Teen Wolf S02E08: Raving

I can’t watch this tonight :(. Hopefully I’ll be able to tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to talk amongst yourselves about the episode.


30 thoughts on “Teen Wolf S02E08: Raving

  1. Today’s my birthday! (I’m mad I had to do that.) Thank you to Kathrine and Emily. ❤

    Ps Colton Haynes creeps me out forevermore.

  2. Definitely the Omega’s death was the grossest thing I’ve seen on the show (gore-wise). But watching Kera* get her throat ripped out was over the top for me. I hate watching women of color die horrifically.

  3. asldkjfdlsajlsjklf. SQUEEEEEE

    So many feels. SO MANY FEELS only slightly dampened by the lack of Lydia and Boyd screentime.

    How perfect was it that Stiles’ dad lost his job? And how perfect was it that Victoria tried to murder Scott? I don’t hate the characters. But I love that this show follows through on so many things.

    Teen Wolf has taken away my ability to form coherent thoughts, you guys

    • I realized halfway through the episode that Lydia wasn’t there.

      I know! I love that he lost his job. That scene was so sad, especially the part where he was very angry at Stiles but was too angry to show it.

      Victoria trying to kill Scott messed with my emotions.

      The episode was so good!

  4. Teen Wolf continues to be the gift I wasn’t even hoping for but is somehow everything I ever wanted.

    I loved this episode. Scott. SCOTT. Remember when I was super-lukewarm about Scott? Yeah, I do. I don’t know when he clicked for me but he has, and I feel like I don’t know how or when I fell so hard for this kid. He’s going to be such a great alpha.

    ALLISON. HUNTER PRINCESS. I am so excited for her arc, which looks like it’ll become my sneak favourite alongside Lydia’s. This show, when it wants to, does so well by the ladies.

    Afraid for Victoria’s life at the moment. But somewhat looking forward to all the drama her potential death may bring.

    Can I get more Ms. Morrell and Boyd (what is his surname?)?

    Also. Oh my god, Alta. I HAD DEREK FEELINGS THIS PAST EPISODE. Not sure what to do with them. Or whether I should throw myself off a ledge. Idek.

    • Derek worrying about Scott. Yes!
      Mrs. Argent getting bit. Yes. (best of Derek’s plans so far! maybe even ever)
      Kera getting her throat ripped out. No.
      Stiles and his dad and how stiles’s actions having consequences. YES!
      Where was Lydia? More Boyd!
      Three Black characters talking in this episode. Two of them actually conversing with each other!

    • I just. He’s so perfect! When he told Isaac (who I don’t care for) to be careful and he told the kid that he was worried about him, not just Jackson? My heart!

      I LOVED Allison’s position in this episode.

      I’m afraid for her life too. I can’t see her choosing to turn. If she does, she’ll probably living an existence where she hurts herself. Will Gerard want to kill her since neither he nor she cares about whether or not the werewolf is actually hurting people? If she still wants to be a hunter as a werewolf, Chris will have a fit about The Code. Lol.

      Boyd doesn’t have a surname yet. But more Ms. Morrell, please! More of her and Dr. Deaton talking. From her disgust with him, it seems they’re pretty lethal people. Weren’t Chris or Gerard surprised by Dr. Deaton’s chosen line of work too because it was so out of the way?

      ACCEPT THEM! Derek is a total flop most of the time, but he has moments of brilliance. I wanted to jump up and down on my couch when he heard Scott’s yell.

  5. I’ve been discussing the ep with someone on tumblr – specifically, the Victoria/Scott scenes. I have a question for Cana, Alta, Emily and all you lurkers and commenters.

    Do you guys think that what Victoria did is more ok because she did it to a werewolf boy instead of a human boy? I mean, I found it easier to watch because I knew that Scott is better able to defend himself. But was the act itself less evil/bad/wrong/wtvr because Scott is non-human/monster?

    • No, he was causing no arm. He wasn’t hurting anyone. She did that to protect her daughter from being hurt by Scott, but she went to the extreme! I guess she was done talking.

      I don’t think it’s okay because he’s a monster … Scott’s mom would have still lost her son. Stiles (meh) would have lost his friend and Allison her boyfriend. Mrs. Argent is scary. I hope the bite doesn’t kill her.

    • Nope, it’s not okay. Scott hasn’t done anything. It’s not even a situation where he’s a danger despite himself. He’s not a danger, and he actively tries to help people and keep others safe and make it so that other supernatural people aren’t a danger to the normies. That’s exactly what he’s doing with Jackson.

      Victoria basically tortured him because he’s a werewolf who’s going out with Allison. That’s it. She’s said nothing about him accidentally wolfing out and hurting her. It was hard to watch, because I like Scott so much! 😦

      It was just as bad/wrong as if Scott was human simply because of how Scott is. He’s not hurting anyone. He’s doing the opposite.

  6. I hate this ep for giving me Isaac feels. Now I might feel something other than orgasmic levels of joy if they kill him off. I might have a blank look on my face. I might even move my forehead muscles to form the beginnings of a frown.

    • nope. I’ll still laugh a little when it happens. If he dies in someone’s arms … lol (cause I’m evil!)

    • LOL! I still don’t curr about Isaac. Maybe he’ll stop being a tool now that he realizes that he’s taking this rivalry thing more serious than Scott is. I wanted him to be quiet and fade into the background during the scene with Dr. Deaton.

