Scandal 2.01: Who is Quinn Perkins?*

This was an amazing premier. The show’s still keeping up with the fast pace it set up instead of being dragged by it. It nicely juggled the A plot that was Quinn’s story, the B plot that was the congressman’s sex tape, and the C plot that was Fitz’s East Sudan dilemma. Maybe the last two can be reversed or maybe they were both B plots. The point is they all had adequate space for their status in the episode.

I still don’t know who Quinn is. Olivia is tight-lipped, and now we know it’s because she was the one who oversaw the creation of the Quinn identity. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t be involved after they showed Huck was involved. The ultimate reveal about Quinn better be worth all of this, because now it seems that she should be guilty of killing all of those people for Olivia to be doing all of this for her. The problem is that Quinn herself seems to think she’s nothing extraordinary, so I’m at a loss as to what the deal with her is? Any guesses? Does she belong to an important family, and she doesn’t know? Is she adopted? Does she really have a split personality, and she’s done something she doesn’t remember? There must be someone other than Oliva looking out for her, because Olivia said in this episode that she doesn’t go to clients, clients come to her, so someone put Quinn on Liv’s radar.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to it, but I think Quinn is a better name than Lindsey (sp?) for this mystery woman.

Poor David! Oh, poor poor David. I like him. There isn’t one character on this show that I don’t like (but Quinn hate/dislike cracks me up). I hope he gets to solve who Quinn is. That was a bad blow for him. He needs to sleep with Olivia. Ahem.

Two moments that shocked me: David calling for the death penalty for Quinn, and the judge throwing the case out.

You Need to Have a Seat Moment: Quinn firing Olivia and basically losing her mind. Girl stop.

Oh Shit Moment: Fitz going the hell off on Mellie. While the play was totally Mellie, it was also irresponsible as I don’t know what. Fitz is right, she isn’t the president. I get the feeling she did that mostly because she wanted to show she was more than a wife and baby carriage, especially after Cyrus’ moment. I knew the moment Cyrus walked off and she had that look on her face that she was going to do something akin to when she announced the “miscarriage” in season 1. I love how conscious she is of the power she has and the status that she wants.

Stephen is gone. :(.

Moments That Cracked Me Up: Abby jumping off the desk when she learned about the sex that was had on it. Harrison telling Huck to use his words. I smiled when Olivia and Huck talked about him having fun, and I smiled at Quinn studying the sex tape (basically).

You better remind Cyrus of his place, Fitz! But of course Cyrus had to have a comeback. Asshole. He was dismissive, rude and nasty to and about Mellie, just like he was to Olivia when he spent two minutes calling her the President’s whore. Bitch.

What did Olivia do to get Quinn off?!!!!! She didn’t look thrilled and I can’t tell if it’s because she knew David was going to be blown by this or if it’s because she knew she was taking a huge risk. Or maybe she had to compromise herself?

I loved Abby offering to be there for Liv. I hope that goes somewhere.

Is that everyone? Good.

FITZ AND OLIVIA! I ship them! Do you?! I’ve been shipping them since the show began, and my God they’ve still got it. The phone call! I’m so impressed by this ship and the way the show portrays it. They don’t say a lot because they’re not used to saying a lot, because they’re affair was built on silence, and distance, and inappropriateness, and communicating with few words but mostly with things not said. MY HEART! I do not want them to get together. These moments are enough. This ship is made of small moments. That is the only way it can exist. I love it.

Favorite Scene: The Fitz/Liv phone call, of course. Runner up is Fitz yelling at Mellie.

Favorite Characters: Mellie and Olivia. Special mention to David.

Least Favorite Scene: I don’t have one, but Quinn firing Oliva was dumb as hell. But it at least gave Olivia a chance to yell at her. Liv’s snark at the new(ly fired) lawyer was perfect.

Feel free to use this post to talk about the new Fall shows you’ve checked out. My thoughts on The Mindy Project will be in the comments!

*Episode Title: White Hat’s Off


18 thoughts on “Scandal 2.01: Who is Quinn Perkins?*

  1. I checked out the Pilot of The Mindy Project on Tuesday, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was funny! I don’t have comedies on my tv schedule. I watch Parks and Recreation, but I don’t keep up with it (waiting for the current season to come on Netflix). I’m definitely going to tune in to The Mindy Project next Tuesday.

    I was surprised at how many times I laughed out loud: the barbie scene in the pool, the scene in the office with the little boy and his mom, the elevator scene when Danny told her she looks good and she told him to shut up, and when Mindy told her date she would be off of work at 3am and he could come over then changed her mind.

