Episode 84: Masquerade Redux!

Episode 84- Masquerade Revisited

Co-hosts: Janine and Jennifer

No meta will be found here. After two seasons away from the show, JAJP’s original hosts come back for a reunion! I attempt to explain what a doppelganger is and why turning Abby into a vampire kept Esther from executing her spell (it’s hard, y’all), we’re all proud of Caroline’s part in this episode’s plan, Janine thinks the Salvatores were the worst part of the plan and her Elena shade is stronger than ever, Jennifer wonders why we saw Tyler’s eyes changed in the season 1 finale if the curse hadn’t been triggered yet, and Janine flips out upon hearing the state of Tyler’s current storyline.

“But I still don’t understand why they kept repeating. It’s not like the same mother having sex with the same father. There is no way to explain it. It’s a stupid plot. It’s a stupid, stupid plot. It makes no kind of sense ‘cause they know nothing about DNA and genes. Unless the person popped out quintuplets or something, but even then it’d be stupid.”-Janine

On learning that Damon later kills Bonnie’s mom to save Elena: “So um, what the hell? Do they not realize that Bonnie’s been helping them out? They couldn’t find another way? Let Elena die for all we care. What is Elena doing in this show? Everybody wants to look after Elena. For what? What is she doing, what is her purpose, why is she there? She’s only here for a triangle; she’s not helping anybody else out; she’s getting people killed. Kill her! If you kill Elena, all problems are solved: you don’t have a show. The end. Everyone’s happy.”-Janine


7 thoughts on “Episode 84: Masquerade Redux!

  1. I’m dying at this podcast. So embarrassing to explain this show. Hearing you explain this show makes you realize how ridiculous it is. *cracking up* right now.

  2. Alta:It doesn’t make any sense. Jennifer: Obviously
    No wonder Katherine could avoid him for 500 years.
    Gurl … I don’t know why I watch this show either.
    OMG how I missed Janine! – the show is stupid! lol
    Alta: This was the best plan they’ve ever come up with. Janine: Cause Elena was not in it. OOP!
    Janine is still in love with Tyler. lol Everyone dies! … except Tyler.
    Gosh you explaining Abby’s death. 😦 JANINE HIGH FIVE! My sisteren!
    I love you explaining this tho. lol
    You forget the blood knot. They used the blood knot to open the coffin and I guess that was the key to the bloodline and then the bloodknot was undone, but I don’t know why Esther was still hanging around. 🙄
    Alta: Because the producer hates black people. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH! TRUE!
    Stefan loves Damon more than he loves Elena. and vice versa
    Maybe that was the end of Matt/Tyler. :/ when Matt was compelled to say horrible things about his dad.
    Jennifer: Imagine if she stayed home in her room. she woulda died and no body would find out- Janine: It woulda been the perfect ending! JANINE! \o/
    The ring won’t work on women.
    I wish Lucy would have taken Bonnie with her. :/
    Alta got y’all riding the Beremy train. 😡
    Maybe the gold eyes healed Tyler after the accident?
    Damon is a woobie now.
    Also Jeremy was hanging out with Tyler. That’s why he got sent away
    Logical? this is TVD. <_<
    Janine would watch Bonnie's show because Tyler would be on it. And they'd be having sex. 😉 just sayin'.
    Bonnie Bennett wasn't born, she was hatched from a slave egg.
    I hope you all watch the season two finally.
    LOL You forgot Jennifer. tsk
    Janine: Don't you guies remember when you guies was in high school? – OOP SHADE!
    Who's wearing bangles?
    Janine: WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAT! -DED- What the hell's the point of this show? – WORD!
    I feel sorry for myself too for watching this show. 😦 DON'T WATCH SEASON THREE IT'S RATCHET AS HELL!
    Current TV Show Reccs:
    Teen Wolf
    The Walking Dead
    Common Law (not a supernatural show but full of hot funny guys)
    That's all I've got for now. BYE GUYS, MISS YOU!

    Please Tell them about Twitter Gate! That was the best episode of season 3.

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