  7. This episode!!!!! It was good. It was beautiful. It was emotional (for me). It was perfection.

    Scott! He’s so precious. He was running around trying to keep everyone and everything cool. That’s why I don’t mind his blow up at Allison. He’s been under pressure pretty much since Lydia ran away from the hospital. His mom thinks he’s on his way to be a failure; he is failing school; he’s entered into a tentative agreement with Derek; he’s trying to keep Jackson alive (while the Argents are explicitly trying to kill him), and there’s no guarantee that the odds are in his favor; Allison’s grandfather stabbed him and threatened his mother; and for all he knows Derek might go back on their agreement and have his pack kill Jackson at the earliest opportunity (judging by Derek’s answer to Deaton’s question). So on top of all of this, he finds out that Allison has brought her dad and his crew to the rave when he (Scott) was thinking that the only complication would be Jackson and his leader.

    But then there’s Allison! Who’s parents (and grandfather), we’ve seen, are freaking ruthless when it comes to the opinion they want her to have about werewolves. Like, there’s no wiggle room. They don’t even accept her choice to be cool with Scott. They want her to a)hate them and b)let them kill them (and join them in doing it). Plus she has the stress of possibly losing Scott. Victoria made that threat directly too her. Lawd, I see a breakup in Scott and Allison’s future, especially if Allison learns of what her grandfather did to him. AND THEN HER DAD SHOWS HER A DEAD BODY! Like, what?! And this isn’t Peter Hale type dead body where it’s okay that he died. This woman was innocent and was pregnant. Not to mention that Allison heard Scott’s speech about how everyone was busy fighting each other when they could work together, so she was probably thinking her dad trapping the Kanima (because that’s all he told her was going to happen) would be a great, if unexpected, help to Scott. And as far as she knows, her dad wants to train her and help her be good at this, so why would he lie to her about what he intends to do to one of her (pseudo) friends.

    How creepy was the scene where Gerard led Allison away?

    Victoria! She legit looked like she was going to explode when she saw Scott and Allison kissing. Like, really lady? Calm down. I was impressed with her fighting big ass Derek though. In heels! I bet Derek feels good for having bitten an Argent after what they did to his family. I hope she doesn’t die, but I legit can’t see her turning. She didn’t care about Melissa losing her son. She didn’t care. She just wanted the werewolf who was kissing her daughter dead. Ugh.

    Isaac was less like a cartoon in this ep. I have to say that I’ll be upset if Scott telling him to be careful makes him turn to Scott’s side when it was BOYD who first said he wanted to be like Scott. Also…I think I’ve given up on Boyd having as much scenes as Isaac or Erica in any given episode.

    It seems Dr. Deaton was pretty ruthless back in the day. More details please! It seems he and Ms. Morell have their own secret society or Council going on. And they know what’s coming! Something to do with Lydia? Can’t wait.

    Some people are saying Stiles is magic and that’s why he’s the only one who could ignite the powder. I hope it’s just because he’s a mortal. I don’t want magic anywhere near Stiles. I want it for Lydia. Stiles should remain mortal.

    • That’s why I don’t mind his blow up at Allison.

      He asked Victoria to tell Allison that he was sorry :`(

      Isaac was less like a cartoon in this ep.

      I thought he was pretty cartoony in the locker room scene or, rather, the scene itself was cartoony. That scene was straight out of a Nickelodeon/Disney comedy. A lot of the show is that way actually. Idk if they are doing it deliberately or what. I think it would be really effective if they toned it down just a little bit. I thought the locker room scene was effective despite being cartoony because we got that scene of Matt telling Stiles/Scott of his head injury beforehand. Because of that, when I watched the locker room scene, I was aware that what Isaac was doing had real consequences. Also, apparently, Scott is ok with people getting beaten up now. I wonder if he will ever apologize before punching someone again.

      Also…I think I’ve given up on Boyd having as much scenes as Isaac or Erica in any given episode.

      Forget Isaac and Erica. Boyd will be lucky to have as many scenes as Matt aka creepy camera guy. I’ve given up on Victoria having as many scenes with Allison as Chris and Gerard have.

      Some people are saying Stiles is magic and that’s why he’s the only one who could ignite the powder. I hope it’s just because he’s a mortal. I don’t want magic anywhere near Stiles.

      He is def not magic. The ash or wtvr powder he had was magic. It just needed a non-supernatural person to make it work. I didn’t realize that people thought this until I saw a screencap on tumblr of the headwriter debunking this on Twitter. Fandom will grasp at anything to make Stiles more special. He is already pretty special with the way he is able to handle all these pressures/danger while still being a human with zero training.

      It was mentioned in season one that Stiles abused Aderrall. Do you think he has ADHD but went overboard with it or do you think that he always did it recreationally?

      Was I the only one who thought of TVD while Stiles was dealing with the magic powder? I thought of how much we made fun of Esther’s magic salt. LOL. Everything in this show is automatically a dig at TVD in my head 😛

      I really loved the moment between Stiles and his father. What his father said got me right in the feels. Every parent is an expert at guilt tripping their child without even trying.

      • I didn’t even connect the apology to their argument!

        That scene in the locker room almost made me roll my eyes.

        Thank goodness we’re dodging that bullet.

        He probably had a little ADHD. He just seems like he did/does. Plus it would make sense for he and Stiles to have a disability in common.

        Lol. I only thought about TVD when Stiles’ dad got fired. Liz will never get fired.

      • I don’t know either, but Scott didn’t tell her about his plan either, right? I guess that goes with them having less opportunities to talk to each other now that there are cameras in the school.

    • I think he will. I think Allison was a big part in helping him start to gain control. She was a crutch that he needed, but I don’t think his control relies on her anymore.

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