know and then when she wasn’t getting answers, she turned tail and went to the other side. I’m not joking. More power to her. If she wants to know, then she wants to know. And the buck doesn’t stop with Olivia either. She wanted to see David’s house, and he kept telling her no, so joked about him being a serial killer, except for the part where she wasn’t joking at all and was actually dead serious. I don’t think she’s completely all right in he noggin. Why? Because how long have she and David been sleeping together? Not even dating, but sleeping together? Olivia said that the trial’s been over for weeks, so factoring in the time David spent sulking at home, then he “ran into” Abby at the bar, and I don’t think they’ve been seeing each other for more than three weeks. Did they have an agreement that they’d see each other’s houses?

In both Olivia and David’s cases, I don’t believe Abby has the right to know anything. Yes, she can feel like she deserves to know, and it can be debated whether or not she does deserve to know, but her thinking she has a right to know and acting on it by breaking into David’s house? What if she hadn’t found anything? What then? Let’s say it wasn’t David but Tom who works at the local warehouse. What then? She broke into the man’s shower and asked if they had something. I can’t. I almost want to laugh.

The Quinn thing isn’t Olivia’s secret to tell. I believed before that Olivia was working for a client in protecting Quinn. Now we find out there are four other people involved, which makes it even more not Olivia’s secret to tell. What could she conceivably tell Abby? That there’s more to the explosion than meets the eye? That part’s obvious. That Quinn’s innocent? She said that. That it’s a conspiracy? Now she’s overstepping boundaries. What can she tell her? “Trust me?” Abby’s past trusting her. She thinks Olivia’s losing it. I doubt even Huck knows about the council, and he’s the one who made Quinn’s identity.

I’m pulling for David and Abby to figure out the conspiracy, because I want to know what it is. Speaking of David,

What a hot mess

Remember when I said I was open to David/Olivia? Yeah, I’m not anymore. Literally overnight he turned from charming and cute to goofy and not cute.

It’s slightly stupid that he’s not even considering Abby might be tricking him the way he was trying to trick her. But like I said: goofy.

“The way I see it, Liv’s a good person, and if a good person has to do something bad for the right reasons, I’m down.with.that.”

I love Harrison. I love that it’s enough for him that he’s not in jail. He’s a company man like Huck. But the show and the audience do need the Quinns and Abbys, those who will get frustrated with Olivia. Speaking of Quinn,

Didn’t Olivia tell her not to promise the clients anything?!?!?! I wish Liv had chewed her out for that. What does Quinn bring to the team again? What does she add? Wouldn’t it be funny if Olivia fired her after everything was revealed and she no longer had to babysit her? Because I swear she only hired Quinn in order to babysit her.

“Tonight I went out, and I went out hard. Drank a lot of whiskey.”

Yikes! Huck totally killed that man without Olivia’s authorization. From the beginning, Olivia’s been questioning him, making sure he doesn’t fall of the wagon. She was recently horrified when he talked about chopping the pastor up. She asked him last episode if he was okay. Now he kills someone to give Jenny justice. Damn. This is not going to be pretty.

I love that Verna was the one who taught Olivia, and not Cyrus. Cyrus said Oliva was taking his playbook and throwing it in his face, but I believe Liv was mostly formed by Verna. I say that because it never made sense to me how Cyrus just turned on Olivia so suddenly and so viciously, so I’m happy with the connection between Verna and Liv.

I liked Mellie wanting a seat at the table. I also liked Cyrus telling her they’ve all made sacrifices. Because it’s true. They’ve all sacrificed, and none of them are happy, not Mellie, not Fitz, not Olivia, and not Cyrus. Not James either :).

“The woman’s a political genius.”

“Which one? Mellie or Liv?”


Yes! And they are both perfection!

*Episode Title: Beltway Unbuckled


12 thoughts on “Scandal 2.04: White Hats at the Round Table?*

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  2. This is why I always look forward to your spot-on reviews. Loved your review on Hunting Season!

    Where do I begin?

    I caught that proud look Fitz gave Olivia out on the front lawn too! I also enjoy double speak that Fitz and Olivia shamelessly use.

    Abby is simply trying to unearth Olivia’s secrets. She’s annoyed that she couldn’t be Liv’s Stephen.
    I also admired that Verna not Cyrus was the only who taught Olivia the political game too.

    I also jump the ship on David Rosen & Olivia. I love Dabby! They are perfect for one another.

    Here’s the thing I really, REALLY wanted Edison to be a Democratic Senator running for POTUS. That would make Fitz sweat easily. That would be a fun challenge. It’s two years into his presidency so I think we’re not going to get entertain with that promising story plot just yet.

    (Unpopular opinion here: In order to make the job of Fitz crushing ANY male he feels gets too close to Liv, the man’s job position has been to up! I’m talking like why couldn’t Edison be Speaker of the House or something? It would make the job of Fitz’s jealousy tendencies much harder to deliver if the opponent – re: any of Olivia’s extremely close threatening MALE friends – is running against him. You saw the way Fitz crushed David & Edison because of his POTUS power. He’s abusing his POTUS power over Olivia and it’s fun to watch.)

    Bottom line: I enjoyed reading your Beltway Unbuckled review. There’s far too many points that I agree with you on.

