Episode 83: TVD Comic-Con Spoilers

Episode 83-Season 4 Comic-Con

Is Elena really getting a subplot that does not involve the Salvatores and isn’t based on her life being in danger? Cana, Olu, and I wonder as we discuss the new characters heading to Mystic Falls. I question why the new vampire hunter will even phase these kids after what they JUST went through with Alaric, “the ultimate vamp hunter;” we get our preliminary problems with Bonnie’s supposed mentor out of the way, and Olu braces herself for Matt’s storyline.

Quotes From the Podcast:

“Considering the magic on this show is nature-based. And considering the producers have gone this route of ‘There’s no such thing as a monstrous person through and through.’ They always try to humanize their villains and give them a sob story, basically. [….] Why is Dark Magic bad to tap into? And if it is bad to tap into, then why does it exist in this universe where there’s no such thing as a completely bad, evil person who is not redeemable? Why is a person using Dark Magic a bad idea through and through, yet Stefan, Damon, and Klaus are not bad through and through? […] If the main witch character [the only witch character] can’t use Dark Magic, then why do you have it as a concept? […] Why is this power totally bad and should not be messed with, yet Damon can get in Elena’s bed literally whenever he wants no matter what he does, and Klaus just needs a hug and has daddy issues?”-Me

“While Matt certainly did play a part in Elena being on that bridge and dying, he is not 100% culpable. He’s certainly not so culpable that Damon can go around ignoring Meredith in favor of throttling Matt. Not that I want him throttling Meredith either, but his anger in this moment, his revenge scheme or whatever, is tiresome. And if Vicky is not brought up at all, if Damon gets to have the upper hand and Matt apologizes or says anything that suggests he feels sorry to Damon? I will have to turn off the tv. I don’t care if it happens in the first 5 minutes. I will turn off the television.”-Olu

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Zach and Steven on Matt and Jeremy Sent by Emily.

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  1. WTH?!! Was the person asking about Ayanna black? >_> Why did JP assume that the fan was referring to a black character? Forever lol at JP. She is writer who doesn’t know what characters are in her story. OMG, so much fail. She basically rode on KW’s coattails her entire career, right?

    • I still haven’t watched the video, so I don’t know, but I already can’t. It’s so unbelievable. I remember saying at the time that I did not want Ayanna to be related to Bonnie. So here’s a clue that JP doesn’t put any thought into Bonnie’s family members. She doesn’t even remember their names. She’s definitely forgotten about Lucy. I don’t think we even need to joke about that anymore. It’s a fact. Lol.

    • no she was a deaf white girl and I think something got lost in translation, though I got the question she was asking.

      I love that she asked the question. I don’t like that it didn’t get answered. 😦

      • I seriously can’t with this show (and all shows/movies when it comes to this tbh). At the very least, please hire an Asian actor or someone not White for this role – especially if the character is going to stay long term like Rebekah. Of course, they won’t though. They have to meet that all important white quota after all.

        • I know, right? A lot could be avoided if they changed the color of the character when it comes to these tropes. So that would mean a lot less White people on screen/movies, so I’m guessing that’s why they don’t do it *_____*.

          • Can we all just call it what it is though? It is a quota. Racist assholes always talk about POC quotas in entertainment. Like, “Must every show have a black person” or “Why do we have to insert minorities/gay people?” or “The plot does not need [insert people who are not white cisgendered straight men of your choice here]”. There is NO SUCH THING as a POC quota. There are plenty of shows/movies with zero POCs in main/leading roles. But the movies/shows with zero white people in the main cast are very very rare. What actually exists is a white quota. Didn’t the studio mandate that only white actresses were allowed to audition for the role of Katniss in the Hunger Games movies?

            Just had to get that off my chest.

          • I was just thinking that it would be best if the character and actor is Native American. It would be nice if they tried to compensate for the race fail that is Klaus.

            • *Sigh.* If only. I think the chances are that are zero. This show has really done a lot to erase Native Americans from their story. From what comes out of Elijah’s mouth, to the caves, to Klaus’ looks, to that offensive tripe called Ordinary People, to Tyler’s lack of curiosity about his werewolf bloodline, they.just.erase.them. It’s quite amazing.

  2. Listening to the podcast right now!

    Some new spoilers:

    – Early in the season, newly-turned vampire Elena (Nina Dobrev) will have what Plec calls her “first hot vampire sex” with either Damon, Stefan, Klaus, Matt or Elijah. A possible clue as to who the lucky guy is? “Elena saved Matt’s life, so he’s going to end up paying it forward in a very peculiar way.” Dobrev’s reaction to the action: “It’s like she’s going through puberty and vampire sex is going to feel like her first time.”

    – Stefan (Paul Wesley) will be driving a new motorcycle to show off his rebellious side. “I ride motorcycles in my daily life, so I’m excited to burn some rubber,” says Wesley, who’d been campaigning for these wheels. “I ride a Triumph but I’m hoping Stefan gets something vintage.”

    – Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will find a new daytime drinking buddy in Tyler (Michael Trevino). “I think Tyler is up to the challenge of picking up at the bar where Alaric left off,” says Trevino. Adds Somerhalder: “Enemies will become allies.”

    – The fourth episode flashes back 900 years to shed further light on Rebekah (Claire Holt), who’s looking for a new place to live. “The Salvatore house is huge,” suggests Somerhalder. “And so is Damon’s bed!”

    – Expect a “big, spontaneous, explosion of joy with some kissing” the first time Caroline (Candice Accola) lays eyes on Tyler, who she thought died. “Shirts are flying off in our first episode back,” teases Trevino.

    – Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) will possibly find love with new character April (Grace Phipps, who arrives in Episode 2), a pastor’s daughter who returns from boarding school under tragic circumstances and reconnects with her childhood friend. “It will be interesting to see where they go with that,” says McQueen. “But he and Bonnie still have some unfinished business.”


    Tyler and Damon drinking buddies … are they kidding?
    And why do we have to flashback to Rebekah? Don´t need that at all.
    Oh that tease about kissing and stuff and shirts flying off in regards to Klyler(?)/Caro makes me gag tbh.

    • I don’t know which emotion is stronger: That I’m thankful you’re sharing this, or that I wish you hadn’t so then I wouldn’t know it exists (but I’d find out anyways one day when I checked spoilertv. Ugh).

      I’m on my bed right now on the computer, but I read this on my phone. Just woke up from a nap. So let me tell you that it felt like I was reading about a different show. Why is everyone ready to have sex?

      And look at how Bonnie’s missing from this.

      I read the Ian/Michael thing yesterday, I think, and I assumed they were joking. Where in the hell is this going to come from? Really? I want Tyler/Bonnie interaction, so I get Tyler/Damon?

      I hate everyone, and Bonnie’s better than everything that was mentioned in this article.

      • I don’t know which emotion is stronger: That I’m thankful you’re sharing this, or that I wish you hadn’t so then I wouldn’t know it exists

        Sorry I had to share that insanity because I couldn´t believe that stuff they wrote and I wanted you to tell me that it is the second April Fools Day, lol.

        I read the Ian/Michael thing yesterday, I think, and I assumed they were joking. Where in the hell is this going to come from? Really? I want Tyler/Bonnie interaction, so I get Tyler/Damon?

        I really hope they are joking especially with JP already mentioning twice that Meredith is going to be the drinking buddy of Damon. But who knows …

        I hate everyone, and Bonnie’s better than everything that was mentioned in this article.

        She really is.

        And what about that motorcycle stuff … that has to be a joke aswell, right?

        I also have a quick question in regards to one of Kat´s interviews from yesterday:

        She speaks about the last scene she shot (bloody and intense) … and this scene was for episode 1. But they are already shooting episode 2 and this since Tuesday or so I think, do you think she has probably not that many scenes in ep. 2 and she shoots her scenes this week or will she already miss the second episode? Because it was written by Jose Moline (this new writer) & Julie Plec (but I think most of it was written by Jose because she still worked on her script for this movie about tigers and curses and other stuff – sorry don´t remember the name) and I tried to keep an eye on him because he wrote for some awesome shows, but if he doesn´t include Bonnie in the first episode he wrote for TVD, then he gets the side-eye from me.

        • lol at Kat talking about the show ending. “Honey. idk what is going on” Hahaha

          Maybe they will end the first ep on a Bonnie related cliffhanger and then have her missing the next ep. It is not like they haven’t done something like that before.

          Btw, there seem to be two Germans who frequent my tumblr. Is that you and Emily?

          • Maybe they will end the first ep on a Bonnie related cliffhanger and then have her missing the next ep. It is not like they haven’t done something like that before.

            That´s possible … but I really want Jose Molina to be a writer who likes to write for Bonnie because he seems to have much influence on this show already, probably because of his experience.

            Btw, there seem to be two Germans who frequent my tumblr. Is that you and Emily?

            Lol, I didn´t even know that you have tumblr Susan, most of the time I go through the Bonnie tag on tumblr and search for some graphics and spoilers. So it´s probably not me.

            • In that case, I hope he likes her too. Do you know what genre he’s written for before? If it’s supernatural/superhero type stuff, then that increases the chances that he might take an interest in writing for Bonnie.

              • He worked on Dark Angel, Grimm, Terra Nova, Firefly and much more … On imdb he is also listed for some Angel-Episodes and he worked on Buffy but that was back in 1997. So he is known in the supernatural-genre.

        • Sorry I had to share that insanity because I couldn´t believe that stuff they wrote and I wanted you to tell me that it is the second April Fools Day, lol.

          Lmao. I wish I could.

          The Stefan thing, I cannot even get into. I cannot believe they really used the word “rebellious” for the freaking RIPPER. Where is Olu?!

          I watched that interview on tumblr earlier this afternoon. She said it was the most intense scene she had shot. I’m of the opinion that they can’t have her be absent in any of the first three episodes in season 4, because she was missing from the first three of season 3, that 5 second clip on Jeremy’s phone be damned.

          • Lmao. I wish I could.


            I’m of the opinion that they can’t have her be absent in any of the first three episodes in season 4, because she was missing from the first three of season 3, that 5 second clip on Jeremy’s phone be damned.

            Me too, they can´t do that. And especially with JP as the co-writer, even if she didn´t work on it that much and Molina did most of the script she should think about her past with Bonnie and that the Bonnie-Fans think she doesn´t care about her. She should try to prove them otherwise and not even back that up with not including her again.
            I really hope Kat tweets something this week about shooting for that episode.

    • Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will find a new daytime drinking buddy in Tyler (Michael Trevino). “I think Tyler is up to the challenge of picking up at the bar where Alaric left off,” says Trevino. Adds Somerhalder: “Enemies will become allies.”

      I hope they were just joking. I really, really don’t want to see that happen. Ugh. Alta, you asked for our least favourite SL in the upcoming season. I think this might be the one, if this really happens. Lol, I’m actually surprised by how much I loathe this idea.
      (The other SL I already hate is the inevitable return of Alaric. At best, we’ll only get one special episode dedicted to him, at worst a multi-episode arc.)

      • Lol, if Tyler and Damon become drinking buddies or whatever – will he and Caroline have ship wars? Caro will be on Team Stefan and Tyler will be like: “But you have to understand my buddy Damon.” Only half-joking here.

        • Lmao. You should only half-joke because remember Tyler said in the season 3 premier that Elena probably messed with Damon’s head wrt the 2.22 kiss.

      • What are they even gonna talk about when they drink. “Aww man that time I killed your uncle and buried him somewhere in the forest! DUDE I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE! That was a good day man.” *clink*

            • LOL. Maybe Caroline will hit that thing with her car. She will be like, Not AGAIN. Finding the bodies of her boyfriends’ dead relatives could be her specialty.

    • I think he’d be like the Stefan we saw in the 20s: those scenes before he was in a relationship with Rebekah. So basically from feeding on the woman in the car, to hitting on Rebekah, to talking with Klaus at the bar. I think that’s what he would be like. That’s the most comfortable I’ve ever seen him.

      • Nah he was still performing. He was primping and straightening his tie and taking souvenirs.
        I really don’t know what a naked/whole Stefan would be like. It’d probably be scary and traumatizing.

        Maybe it’s him when he’s journaling. but that could be self performance.

    • Lol at your shock. I don’t think so. I don’t think we’ll see Katherine any time soon. And about that rebel part, I don’t think it means anything. It’s probably just there because the person who wrote that article had to write something…

      • Now I’m imagining the author asking JP for a spoiler about Stefan and JP saying he’ll be riding a motorcycle. So then the person’s looking at their Word document and going, “How the heck do I describe that? Well in the 80s and 90s, riding a motorcycle usually meant you were rebellious. Great! I’ll go with that!”

        And that’s how we got that blurb about Stefan. Lol.

        • Yes, I think that’s how that blurb happened, except they asked PW and that was all he had to say about his char in S4 (so sad – but also lol). And we’ll probably see him riding a motorcycle in one scene and that’s it. *shrug*

    • Gurrl I wouldn’t care if the show could get it right, but they can’t so. But I ship that in the most messed up ways.

    • … This is why Steven R. McQueen, JoMo, and Michael Trevino are so sprung. Also why Ian day dreams about bamon …

      Remember when asked who they shipped their characters with Michael said Bonnie and Steven said Caroline … Ain’t nobody singing that Caroline song now. Sorry boo. Nobody but JP and that’s a solo son!

  3. Shane. When I hear that l expect Shane from The Walking Dead. He was a bad ass. 😡
    my microphone. ):
    No Jamie. What was the point of him? Rebound much.
    Shane I hope Shane’s actor is on Kat’s level and I hope they have chemistry. I hope there isn’t some off hand she had sex with him comment thrown in there.
    Dark MagicTM is bad because it’s bad for Elena. It’s not falling in line. i hope if Bonnie gets out if hand Shane would call in Abby. I would hope that Abby would be pissed by how her daughter is being treated.
    Lol too much character development.
    Matt’s grown too yes?
    “Six blood bags” and a human.
    And we could have still had a werewolf (Tyler). I don’t know if I could watch Elena get tortured the way Katherine would have been. :\
    I would love a group picture. Before and after. I’d like to see their faces.
    Best thing about the Salvatore brothers … LOL
    Isobel chose to be a vampire too.
    Bonnie suffers consequences…
    Is Meridith/Damon gonna be a thing. is Ian gonna be making out with Mrs.Wesley.
    Tyler gets nothing, but Michael T gets Teen Choice Awards.
    I don’t want to meet Klaus dad. I want to meet Ayanna.
    (Fandom makes me hate Sterek)
    Liz is just chillin’ while Matt’s getting choked out.
    List can’t even react to the fact that Damon is the reason her daughter is turned. Does she know what Damon did to Caroline.
    I want that line! I want Matt to say: Are you gonna kill me like you killed my sister!
    Not just older people, but Council members.
    What will Tyler do if Caroline/Matt happens? o_O
    Elena is at Bonnie’s house being taken care of or something. 🙄
    Rebeka could have burned the house down. 😡
    Well Matt didn’t drug Bonnie so maybe he doesn’t feel guilty. He felt a little guilty because he tried to bring his sister back. :\ not enough to devote his life to her tho.
    I look at Elena and say that all the time. “You shouldn’t be here. Why are you alive?”
    Yes, if everyone forgives Elena then she doesn’t have to try. Elena doesn’t have to try to be friends with anyone but the Salvatore’s. Her friends love her unconditionally.
    Bonnie is a servant. That’s what she does, that’s her job. She supposed to do that it’s expected of her. So she gets no recongnition.
    When Julie talks I am usually saying “that’s not a word”
    Zach said he wants Matt to feed Elena … outta guilt. I think I’d like to see him doing that for Vicki. She was a vampire and he would try to feed her and keep the main group away from her. Matt and his sister in the woodshed.
    The last time we saw Matt’s blood he was using it to send his sister away.
    Michaal’s got time to take pictures at the cast reading. :\ Alaric doesn’t remember being possessed does he.
    Tyler became a slave during prank night. He was a slave to moon before that and then he was under his father’s thumb before that.
    SUSAN! *waves*
    What’s a Kay-nah? 😉
    Guuuurl I hope Shane is fine. If he was the Shane from TWD that sex would be so rough and hot. urf!
    Awww to you watching for Stefan and Bonnie. That’s like when Bonnie does things for vampires and she says “I didn’t do it for you” … but it got done anyway …. O_O. The show will get my ratings … 😦 though i did take it off my DVR. I’d put Teen Wolf up there but I always catch it.
    I want Kat/JoMo Scenes. I want them in the gag reel. I want Servants of Nature. *Kanye Shrug*
    My mic is cool though. 😥

    • I would hope that Abby would be pissed by how her daughter is being treated.

      She wasn’t in that cave scene in 3.13. She was getting the treatment herself.

      Matt’s grown too yes?

      Has Matt grown? He certainly does more.

      I don’t think Liz knows what Damon did to Caroline, but she knows that Damon’s responsible for all of those murders she used to investigate.

      Alaric was told he was possessed, but he doesn’t remember what happened during. Like Bonnie with Emily in History Repeating.

      My headcanon is that Nature wants Tyler to be submissive in some kind of way. His father doesn’t count because his father isn’t a supernatural occurrence, but the moon counts. That was Tyler’s natural way to be submissive. He was never happy with that and he never accepted it. Once he became a vamp, something else naturally took the moon’s place, and that was the sire bond where Tyler had no control wrt Klaus’ wishes. I hope, once Klaus leaves, the producers will put something else in place of the sire bond, but they don’t think about world-building like this, so I doubt they will.

