8 Most Heart-Stopping Moments In Season 3?

Some bonus materials from the season 3  DVDs are available online and one such material lists eight most heart stopping moments from the series. The 8 moments are Rebekah joining the cheerleading squad, and per Kathrin “the Stefan/Elena closet moment, Klaus’ first hybrid (not Tyler which you may think but the Ray torture scene in that bar), Damon/Elena pillow talk in Ordinary People, Bill trying to fix Caroline, The Mikaelson Ball, Klaus saves Caroline´s life and that scene in the the Forbes cellar with Damon and Stefan.”

I think most of the moments chosen are ridiculous. The only one that comes close to being heart-stopping is the Stefan/Elena closet scene. Rebekah joining the squad? Really? The same scene where Tyler said, “Damn. Girl’s got moves.” They chose that scene as a heart-stopping moment.

Naturally, I think there are other moments more qualified to be on that list than the ones they chose. So my 8 Most Heart-Stopping Moments in Season 3 in no particular order are as follows:

  1. The big Delena kiss in 3.19
  2. Bonnie and Sheila reunite (their first scene in 3.07)
  3. Klaus kills Tyler
  4. Stefan watches Klaus desiccate
  5. Stefan triggers Elena on the bridge, AKA “You had me.”
  6. Elena falls in love next to a wall of victims
  7. Elena wakes from the dead
  8. Bonnie taps into dark magic

The last two are on the list only because I needed to come up with 8. Once I hit number 6, I was at a lost for other objectively heart-stopping moments. My alternatives for 7 and 8 respectively were “Klaus’ family  comes back” and “Elijah wakes from the coffin.”

Share your list of the 8 most heart-stopping moments in season 3. Does Alaric dying make your list? Or maybe Rebekah’s first day in history class? *________*.

Post any and every spoiler until the synopsis for 4.01 comes out! Once the synopsis is out, I’ll create the post for speculation about the episode.


126 thoughts on “8 Most Heart-Stopping Moments In Season 3?

  1. I will give it a shot. In no particular order –

    + Bonnie talking to Klaus in his coffin in the finale
    + Rebekah causing Matt’s truck to go off the bridge with Elena in it too (not anything that came after that though)
    + Grams appearing to Bonnie
    + Caroline/Damon fight (for a brief moment, there was conflict within the group)
    + Elena luring Damon into a room during Esther’s party so Stefan could snap his back (for a brief moment, it looked like Elena might actually do some effective scheming)
    + Bonnie’s breakdown after Klaus held her hostage (the only time I’ve cried while watching this show)
    + Matt drowning while Bonnie runs to save him
    + Carol shooting Caroline in the back in the premier
    + Klaus snapping Tyler’s neck

      • Lol. They probably can’t be bothered. I had this vision when I first started the blog that I’d be changing my avatar every season, to match the Trio’s posters. But then I’ve disliked every Trio pic that has come out since season 2 :/.

    • Ah! I forgot about Bonnie’s breakdown! Eh. That can go in a different category.

      I thought about including Elena’s scheming, but then the episode wasn’t even over before her actions were rendered moot. That can be said about other moments I put on my list, but this one was too upsetting.

  2. Damon killing Bonnie didn’t make the list? That would be one of mine. also Klaus killing tyler. The death of Klaus? maybe. Only because of Paul and JoMo

      • *face palm* that’s what I meant.
        I don’t have enough to make a list but I’ll try

        8. getting twitter blocked by JP
        7. Bonnie breaking down outside of Klaus’
        6. Kat and Michael getting scenes (Finally!)
        5. Mags doing a podcast (probably should be higher)
        4. Grams return
        3. Klaus kills Tyler
        2. Damon kills Abby
        1. Tweet Gate

    • Do you think we will even get one Bonnie/Elena scene in the premiere?

      I could see the writers using Jeremy as a connection to Elena so that they can do the spell to keep her human (at least try) and have Elena at the same time not being occupied with it so we can see more Triangle drama.

      • Now that I’m gome, I can examine this picture to hell in back and think up different options of what it could be about, only for all of them to be wrong. They’re most likely doing a version of the spell Bonnie did to switch John’s life force with Elena’s to keep her human, only altered so that Jeremy doesn’t die. We know it will fail though, but I’m sure that’s what they’re doing. I’ll be surprise if either of them get a character moment out of it, especially Bonnie.

        • I don’t even feel guilty about not being in the least concerned about what the actual spell entails. I’m more concerned that Bonnie and Jeremy are in the same scene. Holding hands. Surrounded by candles. Oh lord. He’ll probably start to get feels holding her hands and he’ll look into her eyes to see if she feels it and she will but only for a brief second before she snatches her hand away and they’re back to being awkward but the moment will have happened and I’ll finally have some proof that something is still there and this has nothing at all to do with this thread. Sorry.

          • It has to do with the thread, don’t worry. It’s not the main topic of the thread, but since the picture was posted in here then that makes any comment about it on topic.

            I’ve already worked out how they can have sex after that scene, and then they’ll carry a sexual relationship for eps 2 and 3, and then Bonnie will break it off once she meets Shane. There will be an argument where the words “What did you think this meant?” will be uttered and Jeremy will stutter and be pissed and say he thought they might try to work things out. Bonnie will say no way. They might sleep together at some point after that argument where they will have yet another argument. And that will be the end of them (until season 5) and Bonnie will carry on with the Shane flirtation.

            So yeah. I understand how you feel, lol.

