Teen Wolf S02E09: Party Guessed Podcast

2.09 Party Guessed

I couldn’t write my feelings out, so I decided to speak! This season is quite dark, and it hit me this episode just how it has been treating the topics of a) violation (with Jackson/Matt, Lydia/Peter, and Allison/Matt) and b) Physical sickness vs. mental sickness (the gang paid more attention to Jackson’s visible, physical distress than they did Lydia’s mental/emotional one. Not to mention the reason the Argents/the writers are going to use for Victoria’s death). The Matt/Allison scenes in this episode also put into focus a woman’s (accepted and expected) response to feeling violated as can be seen by Allison smiling and being polite to Matt while wanting to drive away and by the fact that she actually gave him two minutes to explain himself at the party.

***Apologies for my brother’s voice carrying from the background *_____*.


39 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S02E09: Party Guessed Podcast

  1. Teen Wolf just got real. I love Lydia! I love everything about her story. It’s like all my kinks! Well most of them.

  2. I CAN’T HANDLE MY FEELINGS! But instead of writing my thoughts, I’m going to do a podcast for this episode tonight. Hopefully with my sister after she watches it. That was a perfect hour of television.

  3. Everyone in the party was hallucinating. People probably saw the Kanima but dismissed it as the effects of the drug they were all slipped.

  4. I think they didn’t tell her because, to them, she is *just* a crazy person. They probably think that she wouldn’t be able to handle it. After all, she wasn’t able to handle shit before. That is why she went crazy, right? She is different now. She is less.

  5. Idk what the full context of that Jeff Davis quote was but from what we saw on tumblr, he mentioned that werewolves/supes would stand in for rl issues. Allison/Matt in this ep doesn’t fit in that. Allison thought that Matt was a regular guy when she reacted the way she did to his crazy. I wonder if that quote was a preemptive excuse for future fuckery

    • well she thought he was normal, but he turned out to be a “ghost”. Maybe it’s supposed to call back to how Jackson made her feel in the locker room.

      • That statement was just weird to me.

        All the boys play sports but none of the girls do. Victoria was a housewife and a secretary. Allison said in the pilot that she didn’t want to be a girly girl like it was a bad thing. Gerard and Chris are the leaders of the hunters. Melissa is a nurse. A teacher asked the single mom where the authority figure for her son is but no one asked the single dad the same question. Everyone goes to Mr. Deaton for help (like come on. shades of Bonnie). I mean, I could go on and on.

        Jeff Davis’ comment is bs. He just wants to create a shield against any criticisms that might come his way.

      • Btw, the racists in the TVD fandom used the exact same argument. One of them even told me that Bonnie isn’t black because all the race issues are dealt with via the supernatural

    • The thing is, these werewolves/supes/vampires who are supposed to stand in for rl issues….are always White. White people represent poc struggles, straight vamps represent LGBQT struggles, etc.

      I’m talking in general.

      • Yeah, it is basically the concept of “colorblindness”. Since you don’t see color (or gender or sexual orientation or wtvr), those struggles can be portrayed by anyone and becomes divorced from the people those struggles belong to.

        ‘Anyone’ in Hollywood means white people.

  6. oops I put this post in the wrong episode.

    no misogyny? … why are so many women dying?
    Matt is asking her questions he already knows the answers to. He wants to catch her in a lie.

    Matt was screaming ‘I can’t swim’. Even if someone did see that Kanima with Matt I bet they played it off just like a person does in the real world when they see strange things.
    Matt feels wrong to me. Even though they showed him with the monster I feel like it’s not him. maybe he’s being possessed by his dead brother … who was in that school year. They killed him Jason Vorrhees style. via drowning.

    People think Lydia’s dumb because she lets them think that. it’s a mask.

    Maybe that stuff with Matt changed Isaac’s dad. made him abusive.

    Woman can take more pain than men because we have to. I don’t think it should be used as an excuse to hurt us/female characters on this show. The halo made Erica look prettier tho. *shrug* She dropped the halo. I wish she threw it at him. Did she?

    Allison prob thought her mom was gonna traumatize her again. she was like: no thanks, bye.

    I hope they kill of Gerard, but they wanted the actor.

    They said the only way to kill a werewolf was to cut it in half. If Victoria’s not dead that wouldn’t be good for her, unless she changed all that she knew. Good for the actor, but not the character. But it would be interesting in this show, tho.

    • Maybe it’s because he’s been so low-key the whole time. With the whole him taking a picture of Scott thing, it seemed like he was a normie on the verge of finding out the truth.

      I thought of Jason too.

      But why do they think that if she’s getting the grades? Why would she need to let them think that?

      Maybe that stuff with Matt changed Isaac’s dad. made him abusive.

      Wouldn’t Isaac not be born yet? It looks like Matt died while he was in high school. He’s a couple of years older than Isaac. He’s as old as the Black girl who died at the rave. Wouldn’t Isaac have to be older for him to remember his dad pre-Matt’s death, if that’s the event that changed him?

      No, she dropped it.

      • School members don’t pay attention to grades? I know teachers usually do shout outs of who’s doing what in the classes … Maybe Lydia does the work but just puts down the wrong answers and then makes up for it later or keeps it low key.

        I like the head canon someone had that said Lydia was influenced by an adult who told her not to be smarter than her man or something. Be pretty but not smart. She just keeps up the mask.

        Wouldn’t Isaac not be born yet?
        I thought it was the class of 2006 and that was when the death happened.

        Erica could have used it for a weapon. 🙂

        • She plans on winning the Fields Medal, so I doubt she does that. I’m talking about the times we’ve seen her kick ass on the board and be proud of it. That doesn’t hint at someone who messes with their grades. And that’s in front of everyone (the sashay she did when she beat Scott).

          Really? I keep hearing 96. But omg, it’s so weird to think of Scott et al being born in 2006. But I’m wondering if you’re right. The Black girl at the rave looked hella young for someone who graduated high school in 96. Same for the mechanic actually.

          To other people: is it 96 or 2006? Cause I swear Stiles’ dad says 96.

  7. I am wondering why everyone was so happy during the party. They all drank the punch that makes you see terrifying hallucinations

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