      • I wonder why all the Martins had to die but we get episodes and episodes of the Michaelsons who are dull as dish water.

  4. Stefan riding a motorcycle lol. This show doesn’t quit does it? Since when? lol

    Where are the Bonnie spoilers? Oh yeah what was I thinking?

  5. I really hope this new writer makes a difference for this show. JP needs some kind of intervention, I’m glad this guy seems to have a clue about writing because that sh*t JP is writing is like amateur hour on Thursday nights.

    • I really hope so … but he already shed tears during the DE-compulsion scene in “Rose” because I saw it on his twitter. I just fear that he will end up like JP with Damon and Caroline being his favorites and the others can rod offscreen.

      But who knows maybe he will surprise us. I just don´t want to get disappointed again, that´s why my expectations are low.

        • Yeah. Same reaction.

          And now I´m almost certain that Bonnie won´t be in episode 2. Because Kat isn´t in ATL this week (saw pics of her in LA) and I don´t think she shot any scenes for episode 2 last week according to the video I posted.
          And I´m not amused because I saw a tweetpic from Michael today and you could see Zach Roerigs set chair in the background, so even Matt is in it. And according to KW, Steven, Michael and also Candice it´s an awesome episode (I know that doesn´t say much but they didn´t even mention the premiere). I don´t remember how many days they usually need to finish an episode but they only needed one week to finish the first one. So they probably should start shooting for the third one soon.

            • I thought Pastor Young comes in in episode 1, Connor and April in episode 2, Haylay in episode 3 and Prof. Shane in episode 4 (which will also include these Rebekah-Flashbacks according to the tvguide-article)

              Yeah, that´s true. 😦

              • Episode 4? Ugh. I wonder if Bonnie will miss episode 3 too. If Bonnie’s missing episode 2, then that probably means she makes Elena her daylight necklace (it’ll probs be a necklace) in the premier.

                I’m wondering right now if Bonnie will be bleeding and in tears because her ancestors + their friends, AKA the dead witches, are punishing her.

                • Ugh I would hate that. They can´t do that again.
                  I can already see them making Bonnie doing the spell offscreen and then Elena mentions it in episode 2.

                  I don´t know if it was her last scene, but I think Candice tweeted a pic of Kat´s, Michael´s and Steven´s chairs on set and that was the day they wrapped up episode 1 (or so I think). So perhaps they will be all together in that scene? But I don´t know what that scene could be about. If it would be the scene of Klaus getting back into his body then Joseph also had to be on set, but he wasn´t.

                  • Nooo!

                    I forgot to say it in the podcast, but Bonnie putting Klaus’ spirit back in his body better happen on screen. Or else JP can shut it with her “She had to tap into dark places for the spell” crap, because what’s the point if we don’t see it?

            • So I think I spoke too soon lol because Kat/Bonnie is in the 2nd episode, she gave an interview. And she said that she does her stuff for the episode next week.

              She also mentions the person she will met and will have a big influence on Bonnie. And she speaks about a person from Bonnie´s past (everyones past) that we will meet soon – That´s probably April, right? But she mentions her name first and then only in the afterthought “everyones past”.
              And something about Elena.


              • I’d rather everyone be wrong than be right when it comes to Bonnie missing episodes, so that’s good news!

                I wonder if she said Bonnie’s past first just because that’s the character she plays. I’ll be surprised if she has anything to do with April beyond a “Oh yeah, I remember you!”

  6. Apparently the season premiere is called “Growing Pains”. Lmao probably for the audience.

    And here is a spoiler about Elena remembering the compulsion and I´m confused:

    Now that Elena will transition, how soon before memories she was compelled to forget come back on The Vampire Diaries? — Maxine
    We all love a good flashback and fortunately for Delena fans, in the premiere episode Elena will remember a very important moment from Season 2: when Damon told her he loved her. But unlike past flashbacks we’ve seen, Elena doesn’t realize right away that she’s watching a memory from the past rather than experiencing a moment in the present.


    • That is actually an interesting way to approach compulsion related memories. Too bad we didn’t see that with Caroline or Stefan. It would have been interesting to see Caroline experience what she went through with Damon again after she turned. Like, every few days another memory pops up. But that would have meant giving Caroline an internal life.

      • Yep, that is an interesting way to approach it. Too bad they only decided to sit down and think deeply about it because it now concerns Elena and they want as much dramuh as possible. The first person to go through this should’ve been Stefan. Like, if that’s how remembering compelled memories work, then no wonder it took Stefan years to figure out that what he felt for Katherine was not real.

        And if it feels like something that’s happening in real time, then imagine the HELL Caroline went through when she became a vamp. “You suck” looks worse and worse.

        • I like to believe Stefan only tells himself what he felt for her wasn’t real. I think it’s denial, and I hope they deal with it at some point. I wish they’d deal with anything regarding Stefan in realistically at some point of the show. -__-

          • It’s more interesting if he’s only telling himself it wasn’t real. But there’s still the case that he had to parse through it and realize how much he accepted under compulsion (the bites, the sex, the drinking her blood, the things he said, the things she told him, etc). Unfortunately the show is so ratchet that it will never give us Stefan’s complicated and messy feelings on this. He just hates her and that’s it *______*.

    • I’ve only seen Vampire/Witch hybrid. Damn Klaus coulda been a werewolf/warlock hybrid. His mom was a witch and his father a were.

      • Right? That would be an interesting flashback. It would have been much more interesting if Klaus was not only trying to get back his werewolf side but his witch side as well. That could be another reason for why he likes to hang out with witches. It would also mean that he lost something that the show has already shown is useful and is a big part of a person’s identity. We barely know anything about what it means to be a werewolf so why should we care about Klaus getting his werewolf side back?

    • Nope, I don’t think so. The writer would have to create all the rules about being a werewolf and then create rules for the witch/werewolf hybrid, because Lord knows the show has none of this.

      But if anyone knows, please share!

      • It occurred to me that becoming a werewolf might be a way for Bonnie to increase her power, feel less vulnerable and be less reliant on the dead witches. Greta was shown to be able to control a werewolf’s transformation so Bonnie would be able to do what werewolf/vampire hybrids are able to do – control when they turn – without the gross siring part. Werewolves are living beings so I don’t see why a werewolf/witch can’t just be a werewolf with witch powers.

        • Think of the Tyler/Bonnie that could’ve given us! Not that I’d necessarily want to see that play out on the show, but maybe in an AU. Where Tyler cared about being a werewolf and he knew stuff.

      • Plus, it would fit my headcannon about witches not being able to actually kill anyone (despite what Elijah says). Maybe Bonnie realizes this and becomes a werewolf to be able to kill. But I guess, there would have to be a trade off. So yeah, the person who writes a fic like this would have to create rules for werewitches.

    • Paul is so salty, I love it:

      Have you cried yet this season?

      Paul Wesley: I’m constantly crying, I’m going to cry right after this interview. Um, I cry every time Stefan leaves the dark-side and goes to ‘good Stefan’. I want him to stay as the ripper. I love it. I’m hoping that the guilt turns him into the– I’m hoping the guilt of what he — what happened — makes him hate himself to turn to ripper Stefan. Yeah!

      He’ll never get over JP/Stefan’s decision.

      He ships Klefan! Lol. Where is Olu?!

      What do you think his reaction is going to be when he finds out Elena’s a vampire, because you had the whole, you know, you and Caroline, and you helping her through that transition. But now it’s Elena.

      Paul Wesley: You know, I don’t know. Maybe he won’t be attracted to her as much, because she’s going to remind him of himself. I don’t know! We like the opposites! Men like the opposites! Well now, she’s like– he hates himself, because he’s a vampire, right? So, I don’t know, maybe he going to project. Lot of projecting in relationships, you know? I’m like a relationship guru, guys. I can tell you all about relationships between vampires and humans. No, I don’t know. I have no idea. I hope that they can do dangerous activities together, because mortality is not an issue.

      I wish he could write for his character.

      • lol at the crying all the time line. I was thinking about all the crying the writers do the other day when someone here mentioned that the new writer cried at a Delena scene. It seems like they are always crying. Man, I thought I cried a lot. Aren’t they afraid that it will hurt their eyes or tear ducts? How many tears can one produce?

      • I’m wishing he could too. But that may be because I suddenly fell in love with him…he’s kinda hilarious lol But its obvious that he’s been thinking about how the show is going. I pity the actors.
        Off topic: I was watching some Bonnie scenes on Youtube the other day and I watched the scene where Klaus was trying to smash the Gilbert house…Elijah did it better. That was pure comedy, I laughed so hard I choked, especially when he started doing the Olympic walk (gah! Can’t think of it without laughing.) But maybe its because I can’t stand the sight of Klaus. Or maybe it was just meant to be funny. The idiots in the house should have been laughing and Elijah was the better Villain.

  7. A new interview with our fav EP Julie Plec:

    At the end of season three, The Vampire Diaries did something showrunner Julie Plec had once promised herself she would never do: she turned Elena (Nina Dobrev) into a vampire. But while she once read the source material novels and vowed to do something different, she realized pretty early on that she needed to raise the stakes and what better way to do that than to play with the hero/heroine dynamic?

    “We did an about-face as we were breaking season two and said ‘You know what? We can get there by the end of season two, and it would be pretty bad-ass!’ But we put the kibosh on that and decided ‘Not yet, but soon.’ And so, when we started season three, we knew that’s what we would do, and everything that we did, every choice that we made, all season long was leading to that moment,” Plec said.

    “Elena’s classic promise is she’s never really going to be able to make choices [like to turn] for herself,” Plec continued. “She’s got Jeremy as Jeremy’s only remaining guardian, so she realizes very quickly [in season three] how selfish it would be to just leave him, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go gently into the transition. The first episode deals with that.”

    Therefore, the first episode will also see Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) reinvigorating a desire to protect his sister much the way she has vowed to protect him.

    “He’s going to feel very committed to protecting her as we get a new vampire hunter that comes to town,” Plec revealed. “He gets put right smack in the middle of his sister’s secret and protecting it against this guy who takes a special interest in [him]. We’ll find out in a few episodes in as to why he has an interest in him.”

    Calling Jeremy “as always, a nice work in progress,” Plec wouldn’t say whether or not he was completely ready to take on the new hunter Connor (Todd Williams). However, there are at least two other men on the show who will always fight for Elena, and may be more equipped to deal with such threats. Plec previewed that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) will be as protective as always about her, as well, just in new ways.

    “Now she doesn’t physically need protecting, but emotionally, she needs mentoring,” Plec pointed out.

    “It’s a shift in the hero/heroine and the ingenue dynamic. But the biggest shift will be in how the brothers see each other. They’ve been closer than ever, but they do not see eye to eye about what Elena should be and how…A lot of the season is about ‘Who is Elena now? And how do they feel about who Elena is now?'”

    In keeping with the physical transformations that kick off season three, Plec also promised the return of Joseph Morgan as Klaus, coming back “singed and burned and dusty and crusty.” After a “nice blood cocktail he will be back to business”– and pretty quickly because Plec doesn’t want to lose the power of Morgan on-screen.

    Klaus returning means Tyler (Michael Trevino) will go back to just being Tyler, without memories of what happened but getting an “earful” about what went down. Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler may still have a solid relationship “for now,” but Tyler and Klaus will continue to butt heads, often times over her.

    “Tyler and Klaus’ relationship is going to be a big part of the first half of the season. We’re playing with [the love triangle] in that Klaus isn’t giving up any time soon. He’s just going to adopt new means to try and break them up– almost as if it’s a sport! He’s getting a perverse little thrill over trying to find ways to make that relationship end.”

    And then there is Bonnie (Kat Graham) who will see a new relationship of her own emerge– with a new mentor who Plec said is a “professor at the college where her grandmother used to teach.”

    “We’re not, by any means, trying to fill Alaric’s shoes,” Plec explained, “but we definitely like populating our universe!”

    Plec called The Vampire Diaries a “marathon” of a show that is “only at mile thirteen.” That may be the half-way point to most traditional marathons, but this one certainly doesn’t show any sign of slowing down!

    Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/julie-plec-teases-elena-s-transformation-a-new-hunter-on-the-vampire-diaries

    So she didn´t forget about Grams teaching on that College. Hope he really knew her or something, however it is a little bit too late for that with Grams being dead for 2 seasons.

    Look at how pathetic Klaus is. I thought he would want to wait over a century for Caroline. Now he tries to break them up.

    Btw Michael Trevino was at a Convention in San Francisco and he said that he is going to be shirtless in the first three episodes and he is going to have a love scene with Candice in episode 2. So I really hope Klaus is back in his body until then.

    And the script for episode 4 is finished. JP tweeted about it.

    • But the biggest shift will be in how the brothers see each other.


      Also, part of the Jeremy thing excites me and part of it doesn’t. Elena will never lack in people trying to protect her, will she? Meanwhile, I’m sure it’ll never come to light that she compelled Jeremy.

      Poor Michael Trevino! Tyler’s story sounds trite as hell. But I’m sure it’ll be great for the Caroline fans who can’t get enough about how special she is.

      Yes! First mention of Sheila in connection to Shane. Here’s hoping he used to be her TA!

  8. There is more from Julie Plec

    The Hollywood Reporter: In one of the first few episodes of season four, there are rumblings that there may be a “surprise” return. What intel can you offer there?
    Julie Plec: I can say that what [Bonnie] did, the choice she made in the last episode – to swap Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) bodies – comes back to bite her in the butt a little bit. Not from her friends, who would understand why she did what she did; she did it to save their lives. But the witches aren’t necessarily too happy with Bonnie (Kat Graham) dabbling in the dark side so she goes through a pretty rough time in the first episode as she tries to do what she does best, which is save her friends and finds the witches pushing back a little too hard.

    THR: Bonnie and Elena (Nina Dobrev) seem to both be dealing with their own issues at the moment. How soon will we see them come together?
    Plec: Bonnie is going to be going through her own emotional crisis at the beginning of the season as Elena goes through hers. It’ll take the girls a couple of episodes before they realize that they can go through it together. I think that the good news is that Elena’s friendships will remain solid as she herself is crumbling a little bit.

    THR: The season three finale cliffhanger had the Twittersphere abuzz. How has reaction been?
    Plec: The reaction has, honestly, been extraordinary. If people are hating it, then no one’s told me and thank god, because I wouldn’t want to know that. We were toying with it for a long time and we started season three knowing how he would end season three so we were able to lay out all the groundwork for it really quietly and subtly so it makes sense that this girl is mourning who she used to be and wondering if her parents would still be proud of her and missing her human life before vampires were in it and making this choice between these two brothers and what they mean to her, to take her to that point and to rip the rug out from under her and have everything change is almost like we’re starting over. We’re telling the same series all over again but with a different point of view and a different context.

    THR: How does Elena sparing Matt’s (Zach Roerig) life in the episode affect his standing and outlook?
    Plec: As Damon says to him early on, “Why do you get to live?” What the hell was so special about you that you still are breathing air on this earth and Matt takes that to heart a little bit. He feels the guilt, the survivor’s guilt, because he feels why me and not her. He feels like he’s got to earn that for her and be that for her. We’re going to see Matt be a champion for Elena. It’s going to be a nice friendship. Matt’s going to be strong and he’s going to try and stay strong. It’s not going to be easy for him. He knows he’s got to live well to earn the fact that he’s still alive and be a man about it.

    THR: Will Elena turn to Matt in a significant way?
    Plec: All I can say is, as a human he is definitely a blood source so we’ll see where that goes.

    THR: Is there hope for more Matt and Rebekah (Claire Holt)?
    Plec: Rebekah, poor thing, is still harboring her secret fling for Matt – and it isn’t so secret any more. First thing that she tries to do with him is apologize for running him off the road and he pretty much tells her to go to hell. If she’s ever going to get any attention with Matt, she’s going to have to change her behavior and go about it a different way.

    THR: How do Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) reactions to Elena’s new state of being affect their relationship?
    Plec: They definitely are dealing with [Elena’s change] in the same in that they are both traumatized by it but differently in that they both have different points of view as to how she should be living her life as a vampire, what kind of vampire could be or should be or that they want her to be. It’s going to put them at odds which is a shame because they’ve never been stronger than at the end of last season and I’m hoping that they can survive this new problem in their relationship.

    THR: Does that mean that the love triangle will, in a sense, be put on the backburner?
    Plec: The love triangle is always there underneath. It’s not driving the show. Elena is changing as a character and Stefan is changing as a result of what she’s going through, Damon is changing as a result of what she’s going through so there’s always going to be shifts and turns and evolution of their relationships to each other that are always going to be right there.

    THR: Several months ago, you mentioned to us that you were toying with a new villain for season four. Has that character been created?
    Plec: Yup and I ain’t sayin’. It’s funny, I realized as we look back at the first three seasons, we’ve always known who our [villain] was – at least we thought we knew – from the very beginning. This year, we’re trying something a little bit different where we’re not so sure who’s pulling the strings and why. The mystery of that is going to be something new and different for us.