    • Thank you! That means a lot.

      I also enjoy double speak that Fitz and Olivia shamelessly use.

      I love it so much. I just think of the creativity the writers have to make it so that his speech applies to both Olivia’s client and his relationship with Olivia.

      I love Dabby! They are perfect for one another.

      I think they look flat together, lol. Abby still retains her looks, but somehow David has become less attractive. I don’t get it.

      Here’s the thing I really, REALLY wanted Edison to be a Democratic Senator running for POTUS.

      Lol. That would’ve been interesting, but Edison would also have to be married before he can make that happen. I wonder for how long Edison is going to be on the show. Liv called him because he asked to be represented by her, right? And that was before he got fired.

      Thanks again!

      • Anytime Girl! Your Scandal AND TVD reviews are amazing. I’m holding out for Bamon. Loved how they both walked out of their car in episode 3 (I believe) in sync.

        I love the Olivia and Fitz double talk. It’s so creativity. I also love how they decide to use one character Or two characters to poke at Olivia’s feelings (ie. Abby and Verna). It’s fun and entertaining.

        Dabby are meant to be but they’re dooming themselves before it even started for sex and revealing secrets. I hope they know who and what they’re up against. Do you see Abby teaming up with David in the future? Abby jumping OPA ship to join the ranks of David Rosen and Associates? That would make for great TV. Who could be the new member at Rosen and Associates. (I’ll add this on Tumblr stat!)

        Edison trying to play nice with Olivia with bringing the Nystorm case to OPA ended up costing him some Prince Charming points. He’s going to have to try a bit harder to get Olivia to take him off her ‘friends’ list. Poor man. lol! Olivia’s team Fitz through and through. She doesn’t have time for Edison. He’s going to have to try another tactic. He gets points for trying, HA!

        Off Topic: I’m looking forward to the creative ways the writers will try to explain Fitz’s whereabouts in the next few episodes since TG is shooting his AMC pilot.

        • Thank you! I’m over Bamon, lol.

          I really don’t think she’ll jump the Olivia ship. The only reason for her to do that would be if Liv was doing this for a bad reason. They just got rid of Stephen; I don’t think they’re going to get rid of another member of the team. It will be interesting to watch Abby coming to work, knowing she’s going behind Liv’s back.

          Woah, Pilot? Does this mean his number of episodes will be reduced going forward?

  3. I hadn’t even realized that David didn’t question Abby breaking into his house and shower. I was too grossed out by the fact that I was being subjected to seeing them in the shower. But yes, she’s over the top with this thing. It’s not like they’ve been dating for several months, they’ve met each other’s parents and he STILL won’t show her his place. No, they’ve been having sex for like three days.

    I think it would be anti-climactic if Abby didn’t really turn on Liv and is being a double agent herself. I also don’t want her to be because I’m waiting for the scene where Liv finds out and crushes both her and David. It’s going to be brilliant.

    It’s weird to me now that Liv got so angry at Fitz for Cyrus coming off his leash and killing Amanda. She obviously shouldn’t be expecting him to handle anything but if she’s got this whole round table thing with him, wouldn’t she have more sway with him than Fitz does? Or are they not really a group and only met again because everything is in danger of being exposed?

    When Harrison said that. Bb. I love it. I love that people have her back unconditionally. I also think it helped him that he and Quinn have a bond. He may not fully believe her but he cares about her.

    Also love the Verna/Liv parts.

    • I was too grossed out by the fact that I was being subjected to seeing them in the shower.


      I don’t imagine they’ll have Liv crush her, but I would settle for Liv chewing her out just like she (rightfully) chewed Liv out about the domestic abuse case.

      Yeah, it didn’t feel like they have weekly meetings. And knowing Cyrus, he probably separates this club from his job as Fitz’s chief of staff or whatever. Look at how he is with Mellie. You’d never know they were in a club together.

      Yep, I’m here for people who have Liv’s back. Huck and Harrison ftw!

      • 😦 but I really want Abby to have to slink off into nothingness while Olivia replaces her with someone who has a better attitude and chemistry with her so we can ship them together in ways I can’t go for with Abby and Liv. But yeah. They’ve already lost Steven so I don’t see Abby not sticking around.

        Me too. I hate that there aren’t any women being shown to have her back though. There’s Verna but that was just one scene. I need it to be ongoing. Especially since they’re doing such a good job with Liv/Huck. Who does Liv confide in? Because for most of last season, I didn’t even know that Stephen knew about her affair with the President. When she showed him the pregnancy tests, he brought up a conflict of interest because she worked there not are you okay because the man you’re in love with could be having a child. And Huck doesn’t seem to know.

        • LOL! I’m sorry bb.

          Yeah, I wasn’t sure if Stephen knew.

          She also needs someone on her side, who will caution her against Fitz and pretty much not be on his side without making her feel bad about it. Verna wasn’t it.

          • Yeah I didn’t appreciate how Verna pushed. It was true that it’d be painful for Liv if he actually let her go but I think she knew that so Verna did nothing but voice it to the audience.

              • Ugh thinking of how Abby would say it makes me even more grateful for Verna. I already love the idea of her as her mentor but mentor doesn’t equal friend and I don’t count Huck or Harrison as ones either because she doesn’t open up to them about anything personal.

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