Announcement: About that season 3 rewatch……

It ain’t happening no ‘mo.

We tried. We tried twice, recorded eps 1-3 then changed the format and recorded eps 4-6, but it’s taking me forever to edit both of them because the season sucks so much! I thought rewatching season 3 would be like when I rewatched seasons 1 and 2, you know? I’d find things I hadn’t noticed, character journeys would jump out at me, etc. Nope. We got 6 episodes into it, and it’s the same thing from when the show was on air. There are no golden gems to be found (except for Matt, but that’s only the first 3 episodes. Not worth the remaining 19 episodes). Everything that sucked before sucks just as much on rewatch. It’s a headache to rewatch. And a heartache. Even Susan grew to dread co-hosting Homecoming.

Next summer (prayer circle that all of us will have quit by then), I’m going to expand the number of spoiler podcasts because I saw that enough spoilers came out after CC that I could’ve gathered them and done more podcasts.

Question wrt spoilers once season 4 starts: I guess this mainly concerns the people who brought spoilers/interviews/etc over during the summer. I’m wondering how many of the people who visit this site are actually concerned about being spoiled. Would you guys like to continue this method of posting spoilers/interviews in the appropriate posts as soon as you find them instead of having to e-mail them to me first? Or do you prefer the old way? Or do you not care?

I would still want to keep spoilers for episode 5 out of episode 4’s post, etc, but things like interviews and general spoilers about upcoming episodes would be up for grabs. Comment and let me know!

And of course if anyone beat me in bringing in something like episode summaries, trailers, extended trailers, stills, etc, I would still take the link and post it in the opening post, with credit (and I’d delete the link from the comments to keep it cleaner, since there are more posts when the show is on air).


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