    THR: A few new characters are coming into Mystic Falls, like a vampire hunter (Todd Williams) and a 16-year-old tied to the Gilberts (Grace Phipps). Who else can we expect?
    Plec: We’ve got a new character named Hailey who will be showing up around the third episode, who Tyler is going to know from his own past. Bonnie’s going to find a new mentor in a professor at the local university, where her grandmother used to teach. For Bonnie, who has been absent with any good mentor figure, she’s going to connect with this guy. He’s going to be very, very, very, very brilliant and well-versed in the world of the supernatural. We haven’t cast Hailey or the professor yet.

    THR: How early in the season will we see Joseph Morgan (aka Klaus) back?
    Plec: You’ll see Joseph Morgan sooner than you think. He won’t be gone for long. In present day, as Klaus, in your face.

    Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/vampire-diaries-season-4-spoilers-julie-plec-355732

    • “As Damon says to him early on, “Why do you get to live?” What the hell was so special about you that you still are breathing air on this earth and Matt takes that to heart a little bit.”

      Poor Olu…

    • I just read this. SOMEBODY SAVE ME! I feel like she’s going to be more out of touch with her characters come season 4. Does anyone else feel this way? Every interview that comes out, it sounds like she’s losing more sight of who they are and where they’re supposed to be right now.

      The witches pushing back worries me. A lot. Bonnie’s not using their powers anymore, so they aren’t supposed to be pushing back. Nature pushes back. Not the spirits. And I feel like JP is going to forget and basically give the dead witches a role they absolutely should not and cannot have. Because she doesn’t pay attention to or understand her own mythology.

      Nobody cares that Bonnie and Elena won’t be going through things together. They never do. I’m so sick of the farce that is this friendship being perfect and healthy and necessary. It’s not any of those things.

      The Damon scene with Matt is going to fucking kill me. I.can.not. There’s only so much of Damon being Damon that I can take. And of course Matt is going to stand there like a wet blanket. Olu’s going to die. And I don’t like the way JP talks about “being a man.” I don’t like it for Jeremy and I don’t like it here.

      She’s going to slaughter the shit out of Rebekah. That has got to be the most offensive paragraph in the interview. I knew Katherine doing an about face and being all.about.Stefan, even risking Klaus’ ire to help him, was not an accident. That was JP further dulling her claws, and now she started doing that to Rebekah post 3.04, and now she’s going for the gold. So Rebekah is going to be sorry that she was looking out for her family and for herself and for their survival, and she’s going to have to change everything about herself to win Matt’s affection, because Matt’s affection is so important. I’m not even sure why she wants Matt’s affection.

      I’m still hoping Shane doesn’t know more than Bonnie. I’m dreading the show’s return.

      Thanks for bringing this over, Kathrin! The nightmare’s going to get worse.

      • JP sounds like a mess each and every time. She has internalized a lot of gross shit. I read this last night but ….I mean, there is nothing to say that I haven’t said many times already. *throws up hands*

  9. And JP with a third interview:

    Elena’s struggle to transition to a vampire might just be the least of her worries when The Vampire Diaries kick-off its fourth season on Oct. 11. According to exec producer Julie Plec, there will be a much more pressing problem at hand. “When Alaric Saltzman told the council that the town was filled with vampires, [he] told a lot of details about a lot of people that in the first episode back we’ll see have created a little bit of a domino effect,” says Plec, who teased a “powerful, surprising death sequence” during the premiere.

    As a result, the big question in the first episode is not whether Elena will feed on blood, but rather how she does it, when she does it, and whether she’ll even survive the day.

    Of course, it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to make it through. After all, she’s got two very able Salvatore brothers by her side. Both Stefan and Damon will help school Elena in vampology 101 this season…though they won’t exactly be on the same page. “They’re two very different kinds of vampires and they’re going to have two very different points of view about what kind of vampire Elena should be,” says Plec. “It’s going to make them fight a little.”

    According to Plec, Elena will feel torn between each brother’s perspective and that will impact her relationships with each of them. Though the direction of those relationships remains to be seen, Plec made it clear that the love triangle is beginning a new chapter. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean Elena’s going to ditch Stefan — but she obviously still has some unfinished business with Damon. By the fourth episode, expect to see the two drawn together in a moment sure to spark a whole lot of fan fodder. “There’s a really interesting moment between Damon and Elena where she’s acting a little bit out of character and they both get caught up in a moment,” teases Plec.

    As for the show’s other love triangle, Plec says that Klaus — who will be back to his own body fairly soon — will find “sportier more dastardly ways of driving a wedge” between Caroline and Tyler. In other words, the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler saga is far from over. She explains: “The finale wasn’t putting a final point on any relationship. If anything it was just creating a new beginning for all the relationships. Things are going to be evolving and changing for all points of all triangles on this show.”

    Other notable scoops:
    – Bonnie will do everything and anything to prevent Elena’s transition. Whether or not she’s successful and the consequences of the kind of magic she taps into will impact her arch season.

    – According to Plec, the new vampire hunter headed to Mystic Falls is “very hardcore, he’s very skilled he’s very strong. He kind of takes our heroes by surprise, in that they think they can wipe the floor with him pretty easily and quickly, and he sort of stuns them with being difficult to defeat early on. They’re going to realize they’ve got a bigger problem than they’re used to.”

    – Klaus’s decision to stick around Mystic Falls will be tied to the vampire hunter. Says Plec: “He definitely has an agenda that he wants to service which we’ll start to get a hint at about three episodes, four episodes in, and it will involve how he feels about the existence of this hunter.”

    – Klaus isn’t the only Original sticking around. We haven’t seen the last of Rebekah or her other brothers and sisters. “We’ll definitely get glimpses of the other Originals over the course of the year,” says Plec. The exec producer also hinted that we may learn more about Esther’s backstory. “One of the things that we’ve always said in the writer’s room is Esther’s creation of the original vampires was predicated on a spell that she already had, so where did she get that? And what does that mean?” says Plec. “Does it mean that there are vampires that pre-date the original vampires?”

    – The fourth episode may feature a memorable Elena-Damon scene, but Plec says one of her favorite Damon moments of all-time happens in the second episode (so keep an eye out!).

    – Speaking of Delena… Elena will remember the moments and confessions that Damon compelled her to forget and it will confirm that she wasn’t wrong in believing there was good in him. Though don’t expect a recently rejected Damon to be receptive to her realizations. “I think for him it’s just like, ‘Yep, well, that’s in the past. That was then, this is now. You made your choice,’” said Plec. “Damon’s not going to be sitting around moping, that’s for sure. He’s going to have a little bit of a ‘tude probably.”

    – Can’t wait to see Elena partake in a little vampire on vampire action? You may have to wait a couple of episodes. “We’re about to start shooting episode 3 and we have not yet shown a completed act of vampire sex so it is going to be something that will happen eventually,” says Plec.”But I will not say how, when, why, with who, or if it’s awesome or not.” (Let’s face it, we all know it’s going to be awesome).

    – Though you may have heard otherwise, Stefan will not be getting a new love interest — at least not anytime soon. “I actually don’t even know where that came from,” says Plec. “I think Paul’s talking wish fulfillment.”

    – We may get to see the friendship between Stefan and Caroline develop more this season. “What I’m hoping is that Caroline, as an advocate of the Stefan school of how to be a vampire, can be a support system for him that he really needs, especially as things get difficult in Elena’s transition,” says Plec.

    Source: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/07/30/vampire-diaries-season-four-scoops/

    And for everyone who didn´t know Elena was turned with Damon´s blood. I didn´t even know that Meredith got that much vamp blood from him in episode 12.

    • “who teased a “powerful, surprising death sequence” during the premiere”

      Pastor Young obvs. In a surprising plot twist, Elena will kill him.

      “Klaus — who will be back to his own body fairly soon — will find ‘sportier more dastardly ways of driving a wedge” between Caroline and Tyler.’

      *sighs* And what where his “dastardly ways” in S3 anyway?

      “Does it mean that there are vampires that pre-date the original vampires?”

      Bwhahaha. I thought they were going to introduce these pre-Original vampires in S5. Lol forever, if they will appear in S4, one season after “the season of the Originals”.

    • who teased a “powerful, surprising death sequence” during the premiere.

      A powerful death sequence? As in a lot of people dying? Because the last time they had a death sequence was the season 1 finale. Are they going to decimate the rest of the Council?

      Bonnie will continue being a suffering Mammy for Elena, for no other reason than Elena deserves it. Got it.

      So Connor will know about Klaus then? I think I’m going to like Connor though. I’m excited to see him, more than I’m excited to see anything else. That includes Bonnie and Shane, atm.

      RETCON COMING UP! It’s a good thing, but it’s also annoying. They’re going to say that the Originals aren’t really the Originals, right? Because she realized how stupid it is to say that they are? But I really don’t care about Esther’s backstory. I hate that she’s more interested in this woman than she is in Bonnie and all of her family members. They’re witches, just like Esther, so it must be something else keeping her ~creative juices from flowing when it comes to them.

      Elena will remember the moments and confessions that Damon compelled her to forget and it will confirm that she wasn’t wrong in believing there was good in him.


      Of course Stefan’s not getting a new love interest.

      What I’m hoping is that Caroline, as an advocate of the Stefan school of how to be a vampire, can be a support system for him that he really needs,

      A person who cared about the female friendships on this show would say that “As an advocate of the Stefan school of how to be a vampire, Caroline can be a support system for Elena while she figures out what kind of vamp she wants to be.” But no. This is Julie Plec.

      She didn’t get that much blood from him. But at least JP knows the answer now. I wonder if she and her team of writers spent 4 hours debating in the writers room before they decided that it was Damon and not Stefan. Rme.

      My God, you guys, I’m losing sight of why Stefan is part of this triangle. Just set him free and let Delena dance together! He deserves so much more than this.

      • But at least JP knows the answer now. I wonder if she and her team of writers spent 4 hours debating in the writers room before they decided that it was Damon and not Stefan. Rme.

        I think I have it figured out. It was clear from the start for the writers that it will be Damon´s blood who turns her because wait for it … “I don’t mind being the bad guy. I’ll make all the life and death decisions, while you’re busy worrying about collateral damage (saving Matt). And I’ll even let her hate me for it. But at the end of the day, I’ll be the one to keep her alive (his blood turns her). – look at this the writers probably thought it is ~poetic. Especially with the brothers practically repeating that speech from season 2 in the season final of season 3.

        My God, you guys, I’m losing sight of why Stefan is part of this triangle. Just set him free and let Delena dance together! He deserves so much more than this.

        This. I´m so worried when it comes to this season.

  10. And this time with some bad news for those who thought Jamie isn´t a factor anymore:

    We know that a couple of new characters are joining “The Vampire Diaries” early this season, but one person we won’t be seeing in the first few episodes is Bonnie’s love interest, Jamie. “Jamie hasn’t shown up yet and we’re four scripts in,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us. “He’s still a factor in our minds in that he still exists and they have a connection and a bond. We just haven’t decided how much more to explore that. We’re keeping it on the back burner for now.”


  11. Ok, I have tons of comments to make but they are all for different posts and the page takes a while to load on my phone so I’m just gonna put them all together here.
    1st. Bonnie/family/mentor is my OT3! So even though the Abby/Bonnie SL wasn’t what I had hoped it would be, I’m still getting stirrings of excitement for the Bonnie/Mentor SL. Though the fact that they’ve taken 2 and a half Seasons to realize Bonnie needs some kind of guidance irritates me. I really hope they explain her dad absence and lack of concern for his daughter as well, ’cause after 4 seasons its just completely ridiculous. And I need Jamie to just go AWAY. JP basically confirmed that he is in no way important and it made no sense for Bonnie to want to date him, so I want them to NOT take that relationship into S4.
    I’m hoping the angry ‘witches’ JP is referring are other LIVE witches that want vampires gone. Otherwise it will make no sense and just piss me off some more. I HATE inconsistency!
    2nd. The Klaus/Caroline relationship(?) is another one that I’m not interested in seeing in S4. Can they make Klaus anymore ridiculous (Olympic walk hehehehe)? Or do they just sit around and plan the most cringe worthy scenarios to put Klaus in? Its physically painful for me to watch some of his scenes. Now they’re gonnna have him trying to break up the relationship of two teenagers? Can these people please figure out how to write a decent character? He’s over a thousand for fucks sake!
    3rd. I’m very very sad that Stefan isn’t getting a new love interest. I NEED it. I want PW to have something outside of the TOD. And since when hasn’t the entire show been about the TOD? It IS the show. Why else would it be so empty?
    4th. I don’t like the way JP is talking about Vampire-Elena. It sounds like the Salvatores are deciding WHO Elena should be. I don’t like the way that sounds AT ALL.
    5th. I don’t need to know more about Esther. Fuck Esther. Give me SOMETHING on the Bennett line of witches that they keep overlooking. The line of magic that they keep exploiting. And I don’t need anymore damn Original Vampires showing up. Get rid of the ones already taking up space and then I MIGHT be interested. And Rebekah needs to change to fit Matt because ‘men come first’ (as my cousin likes to say) Why else? Men are Gods in TVD verse -.-
    Seeing as to how I’m getting Bonnie/Mentor I wonder if I can hope for Bonnie/PowerfulProtector for S5 or S6? Lol

    • I’m hoping the angry ‘witches’ JP is referring are other LIVE witches that want vampires gone. Otherwise it will make no sense and just piss me off some more. I HATE inconsistency!

      Yes, this so much. I don’t care about Esther or invisible witches all that much. If they have to have a plot with the dead witches, I want there to be a live witch who acts as their representative – NOT ESTHER.

  12. And the madness goes on and on:

    First of all, “Vampire Diaries” fans, allow us to give you some great news: Zap2it has learned that an extra episode has been added to the show’s Season 4 order, bringing it to a total of 23 episodes this year, as compared to last year’s 22. The first episode will premiere Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. EST. (For the record, “Supernatural” also has a 23-episode order; all other returning CW series are producing 22 episodes.)

    When the season begins, all of our Mystic Falls monsters and friends are in precarious situations, but none more so than Elena (Nina Dobrev), who will begin her transition into a vampire in the first episode. She and Stefan are, for all intents and purposes, back together, but this time, their reunion is even more complicated.

    It’s safe to say that vampire Elena won’t be on the Stefan Salvatore bunny diet right away — and given Stefan’s ripper history, her consumption of human blood definitely troubles him. “He’s not going to have an easy time with it,” executive producer Julie Plec confirms. “This is a guy who can’t really get too close to human blood for too long without losing his mind, so it’s like he’s a guy who just got sober, and his girlfriend just turned 21 and wants to party. There are going to be some complications in their relationship as far as that.”

    Paul Wesley has never been shy about the fact that he loves playing Stefan as a dynamic, dark character, as opposed to a martyr who cries on a regular basis. “I feel like Stefan had a Season 3 ride of darkness, and I think Season 4 is going to be a little more of a gray zone, which is nice, too,” he told us at Comic-Con. He speculates that Elena’s transformation will create some distance between them. “Maybe he won’t be attracted to her as much, because it’ll remind him of himself… Men like the opposites. He hates himself because he’s a vampire, right? So, I don’t know; maybe he’s going to project.”

    The way it plays out could bring about some of Stefan’s darker side. “I can’t say we’ll ever be back to ‘good’ Stefan for good,” Plec says. “I don’t think ‘good’ Stefan is ‘real’ Stefan. I think Stefan is very damaged, and he’s got some deep darkness and, within that, a beautiful soul with what humanity he can muster. I think until the end of the series, the darker Stefan will always be the truthful Stefan.”

    We’re all very much looking forward to Elena remembering the two moments that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) compelled her to forget — both of which were actually very sweet, positive scenes between the two characters.

    The memories will come back to her in the first episode in a very interesting way; in a sense, she’ll experience them as if they’re happening anew. She’ll have a conversation with Damon about that right away. Don’t expect those things to have an immediate, drastic impact on her feelings for him, though. When we asked Plec whether the moments would have a profound impact on Elena’s view of Damon, she said it would be more subtle.

    “It’s more just a bonus of being a vampire. For Elena to turn around and be like, ‘Oh, I changed my mind now that I have all the information!’ would be insane. She’s not that literal, and that would be really sad for Stefan,” Plec says.

    What it does is help Elena to have a more complete, more accurate view of her friend. Fans who want Damon and Elena to get together have been frustrated by her continued underestimation of his character throughout the season, and the new memories of his sweet moments may lead to a positive turn in that department.

    “If you look at the marathon of the Damon/Elena friendship and relationship, so much of their conflict is predicated on the fact that she still believes that he’s more selfish than he actually is, and more hateful than he actually is, and more self-destructive than he actually is,” Plec agrees. “These memories get added to her lexicon of Damon knowledge, and given how close they are, at this point it’s important that she knows everything about him.”

    As always, Damon and Elena’s relationship will evolve this season — that slow burn is, of course, what makes it so interesting to watch. In the meantime, Damon will need a new friend to share his bourbon with at the Mystic Grill — and, despite the rumors, it definitely won’t be Tyler.

    Plec confirms that Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) will be a significant part of the fourth season. Though not a love interest, Meredith might be a stabilizing force for Damon. “Damon is minus a drinking buddy and minus a friend,” Plec says. “We’ve already established Meredith as a day-drinker, so if I was going to pick somebody out of a hat, to be Damon’s new drinking buddy, it would be Meredith. The question is whether she’s down with that. Is she okay with being his vampire-human partner in crime? I don’t think she’s going to be as easy to sway as Alaric was, but there’s going to be a buddy bond that forms between them, which will be fun.”