  3. Does Alaric dying make your list?

    Nope. I thought about including that scene when he drank from Bonnie, my heart stopped because I couldn´t believe that they would treat Bonnie (aka another series regular) like trash and don´t even focus on her, but then I didn´t want We all bleed red in my list.

    Or maybe Rebekah’s first day in history class?

    Lmao, that was truly memorable.

    Those are my top moments:

    – Bonnie/Grams reunion
    – Stefan/Elena car/bridge scene
    – Bonnie/Abby speaking about Grams
    – Stefan/Elena closet moment
    – Klaus kills Tyler
    – Elena dying in the car accident with the parallel to the accident with her parents
    – Bonnie saving Matt
    – Matt/Vicki good bye scene when Bonnie did that spell to cut her connection off

    Honorable mention:
    – Stefan watches Klaus desiccate
    – Bonnie/Abby scene in ep 13 “Why you never came back”

  4. Okay, my 8 heart-stopping moments:

    – Matt jumping into the pool
    – Elena drowning
    – Bonnie/Grams reunion
    – “I fixed him.”
    – Team Salvatore kills Abby
    – D/E team up to compel Jeremy, while Alaric blocks the door
    – Stefan traumatizes Elena on the bridge
    – Stelena moment in the closet aka Bluebeard’s chamber

    And since I remember posting that there were many memorable moments for me in S3, I thought I’d better deliver. So here are the ones that didn’t make the list:

    – Matt/Jeremy talking about Vicki in 3.02 and how they both don’t remember their last moment with her
    – Jeremy beheading the hybrid
    – “We were friends.” – “We are friends.” Klaus/Rebekah/Stefan scene in 3.03 where we learn that all Klaus wanted from Stefan was to have his friend back (trololol)
    – D/E kiss in 3.19
    – Tyler: “I don’t know I guess I would rip my heart out.” That moment.
    – Klaus desiccating in 3.21 (aka when we had hope we would get a break from him for at least half a season – those were the times)
    – Vicki’s “Help me come back.” in 3.02 (I know, I’m probably the only one who thinks that this moment was memorable and I know, it didn’t lead to anything, not really, but still.)
    – Caroline finding the pony drawing (and now I’m just trolling)

    • D/E team up to compel Jeremy, while Alaric blocks the door

      while Alaric blocks the door

      LOL! I don’t know why this cracked me up.

      Tyler: “I don’t know I guess I would rip my heart out.” That moment.

      That was a pretty good moment.

      Lmao @ the last one.

  5. Vicki’s “Help me come back.” in 3.02 (I know, I’m probably the only one who thinks that this moment was memorable and I know, it didn’t lead to anything, not really, but still.)

    Matt/Vicki was my fave part of the first half of season three. How could I forget to include them. My fave moment for them was when Vicki touched Matt’s face after he did the ritual to bring her back. They both looked so happy and surprised (then Vicki bashed his head with a wrench but let’s pretend that didn’t happen)

  6. Daniel Gillies gave an interview … not many spoilers but we are going to see him in the flashbacks and we probably should prepare for some ugly wigs again.

    Daniel revealed that he had just come back from “The Vampire Diaries” set where he filmed a flashback scene set in the 11th century. He wouldn’t dish what it was about, but he did say fans should “buckle up and get ready for wigs.”

    “I’ve had so many numerous haircuts on this thing. I feel like an accessory sometimes,” he joked. “I feel like the Potato Head-vampire. I think this was my fifth hairstyle? And as we venture further through history, we’re only going to find more absurdities upon my crown. The second to last one I had I adored, because I sort of looked somewhere between a Viking and an elf. This last one I looked like a roadie for the Grateful Dead in the 11th century.”

    Cocky much?
    “Julie’s been very generous, and I’m sure, as often as they can use me, they will,” he said. “As long as there’s ‘Vampire Diaries,’ there has to be Elijah. He’s too woven into the fabric of it now. One cannot exist without the other.”

    Would be cool if he would come back to town, take his family and leave it with them. Then he would really get s–t done
    “[Elijah is] going to be back, and what role do we expect him to play? I think Elijah brings order. Whenever he returns, s–t gets done,” Daniel explained. “He’s sort of the stabilizer. There’s always a shift in the equilibrium. I think he’s the only one who can truly sort of restrain his brother. I think he’s the only one with the dignity/lucidity to be able to strategize a way out of Mystic Falls and into some sort of sanctuary for their family. I’m not saying that’s what he’s going to do, I’m saying that’s what he’s capable of. I think if the family listened to Elijah, they’d be in an excellent place to position themselves in this very contemporary world that wants them all gone.”

    Source: http://hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2012/08/28/vampire-diaries-season-four-daniel-gillies/

    • Whyyyy can’t Elijah be gone for good? In season 2, hardly anyone knew who the hell he was. Now he can’t stop popping up in Mystic Falls.

      Would be cool if he would come back to town, take his family and leave it with them. Then he would really get s–t done

      This. One cannot exist without the other? I’m sure this is something JP told him. She did change the damn mythology to accomodate him, after all.

    • It looks like she’s in a cage. I wonder if this is when she kills the pastor.

      Oh! Remember the wardrobe make-over Caroline got after she turned? The heavy eyeliner and the straight hair and the heels? I wonder if Elena will get a make-over.

  7. Spoiler for episode 4 from Zap2it:

    “Though we won’t see the Mystic Falls gang celebrate Halloween this year, we’ll definitely get into the spooky spirit of the holiday. Damon, Elena, and Bonnie will visit the nearby college where Bonnie’s Grams used to teach — and, yes, where Aunt Jenna was working on her degree. While on campus, they all get invited to a fraternity’s annual “Murder House” party, where revelers dress up as their favorite murder victim or murderer. (The Ripper of Monterey, anyone?)”

