4.04: I’m so happy it wasn’t in Bonnie’s plans to invite Delena.

How do they end up matching though? Maybe they catch her before she leaves, as opposed to dropping in on her while she’s at the party.




Extended Promo


Webclip 2


46 thoughts on “4.04: I’m so happy it wasn’t in Bonnie’s plans to invite Delena.

  1. those assholes. Elena probably guilts her and they make it look like they are just trying to have fun like the old times. I can just see Bonnie’s face now, big heavy sigh, tight smile. smh bet Bonnie doesn’t come up with that dumbass costume idea. I can’t wait to see her sleeveless!

    • It’ll probably be Damon’s idea, lbr.

      I wonder if the thing she’s looking at in that one still is Elena preying on people. What I wouldn’t give to see her give Elena an aneurysm. I’ve already pictured the scene. Damon’s hit his bingo by harming every single one of the teenagers. Bonnie should hit hers and giver an aneurysm to every member of the trio. She’s already got Damon and Stefan. Elena is left. I would hold on to that scene in the dark times when Bonnie’s sacrificing her everything for Elena. The worst thing that can happen is for Bonnie to see what Elena’s doing and excuse it. Her character has been diluted a lot, so I’m not even sure how she’d react if she saw Elena eating and playing with a random person.

    • I don’t understand why people say this. It’s a love triangle in the CW. It’s what the show is based on. How did you expect it to go?

      I hope she makes out with Damon, because Stelena is boring and beyond stale, and her scenes with Stefan aren’t exciting or even entertaining anymore. Stefan’s right, Elena IS changing. Heck, she changed in his absence when he was off shooting the breeze with Klaus over the summer and in season 3. Even he remarked on it when he took a break from acting up. Maybe if they just went with Delena the Stefan character could finally get a life.

  2. So Elena and Damon are going to crash Bonnie’s visit to the university and then they’re going to tag along to a party where they will…start feeding on unsuspecting strangers. And Bonnie will hopefully be hanging out with Shane because the idea of her watching this and not being able to do anything to stop it is really sad.

    I also understand that vampires have a separate moral code. Going to a party and feeding on the unsuspecting is cool behavior. We’re watching the Vampire Diaries, not the Kill Vampires show. My only problem is the show has failed repeatedly to be this balanced in it’s treatment of how vampires feed. They are our protagonists and for 3 seasons we’ve seen Damon and Stefan kill a lot of people, Klaus being shown as someone who kills a lot of people, Rebekah being shown to kill a lot of people, Tyler hanging out at vampire halfway feeding houses off-screen and Caroline killing two people. Now death doesn’t really matter on the show so there have been varying degrees of how much any of these murders matter, for however long they are allowed to matter, but we’re clearly meant to be affected as well. What am I trying to get at again?

    I guess, I just wish, if this was going to happen, with none of these college students dying (if that is in fact how the events go down) we’d seen more stuff like this before when it comes to vampires feeding habits. We’d seen the people offering themselves to be fed on (actually clever enough to find a vampire to give their blood too). Or we’d see the people who were fed on and then allowed to go on their own nightmarish walks home (notice how people are compelled and yet never given blood to heal…what do they end up thinking happened? as much as compulsion is shown to be a good thing, I think it’s another aspect of the attack since we know compulsion does not erase the emotion, just the memory associated with the emotion). I don’t know. I guess I’m just not interested in what Elena and Damon feeding at the party is supposed to suggest about vampires. Their relationship seems to be progressing and I think that’s cool, but yeah. I’m kinda over watching extras get violated on this show and then die.

    • My thing is, I understand that they have a separate moral code. That’s fine. What’s not fine is forcing every single character to be with that, especially Bonnie who is not only NOT a vampire, but is part of a group who are the OPPOSITE of vampires, and she’s someone who’s been EXPLICITLY written MULTIPLE TIMES, to disagree with the vampires’ moral code.

  3. Extended promo: Damon’s right (again), Elena already is like him. Why else would she feel so much for him since the beginning? She’s also a lot like Stefan in her willingness to use people or condone them being taken advantage of. This vampire thing is just making the side more relateable to Damon come out. I wonder if she stops Elena or what. Damon has blood on his mouth, so he’s obviously been feeding. She does look tired. She needs to worry about her own life. She needs to realize that Elena doesn’t worry half this much about her (Bonnie) than she does about her. She needs to realize that she and the trio are not going to be able to continue this road together. I can see 2 years from now when Stefan becomes the Ripper again, those 3 will be wallowing in debauchery across the country (and it’ll be Stefan’s idea). If Bonnie isn’t for that, like she’s hinting in this script, then she needs to think about what’s going to come in the future with Elena now a vamp. She’s not Elena’s mother or guardian. Let the girl make her choices and let her live with them.