    Though there’s no word on how many episodes DeVitto will appear in this season, she’s long been a part of “The Vampire Diaries” family and that’s not changing any time soon. “We always say we didn’t cast her in this role because she’s married to Paul, and that is a thousand percent true, but because she is married to Paul at least we know that she’s not going to turn around and say ‘I hate this show; I never want to come back,'” Plec jokes. “We have the best of both worlds in that she’s very willing to come play with us, and she’s able to still do her great work on ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ too. Until some new show comes and snatches her up, we’ll continue to play with her, without having to make any painful decisions.”

    Source: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/07/the-vampire-diaries-season-4-gets-an-extra-episode-as-the-love-triangle-gets-bloody.html

    • “Zap2it has learned that an extra episode has been added to the show’s Season 4 order, bringing it to a total of 23 episodes this year, as compared to last year’s 22.”

      Alta, the nightmare is not only going to get worse, it’s also going to be longer.

    • This is so much fail it makes my head hurt. Where, oh where, is Elena in all of this? The only thing I’m seeing is Salvatore angst…Salvatore pain…Salvatore…Salvatore…Salvatore! And Damon IS a selfish, hateful, destructive waste of space…or did I miss something in the brilliant writing of his character? Or am I blinded by my hate? I’m going to turn my brain off now before it explodes.
      Emily’s comment made me scream hysterically…’Cause that’s exactly what I was thinking. Lol I’m gonna be comatose by the end of S4 😦

    • Noooooo! *Ugly sobbing.*

      For all intents and purposes, Stefan and Elena are back together? That sounds like the writers aren’t sure when, why, and how they got back together.

      The way she talks about Stefan annoys me. If Stefan is so damaged, then how come no one has said anything. Quiet, JP. I think she’s paying lipservice to PW here, actually, because most Stefan fans are buying what the show is selling.

      We’re all very much looking forward to Elena remembering the two moments that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) compelled her to forget — both of which were actually very sweet, positive scenes between the two characters.

      What? Lol!

      She cares about DE more than she cares about SE. I don’t care about the ships, but you guys know the way she writes the characters annoy me, and here it sounds like she’s giving up on Stefan.

      Thank God, that Tyler rumor is false.

      I don’t care about Meredith. She doesn’t have real opinions or a stance on anything, so she might as well slide into the role of being Damon’s buddy.

      Thanks again, Kathrin!

  13. And JP talks about the Klaus!Tyler situation:

    ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4: How far will Klaus go with Caroline in Tyler’s body?

    “The Vampire Diaries” fans tend to be very opinionated, particularly when it comes to the love triangles on the show. Over this summer hiatus, though, there has been a quiet controversy buzzing throughout the fandom about Caroline’s current dilemma — specifically, that the villain Klaus has taken control of her boyfriend Tyler’s body.

    We joked with Candice Accola about the whole Klaus-is-inside-of-Tyler thing, but if you really think about it, it’s a very creepy concept. When Caroline kissed Tyler goodbye at the end of the Season 3 finale, she was unknowingly kissing Klaus, whose feelings for her she’d rebuffed repeatedly. With Klaus making himself comfortable in Tyler’s body, there’s been some concern among fans that things with Caroline might become even more physical, bringing up some troubling consent questions.

    Fans also took issue in Season 1 when Damon compelled Caroline to do his bidding on a regular basis while they were in a sexual relationship. Of course, both these situations are purely supernatural and would never apply to real-life relationships, but it’s still a valid concern for fans who care about Caroline.

    There’s no doubt that if Klaus and Caroline slept together while she believed he was Tyler, it would be an unforgivable offense that would be disturbing on several levels. Luckily, we can confirm that it won’t get that far before Tyler gets his body back.

    “No, it’s not going to go that far,” executive producer Julie Plec assures us, promising that what Klaus does with Tyler’s body is more comedic than predatory. “Yes, it’s a little bit naughty, it’s a little bit twisted, it’s kind of fun — depending on your perspective and how you define twisted and fun. It’s over before it begins, so you can all get a good chuckle out of it.”

    It won’t traumatize or hurt Caroline, but because she’s no wilting flower, she won’t take Klaus’s games lightly. “Caroline will get very rightfully, appropriately indignant about it,” Plec says, “but she won’t be needing any therapy or support groups.”

    This should come as good news to the Klaus/Caroline fans, who will be relieved to know that he doesn’t overstep that particular boundary. (He may be into committing murder on a regular basis, but he’s not getting intimate with a lady without her consent.) Perhaps there’s hope for them yet?


    • Of course, both these situations are purely supernatural and would never apply to real-life relationships

      This Bitch. This waste of space of a thing. GTFO of the planet.

    • I’m surprised there’s an article talking about consent on TVD.

      Of course, both these situations are purely supernatural and would never apply to real-life relationships, but it’s still a valid concern for fans who care about Caroline.

      Would never apply to real life? Yes it would. They’re called date-rape drugs? Non-consent does apply to real life.

      Klaroline is so lame, I can’t. What is that last paragraph? What is it? And this article makes me feel like JP wishes she’d never done the Daroline thing in season 1.

      • I’m surprised there’s an article talking about consent on TVD.

        I am not. Caroline fans have been in a panic over this ever since the finale.

  14. Source: http://tvline.com/2012/07/31/castle-spoilers-csi-ny-community-good-wife/

    Question: What’s this I’m hearing about a big Vampire Diaries death? Any hints about the victim?—Clay
    Stop asking yourself who dies and start asking yourself who does the killing. That’s what people will be talking about the following morning at the watercooler on line at Starbucks.

    Yeah I don´t think so … it´s pretty obvious that it is going to be Elena. And I really don´t like where this is going with April then. So the murderer of her father probably want to take care of her. This show is so basic.

    Question: I’ll take any Vampire Diaries spoiler you’ve got. I’m not picky. —Daniel
    A flashback in this season’s fourth episode unearths a “big secret that will change the course of the season for everybody,” teases EP Julie Plec.

    That´s the one were we will flashback because of Rebekah, right? I can´t wait for those ugly wigs. Probably some contrived way to have a sl for Rebekah. And in the end nothing will ever change and especially not for everybody.

    • It’s totally going to be Elena. The character dying isn’t going to be big, that’s for sure. For a split second I considered the possibility that they might kill April to give Elena enough motivation to kill someone. But it’ll most likely be pastor Young.

      There was an ugly rumor going around about “A certain blonde Mikaelson may or may not be related to Klaus,” but Rebekah being adopted or something, wouldn’t affect everyone (and it wouldn’t be original because Elena’s adopted and and Klaus was his father’s stepson). 

      Wasn’t Stefan being a Ripper supposed to affect “everyone?” Whatever.


      • There was an ugly rumor going around about “A certain blonde Mikaelson may or may not be related to Klaus,” but Rebekah being adopted or something, wouldn’t affect everyone (and it wouldn’t be original because Elena’s adopted and and Klaus was his father’s stepson).

        I saw that too and I searched for a source but found none. And it would be the next retcon to make a sl for the Originals happen. Because if she is adopted then that binding spell shouldn´t have worked on her. Because Esther used Finn´s blood to connect them all, but if Finn is not related to her it shouldn´t have worked. But she was affected by Alaric stabbing Kol just like every other Original.

  15. And here you go Julie Plec and her dark!magic arc for Bonnie:

    Source: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/07/the-vampire-diaries-season-4-will-bonnie-explore-dark-magic-further.html

    ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4: Will Bonnie explore dark magic further?

    On “The Vampire Diaries,” Bonnie (Kat Graham) has always been a woman of principle — she’s not as easily charmed by the vampires as her friends are, but she’s fiercely loyal to her friends and determined to protect the people she loves.

    In Season 3, her dedication forced her to tap into dark magic — first to help stop Klaus’s heart, and then, in a shocking finale twist, to save Klaus’s life by putting his soul into Tyler’s body.

    Over the course of the series, dark magic has had serious consequences. Her mother lost her powers entirely for 15 years after she completed the same spell Bonnie did, and there’s the constant threat of the “sisters,” or the dead witches, who have surprising influence from beyond the grave.

    We can’t reveal much about Bonnie’s storyline for Season 4, because her actions in the Oct. 11 season premiere will set in motion a new direction for the character. “What I can say is that the first episode really tees up Bonnie’s trajectory for the season; what happens in the first episode will tell us where she’s going to go,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us.

    Bonnie has never been a big fan of vampires, even though they make up a majority of her social circle. She had trouble adjusting when Caroline turned, and was devastated when her mother became a vampire. When she finds out that Elena is in transition, Bonnie — who has a renewed sense of confidence and independence after the Season 3 finale — will fight as hard as she can to keep it from happening.

    “As we know, she tapped into some really dark stuff at the end of last season to do that dessication spell, and to do the last few spells that she did,” Plec says. “And she taps even deeper into it in the first episode. As it always does, it’s going to have consequences.”

    “The Vampire Diaries” writers are looking to give Bonnie a fresh, original take on the dark magic concept, which we’ve seen in a lot of witch-centric television storylines, from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” to “The Secret Circle.”

    Do you want to see Bonnie give in to the temptation of dark magic for the sake of her friends? Weigh in below in the comments section.

    • If they’re looking to give Bonnie a fresh take on it, then they can’t have her be addicted to it. That’s great, because it means all I have to worry about is them making it look like she needs to be saved.

      And dark magic has not had some “serious consequences over the course of the series.” They literally pulled it out of their ass in the last 2 episodes. Literally the last 2 episodes. We haven’t met any other witch who practiced dark magic. We can guess who did, but it wouldn’t be canon.

      I also have to say that I love how clear it is what Bonnie’s opinions are, and they’re not always popular or liked opinions: she’s not open to vamps because they tend to be terrible people with thoughts about her.


  16. Oh btw. there is another spoiler in regards to Elena … and I first saw it on fanforum after someone quoted it:

    Now that Elena is going to be a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, who (or what) will she feed on first? — Amy
    Elena will of course struggle with this decision. “How she gets blood is going to be one of the big problems,” showrunner Julie Plec tells us. But once she does, in the umpteenth Damon-vs.-Stefan choice that Elena has had to make, she will then choose the perfectly formed wrists of Ian Somerhalder to make her meal. Suffice it to say, Stefan will be mighty pissed by that turn of events.

    And that totally didn´t make any sense because in canon you have to feed on human to complete the transition, right? And I thought that would probably be a new contrived way for more epic Delena scenes or something.

    But then when I checked the link and the article said:

    Now that Elena is going to be a vampire on The Vampire Diaries, who (or what) will she feed on first? — Amy
    Elena will of course struggle with this decision. “How she gets blood is going to be one of the big problems,” showrunner Julie Plec tells us.

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Castle-Greys-NCIS-Spoilers-1051139.aspx

    But the first quote was in the original article because someone in the comments mentions that it doesn´t make sense.

    Do you think it was just a mistake by the author (which would be a weird mistake) or do you think somebody from the production saw that and then pressured the author of the article to change it?

    And btw why should it be such a big problem “how” to get blood … there are probably at least two man in the house (Matt and Jeremy) who would give her some and then the Sals are vampires and have blood bags.

    • Lmao I just remembered that in the books the first one Elena drank blood from was Stefan. It wasn´t anything romantic because Elena attacked him after Stefan and Damon fought and she wanted to protect Damon (she had more of his blood in her body when she died and that´s why was some kind of sired to him) but nevertheless she drank from him.

      I know it´s not the same but if they are really going to use this in some kind of way to bond Damon and Elena even more then this is the second time they use book stuff from a different pairing and give it to Delena (after the whole Bonnie/Damon first meeting stuff).

    • My only guess is that they’re talking about how she’ll continuously feed after she makes the initial transition. If that’s what they’re talking about, then you’re right that vampires have always fed from humans. We don’t know if they can feed from other vamps because this is not a show where the person in charge wants to build a world with rules and such. If they introduce the idea that a vamp can feed from another vamp, it figures they’d do it when it can benefit a ship.

      Production could’ve pressured her to change it. My first guess is that the rest is fake, because why would it say “Ian Somerhalder” instead of “Damon?” But then I realized it’s a direct quote from JP, and we have a strong hint for how she feels about Ian.


  17. Felicia: Needs me some Vampire Diaries information!
    It’s flashback time, y’all! Episode four will feature the first flashback of season four and we’re going waaay back…to the 1100s! We’ll meet a vampire hunter named Alexander who was rugged, handsome and charismatic…as vampire hunters tend to be. (Miss you, Alaric!)

    Source: http://de.eonline.com/news/334775/spoiler-chat-scoop-on-glee-revenge-vampire-diaries-and-more

    So let me guess … this guy was probably in some kind of way involved with Rebekah and Klaus (probably the great love of Rebekah or something – before Stefan came into her life *insert conflicted feelings and betrayal*) and Connor is related to him because if your ancestor from 1100 is a vampire hunter then you will become a vampire hunter aswell. At least if we go after the shows logic.
    Yeah and scratch that Alaric comment, I don´t miss him at all.

    • I don’t miss him either. Alaric didn’t look rugged, he looked rough. He was not charismatic. Handsome is debatable (though not for me).

      I wonder if they will make Alexander related to Connor. If he’s related, then he and Rebekah probably didn’t go out. They’ve yet to put one of their White girls in an interracial relationship on this show.


    • Maybe they will introduce some kind of organization of vampire hunters that started in the 1100s with Alexander, the first professional vampire hunter ever? And Connor, the only other member of this organization that we’ll ever see, has a MacGuffin from the 1100s that both Klaus and the other chars are after.

  18. And more news about that flashback episode:

    Would very much love some VAMPIRE DIARIES spoilers to sink my teeth into. — Madison
    The TV Addict:
    Now that Elena has been turned, VAMPIRE DIARIES fans best be bracing themselves for the stakes to be raised. Literally. Case in point, the show’s fourth episode of the season actually features two vampires getting burned at the stake. And while we don’t have word as to the identity of the unlucky duo, we can reveal that the event takes place in the Mystic Falls town square circa 1114 A.D and that it’s gonna be one hell of an episode.

    Source: http://www.thetvaddict.com/2012/08/02/ask-the-addict-spoilers-for-the-vampire-diaries-dexter-hart-of-dixie-scandal-revenge-more/#more-35611

    Now they are burning vamps on a stake? Those probably will be some no name vamps which were turned by Rebekah or one of the other Originals. And of course it has to happen in MF.

      • But would the writers burn the powerful and almighty Originals on a stake?
        That could be something to show how pretty hardcore those human(?) hunters really are and that the gang is supposed to be afraid of them when they even can get an Original. Especially if Connor is in some kind of way connected to Alexander.

    • This is bs. This upsets me. They’re going to keep exploring the whole Mikaelsons founded Mystic Falls shit in place of exploring the Black witches founding the town. I hate this show. They’re doing this to give Rebekah story and a background and roots in the town, but they couldn’t do this for Bonnie in three seasons since it was revealed that Emily played a big part in putting the vamps in the tomb. And what makes it worse is that the majority of TVD watchers will be okay with this, because it’s only natural to tell a White person’s story. Put a White face on it and everyone’s placated.

      I hate this show.

      And vampires being burned at the stake? Really?

      As soon as this episode airs, I’m going to tweet JP and ask if it’s still the case that the Bennetts founded Mystic Falls.

      • I hate this stuff so much. And they only do it to connect those Originals even more to the sl because they don´t know what they can do with them character-wise.

        And who are even those people who live there? I thought they ran away after Mikael went havoc. I haven´t rewatched “Ordinary People” but I thought that´s what he did after Esther died.
        And when they made that funeral for Esther it looked like they were the only ones in that town.

        • They’re not willing to give the Originals their own experiences. They can’t waste mental energy on that. Everything has to trickle down to Elena and the Salvatores and current day Mystic Falls.

          It did look like they were the only people in town, so idgi. That village should’ve been empty post Mikaelsons until the Black witches Founded it and called it Mystic Falls. I don’t know why Elijah and Finn were talking about “Here’s where we did this, and here’s where we did this.” They lived in a village, not a town. It’s unrealistic that the place they lived would be the same size as present day Mystic Falls. Geez.

  19. Sorry for going off-topic but I just saw that:

    In the span of one week I learned that an Olympic Gold Medalist and an American Idol love TVD. That rocks. @gabrielledoug @kelly_clarkson

    She must think she is doing something really good.

  20. The tumblr Kathrin linked to also had this twitter convo screencapped,


    Bonnie lost Jeremy “because there were consequences” LOL. This woman talks so much about consequences for Bonnie. Where are the consequences for Damon, Stefan and Elena? They do the most damage. Plus, since they are the leads, consequences for them would be more interesting to watch. Damn, Bonnie even gets the consequences for their actions. Bonnie’s mother was killed because of a decision Elena made.

      • I guess Elena suffered some consequences because she did turn into a vampire. However, Damon continues to suffer zero consequences for being a serial rapist and murderer. Stefan went on a murder spree and suffered zero consequences as well.

      • You know my opinion on that. Bonnie should have been a lead from day one. It is not just because I am a Bonnie stan. It is because she is kinda essential to the show. The only two people who are totally essential for the show to happen are Elena and Bonnie imo.