    Source: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/09/10-spoilers-a-vampire-diaries-frat-party-parks-and-rec-meets-the-parents-and-more.html

    Well, nothing new except for the info that the ep won’t take place on Halloween.
    Random question … do you think they will count that episode also as one of their trademark ‘road trip episodes’?

    • A Bonnie/Elena/Damon team-up is so weird. Is this damage control for the Abby “twist?” I so look forward to Bonnie rolling her eyes at Delena “good-naturedly” and commenting on them and generally doing all the stuff Alaric used to do when he was with them.

      They get invited to this party on the spot? And they’re all going to have costumes on hand? *Squints.*

      I’m nervous about Bonnie hanging out with DE, tbh.

      • Is this damage control for the Abby “twist?”

        I guess that’s them trying to make up to the fans who want Bonnie to bei “in the thick of things”?

        I so look forward to Bonnie rolling her eyes at Delena “good-naturedly” and commenting on them and generally doing all the stuff Alaric used to do when he was with them.

        You’re scaring me. (Nothing is scarier than to think that one of your faves may get the role Alaric used to have on this show.)

        They get invited to this party on the spot? And they’re all going to have costumes on hand? *Squints.*

        Yeah. That’s the same kind of logic they used for ‘Dangerous Liaisons’.

        I’m nervous about Bonnie hanging out with DE, tbh.

        I don’t think she will have too many scenes with them. She will meet this Prof Shane and Delena will apparently have some extra-steamy shipper scenes.

        • I never understand what those fans mean.

          Lol. I don’t think she’ll take his place permanently, but in those few scenes where she’s with DE instead of Alaric, she might step into the role. *Shudders.*

          I hope that’s what happens.

    • Well, nothing new except for the info that the ep won’t take place on Halloween.

      I thought they meant with it that we didn´t get to see all of them celebrating it together in MF like last time and only Elena/Damon/Bonnie will get the chance to do it so.

      So the College isn´t even in MF? I thought Grams would teach in MF.

      I can already see them using Bonnie as “cockblocker” (the wrath of the DE shippers would follow of course) for those steamy DE scenes at the dance. This or Stefan will come in because I think some of the people who were on set when they filmed the Halloween party mentioned that Paul was also there.

      Don´t know why Damon is with them and not Caroline. But you know for the writers it´s always gonna be Damon when it comes to a sl.

      • The way they worded it, “We’ll see them get into the spirit” seems to me that they’re not going to outright say they’re celebrating Halloween, because JP has something against timelines.

        So the College isn´t even in MF? I thought Grams would teach in MF.

        I had a feeling she taught on the outskirts of MF.

    • The Klyler/Klaroline shenanigans are going to be awful. :/

      I know 😦
      Also is this Klaus!Tyler who is sitting next to Caro in that van … it looks like some kind of car accident.

      What is Jeremy talking about? Bonnie wants to die to get in contact with the other side? I´m confused.

      • I tried to figure out who that person is too. Idk but it seemed to me like the person had long hair? I could be totally wrong but my first thought was that it was Rebekah which would make zero sense and yeah, I’m probably wrong.

        Yeah, some kind of car accident and Pastor Young seems to be responsible?! He is out there on a road too when Liz holds him at gunpoint.

        I have no idea.

        • I just checked again it´s Rebekah because I saw blond long hair and it didn´t belong to Caro.

          That´s true.

          I can´t really say if this is what happening but I think Bonnie is going to die goes on the other side and tries to bring Elena with her … because I think they have a scene together in that cage. At least it looks like it and Bonnie is reaching out to her with her hands.

  8. Okay, I just watched the trailer. I clicked the link Emily provided, but it took me to The Murder of One ep. Here is a yt link for anyone who wants it: http://youtu.be/n1HAb34nBKI

    It’s not as bad as I thought, and this is coming from someone who watched with “I hate everything” goggles firmly snapped in place.

    Elena’s surprised she’s dead. Her surprised still has no variation. It’s just one expression. I’m sure there’s something to mine there about how she was choosing/hoping to die in 3.22, judging by her heartbroken “No.”

    Jeremy’s still not here for Bonnie skipping to death’s door to make crap happen. Blessed art he, etc.

    I saw people on my tumblr dash upset because Bonnie was going to kill herself for Elena. I was thinking that this poor Black girl, in her effort to be the best Black Best Friend to ever exist, was going to risk dying in order to keep Elena human. Kind of like, she’s doing the spell, and the chances of her dying are huge, but she’ll do it For Elena.

    But she’s only going to take a little jog to the Other Side, try to snatch Elena’s soul, and jog right back.

    Why didn’t she think of doing this for her mother? Someone on tumblr suggested that it’s because she hadn’t gotten into dark magic yet. I find it hilarious, speaking on the meta level, that now that Bonnie’s decided to practice dark magic, she now has access to a spells that correspond to dark magic. Really? More like bullshit. Bonnie had hundreds of grimoires at her disposal. We know Emily’s grimoire has some dark shit in it because in 2.07 Bonnie told Jeremy that there were things in there that she was not going to touch, things that she did not want to know about.

    After Sheila died, Bonnie learned Emily’s grimoire all by herself. She knew the grimoire so well that she knew without needing to check that she would not be able to use magic to save Caroline. And this same girl wouldn’t have canvassed all the grimoires and all the magics at her disposal to bring her mother back? Even though she pretty much did just that to bring Jeremy back? Bull.shit.

    But that’s the cow dung they want me to swallow.