    I was shocked when she made the crack about his life, and then my eyes bulged when he told her to lose 15 pounds. Without his comeback, Mindy’s comment would’ve come off unnecessarily cruel (especially with an audience present).

    I was not expecting her to be having a thing with the other doctor. I can’t wait to see where that goes. Oh! That reminds me of another scene that made me laugh: when she took a picture of the doctor, lol.

    I wasn’t too impressed by the Precious comment, and Mindy seems to be the only non-White regular on this show (one of her receptionists seem to be of color, but she’s super light), and if the boy really was telling her, during the phone call, that his mom was going into labor and she was trying to get out of it, then that’s kind of off. I know she went anyways, but if the boy was telling her that the baby was coming, then why would they even have her resist leaving?

    Lastly, I loved the montage set to M.I.A.

  2. I finally watched today.

    If this show doesn’t get a full season order, I am ready to storm the ABC offices.

    I want to punch Fitz in the face repeatedly.

    I don’t care about Quinn but that ending was so awesome.

    I might come back later with more thoughts

  3. Let me talk about Mellie’s tears for a minute:

    She broke those things out like the White woman she is, lbr. She spent half half the episode and probably the last 6 months running over Fitz and trying to get him to do what she thinks is best (she told Cyrus that she can’t get him to “budge” on the East Sudan thing) and flaunting her political move that is the baby, and then when he finally blows up she zips up quick and says, “You always did know just the right way to hurt me” and starts waxing about what she gave up.

    “I understand that you might miss her. But taking it out on me? I’m not the one who changed. You are.”

    Okay girl, well I know you might want to stay in the Oval office, but…….

    It’s comical, and I find her being hurt a little disingenuous.

    I can’t wait for her and Olivia to interact next week.

    • I agree that Mellie’s tears were (mostly) about manipulation. I think she is trying very hard to be relevant. She probably thought that she would share in Fitz’s power when she agreed to give up her career to be the perfect First Lady – the perfect vision of traditional (white middle/upper class) feminine domesticity. Now Fitz is rejecting her in every way. He won’t even look at her. The only card she has left to play is to be the mother of the President’s children. I loved the ending of that scene when she got Fitz to touch her belly but he said that he felt nothing. Devastating.

      I find it interesting that Fitz is surrounded by two women and one gay man who have access to power (or got access in Olivia’s case) through him (a straight cis white man). It seems like they took an empty suit of a person and turned him into something. It annoys me that he thinks he can say wtvr to them now. Fuct Fitz tbh. Team Mellie 5ever

      • Until Fitz starts mouthing off to Olivia, I won’t think anything of it. Because Cyrus and Mellie were as useless as he was when the campaign was going south. But really, both Cyrus and Mellie are like “Rah rah invasion,” and they don’t seem to realize that if it doesn’t work out, that’s going to be Fitz’s ass as can be seen by the fact that Mellie’s approval ratings are in the 80s while Fitz’s are in the late 40s. So she can afford to be war happy and think it’s as simple as getting a second term.

        • Mellie and Cyrus needed Olivia’s help for the presidential campaign but I find it hard to believe that Fitz got into national politics on his own. There is no way. It must have been Mellie running things. Then Mellie + Cyrus.

          Until Fitz starts mouthing off to Olivia, I won’t think anything of it.

          Mellie is his pregnant wife who he has been cheating on for years. I don’t see Olivia as being more worthy of respect. He should be respectful to his entire team, not just because it is the decent thing to do, but because they have been there for him. Also, Fitz’s indecision was as annoying to me as it was to Mellie and Cyrus. And then, he wasn’t really going to do anything about Mellie’s stunt until Olivia told him what to do. It is not just that he didn’t reach a decision about the invasion; it is also that he had no strategy to handle the public relations fall out from all the time he was taking to make up his mind. Maybe if he didn’t always appear to be a spineless puppet, his approval ratings would go up. People like strong leaders.

          I officially ship Mellie/Olivia. Absolutely, no regrets 😉

          • Considering how agitated Fitz got about Mellie wanting to discuss foreign policy (or pushing her idea) + Cyrus dismissing her, I don’t think she ever ran things. The one time she decided to was when she told Olivia she’d be taking her husband back because Olivia wasn’t keeping his head straight anymore.