          • The Salvatores aren’t necessary. Unless we’re talking about Elena’s love life. They’re not instrumental to any plot, nor are they instrumental in the solving of a plot. Elena could protect herself if she worked with Bonnie and the people she grew up with.

            • ikr! The plot revolves around all the drama that surrounds the doppelgangers and the magic that is involved in said drama. This is another reason why I feel like the structure of the show is wonky. There should be so much more focus on Elena, Elena’s relationships and the Elena/Bonnie friendship. The Salvatores are just Elena’s love interests. Most of the conflict in the show is about Elena. This isn’t SPN or some buddy cop show. I don’t know why I am supposed to care THIS MUCH about the Salvatore brothers’ relationship

        • I feel like Elena, Bonnie and Caroline should be leads/in every episode and the Salvatores should just be like the other regs who miss episodes.
          You guys, what would be an episode without Damon even be like? I think it would do the show a lot of good because his POV is so dominant.
          Wrt Stefan, I guess it wouldn’t even make much of a difference. As it is, he is in every ep but it mostly feels like he isn’t there at all.

          • You guys, what would be an episode without Damon even be like?

            A relief for me at least.
            But then we would probably have Klaus in it who would take Damons place and he would get all those ~funny one-liners.

          • Wrt Stefan, I guess it wouldn’t even make much of a difference. As it is, he is in every ep but it mostly feels like he isn’t there at all.

            So sad.

            If Damon wasn’t in an episode, we might see the other kids hang out (with or without Elena). Damon takes up a lot of screen time.

  21. JP spoke again: http://tvline.com/2012/08/03/vampire-diaries-season-4-love-triangle-scoop-plec/

    It’s about triangles and she actually mentions Bonnie.

    There’s the main Tri stuff that nobody cares about: “All these things that she’s experienced with Damon and with Stefan will have different context for her as she’s becoming this new person,” previews Plec. “This circumstance, which is pretty horrific, is going to make them all care about each other even more deeply and argue even more intensely and fracture even more greatly and love as deeply as possible.”

    There’s the Klaus/Caroline/Tyler crap. Look at how she talks about whether or not Hayley will be a threat to the ship: Meanwhile, a fresh face who has “a history” with Tyler will arrive. “We’ll start to understand that this is a friend of his, who’s been very important to him in the past,” teases Plec. So should Caroline and Tyler fans be worried? “Any time a hot, new girl comes to town, somebody’s got to be worried about something. But Tyler and Caroline have a really solid bond, a really solid relationship. So it takes somebody really special to get in the way of that.”

    They have a solid bond and a solid relationship. I can’t stand her.

    Could Grace Phipps’ Mystic Falls returnee, April, who shares a history with Jeremy and Elena, provide something more than friendship for the younger Gilbert? “We didn’t bring her in to be a love interest for anybody,” says Plec. “But we’re certainly open to seeing where the chemistry flies.” Meanwhile, Jer and his ex Bonnie “are very bonded to each other. In spite of having found a piece of closure in their relationship, they will continue to be drawn to each other emotionally. Whether it’s romantically or not, I can’t really say.”

    When did Bonnie and Jeremy find closure? I’m here for them being drawn to each other emotionally. Maybe Steven McQueen is wearing her down. I know I’m reaching though. She can’t say because she doesn’t know. And is in no hurry to find out.

    • very important to him in the past

      So are they even aware of their timeline? What is the “past” for them. This girl can´t be from their childhood because the gang grew up together (and that´s already April here for). She is either from his trip to the mountains or while he went with Jules and that´s not in the “past” that´s either perhaps four weeks ago or maybe five months but that´s not that far in his past. At least imo. That´s pretty much present.
      And I have a feeling that Haylay and Klaus will work together to break them up. Maybe he compels her to help him or she will find a complicit in him. This show is that basic. And

      So it takes somebody really special to get in the way of that.

      That´s probably the case for Haylay.

      They have a solid bond and a solid relationship. I can’t stand her.

      Of course they have. Tyler´s whole life at the moment only revolves around Caroline and Caroline has turned down the Alpha Klaus (imo he is a pathetic version of an Omega) even after he drew for her and gave her expensive presents. That´s epic love for you.

      When did Bonnie and Jeremy find closure?.

      Must have been in one of the deleted scenes where this happened.
      I don´t know but I have a feeling that she only brought Bonnie into this because the whole article was about love triangles and the only other living female person on this show connected to Jeremy is Bonnie. But that´s probably because I´m that pessimistic.
      Btw I know that Steven is pretty vocal when it comes to Bonnie/Jeremy but has Kat spoken about them after what happened in season 3?

      • It’s Tyler’s present, so no, they are not aware of their timeline. Tyler’s past as a werewolf is not that long. His past as a werewolf involves Caroline. Anything after that is the present.

        I thought she meant Klaus, tbh, not Hayley.


        You’re probably right though. And no, Kat hasn’t, and I’m glad she hasn’t. It was her character that was thrown under the bus for Jeremy’s white penis.

  22. You know, I was thinking today (and I saw that you guys mentioned it) why is there almost always some kind of consequence for Bonnie’s actions? Why is it that in this ‘nothing carries any weight’ universe Bonnie has to pay for the choices she makes while every one else gets a free pass? Except for Caroline, who doesn’t really DO anything, but she’s a fun torture device. Is this how the TOD face the consequences for their actions? Through the torture of Caroline? Why does Bonnie get punished? They haven’t really built up a world around witchcraft in-verse for me to buy this. (Looking at Greta and Maddox and Gloria and Lucy who were all doing ‘questionable’ things during their brief (very brief) appearance.)
    And I’m also thinking that one of the easiest ways to give Bonnie an interesting, character developing SL would be to have her fall for a vampire (my REAL preference would be for her to tell the TOD to fuck off, act right or die, but that’s never gonna happen. Can’t have the character not be a servant…er best friend -.-) So much could be done with that! (Since they insist on not developing the character I really don’t know if she still hates vampires with a burning passion, I’m only assuming she does) but the conflict and internal struggle and seduction would be amazing to watch!
    I’m sad 😦
    And Jeremy better NOT get a new love interest or I’ll burn Mystic Falls to the ground! (I’m still holding out for groveling/contrite Jeremy and HOT Beremy sex)

    • They haven’t really built up a world around witchcraft in-verse for me to buy this. (Looking at Greta and Maddox and Gloria and Lucy who were all doing ‘questionable’ things during their brief (very brief) appearance.)

      I know! Why the heck is Bonnie’s case different?

      Bonnie doesn’t hate vampires. Bill Forbes hated vampires. I don’t know how people can look at Bonnie and Bill Forbes and say they’re the same. They won’t stop saying Bonnie hates vampires until she becomes like Caroline and stops having an opinion on them or she becomes like Elena and actively embraces the rank crap they do.

      If you want a Beremy (and Bonnie) fix, you should check out my newest fic! http://archiveofourown.org/works/472668/chapters/817948

      • I am fangirling so hard right now! I can’t believe that you are Charrrmed!!! I’ve read all your stories! I’ve stalked your fanfiction page!! Omg!! Do you know how much I love you?? I cried so much reading your Bonnie/Caroline fic my husband got worried (‘husband’ makes me feel so OLD. I’m still in my early 20’s -.-). It was the most perfect scene and almost how I had imagined it. And the conversation!! Oh GOD! I loved every bit of it. Every minute of it. I’ve read it at least 5 times. And the sequel too. I just can’t explain how it made me feel, especially after realizing that I would never get that scene of TVD.
        I’ve read ALL your stories and I’m feeling really dumb because you mentioned the Klaus/witches story in one of your other posts and I kept thinking ‘I’ve read that, but where?’ And now its all clicking and I’m facepalming hard lol. Still can’t believe its you!! 😀
        Could you please hurry with the sequel to this fic? I keep checking your page to see if it has been posted up yet lol especially since you uploaded this fic so fast. I was like dang!

        • Aaaaaah! Hi! Lol. I’m so flattered.

          Are you talking about It Was You? I re-read part of it last week when I posted it on AO3, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

          Slow down on the checking! Lol. I haven’t even started the sequel yet. I was working on the Jeremy pov fic, and I got side-tracked 3 days ago by an idea for a Beremy fic that takes place at the witch house in 2.19. So that’s the one I’ll be posting next, because I’m almost done with it.

          Lol. That fic was uploaded so fast because I made sure I finished it before posting, instead of posting as I wrote. It took me about three months to write it, I think. I started it the day after 3.20 aired.

  23. Exclusive: ‘Vampire Diaries’ Producer Julie Plec Talks Vamp Elena, New Vamp Hunter…

    Fanhattan: What should we get excited about for this season?

    Julie Plec: We’ve got our heroine, Elena, who last we saw was waking up with vampire blood in her system so she has a choice to make of whether to be a vampire or whether to die. Since she’s the hero I think we can all guess where that goes and it gives us the opportunity to kind of go back to the beginning of the series and tell the same kinds of stories only with a different context. Instead of a young girl learning the secret of vampires in Mystic Falls, she now is a vampire in Mystic Falls and she’s got to keep her own secret. She’s got to learn how to live and how to feed and what to do. All of her emotions will be so heightened and she herself will become a little crazy so we’re going to watch her go through a pretty startling and traumatic journey, which is not going to be helped when a new vampire hunter comes to town in the second episode.

    Fanhattan: Does that also shift the love triangle, to make her closer to Damon than Stefan?

    Julie Plec: In a weird way it resets the love triangle. She made a decision about who she was supposed to be with and who she wanted and who she loved as a human, and now she’s not human anymore. So by no means is it going to change her mind overnight, but it’s definitely going to add some complications into both sides of that triangle. Does she want to be the kind of vampire that Damon is? Is she drawn to that or does she now more than ever want to stay as far away from it as possible? Can she still be as close to Stefan knowing that he loved her as a pure innocent human? Does she have insecurity about what that means for their relationship? And can he hang with her as she’s feeding on blood when he himself has issues with that.

    Fanhattan: Right, how does Stefan feel about it?

    Julie Plec: Well, Stefan is devastated. Stefan is devastated. He knows that she never wanted this. He would do anything he could to make sure she didn’t have to go through it but it’s kind of inevitable that she has to. So now he’s got to be her champion and her partner and her true love, and yet also adjust to he having to be a vampire when he himself is not very good at being one.

    Fanhattan: Is the new vampire hunter a character from the books?

    Julie Plec: No, no, it’s a fresh character.

    Fanhattan: How do you create a vampire hunter that’s different from Alaric?

    Julie Plec: Alaric came in hunting vampires because he had an axe to grind. He had vengeance on the brain but he himself was not a living breathing from the guy vampire hunter. The Gilbert family, Elena and Jeremy’s family, has a long history of hunting vampires but in that same way that is something they feel like is their family duty. This is the first time that we’ll see a vampire hunter who is made, created, born, lives and breathes to kill vampires. It drives him. He doesn’t care who gets caught in the crossfire and that is his purpose in life, so he is going to be a much more difficult and formidable opponent than what our heroes are used to from a typical humor.

    Fanhattan: What’s coming up for Jeremy and Caroline?

    Julie Plec: Well, Jeremy is now the man of the house which is going to be an interesting role for him to try to step into, because Elena as his big sister is still going to try to be bossing him around. But he himself comes from a long line of people who have hunted vampires and now he is living under the same roof as the brother to one. So he’s going to have some interesting exploring to do. Caroline of course is the object of affection of the original vampire Klaus who is nasty and dark and evil but who secretly loves her. So not only is she going to have to deal with his evil master plans but also his diabolical desire to break her up with Tyler. So she is going to have to deal with trying to keep him at bay while she tries to be a good girlfriend and remain in a committed relationship with Tyler.

    Fanhattan: Are you torn between loving these characters and wanting good things for them, but knowing that great drama means messing them up?

    Julie Plec: Yeah, I always say that there’s no conflict in happiness, yet I watch Grey’s Anatomy and Meredith and Derrick have been happy for seven years and I enjoy them happy and the one year they weren’t happy, I stopped watching. So I do think that there’s a potential for people to be happily in love. I just think that we’re not there yet. Honestly, I think that as much as anybody thinks they want something to go their way, after about five episodes, they might say, “Oh, what’s next.” So we’re always trying to keep it fresh and keep it interesting and switch things up as much as possible.

    Fanhattan: How involved is Kevin Williamson while he’s working on The Following?

    Julie Plec: Well, Kevin is launching The Following so he’s my soul mate in life and my life work partner and my work husband, and he’s on the other end of the phone for me 50 times a day but his focus right now is getting The Following up and running.

    Fanhattan: Do you feel like you’ve paved the way for The CW to do shows like Beauty and the Beast?

    Julie Plec: Well, I think what we’ve done is shown that you can have a commercial success with a genre show that is rooted both in scares and tension but also love, so we’ll see if that’s true, if the audience says, “Yeah, we want more of that.”

    Source: http://blog.fanhattan.com/2012/07/30/exclusive-vampire-diaries-producer-julie-plec-talks-vamp-elena-new-vamp-hunter/

    I hate what she is talking about when it comes to Carolines sl. It´s such a mess.
    And I think Alexander is definitely an ancestor of the Gilberts especially with her mentioning the stuff about this long line of vampire hunter. JP is subtle like that.

    • And also:

      Klaus who is nasty and dark and evil but who secretly loves her.

      Oh now he loves her already??? This show, this show is ridiculous. I can´t.


      Fanhattan: Is the new vampire hunter a character from the books?

      Julie Plec: No, no, it’s a fresh character.

      Must be one of her new favourite words with epic and hardcore.

      • Gurl, you thought he only liked her? The way he was acting, I knew it was love. The part that made me roll my eyes was “secretly.” As we saw in 3.18, Klaus’ feelings are not a secret from anyone.


    • Well I’m glad she said Alaric wasn’t a real vampire hunter.

      God, Caroline’s story is going to be so sad. It sounds like she summarizing a fanfic.

      So we’re always trying to keep it fresh and keep it interesting and switch things up as much as possible.

      No they’re not. Look at the main triangle. In their obsession to keep things fresh, they’re ignoring the characters’ emotional journeys.

      Lmao. You’re right, he’s going to be a Gilbert. Which means we’re going to learn that the Gilberts were socializing with the Originals. And we’ll get more on that than we got about Ayanna. Absolutely awesome.

      TVD isn’t paving the way for anything. If they’re paving the way, then what the hell did BTVS and ATS do?

    • Instead of a young girl learning the secret of vampires in Mystic Falls, she now is a vampire in Mystic Falls and she’s got to keep her own secret.

      She does remember that half of the main cast are vampires? I don’t see how that’s going to work when we’ve also got Caroline, Tyler, The Salvatores and Rebekah (and Klaus but ehh). They are going to make her a special vampire, aren’t they?

      while she tries to be a good girlfriend

      *eye twitch*

      And I think Alexander is definitely an ancestor of the Gilberts especially with her mentioning the stuff about this long line of vampire hunter. JP is subtle like that.

      Lol, I think you’re right!

  24. “The Vampire Diaries”: Episode 4 will flash back to the 1100s, where we’ll meet Alexander — a vampire hunter with a very, very mean streak. Unfortunately, when he meets Rebekah, he’s unaware that she is one of the very creatures he’s hunting… and, naturally, he’s quite taken with her.

    Source: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/08/10-spoilers-the-vampire-diaries-and-suits-flash-back-while-new-girls-nick-sees-his-future.html

    Lmao I knew it. Some romantic involvement between Alexander and Rebekah. Those vampire hunters are all such a fail. Not even realizing that she is a vampire.

    • Well gee, where have I seen this before? Original Jonathan Gilbert and Pearl?

      JP is already starting with giving her new fave toy love interests, letting us know that she’s someone who is desired. Okay.

      • Oh I forgot about Pearl and John … was he in love with her too or was it only Pearl who was in love with him?
        I also remember that comment of Bonnie in 2×21. Something about Emily having a thing for John aswell. That really bothered me tbh.

        She loves to do that. I´m asking myself who wrote that episode.
        Ep 1 is Dries, Ep. 2 – Molina/Plece, Ep. 3 – Young … who do you think is going to write Ep. 4? Sonnenshine or Narducci or the woman who wrote “1912” because I don´t know if Narducci or Sonnenshine like to write flashbacks?
        Evan Bleiweiss is writing ep. 6 at the moment.

        • He was in love with her too.

          That bothered me too. They made it seem like Emily didn’t have more reason to distrust John than she did to like him. Because society was so welcoming to Black women and White men at that time.

          They’re already writing ep 6? Geez. The duo who wrote 3.21 could be writing ep 4. Or Finch, the one who wrote 1912.

  25. More Klaus/Caroline/Tyler stuff here: http://www.wetpaint.com/the-vampire-diaries/articles/vampire-diaries-ep-julie-plec-says-klaus-has-naughty-high-jinks-in-season-4-exclusive

    This woman:
    So Klaus is definitely taking advantage of the fact that he is in Tyler’s body?
    I don’t think he necessarily means to take advantage of that, but there is a moment in which — there is a shirt that comes off under false pretenses. So we’ll just leave it at that.