    Lately, and I mean ever since Abby was killed, it seems to me that the majority of the material for Bonnie meta that speak to how strong she is, how hard she has it, how long-suffering she is, is heavily tied to how willing she is to throw herself in front of an oncoming bus to keep Elena from being hit. Or accept being flung in front of said bus to keep Elena from getting hit. It’s heavily tied around Elena, is what I’m saying, and not only do I hate it, but it makes me uncomfortable. “Bonnie’s life is so hard!” Yeah, because she keeps doing all this extra crap for Elena. And speaking of being extra:

    I saw someone on tumblr wonder where “I’m doing being pushed around by all of you” went if Bonnie’s already killing herself for Elena. My response is that that declaration didn’t go anywhere. Supposedly it’s still here. Who was she talking about when she said that? The witches, supposedly, but we don’t know. She made that declaration, but there are no parameters whatsoever. What does what she said actually mean? Does it mean there’s some stuff she won’t do? She’s already accepted her mom dying and now she’s going to do more to keep Elena alive than she did to keep her mother alive (and let’s not ignore that Elena is presently at the same crossroad Abby was in in 3.15. She’s neither alive nor dead), so really, in the world of TVD what won’t Bonnie do?

    Nowadays, asking what won’t Bonnie do is equivalent to asking what won’t Elena accept from the Salvatores? It’s the same thing. Neither of them have a line.

    So yeah, I’m cool with Bonnie’s plan even though the fact that she’s only doing it for Elena is bullshit. The real tragedy is that she’s only doing this because she loves Elena. They’re going to play this straight, they always do. They played 3.15 straight, didn’t they? That certainly went nowhere. They told us Bonnie’s always the one who gets hurt when it comes to saving Elena and now they have her temporarily dying to save Elena. The do a piss poor job of highlighting when Bonnie’s cool with doing extra for Elena and when she isn’t. That is to say, they don’t do the damn job at all. So anyone who wasn’t inclined to do so now has even less reason to take that line seriously. Even I am wondering right now what that line even means to Bonnie. What’s the point of it? Yeah, Bonnie fans can use it to make comment on Bonnie and use it on the oppositions, but what does the line even mean to Bonnie? To Elena? We know it doesn’t mean anything to Elena, and I don’t think it means anything to Bonnie either. How does it mean something to Bonnie right now? Somebody tell me.

    I’ll be surprised if I’m proven wrong and they bring Bonnie’s character into what she’s doing. I’m positive anyone who cares about the character is going to have to put on their glasses and start reading into it, because JP and her crew sure aren’t thinking about Bonnie like that to give her a motivation wrt Elena that goes deeper than “I love her and would do anything for her.”

    I’m sure we’ll cut away from Bon/Jer after Bonnie passes out, Bonnie will have the scene on the Other Side with Elena, and we won’t cut back to Bonnie waking up with Jeremy. I don’t know what Bonnie’s last scene of the ep will be, but I’d bet money her passing out will be the end of her scene with Jer.

    I literally chuckled when Caroline took her top off. I legit chuckled. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t take her seriously, I can’t take the writers seriously, I just can’t. The writers are going to take it to the edge and then sing-song, “You thought we were going to go there, but we’re not because we’re socially consciooouuuussss” and they’ll smile at me and poke me and wink going, “Huh? Huh? Huh? You thought we were going there, didn’t you?” and I’ll just tell them to STFU. Always wanna show they’re aware in all the wrong ways.

    Are there Klaroline people who are excited about this being a “thing” in their ship? Like, they’ll look back one day after Klaus dies in season 18 and they’ll go, “Remember that time Klaus took advantage of Caroline assuming she was with Tyler? THAT WAS SO AWESOME OMG!”

    It’s the first episode and Caroline’s already unconscious and being tossed (by a van, but the imagery is there). Okay.

    Everything else was whatever.

    They couldn’t have at least had Elena beg Bonnie to find a way to save her? She’s the one who never wanted to be a vampire. But no. She won’t have to because Bonnie feels Elena’s wants and needs in her very core. Remember that time she took away her pain?

    Oh, someone else on my tumblr dash asked when Bonnie would ever hear the words “You’ve always got me” or some equivalent, basically what Stefan said to Elena, and the answer is “Never.” Bonnie provides solutions. As we’ve been shown over and over and over and over again on this show, the person who provides the solutions doesn’t need support. Sure they’ll show you how damaged she gets from providing those many solutions, but then they send her offscreen to bandage herself up, because neither you nor I nor they (I don’t even think this is grammatically correct) should have to deal with her when she’s being less than capable. So.

  9. TVD Scoop. It seems Shane might be mentoring Elena too. I’m guessing from the Bloodsucker U quipt:


    Whether he’s going to be Bonnie’s love interest or not (and we’ve gotten no indication that he will be), this just means that he’s going to be super invested in Elena’s life, what Elena wants, what Elena needs, etc. He’s not going to be just for Bonnie or even primarily for Bonnie, tbh. I guess Tyler’s the lone non-Salvatore on the show who knows how to put a girl not Elena first. Jeremy was a different case because Elena’s his sister, but he did a pretty decent job. When Bonnie starts talking about how important Elena/her friends is/are to her, Shane’s going to just add to the chorus since he’s going to get the time to spend with Elena to find out how great she is.

  10. There is an interview with Phoebe in which she talks a little bit about her character: http://www.theinsider.com/tv/55179_Phoebe_Tonkin_Talks_Vampire_Diaries/index.html

    Btw ,,, I searched for some spoilers from DragonCon this weekend with the cast being there but I haven´t gotten much of it. Only: Damon´s shirt will be ripped off in episode 4 (I think probably for the steamy DE-scene – sexy dancing perhaps?) and JoMo filmed with Phoebe so we are going to get a Hayley/Klaus scene – are they going to plot the breakup of Forwood *eek*?