            His team doesn’t even respect him. Mellie and Cyrus are talking about “getting through to him,” Mellie’s ignoring him and doing things her way on national tv, Cyrus gets pissy any time Fitz disagrees with him/reminds him of where his place is (and this goes back to Fitz withholding his affair with Olivia). I’m really not sure why Fitz should be extra thankful to either of them when it comes to his career, and that’s what I meant by the “until he starts mouthing off to Olivia” bit, because Mellie quitting her job didn’t get him into office; Olivia knowing PR did when his stance on things wasn’t enough for the voters.

            I think he would’ve figured something out. Technically he’d been handling the presidency for a year or two when the show started and they had to call Olivia for the Amanda scandal, but just like with pushing the dream act through last year, they wrote Olivia in it and she gave him an idea without him voicing any.

            I’m really gonna need the show to expand on what happened in the Fitz/Mellie marriage, because I have a hard time believing it’s all Fitz. I don’t think Mellie ever cheated, but I also don’t think she was a passive observer while her marriage dove south. With her personality and ruthlessness and even ability to be cold hearted, I think she too started acting a certain way that aided in the divide. Maybe it was her ambition? Fitz told her that not everything is a political move, yet we know Mellie: got pregnant for political reasons, had her two kids for political reasons (she said so in season 1), quit her job for politics, showed interest in her marriage for politics, faked a miscarriage for politics, was going to say deuces to Fitz last season for politics, and then decided to stay and put an end to Olivia’s thing with Firz for no other reason than….politics. Maybe her part in the failure of the marriage is that she doesn’t know when/how to turn it off and doesn’t care to learn?

            I kind of doubt they’ll give Mellie responsibility of any kind for the marriage failing though because I think they’re (rightly) afraid of it coming across like the writing is not only excusing Fitz’s cheating (he’s no longer in love with Mellie is about as simple an excuse as you can give) with Olivia, but blaming Mellie for it. That’s one of the reasons I don’t want them to say she cheated or had an affair.

            Also, Cyrus. He’s so there for Fitz that he killed a girl, knowing that’s not something Fitz would’ve done or asked for or condoned. He can have a seat. In prison. I wonder if that’ll kill Fitz’s re-election chances, lol.

            • Considering how agitated Fitz got about Mellie wanting to discuss foreign policy (or pushing her idea) + Cyrus dismissing her, I don’t think she ever ran things.

              I think that was because Fitz is angry at her because of her deal with Olivia. I mean, he refused to even look at her. I can’t imagine that it has always been that way. I mean, who doesn’t discuss things with their spouse. About the Cyrus thing, I think he knew exactly what buttons to push to get her to do something about her husband’s indecision.

              • Yeah, I talked to someone else who thinks Cyrus made the comment about Mellie putting her feet up on purpose in order to rile her up. I’d really like to know if that’s true.

  4. I loved Abby offering to be there for Liv. I hope that goes somewhere

    Me too. She isn’t freaking me out with her crazy eyes anymore. I am sort of glad that they got rid of one of the main characters. Maybe now they can focus on some character development for the Harrison and Abby.

    I kinda want Olivia to get together with that Senator from “The great state of Rhode Island”.

    What did Olivia do to get Quinn off?!!!!! She didn’t look thrilled and I can’t tell if it’s because she knew David was going to be blown by this or if it’s because she knew she was taking a huge risk. Or maybe she had to compromise herself?

    It is probably the last one. Olivia likes to think of herself as a white knight of sorts.

    My guess right now is that Olivia called a former client to fix this. Maybe she doesn’t always get payment in cash. She probably gets paid in favors by some.

    Least Favorite Scene: I don’t have one, but Quinn firing Oliva was dumb as hell. But it at least gave Olivia a chance to yell at her. Liv’s snark at the new(ly fired) lawyer was perfect.

    “What is a Quinn?” should be the title of this episode. How come Lydia didn’t have any family or friends? She was a lawyer but she thought the best strategy was to run without even knowing any of the evidence against her? She landed in a new city with new id and acted like it was totes normal? LOL. Is she a spy?

    • I liked when he said he needed to call the woman he slept with and his mother. I think Liv would need some time to come around to him since she knows how much traffic he gets. But I think he could charm her.

      Lmao @ you calling her Lydia. It’s Lindsay, girl. And yeah, where is her family? Also, this is why she could relate to Amanda Tanner last year? It kind if doesn’t work for me. Amanda tried to kill herself because the president denied her baby (that’s what they knew at the time). Quinn didn’t do anything when her boyfriend cheated. It would make more sense if she had mailed the bomb.

        • Lol. A couple of people have pointed out that she woke up in a hotel, not a new city, and she kept the same job, and she didn’t even change her look. No one recognized her? Smh.

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