    What should we know about the Tyler, Caroline, and Klaus triangle?
    I think the important thing to know is that Caroline loves Tyler deeply. Caroline, especially after the first episode, will continue to loathe Klaus in spite of her strange fascination with him that sneaks in every now and then. Klaus is not giving up on Caroline, but he’s by no means going to be a sick puppy dog. In fact, I think, he’s going to get some perverse pleasure out of seeking alternate means to drive a wedge between Caroline and Tyler over the course of the season. So it’s a slow play. He’s a long-term thinker, Klaus.

    This stuff is so not interestin and whenever was Klaus a long-term thinker? For sure not when it came to his hybrids.

    • :
      So Klaus is definitely taking advantage of the fact that he is in Tyler’s body?
      I don’t think he necessarily means to take advantage of that, but there is a moment in which — there is a shirt that comes off under false pretenses. So we’ll just leave it at that.

      I´m confused about that … does this mean Klaus!Tyler is taking of his shirt or Caroline is taking of her shirt and Klaus!Tyler takes advantage of it?
      It sounds gross and of course in the end Caro will still be fascinated with Klaus or whatever he can offer.

      • I think it means Caroline will be ready to have sex with Tyler and the farthest she’ll get is taking his clothes off.

        And you’re right, it’s ridiculous that Caroline will still be fascinated by Klaus after this. Lord. If Bonnie was being written this way, I’d be pissed.

    • JP is trying to hard right now she needs to stop. She is fully aware that Gabby is/will be one of the bigger stars after the Olympics and receive a lot of attention, she’s trying to get some of that attention thrown her way or the shows way.

      • Lol This is exactly what I thought. Just using the buzz around Gabby Douglas at the moment to drum up some hype for her own show and trying to pass it off as something else. How tacky. *eyeroll* I don’t see why they couldn’t keep the congratz to tweets like everyone else. JP is trying to do way too hard with this show.

  26. Phoebe Tonkin’s about to play Hayley: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Vampire-Diaries-Michael-Trevino-1051729.aspx

    Damn it! I’d get comfortable in the fact that she’s going to be part of Tyler’s story, and Tyler’s story is non-existent, but it’s Phoebe and she’s KW’s darling and Claire’s best friend, so I’m sure JP will give her lots of opportunities to show her “acting chops” by giving her lots of scenes and lots of people’s stories. Ugh. I’m not here for this. Nepotism benefiting White people.

    • So does that make Tyler/Hayley sex more likely? Or perhaps Klaus/Hayley (both don’t get the person they really want) or Damon/Hayley (just because), if they don’t want to ~stain Forwood?

        • Lol. But I’m also sure that they’ll want to give Hayley a sex scene.

          Btw, do you think that they created this character specifically for Phoebe?

          • I don’t think they’d go through all of that trouble and give her to Tyler. Maybe if Hayley was coming in for Damon or Klaus.

            They have developed the habit of letting their White female guest stars have a sex scene (or the suggestion of a sex scene in Sage’s case).

    • This is the most unprofessional crap I ever seen. No wonder this show is slowly tanking. They fall in love with actors and try and toss them into the show, it’ll be a miracle if this Hayley character doesn’t become a regular because JP and Co. just love the actress so much. She was on TSC and she’s good friends with Claire, so you just know that plays a part in her getting the role. And then JP will fall in love with her character and decide there’s *more* story there to tell, like she did with JoMo and thus why we’re stuck with Klaus. So lame. I can’t wait to see the ratings next season. Is it evil of me to wish that they drop significantly?

      And you have characters like Bonnie who keep getting shafted every season..

      • I can not express how unfilled I am with this show anymore. I am hoping for some good pilot to sink my teeth on this fall cause TVD is no longer entertainment. Last season, I felt it was personal in the manner they utilize Bonnie. The treatment of this character has become soooo transparent I just can’t anymore. Bonnie has so much possibilities, but they refuse to highlight her capabilities and her right to even have scenes with her very own parent which was given to Caroline. How many times do we have to know the crew can care less but to sacrifice her to save Elena? The list is so long and I just want to know how they can get away with this?

        • @Jazz

          This. Seriously. I feel like it is personal what they do with Bonnie. It feels personal because at times I feel even non-factors like Matt get better treatment than Bonnie.. Does JP and Co. not like KG or something? This is just a random stab in the dark here. IDK what else to think, or why else they’d write a character like that. While the other characters get to have a voice. Is it a race thing? I’m confused. I think everyone in the fandom whether they like Bonnie or not can agree that she’s written
          consistently terrible. Her stories are never told to their full potential or even half their potential. It seems like when the writers write something for Bonnie they’re just doing it out of some form of obligation or because Bonnie fans are “pestering” them and they just want to shut us up for a moment. None of it seems sincere or genuine attempts to give the character something special. The Abby story-line was done to the most minimal extent. Abby and Bonnie didn’t have a tenth of the conversations that I thought was appropriate for them to have, considering their situation. It seems like Abby was mostly brought in to serve the vampires right along side Bonnie… Nothing actually came of her presence.

          And I have no doubt it’ll be the same deal with her dad if he appears next season. Just like you said, how do they get away with this? I feel like they’re getting away with something so awful and yet no one important points it out.Bonnie is treated completely differently than not only any character but any girl on the show. She’s written like a walking talking plot device most times. There to conjure up some spells when needed and given minimal opportunities to express anything that isn’t about magic or spells. JP is raving about giving Elena her first vamp sex scene, but Bonnie has been on the show for 3 seasons has had relationships, but apparently isn’t allowed to be sexy? Bonnie’s a teenager just like all the other girls who are having sex left and right, was in a relationship with Jeremy for almost an entire season and who had plenty sex in his previous relationships but as soon as he gets with Bonnie. Nothing. They don’t even utter the word sex. Just exactly how are they trying to portray Bonnie Bennett?

          I was one of those people who used to be reluctant about questioning the characters or ideologies of these people, but now I feel like I’ve earned it and then some.

          • It seems like when the writers write something for Bonnie they’re just doing it out of some form of obligation or because Bonnie fans are “pestering” them and they just want to shut us up for a moment.

            AKA episodes 21 and 22. Esther’s line about “the girl who fought Klaus so bravely” felt like it was speaking to Bonnie fans too, because Esther sure as hell didn’t respect Bonnie.

            And yeah, Matt got a hell of a lot of screen time in the second half of the season, and for what? And let’s not even bring up Alaric who got a story that all of the writers were behind.

            Bonnie’s not allowed to have sex or want sex or be wanted or be attractive or slip up and get back with her ex (like Caroline and Elena and Rebekah who straight up said she wanted Stefan back). I’m not saying I want Bonnie to want Jeremy back. I don’t. I want him to want her back first. But the situation is so bad that they can’t even talk about the fact that they used to date.

            Matt has now had four girls who wanted him, four! Two of which were a century plus old! Caroline, Katherine, Aimee Bradley, and Rebekah. And he has a prior relationship with Rebekah.

            Tyler had Vicky, those girls who were hanging all over him in the first episode, and Caroline. He made out with Matt’s mom.

            Bonnie’s had two people, one of whom ended up throwing her in the garbage (Jeremy), and one who died too quickly. So keeping with canon, that puts the total to 1: Carter, the dude Caroline killed. Because I’m still not sure wtf season 2 was for Jeremy when compared to season 3.

            Jaime is a non-motherfucking factor. It’s an insult to count him. It made less sense than Rebekah suddenly liking Matt.

      • That’s the only reason Phoebe got the part: KW loves her and she’s friends with Claire. I bet she didn’t audition, and if she did it was just a sham so that could say in good conscience that she auditioned.

        I can’t wait to see the ratings next season. Is it evil of me to wish that they drop significantly?


  27. There is a new article for our characters but nothing really new. That sl with Matt feeling not worthy enough is really going to happen. And look at her answers for Jeremy and Meredith. Alexander is definitely a Gilbert ancestor (she mentions the Gilbert legacy twice) and what is a Meredith, JP doesn´t even answer the question which is asked. The interviewer asked about the choice to give Elena the blood but JP answers with stuff about joining the group and becoming Damons drink buddy.

    Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/the-vampire-diaries/articles/vampire-diaries-julie-plec-spills-season-4-details-the-new-evil-bad-bonnie-and-katherine-vs-elena-exclusive?utm_campaign=vrl&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=CRM-Jul08TVD016-PM

    • The mystery is who is this evil because clearly it’s something or somebody, and we don’t know who it is.

      Clearly, JP. Clearly.

      I continue to hate her plans for Matt.

      Did she really say “For reals?” Oh my God.

      and yet Elena as the fiercest protector of them all


      Meredith’s not going to struggle with her decisions and no one’s going to call her out on it, going by her answer.

  28. Nothing really spoilery but I found a vid of the shoot for the underwater scenes with Elena and Matt:

    I think Emily mentioned it somewhere that they changed the underwater scenes while shooting. Don´t know if an actor or actress mentioned it at a convention or where it came from. But if we look at this video we see that Zach is fighting to get the door open aswell but in the episode he was unconscious. Perhaps that´s something they changed.

    • Thanks for bringing this. Zach seems to be wearing a wet suit, are you sure that wasn’t just rehearsal.

      If they’d kept the idea of Matt staying conscious long enough to fight, we wouldn’t be cursed with Matt’s upcoming story.

      • Zach seems to be wearing a wet suit, are you sure that wasn’t just rehearsal.

        You´re right about that … didn´t even notice on the first watch only saw that he was conscious aswell and not like in the episode. Probably just rehearsal.

  29. To Julisa and all,

    I don’t think we should watch this show anymore, unless there are significant clues the writers will finally give Bonnie’s some overdue time to shine. It’s just too blatant now and I can’t figure why JP and company are doing this. I too wonder if it is a race issue. Nevertheless I just can’t subject myself to this type of treatment anymore and hate to see other viewers get let down. This is Season 4 and nothing JP has stated indicates any changes. If anything things will only stay the same or get worse. My goodness no closure even with Jeremy. Well she said it happen, but I never saw it. KG is beautiful woman and I feel their only mission is to make fandom hate Bonnie, misunderstand her motive, have core characters tear her apart with no relief in sight or redemption. They are purposely writing her this way because they do not want her to shine, while we continue to fight for her. We want to be represented since we love the character, but do not agree. I can no longer support a show that abuse a character so harshly when i care so much for her. It’s like watching a pack of wolf devouring her and there is nothing I can do to help her.

    • Oh I certainly have no plans of watching next season. At least not live anyway. I’m so fed up with this show and it’s horrific treatment of Bonnie but mostly because IMO the plot is a joke and most of the character arcs make absolutely no sense.

      If it seems like things change for the better then I might consider watching it again because TVD S1 was my favorite show, but if there’s no change I’ll just have to resign to the fact that this show is completely crap now.

      • You are so right about the other stories not making any sense. The constant pandering to certain characters is killing the show.

        • Oh yeah definitely. It’s so obvious by the writing who the writers prefer. Characters like Caroline and Rebekah get all this unnecessary screen time when other characters continue to get shafted. I’ll still can’t believe how they shoved Caroline in Bonnie’s story-line and had the nerve to give her all of the dialogue that should have went to Bonnie. It’s like with those characters the writers would rather shove them in story-lines that they don’t even belong in rather than give Bonnie the focus she deserves. I’m sick of it.

          • rather than give Bonnie the focus she deserves.

            Or give Caroline her own damn story. One that doesn’t have to do with which dude she prefers. They had a chance to do that with her dad, but they threw it in the garbage and then shoved her in Bonnie’s story. I remember the spoilers before season 3 that said Liz was going to have to figure out how to raise a vampire daughter (do you set curfews?). That could’ve been a good story for Caroline. It didn’t happen.

  30. I found a facebook site of a casting agency (http://www.facebook.com/CherrixCastingATL) which works for TVD and there will be a Halloween Party in episode 4 (at least I assume that it will be episode 4 because they seem to be finishing ep 3 this week) and with them mentioning a Halloween Party I thought about the timeline again.

    We know that between the Pilot and Smells like Teen Spirit one year took place (1×01-3×06) and so we know that between 1×07 (in which the 1st Halloween Party took place) and 4×04 is one year aswell and I remember you talking about JP slowing the timeline down so much and that´s the proof. They want to tell us that between 1×01 – 1×07 the same amount of time took place as between 3×07 – 4×04.
    That´s 6 episodes compared to 19 episodes if I got the maths right.

    Don´t mind me just wanted to share that information lol.

    Btw I think Rebecca Sonnenshine wrote episode 4 because she tweeted about flying to ATL.

      • Lol thank you Susan.
        While re-reading my post I already saw myself twirling my non-existent mustache like the detectives always do (when they have one).

    • 1×01 – 1×07 the same amount of time took place as between 3×07 – 4×04.

      Holy Crap! Why? I wonder why they think this is a good idea. I am legit curious

      • JP probably cried because she was so proud of that idea. To be honest I don´t know.

        I also thought about Caroline´s birthday and with it being after they started Senior Year Caroline had to be 16 when the show started. And I still want to know which one of the girls is the youngest.
        And I think we missed Stefan´s birthday this time which is unbelievable with Klaus in town. His obsession for birthdays and for Stefan should have brought us another big party.

        • Wait, why would she be 16? Wouldn’t she be 17? Season 3 didn’t have a Halloween episode. Although I feel like Ghost World was supposed to commemorate Halloween.

          And I think we missed Stefan´s birthday this time which is unbelievable with Klaus in town. His obsession for birthdays and for Stefan should have brought us another big party.


          • She turned 18 this year and that was shortly after the school year started this season. So Caroline should have turned 17 in early season 1. Because there a new school year started aswell. And if we go after the timeline it had to be between the Pilot and Haunted. Because now with us knowing there will be a Halloween Party in season 4 her birthday takes place between the start of the school year and Halloween. Lol I hope I make sense.

            Although I feel like Ghost World was supposed to commemorate Halloween.

            Me too. Didn´t it also air in the week of Halloween?

            • I’m still confused, lol. Because there was no indication that she was anything other than 17 in season 1, right?

              Doesn’t Caroline’s birthday taking place between the start of the school year and Halloween screw up the timeline for Stefan’s birthday? Or am I wrong? Because 162 Candles is like Episode 8, isn’t it? I always got the impression that Stefan’s birthday is in the Winter or Spring.

              Yeah, it did air the week of Halloween. I remember the articles about it.

              • Nope there wasn´t any indication to that. But did they ever mentioned how old Caroline and Bonnie were in season 1?
                I just put two and two together after her birthday was after the school started and one year passed.
                So she started school in the Pilot when she was sixteen, then between the Pilot and Haunted she should have turned 17. Then one year takes place and she starts the new school year in Smells like Teen Spirit and is still 17 and then in Our Town she turned 18.
                But that´s only so screwed up because JP slowed the timeline down.

                Lol Caro said in the Pilot when she spoke to Bonnie about Stefan that he is a Gemini, which means his birthday should take place in May/June but they celebrated it like you said directly after the Halloween episode.

                • No they never did. But for one reason or another, it was just assumed that they were juniors and 17.

                  That’s it! That’s why it felt so screwed up compared to Caroline’s birthday: his zodiac sign. Smh.

  31. Joseph tweeted this today and they are starting to shoot the Flashback episode:

    So it looks like the Flashbacks are going to be in Klaus POV … weird because I thought Rebekah would be in the focus.
    Who do you think he is telling those flashbacks?

    • Or maybe he only narrates part of the flashbacks and Rebekah does the other other part?

      He’s probably telling them to Stefan. It’s too much to think he might be talking to Tyler. Chances are slim that the show is letting him and Rebekah reminisce together.

      Are we really going to have Klaus for the whole season? I need an end date for him.

      Thanks for bringing this over, Kathrin.

      • That´s possible. Did they ever let two people narrate a flashback in one episode? It could be something really fresh 😉

        Until now I don´t see any sense in there being a flashback. It must be triggered because of something in episode 3 or because of Connor.
        I still have in mind my spec about Alexander being a Gilbert ancestor. So it would make sense to tell that story Jeremy. But Klaus/Rebekah and Jeremy never interacted and the writers wouldn´t put that much significance on Jeremy or so I think. There is always Elena because most of the time the stories were told to her.
        I don´t even think Tyler will be in that episode, because Michael tweeted about going home. He could show up but he won´t be the one that will have a meeting with storyteller Klaus.

        I have a feeling that´s the case. I think if Klaus leaves us probably only at the end of season 4. I still can´t believe that I was watching a show “Kill Klaus” for over 1,5 seasons and then I still have to see him onscreen. And then this whole Klaus/Caroline stuff, why???

        No problem.

  32. Nothing new because we heard of that already during Comic Con but now it is worded different.

    Is there really a chance that The Vampire Diaries’ Esther might not be the Original witch? —TJ
    The mythology of the witches hasn’t been told completely. Executive producer Julie Plec explains what’s left to uncover. “To clarify what I said [at Comic-Con] … when Esther used that spell to make her children immortal, which created the Original vampires, that spell existed already. So who wrote it? That’s the question that will remain a question in this season and possibly in the series. We dabbled with the Original vampires, but who were truly the Original witches?”

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Revenge-Castle-Dexter-Spoilers-1051968.aspx

    The question already shows that the viewer didn´t understand that Esther was only called the Original Witch because she was the witch of the Original family.
    But why has JP to use it in her answer?
    And if this doesn´t revolve around Bonnie or something then I´m not interested in it.