    • I’m noticing how Phoebe knows a lot about her character’s background and what shaped who she is. I’m bringing it up because Persia did no talk like that about Abby, and the things she did mention she said she and Kat made up.

      are they going to plot the breakup of Forwood *eek*?


      Thanks for bringing this, Kathrin.

        • And why does he play detective when it comes to Connor? There must be something about those flashbacks. Emily was probably right about that vampire hunter society or something and he has some kind of important relict that Klaus has to have.

          Don´t know why but I thought JP mentioned somewhere that they didn´t want a big mythology this season but now we already know that it will will revolve around Connor or something.
          I probably read too many interviews with her lol.

          • I’m thinking he’s going to be a descendant of Alexander. That’s the hunter in Rebekah’s flashback, right? So Klaus will probably figure out that he knew the guy’s ancestor. I mean there’s every reason for me to be wrong, first reason being that TVD has thus far kept all of its lineages “pure” for no reason at all.

            Did she? I thought she said they just weren’t going to reveal the big bad of the season to the audience/characters early like they did for seasons 2 and 3 (season 1 didn’t have a big bad and it was better for it). But yeah, I noticed the detail of Connor having an influence over the whole season, only I don’t think it’s going to be the character of Connor so much as whatever it is about him that’s pertinent to Klaus/Rebekah/the Originals. No way would they make a Black guest character, of all things, important to the whole season. *______*.

            • That was my first thought aswell when they brought in this Alexander guy but then they spoke about Connor being interested in Jeremy and all those talk about the Gilbert family legacy. I have a feeling Alexander is going to be a ancestor of the Gilberts.

              I think she did and I also remember that talk with them not revealing (or not knowing) the big bad.

              I don’t think it’s going to be the character of Connor so much as whatever it is about him that’s pertinent to Klaus/Rebekah/the Originals

              Yep, think so too.
              Just I detail that I want to mention … I saw that Todd follows the actor who plays Shane on twitter and he follows him back. That doesn´t have to mean that much, but maybe they had a scene together and that´s why follow each other.

              • I completely forgot about the Gilbert ancestry possibility. I forgot Connor would be taking an interest in Jeremy.

                That would be interesting. Do you know if it was recent? Maybe they’re old acquaintances.

                • There is so much to forget, lol.

                  It was … I think it must have happened when they filmed for episode 5. I checked it because I wanted to know if he follows Kat too (but he doesn´t).
                  And Todd is now also following Candice. And the first thing I had to think about was your podcast and you & Olu talking about Connor harming Caroline. I know it´s always thinking in the worst case scenario … but the show proves us that most of the time those scenarios come true.

                  From the cast he is only following Steven, JoMo, Marguerite (Liz-actress), David Alpay and Candice.

                  • I don’t imagine he’d be rescuing Caroline.

                    He and Liz will probably talk Council business if Connor gets a scene with her. He’ll probably ask her why she’s been slacking. Lol. And then I’ll be reminded of how low Liz has sunk :(.

        • Omg, I was hoping that would remain a worst case scenario.

          So basically Hayley is a plot device in the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler triangle? I mean we guessed that that would be the case, but geez. Also, does anyone else get the sense that Klaus is the most important person in this triangle? Like, what he wants is being given more lip-service than what Caroline and Tyler want. I mean, that’s expected for Tyler, but….

          • Me too. But you know the writers had to do that.

            I really hope that Hayley is better than that and doesn´t work with Klaus or something.

            that Klaus is the most important person in this triangle

            Of course he is.

    • April? If it’s pivotal-ish, then it’s probably one of the new characters, and killing April will give Elena angst. No way it’s Shane. They wouldn’t phrase something that happens to Bonnie as pivotal *______*.

      Mostly likely Elijah. It’s probably why DG got interviewed.

      • Btw what does “sweeps” mean … the beginning of the month? If so that would probably mean episode 4 … the flashback/college episode. But then Elena wouldn´t be close to April (to cry when she dies) because she is hanging out with Damon/Bonnie.
        Don´t think it is Shane because he first appears in ep 4.

        • It’s the end of the first/second/etc half of the season. It’s the time before the show goes on winter, spring, and summer hiatus. I don’t know why it’s called “sweeps,” but it has to do with the mid-season and season finales before the show goes on breaks.

          • Thanks for the explanation.
            So this means we will most likey only get 5 or maybe 6 episodes before the show goes on winter hiatus? Last year we got 9 and they started one month earlier.

      • “Sweeps” are the most important time for tv ratings they happen 4 times a year. tv shows plan they’re biggest events around these times. The first 2 weeks of February, May, September, and November.

  11. Also there is a new still (sorry I can´t find the source):

    I think it is from Episode 2 because like I mentioned in another post there were people on set who tweeted they filmed in a church. It´s probably for Pastor Young.
    I have a feeling that they look so surprised because Hardcore!Connor makes his phenomenal entrance or something. Didn´t JP say that he would surprise them with his actions?

    Looks like the pocs in the background should make up for Family Bennett not being there.

      • I don´t know either but I think they get killed by Connor probably in front of Klaus so that we see how impressed Klaus is.

        Btw I just re-read the article and apparently Klaus uses the blood that he drained from Elena in ep 21. Why didn´t the Salvatores/Tyler/Elena took it with them?

        • That’s possible.