    The webclip: I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than Elena going, “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Like she cares.

    Bonnie thinking Elena should learn how to feed is in character, I guess, pragmatic person that she is. Her wishing she could spell Elena out of wanting blood (as in wishing she could still cast spells without seeing her grandmother in pain) is dumb as hell. Her “banter” with Damon reminds me that the show sucks and can’t commit to anything.

  4. Bonnie once said she felt she was called for more than floating feathers and lighting candles. She said she was called to do “this.” To stop people like Klaus. No one told her that that’s what she had to do. She declared that based on herself, her personality, what she valued, etc. But Klaus is still walking around and has made copies of himself, Stefan ripped people apart and is still living, and she’s about to take a roadtrip in Damon’s car, the man who killed her mother. I have no idea how Bonnie has come to view her powers since then. I’m not sure what she values anymore, other than helping Elena. I need another scene similar to the one she had with Jeremy in 2.17 where she said I was called to do this where she talks about what she thinks she’s doing/what she thinks she’s supposed to do. Because a lot’s happened since then. She’s both done a lot and let a lot slip by her notice. Her focus has become almost as myopic as the Trio’s and she’s been willing to accept threats to her personal safety, as well as threats to innocent people’s safety.

    Reading her as someone who thinks she has a calling and someone who’s tasked herself with looking out for the little guy (“If he spills one drop of innocent blood, I will take him out”) almost seems like I’m/we’re holding on to the past or holding on to what she could/should be as opposed to what JP is actually doing with her.

  5. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks Damon, vampire that he is, had plenty of time after the explosion to look for remains, seeing as he, you know, has super speed. Smh.

    This scene looks so boring. The Salvatore dynamic is tired. And look at Stefan being out of the loop, smh. So I guess Elena tells him of her plans to crash Bonnie’s trip after this scene?

    • Badasses probably don´t do stuff like that.
      Also I had to smile about Stefan who had to ask who was on the phone. I know they have to concentrate to listen to the phone calls but on the other hand it´s just so weird, lol.

      Yep that´s probably the case but I don´t know why I thought Stefan looked really shocked in that scene with Elena aswell when she told him that she is going to crash Bonnie´s college trip.

      Btw I dreamed about that TVD episode last night and in that dream they cut all Bonnie/Shane scenes so that they could show Elena being a badass and kill another vampire at the party. Now I don´t want to watch it, lol.

      • Ugh.

        Yep that´s probably the case but I don´t know why I thought Stefan looked really shocked in that scene with Elena aswell when she told him that she is going to crash Bonnie´s college trip.

        He does. Maybe he thought Damon was making it up? Rme.


  6. “You are not still mad at me about Elena?”
    “I am always going to be mad at you but we are not in a “fight”.”

    The Salvatores really are Elena’s parents. Sexy

    • Lmao. Smh. Do they worry about anything else? Every time they see each other in the morning, their first thought must be: Damon, “He’s with Elena.” Stefan, “He wants Elena.”

    • The Salvatores really are Elena’s parents. Sexy

      So true, lol. And it reminds me of an interview Nina gave in which she compared her being a vampire to a teenager in puberty who goes to one parent if she wants this and goes to the other parent if she wants that.

  7. I won’t be able to watch this episode until tomorrow because I’m going to a panel at my school, so I’ve put up the spec post for 4.05 (I’ll edit the title with something appropriate after I’ve watched 4.04).

  8. Did I understand that wrong or had a witch to die so that those five men could become special landmaps?

    And that dream about them cutting most of the Bonnie scenes was true … I just blinked and all I saw was Delena eating people not really much about Bonnie or about her magic. That was not a good start for her storyline.
    And did Damon shove her around or was this something I imagined? HATE,

    April is here to be compelled. And Rebekah is here to get “daggered”. This show hates all the women. It´s disgusting, but it is known.

    I´m here for Connor and his body and his everything. And also hello my investigation about the actors of Shane and Connor following each other on twitter was true. Want to see where this goes.