    • I’m not interested in it either. She still doesn’t seem to understand that there shouldn’t be such things as Original witches. Unless we’re talking about Goddesses (in this case Egyptian, I hope. If they must choose) or spirits/deities like the Orishas.

      Why couldn’t Esther have written the spell? That way I wouldn’t have to be afraid she’ll hand me a name and say “This is the Original witch.”

      • Unless we’re talking about Goddesses (in this case Egyptian, I hope. If they must choose) or spirits/deities like the Orishas.

        Yep but that´s probably not what she is talking about. I don´t even think she knows what these are.
        And what I hate the most about those “Original Witches” she is talking about is that she binds them to this ridiculous spell to create vampires. As if the first thing those witches did is to create such a spell. Again she doesn´t look at it from the witches perspective but only from the vampire perspective. So she doesn´t care about what the witches did before the vampires were created (or the spell for them) but only how they created this spell.

        • I tweeted her about it after I responded to you. I didn’t get a response because I wasn’t rude enough, I guess.

          But you’re right, she probably has no idea what Orishas are and when she thinks Goddesses, she thinks of Greece (like everyone else, of course). And you’re also right about the context in which she refers to the witches. Who gives a crap about the spell that was used to create vampires? That has no bearing on the vampires, especially since none of the Originals can be killed for whatever reason (it’s not because it would kill every vamp, because the only vamps these people care about are Stefan, Damon, Caro, Tyler, and Abby, so I don’t know why they’re not at least killing Elijah). So we don’t need to create any vamps via spell because their numbers aren’t that depleted. So why does it matter?

  33. These are just some spoilers I’ve found floating around the web, not sure how legit they are so take it with a grain of salt.

    So based on some tweets by KG and some extras I think they’re filming episode four and so far KG has been filming with Nina and Ian. People are speculating that they’re at the college campus at some kind of Halloween party.. I think that’s where Bonnie meets some professor or something? I’m not sure where I read that.. Fans weren’t allowed to watch apparently.

    Here’s a link to the Halloween stuff. But I’m not sure how legitimate this stuff is:


    Here’s a tweet from one of the extra’s:

    Ashley Sammartino ‏@Ash1212
    17 hours of filming didn’t deter Ian, Kat and Nina from talking to fans after. Got a hug from Ian himself. Such nice guys!

    A Picture of ND on set. IDK if this is supposed to be Katherine or Elena. Considering it’s supposedly a Halloween costume party, I suppose it could be Elena.

    I wish we could have gotten a shot of KG though..

    Random Casting Call I’m not sure for what episode, possibly the same episode:

    “If you are already booked for the MURDER PARTY scene, please DO NOT SUBMIT. https://www.facebook.com/CherrixCastingATL

    We are looking for CAUCASIAN Men and Women (18-35) to work a FLASHBACK Village scene on Tuesday Aug 21st, in our upcoming episode. You MUST be available for a fitting this Wed (AUG 15th) between 9am-7pm. This is a very specific scene so please make sure you fit the specifications. We need people with long dark hair. MEN (Suit size can be no larger 42), WOMEN (Dress sizes no larger than 6). “

    • Thank you for bringing these!

      I don’t know when .bonnie’s supposed to meet Shane, because I haven’t heard news about his casting.

      It’s most likely Elena. JP doesn’t know what she’d do with Katherine if she brought her back. I’m looking at this from my iPad, but does it look like she’s wearing lingerie?

      Yeah, this is definitely for episode four. Caucasian people for the flashback. White people have always lived in MF. It has never been inhabited by anyone else.

      • There is also a person who was on the set yesterday and they met somebody new. But he can´t be that Shane guy. Because he said he is going to play a vampire and he looks pretty young. There you go: http://lazerlicious.tumblr.com/post/29541356038/a-day-on-the-set-of-tvd

        Also weird that Candice wasn´t there. She is always in every party episode/scene.

        I don’t know when .bonnie’s supposed to meet Shane, because I haven’t heard news about his casting.

        I don´t know if she is meeting him in the episode he is first showing up but it would probably be logical to do so. And he should show up in ep 4. They are shooting college scenes. I think the Halloween party is supposed to be happening at the college so he could be there.
        But you´re right it´s strange that we haven´t heard anything about the casting.

        Caucasian people for the flashback. White people have always lived in MF. It has never been inhabited by anyone else.

        Yeah that´s what I thought aswell, sigh.
        And I also don´t get why they have to have only dark hair? I don´t know much about the vikings but I thought they were more blond/red haired than dark haired.

        It’s most likely Elena. JP doesn’t know what she’d do with Katherine if she brought her back. I’m looking at this from my iPad, but does it look like she’s wearing lingerie?

        It´s definitely Elena, she said numerous times that they want to give Nina some rest and don´t let her play two characters for awhile.
        I think the topic of the party is famous murderers and their victims in fiction but also reality or something … I don´t have any idea who she could be.

  34. And Michael Narducci wrote episode 5, Kat tweeted about it and also the new writer Jose Molina. And Bonnie has to be in episode six aswell because Evan Bleiweiss tweeted Kat after she fangirled about Narducci writing ep 5 and was catching for some compliments when it comes to the episode he wrote/writes atm. And I think it would be cruel of him to ask for that if she isn´t in that episode.

    A short summary of the episodes and the writers:

    4×01 – Growing Pains written by Caroline Dries
    4×02 – Memorial written by Jose Molina and Julie Plec
    4×03 – tbn written by Brian Young
    4×04 – tbn written by Rebecca Sonnenshine (and maybe Brett Matthews because the director of the episode tweeted about him showing up in ATL next week)
    4×05 – tbn written by Michael Narducci
    4×06 – tbn written by Evan Bleiweiss and Julie Plec (because JP tweeted about it)



    I must look like such a twitter creep,lol. But I follow most of the writers and that´s why I get all those tweets.

    • The second episode is called Memorial? Must be about Elena.

      I’m looking forward to Narducci’s episode, but I’m also nervous. I hope he doesn’t let Kat (or us) down. I’m glad Sonnenshine is writing the 4th episode. I said before that she needs to redeem herself after 3.17. Same for Narducci after 3.20 and his genius from 3.15 went unexplored because his boss sucks.

      I’m glad you follow them, lol. Because Lord knows I’m not on Twitter that much.

      • The second episode is called Memorial? Must be about Elena.

        Probably, I don´t know if I mentioned it, but they also shot some scene in a church. So this is probably the funeral of Pastor Young aswell.
        Somebody on set tweeted about that:

        @momentsgone:”We’ve got a little bit of everyone. 2Lockwoods, 2Salvatores, 2Gilberts and 2Forbes. It’s the best of Mystic Falls”

        Yeah strike the best because already the best is missing. So I think if they do a funeral Bonnie/Bennett family won´t be there.

        I’m glad you follow them, lol. Because Lord knows I’m not on Twitter that much.

        Lol. Sometimes I regret it especially when it comes to Julie but at least so I get the info I´m loooking for.

        • I completely forgot that Pastor Young will exist. And this is the ep where April will come, so the funeral will probably be her first scene. I don’t know why Tyler and Caroline would be there, but you’re right that the best is already missing.

  35. Is it confirmed that this Shane character is going to be romantically involved with Bonnie? Everyone keeps speculating that she is, but I don’t remember reading that anywhere. Can anyone confirm this for me?

    But if they are, I just hope he and Kat have chemistry (no doubt they will, she has chemistry with everyone!) and he’s a good looking guy. But it all depends on what the writers choose to do with him as well. If they treat him like Jaime (like some unimportant character) than it’s just more of the same. I guess what I’m saying is , I hope whatever relationship that develops between he and Bonnie is done justice on the show, unlike all her others.

    • All they’ve said is that he’s going to be her mentor. The Original spoilers for his character said Bonnie would get too close for comfort or something like that. Since it’s Bonnie we’re talking about, it’s completely possible JP has since changed her mind and will keep the relationship platonic.

      I’m hoping that since the actor has been on The Tudors and The Borgias that JP will treat the character with respect, but he’s got two strikes against him already. 1) He’s going to be in a story with Bonnie, and JP doesn’t care about Bonnie. 2) It’s TVD. Supposedly JoMo is a pretty accomplished actor, and look at the crap they’re writing for him. Then there’s what they did to Jasmine Guy, Kelly Hu, Gina Torres, David Anders (sort of), and Jack Coleman. All of these people are fan favorites/occult favorites in the business, but that went out the door when they booked TVD. They’d rather do “justice” to a nobody like Matt Davis.

      • Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn’t sure.

        And you’re right he does have two things working against him. No character that’s brought in mostly to interact with Bonnie is ever really respected. I still can’t believe the way they handled the Martins in season 2. I thought there was still so much more story left to tell with them before they were brutally killed and treated as if they never existed at all. Like why the hell Greta was working with Klaus of her own volition? But JP didn’t seem to think so… yet somehow Klaus who’s overstayed his welcome has so much more story to tell… *insert eye-roll* which just means she’s going to invent some more crap and retcon some more things to keep him and his entire family.

        Not to mention the way they dealt with Abby… Abby is such a non factor it’s not even funny. Not sure if she’s even still going to be around, and to be honest I’m not sure I even care.

    • Thank God they didn’t keep that cave scene with Alaric and Bonnie. The episode was stupid enough. Unless it had to do with the werewolves, then I’m glad they cut it.

      The Liz/Caro scene really was nice. They should’ve kept it, but they hate good things, so they didn’t.

      “Half vampire, half werewolves, 100% lethal.” Lmao. Sure. Why are they still dealing with the fallout from Tobias Fell’s murder? Good thing they cut this, because the Council is irrelevant.

      “Why are you acting like this?!” *Sigh.* Bonnie’s on that Elena status.

      I’m annoyed they even shot that Tyler scene, lol.

      “Elijah you’re wrong. Mother would never hurt us. She would never hurt me, she loves me.” I know what she’s trying to say, but I find this hilarious, considering Esther killed her once.

      Thanks for sharing this!

      • I don´t even know. I just watched it and this vampire expert is pretty interesting and I remember hearing of that stuff he is talking about but then he practically fangirls about the mythology and I can´t take him serious anymore.

        You will see all the Originals except for the actor of Finn talking and they all have a straight face when they talk about vikings discovering the area around MF.

        That vampire expert is pretty impressed that the vamp mythology is rooted in magic. Yeah if the show just would focus more on that.

        I also watched the extra for Stefan and they again mention that addiction problem.

        Btw they recorder that extra-stuff on the set the ball-episode (they all wore their ball dresses and suits) so if there is coming more of that we probably shouldn´t expect something from Steven, Michael or Kat.

  36. Did anyone read JP’s latest rant? If not I have it down here..

    “I just got mad. I’m not going to say who made me mad, because they don’t deserve any attention — unless it’s therapy, sensitivity training, and an all-expense paid trip into the 21st Century where we’re supposed to be living.

    I just got mad because I read a comment so disgustingly racist about something on our show that it made me want to cry. Then vomit. Then break shit.

    Here’s how I’m going to boil it down, to those out there in the #TVD universe who can’t manage to live up to the simplest standards of human decency. On Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, whatever vehicle you’re using to engage with others about this show. Cruelty: unacceptable. Bullying: unacceptable. Racism: so completely, utterly and wildly unacceptable that I’m saddened to be associated with you even by the simple notion that you call yourselves a fan of The Vampire Diaries.

    This is not the world we’re supposed to be living in. And if this is the way the world is, then it’s the world we’re supposed to be changing.

    Or, in its simplest most tweetable form:

    Love not Shove. ”

    -Julie Plec

    So basically she came across some very racist tumblr blog about Bonnie/Katerina Graham and I’d post the link but I don’t want to pollute this beautiful site with such garbage and that was her response.

    To me this response is all good , but IDK for some reason it just doesn’t sit all that well with me. I feel like despite saying she doesn’t want to bring attention to this person it did just that and within seconds of her tweeting this people were already reading the blog and the link was everywhere. This person is pretty much anonymous and no one knows anything about them other than they hate Bonnie and Kat Graham because she’s black. so she’s not hurting or shaming them by tweeting this, even as she’s claiming to not bring attention to it. I feel like all this does is puts Kat Graham once again in an awkward place because it’s her name and her character that’s being trashed on this hateful blog that JP so carefully tried not to bring attention to. *sarcasm* (Did she actually think she wasn’t bringing attention to this person?) Whoever runs the blog is completely unapologetic about their views and her tweet meant nothing to them..

    I think her intentions were good though, and she did feel upset and she has a right to rant about it. But IDK to me not bringing attention to it, means just that… Not bringing attention to it. There are plenty of ignorant and hateful people on the internet, that feel ballsy behind a keyboard. I come across it every day (have you ever tried reading the comment section of a Yahoo! article? Geez), but going on some long monologue because they said something hateful does not change anything IMO. And this person is very much amused because they’re getting just what they wanted, attention. Why else would they start such a hateful blog? They’re mocking her and having a good ol time with this. Maybe it wasn’t her intention but all it did was put the spot light on them and they’re enjoying their moment of fame, not wallowing in guilt or shame.

    And I find it a bit amusing that she seemed to believe before this that a thing such as racism couldn’t exist in HER fandom. Oh Julie are you that naive?

    I am happy that she gets to see the kind of crap Bonnie fans have to deal with in this fandom sometimes. Maybe she’ll read some of those comments and prove this person wrong with her writing. *wishful thinking*

    • Racism: so completely, utterly and wildly unacceptable

      Oy! This woman. *Your* writing is racist and *you* reach many more people with it, JP. I love how she is pretending that this is the first time she has encountered racism online. She is unbearable.

      • She’s still going on about this..

        What I don’t get is why she’s giving so much press to whoever this idiot is who clearly did this to get attention anyway.. She makes it seem like this was some kind of huge racial showdown in the fandom when it wasn’t. It was one hateful blog spewing their hateful crap and I don’t see why she’s giving it so much press or acting all surprised as if the thought of someone in the TVD fandom being racist is just completely unfathomable to her. Julie stop acting so naive. *eyeroll*

        And Lol I agree she doesn’t respond to Bonnie fans questions on twitter neither does she ever do any justice to Bonnie’s character on the show but yet she’s getting herself worked up over some hateful idiot in the fandom. Way to deflect the attention away from yourself Julie! I think it was yesterday a fan called her out on favoritism and not answering questions from Bonnie fans, and she replied something like “ummm huh?”

        • And let’s not forget the Invisible Native Americans. I love how she skipped right over the witch(black) founders of the town and ignored the Native people/werewolves who were the original residents of the town. The only people who matter to her are white people so she has no room to talk. I am not looking forward to any White Savior crap when it comes to Bonnie and this new white guy.

    • I don’t know why she’s so worried about bringing attention to this person. Just say what you gotta say. Her response is something different from how she usually reacts to the subject of Bonnie, which is to either ignore or condescend when she does respond. But like people said on tumblr, she perpetuates this person’s view. Like I said, if she did all she could with Bonnie in terms of romance, at least, then that person would be hard-pressed to find a leg to stand on with that comment. But as it stands, thanks to Julie’s own inability to see Bonnie with any of these guys, even Jeremy cheated on her with the Asian girl.

  37. How long will it be before Elena starts embracing her vampirism on The Vampire Diaries? — Amy
    Not long. Once the transition starts, there’s no turning back. Fortunately, she’s got a ton of friends who have already been through it themselves! In the season premiere, Stefan will have a heartfelt chat with Elena about her new strengths and weaknesses. He’ll also present her with her first daylight ring — made especially for her by Bonnie.

    Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Glee-Castle-Vampire-Diaries-Spoilers-1052169.aspx

    So it´s not even Bonnie who is giving her the ring … they are making a shipper moment out of it. In the end Bonnie creating it will be offscreen.

    • Of course it will. Why does this show never surprise me? I think this would have been a perfect opportunity to contrast Bonnie’s reaction to Caroline turning to Elena turning, and showing that she’s grown and matured in the process, and is a lot more accepting than she was previously giving the way she reacted to Caroline. I actually think it could have been a great friendship scene. But hey what do I know?

      Why not just go the completely predictable route and make a shipper moment out of it? But of course -__- Then JP wonders why people are seeing her “fresh” ideas as predictable. How dare they? *sarcasm* :O

      And Yep the ring will be made Offscreenville. -__-

    • Why am I not surprised? Bonnie also created Abby’s daylight ring offscreen, but I understood that one more because that would be two Black people interacting and the show can’t have that. I feel that the fact that Bonnie won’t be there to give Elena the ring and give her a talking to is indicative that the show has gone downhill since early season 2.

      • I feel that the fact that Bonnie won’t be there to give Elena the ring and give her a talking to is indicative that the show has gone downhill since early season 2.

        This. Especially when Elena is going to kill Pastor Young in the same episode or do you think she will get the ring in the second episode?

        I have a feeling that the writers wanted to give this moment to Stelena because Delena is already getting that ~epic moment when Elena remembers the stuff with Damon. Pleasing every fanbase except for the Bonnie one. Same old, same old.

        • Are we sure she’s the one who’s going to kill Pastor Young?

          She might get the ring in the second episode to mirror Caroline getting it. “Poetry” and all that.

          And also Stelena didn’t get a lot of moments in season 3. They only kissed one. Plus I’m sure this is to soften the blow when Damon eventually becomes Elena’s first sex partner as a vamp.