          Because they’re idiots. They probably figured since Klaus was desiccated, they could just leave it. I don’t know why they weren’t afraid of backlash from Klaus’ Hybrids since one of the reasons Stefan was ordering Abby and Bonnie around in the cave was because he thought the Hybrids were a threat. Rme.

    • I don’t understand why and Daniel or Torrey are there. They went from only having the main three plus Jomo last season, too everyone plus guest characters.

      I don’t get what’s going on in the photos are they supposed to be their characters. Only Kat, Steven, Claire and Daniel seem to be in character.

      At least they exist even if it doesn’t make sense.

    • Kat looks the best, imo. JoMo looks the worst. He looks like he’s posing for a picture at a convention.

      Same here and what is he even wearing.

      Also had the same thought with Daniel having those books in the background. But I´m just irritated by the chairs in the background in every pic. Especially in Candice pic. Also irritated by the look of her hair. They could have done something better with that.

      I think I remember Kat tweeting about this being the most intense photoshoot ever and she talked about feathers and stuff. Hope we will get those pics aswell.

      Here is the tweet:

  12. Question: One Vampire Diaries scoop about Jeremy, please! —Kim

    Ausiello: The first seed of Jer’s big Season 4 arc will be planted in Episode 2, airing Oct. 18. Meanwhile, that same episode may set a new Guinness record for featuring the highest concentration of bloody puke in a single hour-long episode of television.

    Source: http://tvline.com/2012/09/11/greys-anatomy-spoilers-glee-justified-gossip-girl/

    Must be his connection to Connor and that vampire hunter stuff.

    I really don´t want to see people puke or something like that. Do you think it´s special snowflake vampire Elena or Klaus after he returned to his body?
    I remember Kat talking about much blood in one of her scenes but I thought that was for episode 1 and I think that was because of the return of her nosebleeds. But who knows.

      • That’s pretty out there. Because then he’d have to contaminate all of the blood bags.

        Maybe he puts something in the town’s water supply which makes the vamps react badly when they feed on people? I don’t know. I’m reaching. Besides, it seems Elena’s going to be the only one feeding on people.

    • Yeah, probably.

      We’ve never seen a vampire throw up on this show, so is he just finding a new way to say that a vamp is going to kill people? Because we have that funeral scene in episode two where everyone’s going to be running for cover.

  13. I’m so excited that Daniel Gillies was included in the new Vampire Diaries cast gallery! What can you say about his role this season? — Heather
    Elijah will definitely be back. In fact, Gillies just told us about a recent flashback scene he filmed. “It was the 11th century,” Gillies says. “It was an episode that depicted a brand new menace on The Vampire Diaries and not just a menace to the beautiful boys and girls of Mystic Falls, but also to the Originals. A big threat.”

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/MegaBuzz-Bones-Greys-NCIS-1052908.aspx

  14. Hm I have some trouble posting … don´t know it´s because of the link or something, but apparently it´s Bonnie who is going to puke blood, somebody pointed me to an interview with Kat:

    We’re getting into episode two,” Graham told Us July 22. “It’s going to be really bloody! It’s always really bloody, but in this last scene I was just coughing up blood…fake blood, but still! It was a really gross trash can to look at!”

    • Yep it´s because of the link I can´t post it … wordpress won´t accept it, maybe because it was posted on another wordpress-site.

      Here is it will put in “dot” for the “.”: houseofvampiresdotwordpressdotcom/2012/07/24/kat-graham-talks-about-her-co-stars-ian-somerhalder-and-nina-dobrev/

    • Wtf? Throwing up blood? That’s definitely different from a nosebleed. My baby! I wonder what she’ll be doing. And then two episodes later she’ll be good to go to a Halloween party. Smh. We’re we ever certain that she’s going to miss episode 3?

      • I know,, poor Bonnie. And I remember Kat talking about how awful the fake blood on TVD tastes (probably had to use it when it came to those nosebleeds in S2), she said that at one Con and now she has to puke that stuff. Poor Kat aswell.

        I´m not 100 percent sure but I think Kat wasn´t in ATL when they shot that episode and Brian Young the writer of ep 3 tweeted her that he missed her in ATL. And the writer of the episode is always on set during shooting. But who knows we have to wait for the synopsis.

  15. I have question … is it possible that Bonnie doesn´t even know that Elena is in transition until Jeremy and probably Caroline tell her about that?

    It looks like everything is set up for her doing the spell to put Klaus back into his body with the coffin being there. Maybe that´s what the first scene with Klaus!Tyler and Bonnie (about the one Michael was talking about during Comic Con) is about, they talk about how/when and where Bonnie will do that spell. Then either Klaus!Tyler goes for himself or he sends a hybrid to bring the coffin to MF. Is that even the witches house or is this another set where Bonnie is doing the spell this time? Bonnie is preparing to do the spell and then Jeremy comes in and talks about Elena being in transition. Bonnie has some kind of emotional reaction (at least I hope it is onscreen) and then she tries to find a way to keep Elena alive.
    We know that Caro will have a scene with Matt at the hospital so she will know it but what about Bonnie when is she going to learn that Elena is in transition?

    We saw that Caro and Rebekah were in the van in the promo but we only got a picture of Rebekah being tortured. Maybe Rebekah (she could be at the hospital to apologize to Matt – JP said she would do that, I just don´t know if it will be in the first ep) and Caro will be captured very early in the episode … then Klaus!Tyler causes the accident but will only free Caroline because it would look weird for him to free Rebekah aswell and then that whole scene in the woods happens. Caro is happy about him being alive, make-out, creeper!Klaus then will stop because he wants it to be real (Klaroline shipper will be swooning) and he makes some kind of ~funny joke and tells Caroline that Bonnie is already working on him being put back into his body. Then they go to the house whereever Bonnie is.
    But I could be totally wrong about that and Caroline is tortured aswell we just don´t see any stills of her.