    Also who directed that episode? He should be fired. He did an awful job.

    • Did I understand that wrong or had a witch to die so that those five men could become special landmaps?

      Nah, the spell didn’t kill her. She was dying. She was probably sick.

      And did Damon shove her around or was this something I imagined? HATE,

      He did shove her. To be honest, it gave me some joy. Why the hell is she so concerned with playing mother hen to Elena? With being her Black Mammy? She was tougher on Damon here than Elena was with Damon after Damon killed Bonnie’s mom. She needs to stop and worry about herself.

      April is here to be compelled. And Rebekah is here to get “daggered”. This show hates all the women. It´s disgusting, but it is known.

      It is known. This episode was “Let’s Shit on Rebekah Day.” I hope she stays daggered because I can’t deal with a character who’s only here to be told how pathetic she is.

      I was so surprised at the end, re: Connor and Shane.

      • Nah, the spell didn’t kill her. She was dying. She was probably sick.

        Ah okay. Thanks for explaining. Would like to know more about what she did … I heard again the “matos” Bonnie always says when she is doing a spell. Why can´t the writers be more interested in witchcraft 😦

    • lol YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! uhg. I swear she is doing the same thing every episode. Crying about being a vampire. “oh I didn’t know! omg what have I done? Why am i?” STOP! I DON’T CARE!
      I just want Matt Bonnie and Rebekah to leave so I can follow suit. LBR tho when Bonnie leaves so am i.

      • I kept wanting more Bonnie or Rebekah and less Elena in this ep. I mean, in the same ep, we are told that Bonnie’s people created everything that is supernatural in the world and that a 1000 yr old vampire was once in love with a hunter who holds the key to curing vampirism. Anytime any of the other characters has a story, and all the characters are not focused on Elena, it becomes crystal clear that Elena is the weakest character on the show. The writers can’t even be bothered to write anything for the Elena/Jeremy or Elena/Bonnie but they spent half the ep on Klaus/Rebekah. Plus, they always make time for Damon/Stefan.

        Btw, is Elena Cujo? jw because of the book reference and her upcoming hallucinations.

  9. So the show basically had Klaus stab Rebekah because…..he’s tired of who she is as a person? Swell. He doesn’t want anyone to know about the map or whatever, but that was some stank crap. I hope Rebekah remains daggered forever. And of course all she could say when her life was threatened was, “Go ahead. Do it.” I don’t know why she didn’t blow past Stefan’s ass and run. Oh right, because she’s a woman with power, and we know how that disappears when in the presence of a man.

    I wish we’d gotten more of Shane and Bonnie. Why did Delena have to sit in that lecture with her? Ugh.

    I was not here for Bonnie in that scene where she “stood up for Elena’s honor” or whatever the crap. And I was completely here for Damon. Elena is a different person, and she’s been one before she became a vampire. She’s a person who will pardon her love interests after they’ve done all kinds of crap. Realize that, Bonnie, and move on!

    I said on tumblr, before the episode aired, that Bonnie wouldn’t have jack squat to say after Damon told her that Elena is already like him. And I was right! And we even got a bonus! He bumped her ass out the way! Lmao. This wouldn’t happen if she wasn’t obsessed with playing Mammy to Elena. Sit down, Bonnie and worry about your own life! I’m so frustrated and tired. Have you ever seen Elena babying you while you were going through a tough time? Shut up and sit down!!!!! She’s fighting Elena’s battles for her when a)Elena didn’t ask her to and b) Elena’s just standing in the back like an innocent little lamb.

    Elena enjoyed herself at that party and then she turned face as soon as she saw Bonnie. It’d be hilarious if she faked that contrition. It’d be hilarious if she did the crying routine because she knows that’s what her blind friend Bonnie expects of her. Elena worked it like a master: had her fun with Damon, acted sorry in front of Bonnie and let her chew Damon out, then she told Damon (when Bonnie was nowhere in sight) that she thinks he’s absolutely right. Wow. Wow!

    What is a Stefan? What is he outside of Elena?

    Jeremy got compelled again. Joy. Remember when compulsion had consequences for the compelled? Those were interesting times.

    Klaus has found a way to have something with Stefan again, lol.

    I was not expecting the end with Shane and Connor. I really hope Connor isn’t his lap dog.

    And I really wish we’d gotten more with Bonnie and Shane.

    This episode could’ve gone without April and Matt. Hell, and even Jeremy lbr.