  38. I just saw Jamie on my tv (I live in Jamaica)repping Vampire Diaries…dude, you were only in maybe 3 episodes for 5 second! Lol I kinda wanted to poke him in the eye.

    Julie tweeting her outrage is her classic MO of tell not show. But it also tells me that she sees nothing wrong with the way Bonnie is written, so I guess I’ll be tuning out for Season 4 for realz. As the hags at The Salvatore Boarding House already ruined any good vibes I had managed to scrape up for season4 (I stumbled across the blog and it has left a really bad taste in my mouth) I’m back to where I was after twittergate.

    No comment on Stefan giving Elena the ring. TVD is ship central, all ships but friendship welcome. Screw that!

  39. There is “new” scoop in regards to Elena and Damon´s reaction to her transition. But I think JP already talked about that during Comic Con … don´t know why they have to sell it as something new:

    Hey, Sandra! It’s been WEEKS since Vampire Diaries scoop. So help a girl out. – Heather
    While some of the gang might be looking to help Elena fight her craving for a kill, there’s one person who certainly will not: Damon. Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec says the elder Salvatore is rooting for Mystic Falls’ newest vamp to give in to what he feels is certain to happen. “In his mind, there’s an inevitability to being a vampire that we should just get to and get past. [It’s] the equivalent of kicking Elena out of the bird’s nest and letting her fall and see if she can fly.” What do we say gang? Fight or flight?

    Source: http://insidetv.ew.com/2012/08/25/grimm-white-collar-person-of-interest-supernatural-greys-anatomy-find-out-whats-next-in-the-spoiler-room/2/

    So basically Damon will play the cool uncle who will say “let the kid play” and Stefan/Caroline are the ~boring parents. And in the end Damon will be right like always.

    • Stefan/Caroline are the ~boring parents

      *Caroline is the ~boring parent.

      Ugh! I am sure the show will make Stefan the parent who is advocating for “good” behavior but it won’t make any sense to me. He was murdering women in his living room a few weeks (months?) ago. He should be neutral while Damon and Caroline duke it out. He should be telling Elena to do wtvr she feels is best for her or wtvr – be in his season 2 hand holding role.

    • And Bonnie will be nowhere to be found. It’s not like she gave a warning in late season 1 that innocent blood is not to be spilled. Damon and Stefan’s continued existence defies logic.

  40. I kinda think Stefan’s guilt will be too overwhelming for him to be neutral, I think it kinda makes sense for him to be a bit overbearing and trying to make sure she doesn’t kill anyone or do anything bad because he thinks she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she did.

    But aside from that though when it comes to Stefan having just been killing people all over the place haven’t y’all heard? That was only ripper Stefan *snickers* real Stefan doesn’t engage in such depravity as a matter of fact he looks down on such behavior. Personally I’ve never seen a show go out of their way to keep a character from being interesting the way TVD has with Stefan.., by going out of their way to draw a dividing line between him and this “ripper” it’s just ridiculous and fails all over the place. So real!Stefan can’t be held accountable for anything Ripper!Stefan does so now that he’s back to being himself none of that stuff that happened matters. (At least that’s what I think the show is trying to communicate to me).

    And as far as that tweet with JP’s rant. She seems like she’s trying to overcompensate or something with her “anger” *eyeroll*

    • Guilt at what though? Why reason does he have to feel guilty? After everything he’s supposed to have gone through in season 3, being un-compelled and then compelled again and becoming a Ripper again, etc, why is this invested in what’s happening to Elena? I don’t Stefan gets this attached to people. Because Stelena isn’t what it used to be. By that, I mean it’s not a straight-forward, uncomplicated relationship anymore: Elena is now having feelings for Damon, and now she’s a vampire, and with everything Stefan’s gone through in his personal life in the short two months that was season 3 (I’m guessing), how is he not overwhelmed now that he has to deal with Elena’s stuff too?

      I think the only person Stefan would be this attached to is Damon. He had no problem leaving Katherine, Klaus, and Rebekah. Why is Elena different, considering the factors of her life vs. all the stuff going on in his life? I think he would at least want to take a break from her and MF all together just to be away from all of these people who know all of this stuff about him.

      But that’s just how I read Stefan. Unfortunately, loving Elena means he’ll never need time for himself. Ever.

      • Well Stefan doesn’t actually need a legitimate reason to feel guilty. He carries a whole crap load of guilt around with him that often times isn’t his to carry. Stefan is driven by guilt from what I interpret of his character, guilt usually drives a lot of his actions. That being said last season even though he went through a lot himself he did actually put Elena through a bunch of crap too. He wasn’t exactly boyfriend of the year in terms of how he treated her (whatever his reasons were), so I can see some of that coming into play, and the fact that he was unable to save her eating up at him. It doesn’t have to be at all rational, that’s just how I interpret the character. So I can totally see him doing everything he can to overcompensate for all that and the guilt he feels which means being the “fun police” now that she’s a vamp.

        But I agree that Stefan hardly gets attached and now that Stelena has been severely compromised by Elena’s feelings for Damon I don’t know how the show is gonna spin that.

          • Maybe to a lesser extent because in S1 Stefan (ironically) was very much anti-vampire despite what he is and he’s learned to accept it a teeny bit more now, and they had the whole not being exposed thing (but now the cat’s out of the bag, though they still have to be careful because of the council) and but I’d have to take into account Vicky’s personality too. She was did a lot of drugs and already susceptible to addictive behavior so her being a vampire was a hot mess! He had cause for legitimate concern there, but I’m not sure that’s how he’d deal with Elena. With Vicky I think it was more about them not being exposed and her not going around eating everything in sight.

            With Elena I think Stefan will try to shelter her from the reality of it and kind of protect her so she doesn’t have to experience the harsher parts of being a vampire. I think JP did another interview on that before I’ll try but I can’t seem to find it right now (it was a few weeks back). I think she said something about his main concern was helping her survive it emotionally and protect her from it.But we all know it’s inevitable that Elena will probably kill someone (where’s the drama if she doesn’t?) so I’m not sure how effective Stefan’s methods will be.

            • With Elena I think Stefan will try to shelter her from the reality of it and kind of protect her so she doesn’t have to experience the harsher parts of being a vampire.

              That sounds about right. This is part of the Stelena dynamic as it exists on the show. It’s what Stefan did through all of season 2, and him not coddling Elena was part of him being “off the deep-end” in season 3. Season 2 highlighted for me that Elena’s always more ready to face reality than Stefan is. On the other side of the triangle, Damon gives Elena more reality than she sometimes cares for. Like, sometimes she’ll need/want to cushioning that Stefan gives her all the time in terms of how bad things really are and Damon will offer none, like how he acted when he wanted to drive it into her head that Stefan ain’t coming back (and also every time he wants to remind her that he’ll never change).

              • Yeah Stefan has always been concerned with Elena’s emotional well-being. So it doesn’t surprise me that he’d take certain precautions with her to make sure she doesn’t suffer emotionally. That’s inevitable though, and I think you’re right that Elena is always more ready to deal with reality than he is, but I also think Stefan underestimates Elena’s ability and her strength to handle certain things too. I think it will be interesting to see in S4 if eventually Elena learns to adapt to being a vampire faster than Stefan, because well Caroline did and Stefan is still sorta stuck in that same place where he’s yet to fully conquer those demons.

                I think Damon at times tries to soften the blow for Elena too, somewhat (though not always successively) but only to an extent, but I agree completely he does have those moments where he smacks her with some harsh truths(or what he thinks are truths anyway) that she just ain’t ready to deal with. He sorta kept Stefan’s killing and mangling bodies from her in the beginning of season 3, letting her believe they were Klaus’s victims, so there are some instances where it seems he can be *sensitive* to her emotional needs but I think the thing with Damon is he’s usually worried about her physical safety first, then he worries about whatever emotional damage. Plus I think brutal honesty is in Damon’s character, so I think he gives it like he wants to receive it. Damon from my interpretation seems to always want the truth even when it has the potential to ruin him. (i.e with Katherine in 2.01 and even with Elena in 3.22) So it doesn’t surprise me that he tends to be as blunt as he is with Elena. Though you’re right sometimes she doesn’t care for it.

                • Stefan’s demons is where things get messy, because the show is telling me that his demons simply involve being a vampire and killing, but it’s much more interesting for me to read it as “His demons are enjoying killing in an environment where that’s frowned upon.” I spoke to Olu about it, and I don’t know if I’ve or she’s ever brought it up on the podcast, but neither of us think Stefan would make another choice if he could go back and choose whether or not he transitioned. Like, we know Damon misses being human. I don’t think Stefan does. Not because he hated being human or anything like that, but because I think he’s comfortable with being undead for the most part. The only glitch is his love of killing (and it’s only a glitch when he’s not killing and has time to think about it, lol).

                  but I think the thing with Damon is he’s usually worried about her physical safety first, then he worries about whatever emotional damage.

                  Yup yup. That’s kind of why he’s emotional rampage and wailing at Matt is going to get on my nerve because he’s never cared about Elena’s desire to not be a vampire. She’s still ~alive for the most part, so……

                  • Totally agree with Stefan’s demons being that he actually enjoys killing but is a stickler for rules and societal norms, and most of his guilt and shame stems from the fact that killing is indeed frowned upon. I’ve always said that Stefan simply hates that he loves killing, I think the subtext is there in the show to support that. Stefan’s wallowing is mostly about himself, you hardly see Stefan actually expressing remorse for his victims. Every time he kills someone (S1 with that Amber girl and even in S3 with the countless people he presumably killed) it always comes down to his shame, his guilt, his pain etc (emphasis on HIS). It’s never about the actual victims. So when the show or others use the interpretation that Stefan hates killing and values human life, I really can’t see it that way. What Stefan values is rules and order and when he can’t conform to those norms it bothers him. Stefan despite claiming to hate what he is, I believe he loves it all deep down especially the killing. In turn much of who Stefan *is* isn’t genuine, as he is clearly trying to live up to what is “accepted” and not being true to himself. If you ever pay attention to his relationships or lack thereof with some of the other characters who aren’t Elena I get the vibe that some ( Alaric Jeremy and even Matt) don’t quite buy into this image that he sets forth which is why it isn’t easy for him to forge/develop many relationships in Mystic Falls.

                    • I wrote a long response to this this morning, but my computer acted it up and deleted the whole damn thing. I was so upset that I turned it off and headed out to school.

                      Take two!

                      I’ve always said that Stefan simply hates that he loves killing, I think the subtext is there in the show to support that.

                      It’s not subtext. I’m pretty sure it’s text, because he actually says it in the scene by the quarry in season 2 when Elena is stops him from killing himself. It’s after that scene that I started repeating what he basically said.

                      It’s never about the actual victims.

                      Yes! I think the only victim he came close to caring about was his father, and even then he moved on the very next day and brought Damon a girl to munch on. When he ate through that girl’s neck in 1912, his reaction was, “What did you make me do?” His victims’ deaths are either about his enjoyment, his pain, the downside of someone he loves (Elena) catching, etc. It’s never about the fact that he just killed someone. That’s fascinating, but the writers don’t know what to do with Stefan, so we get “He feels remorse so he glues them back together.”

                      In turn much of who Stefan *is* isn’t genuine, as he is clearly trying to live up to what is “accepted” and not being true to himself. If you ever pay attention to his relationships or lack thereof with some of the other characters who aren’t Elena I get the vibe that some ( Alaric Jeremy and even Matt) don’t quite buy into this image that he sets forth which is why it isn’t easy for him to forge/develop many relationships in Mystic Falls.

                      All of this. I think it was Olu or some other person who gets Stefan who said that Stefan is a performer. He performs to people’s expectations. The only time he wasn’t performing was in the 20s with Klaus. He performed for Elena (by keeping his past a secret), he performs a role with Damon, he performed for his dad, and he performed for Lexi. He didn’t perform with Rebekah and Klaus in the 20s, but Klaus messed up because he wanted Stefan to be the Ripper in the present even though Stefan didn’t want to. In essence, he wanted Stefan to start performing. And Stefan already had a performance going on in Mystic Falls. I would love to know what he would’ve been like if no one (Lexi and Damon) had stepped in and said, “You need to stop.” Olu and I think he would’ve learned control by now (ignoring the Ripper shit where the writers screwed up and depicted him as a rabid animal).

                      I think the fact that Bonnie didn’t buy his performance is why they could’ve had a friendship, acquaintance or even a whole confidant thing going in season 1. Because Stefan hasn’t had anyone who’s told him “You’re a monster” without trying to hold his hand and fix him. Bonnie was that person and she’s still that person. But the writers think Stefan/Caroline was a better route to go.

          • With this show I find it’s better to concede to whatever interpretations that the show gives you most times because if not you’ll find yourself wondering just WTF..??

            There are many aspects of Stefan that I don’t interpret like the show seems to but I digress.

    • I am not sure that Stefan feels guilty in the conventional sense. My current headcannon of the character is that he seems to be either totally fine with what he has done or takes it as proof that he is too horrible and irredeemable so that is what he will be. Much of his personality is a collection of coping strategies to deal with the painful effects of shame. My thinking was that Stefan would go into a shame spiral and not feel like he is in any position to give advice to anyone. But if most of his actions in season 3 didn’t matter…. :/

      I am pretty sure I made up an entirely new character. lol

      • Gurl. Lol. At least your character, and mine, has an internal working mechanism. Julisa is right: the show is pretty much working on over time to make Stefan as uninteresting as possible.

  41. Season 3 DVD extras!

    Sound FX, Score, and Suspense (the editing process): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxelxikUwWk&w=560&h=315

    “Needing 7 amazing twists per episode because of the commercials. And one epic romantic or emotional moment.”-JP

    She says she has 20 characters, but only one emotional moment is required?

    The writing process: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45HEq3TD2Zw&w=560&h=315

    “The writing process of the show is that there is no process.”-Julie Plec

    “And once you have the script, Julie will read it, and she’ll give us tons of notes on it.” On any other show, I would just find that interesting. On TVD, it’s just a bad idea.

    • Thanks for that!

      Did you see what scenes they chose as The Series’ Most Heart-Stopping Moments?

      For example: Rebekah joining the cheerleading squad is one of them. That shows you how memorable season 3 was.

      • Lol, what?

        Hmmm. I think that there are lots of memorable moments to choose from in S3. But they’re just that: moments. Because then the show just moved on as if nothing had happened. In a way, the show is like a series of one-shots.

        • Yep. Also: the Stefan/Elena closet moment, Klaus first hybrid (not Tyler which you may think but the Ray torture scene in that bar), Damon/Elena pillow talk in Ordinary People, Bill trying to fix Caroline, The Mikaelson Ball, Klaus saves Caroline´s life and that scene in the the Forbes cellar with Damon and Stefan
          You can watch them all if you check out the channel of the person who uploaded the other stuff.

          Every episode is a new movie (or one-shot like you said).

          • Of all of those moments, I only accept the Stefan/Elena closet moment. All of the others are no impressive. And I’ll only accept the Stelena closet scene if I’m allowed to view it in the batshit crazy sense.

            When you said “Klaus saves Caroline’s life,” I thought they’d chosen the moment when he tells her to go home in 3.21, but it’s the one where he heals Tyler’s bite. Either way, those moments are not memorable. Why did they even title it “Most memorable moment in the series?” They could’ve just named “Most memorable moments in season 3” because there are moments from season 1 and 2 that blow every season 3 moment listed out of the water.

            And like Emily said, how memorable are those moments when they have no effect on the storyline?

            I think I’ll make that the heading for the next post.

            • Lol Stelena Closet moment. Wow. I can’t believe whoever wrote that scene intended for it to be romantic. Elena is standing in front of a wall of Stefan’s victims to which he scratched their names on so that he can relive the moment, and she’s making eyes at him. It’s on another level of disturbing and just plain old WTF?? Hell it was memorable because it was comical and totally absurd. Does that count?

    • Thanks for the links!

      “Everything is changing all the time.” Yes, and this is very noticeable for the viewers with all the dropped SLs, choppy characterisation, etc.

      I find it kind of weird that CD basically says that she’s not here for the supernatural part of the show, considering the increase of OTT supernatural elements on the show. And judging from her episodes, I would have never come to the conclusion that she’s particularly interested in ‘epic’ character moments. Her episodes are always very, very action-oriented.

      Btw, I’ve just read your Jeremy fic. It’s sooo good! 🙂

      • When she said something to the effect of, ” Just because it’s on paper, doesn’t mean it’s the final decision” I thought, “Yeah, and just because it’s been filmed and is canon, doesn’t mean it’s the final decision either.” Again, any other show and I would totally understand what they mean by changing things on the script. But this is TVD, where canon comes to be ignored.

  42. So, my cousin thinks I’m crazy for watching Glee, TVD and TB. It is his opinion that Mercedes, Bonnie and Tara are the same characters. With different names. He gave up on all of them after one Season (1 and a half for TVD caz Bonnie started out sweet.) Lol

    Lol @ Alta’s Jamie wish. I’m not sticking around to find out if he makes it back. The only way I’m tuning in for Season 4 is if Bonnie gets a story line that makes sense. And *maybe* if JP and Co figure out that there’s nothing wrong with details, planning ahead and telling a interesting story without 7 OMG! moments every episode -.- Not holding my breath.

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