    • This scenario is completely possible, because the only way Bonnie would immediately know that Elena’s on her way to being undead is if Damon or Stefan (most likely Damon) called her. Or Jeremy, but that’s a dream.

      And considering Damon’s reaction to what Meredith did, it’s probable that he called Bonnie. At the same time, since he’s for Elena transitioning Stefan might be the one who goes to Bonnie with his pleading face.

      • Stefan might be the one who goes to Bonnie with his pleading face.

        That´s possible … but if it was Stefan who asked her I don´t think we will see it because they need him for all the triangle drama and then I think he will be captured pretty soon in the episode, so no time to leave the house and meet Bonnie. We will probably only get a mention of her in that scene of the ToD in Elena´s bedroom.

        Btw do you think Elena remembering those compulsion scenes will happen after she turns or already when she is in transition? Was it ever mentioned when you will remember if you were compelled? With Caro she was already a vampire when she shoved Damon on the floor.

        • Yeah, it’ll probably play out like in 2.22 when we just got a scene of Stefan telling Damon “I’ve got Bonnie trying to find a cure.” Plus we know Bonnie gives Stefan the ring to give to Elena.

          I think she has to transition first. That’s how it happened for Vicky, didn’t it? She didn’t remember about Damon being the vamp who bit her until after she turned? Or did they not bring it up? I only remember her asking why he turned her.

          • Yeah, it’ll probably play out like in 2.22 when we just got a scene of Stefan telling Damon “I’ve got Bonnie trying to find a cure.” Plus we know Bonnie gives Stefan the ring to give to Elena.

            Yep that´s what I thought aswell. Does he give her the ring before she turns or when do they have time for that? It´s so much going on in that episode.

            I think she has to transition first. That’s how it happened for Vicky, didn’t it? She didn’t remember about Damon being the vamp who bit her until after she turned? Or did they not bring it up? I only remember her asking why he turned her.

            Oh no if that´s the case then this DE scene will definitely be the closing scene or something. I have to prepare myself for that. Probably after Stefan gave her that daylight ring. First you please the SE fans and then you bring back the DE fans with stuff like that.
            I don´t remember how it was for Vicki but you could be right about that.

            • I was thinking she’d get the ring in episode 2. Maybe she’s still transitioning during the church scene. But if not, then Bonnie’s going to be doing 3 spells in this ep (five or six spells in two days, counting her offscreen spell to transfer Klaus’ body, her offscreen spell to protect his body from being burned, and the earlier one she had castes offscreen to keep other witches from finding Klaus. Or something).

              You’re probably right. That’s how Caroline Dries explained it in that DVD extra.

              • But that church scene must be from episode 2 (even if they promote it as episode 1 still) and I think she should be a vampire until the Memorial of Pastor Young because that must be more than a day after her death so she can´t be in transition anymore.
                Now that you name all those spells she is doing no wonder that this has physical consequences. There aren´t even any “spirits” needed for witchy consequences.
                Bonnie puking blood and feeling not to well is also probably the reason why we won´t see her in the church. Hope someone is with her and she doesn´t have to go through that pain alone, but everybody is in the church so who could be with her?

                Did she spoke about the triangle in one of the extras? I only remember her mentioning that she loves the romantic aspect of the show more than the supernatural aspect.

                • You’re right. I remember knowing when it came out that it was from episode 2. I think I got confused because a couple of people on Tumblr thought she looked pale and sickly so they thought she was still transitioning.

                  I can only hope Bonnie gets sick, because I have a bone to pick with the writers. Bonnie suffered no physical effects in season 3. Not when she did a big spell like unblinking the Originals, not when she was working on those coffins, and not when she desiccated Klaus. The latter caused Abby’s powers to drift away and exhaustion from doing a big spell killed Sheila, yet Bonnie’s didn’t suffer any physical effects in season 3 for no reason at all, other than the writers didn’t want to stop and deal with their witch mythology because they wanted Bonnie to be in shape all the time to bail out their faves. She’s going to bleed in the premier which is good. I just hope it’s because she’s forcing her body and not because the witches are doing it to her.

                  It totally makes sense that her body would learn to resist and be able to last longer with spells over time, but the timeline on the show is not that long. She didn’t get weak or bleed in the first half of season 3, she should’ve done so in ep 18 and 21 (if not outright lose her powers for a little while).

                  Dries did talk about it, and I think it’s in the same clip where she talks about loving the romantic aspect. She said something about how they’ll give Delena a scene, which will rile certain fans up so they have to figure out how to give Stelena a scene in an upcoming episode to make up for that.