    • I don’t think it’s a cure. It’s probably a trap in case any vampire spent a long enough time trying to figure out what it was. Cause it’s not like the hunters were looking for anything. I hope this doesn’t turn out like the sun and the moon curse where 18 episodes are spent believing it’s real before GOTCHA happens and we discover it opens the gates of hell. Like if we find out it opens the gates of hell that will be cool, silly, but cool. But I hope whatever it actually is, the show doesn’t spend more than a few episodes on what it isn’t. I hope the characters are like “Remember when we found out the sun and the moon curse was a fake? Maybe this is a map to the best mac and cheese recipe ever.”

      Stefan is not much outside of Elena and I’m starting to headcanon a way, not particularly pleasing, to make this work for his character, but yeah. He’s not much.

      I hope that Rebekah gets undaggered, if only because she’s been my favorite character this season, so far. And I could understand her telling Klaus to get on with it to a certain degree. Could she have pushed Stefan out of the way? On a better show definitely, but I saw it as her being tired of it all. Mainly regarding Klaus. But maybe I just have high hopes for where they can take her from here. Then again, I had high, non-daggering hopes as well? They really could have just had her leave town.

      • “Remember when we found out the sun and the moon curse was a fake? Maybe this is a map to the best mac and cheese recipe ever.”

        Lol at you thinking these characters would question anything. Remember when they jumped on every “answer” they found wrt killing Klaus last season?

        What I mean is, the writing for her is not going to change wrt bashing her. Klaus daggered her. Clearly he hasn’t “learned his lesson.” When she wakes up, it’s going to be more of the same, especially since when he threatened her life again she was like “Okay.” If she’s away from him, then fine, but if not then she needs to stay daggered, because I’m not here for this type of writing.

  10. A question about Jeremy … Klaus and Stefan talked about compelling him and it makes sense that they are now able to with no vervain in town but didn´t Jeremy always wear a vervain bracelet or something? That´s what Damon asked him in “The New Deal” after Klaus compelled him to run infront of a car. Or did he never get it back after Damon compelled him again in the same episode?

    Also Klaus said that he isn´t able to compel Connor, right? I hoped that with Jeremy having the potential to be one of “The Five” he is able to resist compulsion … but that´s probably not true 😦

    Do you think they need all “Five” hunters for the cure or is one hunter enough?

    • Yeah, Jeremy had vervained jewelry. Maybe it dried out? Ugh. Surely there is vervain in other towns that they could ship over.

      Yeah, it’s probably like the werewolves. He has to first get the mark. Having the potential to get the mark doesn’t necessarily mean that he will get it.

      I have no idea. Connor doesn’t seem to know any other hunters. But it would make sense for them to need five since the tattoo originated with five hunters. But I don’t think the writers have the patience for that.

  11. Ok, i’ve been following these podcasts for ages now and absolutely love listening to you guys, you’re hilarious.
    With regards to Rebecca getting daggered again, my question is, out of all of Klaus’ siblings, which one of them thought it was a good idea to let him keep the daggers. Considering his major mood swings and the fact that he has daggered them all at least once, shouldn’t they have gathered up the daggers and white oak ash as soon as they had woken and hid them somewhere where Klaus could never find them?

    • Ah, thank you! And welcome!

      This is so true! Why do they all accept this? We’ve established that Rebekah is pretty much an abuse victim who is stuck in her situation, but she’s been daggered more than her brothers. Why does Elijah let Klaus keep the daggers? Why would he do that? Why wouldn’t Kol steal them?

  12. Yes Yes Yes. Stefan/Klaus secret = YES.

    Rebekah is, by far, still my favorite character. It sucks that Hayler/Rebekah can’t happen now that Rebekah is… ‘gone’ for however long she is gone for.

    Really hate that there is a cure. It made for a great story/episode, but having Elena turn human again and become the girl to save each week would suck. Having Klaus turn human again would suck as well because then he’s… human. Same goes for Rebekah, which is no doubt why the cure is in play so they can accidentally have her become human than be killed off like all my favorites.

    • I don’t think Klaus is interested in becoming human again. As we saw, being human wasn’t really working out for him. It’s after he became a vampire that he found his confidence and figured out who he was going to be (a tyrant to all who was in his life. He has a lot in common with Mikael, actually. He treats Rebekah the way Mikael treated him). He only wants to cure for Elena so that he can make more Hybrids.

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