  16. Nothing really spoilery (mostly talk about the focus on graduation and what it means for the teens on the show) but another proof how much Paul Wesley hates his job:

    “Paul Wesley looked at me this year, and he’s like, ‘I don’t have to go back to high school, do I?’” exec producer Julie Plec tells EW with a laugh. “I said, ‘Yeah, you do. You’re in high school.’ He goes, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I’m like, ‘You’re in high school. If you don’t go to high school, what’s the point?’ ‘I look so ridiculous. We all look so ridiculous. We’re 100 years old, we shouldn’t be in high school.’ I said, ‘Well, there’s one more year to go, so suck it up.’” – Julie Plec

    Source: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/09/12/vampire-diaries-graduation-season-4/

    And JP again commented on that Klaus!Tyler/Caroline situation and I don´t really know what to say to that:

    We also see Caroline (Candice Accola) getting frisky with Tyler (Michael Trevino), who, we presume, is actually Klaus (Joseph Morgan) still in Tyler’s body. Though TVD exec producer Julie Plec has promised we’ll see Morgan on our TV screens quickly, she’s also told EW that Klaus will have some ”PG-13 fun” with Caroline as Tyler. “Nothing that’s gonna get the support groups all up in arms,” Plec promised, with a laugh. “What’s fun about that relationship moving forward is that Caroline is as committed as ever to Tyler, and Klaus kinda commits himself to this crush on Caroline for the long haul and starts to have a little bit of fun with it: How many different ways can I screw up her relationship with her one true love?”

    Source: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/09/04/vampire-diaries-season-4-promo/

    This woman has no idea what she is doing to her female characters.

    • Oh my God, Paul!!!! He’s such a favorite. I’m going to share this on tumblr, because omg.

      Oh yeah, JP. The only thing to worry about is the respective shipper groups. Yeah.

    • Though TVD exec producer Julie Plec has promised we’ll see Morgan on our TV screens quickly, she’s also told EW that Klaus will have some ”PG-13 fun” with Caroline as Tyler. “Nothing that’s gonna get the support groups all up in arms,” Plec promised, with a laugh.

      I fucking hate this bitch. There no limit to how fucked up she is. Why aren’t more people angry about this? Do you think that a man would get away with saying that rape is fun over and over again in such a public way?

      • Most people in this Fandom don’t care about this, I swear. I mean you have people saying what Damon did to Caroline isn’t rape, so this isn’t even a blip on their radar.

      • Great new user pic, Alta! Love Bonnie’s promo pic!

        Yeah, that scene is OK. Of course, Jeremy isn’t there, only the Salvatores, but that was to be expected.

        • Thank you! In case no one noticed, I was going to announce it on the 4.01 podcast, lol. But I love love her picture. She looks every bit the experienced witch, one who’s been through a lot, is no longer floating feathers and no longer has the option of running to her grams when she gets scared. I love it.

          Of course Jeremy isn’t there *_____*. Why would Elena’s only remaining family be the one telling her she’s now undead? :/

  17. Kat teases season 4 and Bonnie meeting professor Shane: http://www.examiner.com/article/kat-graham-teases-the-vampire-diaries-season-four-meeting-professor-shane

    Something about this article makes me happy and hopeful. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the tone?

    Anyways, episode 4 seems so far away :(. It’s good that Shane is still sane wrt Bonnie in episode 8. If they do turn this romantic. I hope they take their time with it. I hope it’s slow and flirtatious and questioning and inappropriate and hot.

    I love what she said about why Bonnie will be intrigued by Shane. Love that she said Sheila was the last person who knew what they were talking about wrt witches and witchcraft. Bye, Elijah.

    Also, it seems Gabby Douglas’ guest appearance on the show is a lock: http://www.spoilertv.com/2012/09/the-vampire-diaries-season-4-gabby.html

    Ausiello says we should watch episode 7 live, with friends, alcohol, and food: http://tvline.com/2012/09/18/greys-anatomy-spoilers-ncis-la-mad-men-dexter/

    So I’m thinking it’s supposed to be a horror-type episode.

  18. Does anyone here think that there will be a change in Elena (other than the vamp thing) in season 4? She should have gotten closure on her parents’ death in the season 3 finale. She died in that water just like her parents. Any survivor’s guilt she might have felt should end or lessen, right?

    • Right. Even though I don’t think Elena evah evah felt survivor’s guilt. Any time she talks about her parents’ death she talks about missing them and recently she talked about being afraid that she’d be disappointing them.

      Maybe she should feel some kind of way about getting to live as a vamp while Turning into a vamp meant permanent death for Jenna, but we know she’s BEEN over Jenna’s death. At the beginning of summer, I wanted Jeremy to force that survivor’s guilt on her. I wanted him to talk about how she keeps rising back up like the Phoenix yet all of his other family members stay dead when they die. I wanted him to ask why is it her that the universe will not let him lose when he didn’t want to lose Jenna or John yet he lost them anyways. He can still bring it up in that scene with Bonnie: blurt out his frustration and confusion about why Bonnie and everyone is doing all of this for Elena when Jenna didn’t get a 1/10 of this effort. I want him to tell her to just let Elena become a vampire, because that’s what happened to everyone else. And then of course he’d acquiesce to her wishes once she said she can’t let Elena turn and let her hard work go to waste (but none of this will happen because everyone just love Elena and it’s boring as hell).

      People have said, and I believe, that Bonnie should resent Elena by now, and I think Jeremy, at this point, has more than enough reason to resent her too, no matter how much he loves her.

      Elena might become more take-charge, wanting to be at the front of the problem solving with her new and improved Xena skills, which will probably kill because of the way the writers are going to tell it. I’m most looking forward to what the episode to episode plots are going to be like now. I meant the amount of episode dedicated to Elena freaking getting kidnapped while everyone scrambles to rescue her should go down drastically if not completely disappear.

      • Right. Even though I don’t think Elena evah evah felt survivor’s guilt.

        It is becoming more and more clear that I am developing my own characters that are only very loosely based on this show. When season 13 comes around, WATCH OUT. I will finally try to write and it will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

        People have said, and I believe, that Bonnie should resent Elena by now, and I think Jeremy, at this point, has more than enough reason to resent her too, no matter how much he loves her.

        Everyone should resent Elena by now.

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